Betfury Clone Script

Betfury clone script is a pre-fabricated software solution to create a crypto casino game built on the Tron blockchain. The ready-made solution helps to create an i-gaming crypto platform on any blockchain network where the users can earn rewards as cryptos by participating in any of the in-house games and through sports betting.

Betfury Clone is developed with a wide range of features such as minimal commission, instant transactions, broad token usage options, etc, and for a crypto holder, it provides a vast range of opportunities such as multi-chain crypto support, mining BFG tokens by playing, staking payouts, stable income, etc. 

Betfury clone script helps businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to create their own online gambling platform replicating the features and functionalities of the betfury platform. It is a cost-effective solution as it eliminated the need to develop the platform from scratch. And the major advantage is that it can also be customized based on business needs and market trends enabling the users to gain an gratifying and unforgettable experience. 

What is Betfury?

Betfury is an online crypto casino gaming platform that supports 8000+ unique in-house games and over 50 cryptocurrencies. The platform has developed its own native token BFG, launched on the binance smart chain network. The aim of the platform is to give users an unforgettable betting experience by making the platform more successful and enjoyable through fair and safe gambling. The betfury platform not only provides an i-gaming experience but also a lucrative investment appeal to the users. Betfury also offers sports bets where around 5000+ live events and 80+ sports are available for winning bets. 


The mention of "Betfury" on our website does not imply any responsibility for the accuracy, legality, and relevance associated with Betfury. We tend to showcase our development services associated with online casino gaming platforms. 

Stats and Facts about Betfury

(i) Betfury supports over 8000+ games, over 50 cryptocurrencies, and internal BFG tokens. 

(ii) Betfury offers sports betting with 5000+ live events and 80+ sports. 

(iii) 3% of the Betfury profit is released on the staking pool and distributed to all the BFG holders. 

(iv) Affiliate system with RevShare up to 60%.

How to Create a Crypto Casino Game Like Betfury?

Attempting to create your own crypto-based casino game like betfury? Let's have a look at the possible ways to create a gambling platform like betfury.

Betfury Clone Development From Scratch

Betfury clone can be developed from scratch but it might be challenging as it requires high requirements and resources, will be time-consuming, and has high development costs. And the ultimate thing is to find a well-equipped development team and developer to materialize the gaming platform. Even though developing the casino gaming platform from scratch will be a daunting task with the right approach, it is definitely made easier. Thus businesses and investors opt for the ready-to-launch solution like the Betfury clone which will be an effective way to create the gaming platform. 

Betfury Clone

Creating the crypto casino platform with a betfury clone is the ideal substitute for development from scratch. Betfury Clone is a ready-to-launch solution developed by replicating the features of the existing betfury gaming platform with unique design and branding. The solution can be tailored to the client's specific vision and business needs and it is completely a cost-effective solution that helps to create an enthralling casino gaming platform. 

Features of Betfury Clone Script

Experience the thrill of winning with our betfury clone integrated with fascinating gaming features. 


The platform comes with a staking feature that lets the users holding BFG tokens stake the tokens and claim their daily payouts from the staking pool. After having 100 BFG tokens in their control, users can also take advantage of the multicurrency daily drops' staking capabilities. 


The referral system helps the players to earn passive income by anyone follows the player's link and plays actively on the platform. The referral bonuses will be credited for the bets made by the player's referrals which is almost 15% for the in-games, 1.5% for the slots and sports, and 5% for BFG tokens. 


The players can earn cashback from the first day of their play on the platform according to their rank which ranges from about 1% to 25%. Cashback will be credited twice a week and it can be immediately withdrawn to the account balance. 

VIP Rank System

With the rank system, the players can unlock unique benefits and earn rewards. By reaching a high rank the users get increased cashback, and exclusive promotions, and can become the part of VIP club and get additional perks. 


Free-to-play is a must-have feature in gambling games which enables the players to play for free without implying any fee. The free crypto box lets the players get free BTC, BNB, and BFG tokens. 

Multichain Crypto Support

The betfury gaming platform is developed in such a way that it is not restricted to a single network. The platform interacts with various networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, Ripple, etc. 

Game Genres Available in our Betfury Clone

Take a look at the diverse range of game genres that our solution is integrated with. 

In-house games

The platform is developed with exceptional and popular in-house games supported by top cryptocurrencies and also BFG tokens. These in-house games are created with captivating features such as live game charts, auto mode, hotkeys, jackpots, fairness, etc. 


The betfury platform has a myriad of slot machines attracting a large fan base with unique functionalities and large payouts. Newcomers can start playing with a minimum bet amount and earn huge rewards. 

Table Games

The platform has a number of table games that are more interesting where professional players can bet everything and earn huge amounts of cryptos. 

Live Casino Games

The live casino games enable the users to get a real-time casino gaming experience. These games come with features such as special, and favorite which help players to save time to make more bets. 

Battles and Tournaments

Battles are where professional players holding countless cryptos participate in themed battles to share big prize pools. And also everyone can take part in joint tournaments and compete for big prizes. 

BFG Token-Betfury’s Utility Token

The Betfury gaming platform has its own internal token, the BFG token. The BFG token is launched on top of the Binance Smart Chain network which has a total emission of 5 000 000 000 BFG. The BFG tokens can be mined by playing in-house games and can be traded on various exchange platforms such as Biswap, ApeSwap, HotBit, etc. The token is certik audited with multiple utility opportunities such as staking, playing, trading assets, getting bonuses, profit sharing, etc. 

Cost of Developing an i-Gaming Platform like Betfury

The cost of developing an i-gaming crypto casino platform like betfury depends on various factors such as the type of development, complexity of the platform, features, and functionalities to be integrated, and experience and expertise of the development team. 

Crypto casino game development like betfury costs around 10,000$ to 100,000$ and the cost varies as per the needs and requirements of the client. However, for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to develop a comparable platform like betfury, using a betfury clone script may be a more affordable choice and also can be tailored to meet their vision. 

Why prefer Maticz for Betfury Clone Script? 

Maticz is a top-tier Casino game development company that develops an entrancing crypto casino gaming platform with alluring features and functionalities allowing the players to immerse themselves into the platform. Our expert game developers at maticz furnish your gaming ideas with next-gen gaming solutions. Our top minds strive to build betfury clone solutions with unique gameplay, intuitive characters, and breathtaking designs catering to all your gaming desires and offering endless hours of entertainment. Make your mark on the booming casino industry by creating your crypto casino gaming platform like betfury. 

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