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Best Blockchain Software Development Company

Now we are living in the new revolution, and in the center is Blockchain technology. We well know that the blockchain technology has a great future. Nowadays many analysts compare the importance of blockchain appearance with the invention of Internet. With the increasing interest of the world towards blockchain technology, the demand for custom blockchain apps has increased globally and blockchain development companies become more popular. 

In that order, maticz technologies is considered as the best blockchain development company in India.  Before see about the maticz, let see the brief introduction of blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the advanced technology called distributed digital ledger that verifies digital transactions. In technical terms, blockchain is a series of records(blocks), linked in chronological order and encrypted. This way, data inside is decentralized, secure and impossible to modify.

Maticz - Custom Blockchain Development Company

Maticz is a leading Indian blockchain development and blockchain consulting agency. We help our clients to plan and build innovative blockchain products. Maticz is team of engineers with a primary focus on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. At Maticz, we provide complete blockchain development services for all kind of businesses, Startups, Enterprise and Government clients who looking to Design, Build and Launch Innovative business platform using Blockchain Technology

Due to our unstoppable quest for adopting newer innovations and technologies, we have evolved into a one-stop destination offering end-to-end Blockchain business consultation.

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Our Blockchain Development Services: 

1. Blockchain Technology Consulting: We offer blockchain technology consulting begins with What, how, and why blockchain technology can benefit your enterprise business solution with its capability to bring trust and transparency.

2. Hyperledger development: It is an enterprise-grade distributed ledger and advanced technology of blockchain that uses smart contracts. Our expertise Hyperledger blockchain developers help you in building it for your enterprise in an unique and effective way.

3. Smart contract development: This service unlocks the blockchain business potentials. Our smart contract development techies can develop smart contracts for public and private blockchain networks. Smart contracts are not able to change and our developers have prepared several smart contracts across various business industries.

4. Supply chain : We help you in developing a blockchain for your supply chain with the clean dissemination of data which offers complete transparency at every step of the product’s journey.

5. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Crypto wallet is a software program that acts as a digital wallet that can help to hold a wide range of crypto assets and currencies and offer the ability to track history and check balance. Cryptocurrency wallets are created to extend a high level of security.

6. Decentralized Exchange: We create a hack-proof and robust cryptocurrency exchange platform on mobile and web applications which allows the real-time exchange of digital currencies securely and efficiently.

7. Crowdsale: We build crowdsale contracts that can help in managing your crypto coins which could be utilized in the unique sales process. 

Our Blockchain Development Platforms work on,

1. Hyperledger

2. Ethereum

3. Stellar

4. Corda

5. EOS

6. Tron

7. Hashgraph

8. Tezos

Blockchain Development For Various Industries :

1. Banking & Finance 

2. Real Estate

3. Logistic and supplychain

4. Government

5. Healthcare

6. Online shopping

7. E-learning

8. Trading

9. Insurance

10. Warehouse

11. Music & Entertainment

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Why choose maticz ?

1. The vast amount of experience

2. 1000+  projects launched

3. 1500+ customer's satisfaction

4. 98% client retention

5. Highly Creative & Motivated Teams

6. We Understand all your Business Needs

7. Quality & Security assurance

8. Your business Ideas are secreted With Us

9. First Time Right Process

10. Innovation Is Guaranteed

11. Result-Driven Approach

12. Co-Development Teams

13. DevOps Enablement

14. In-Depth Domain Knowledge

15. Non-Disclosure Agreement

16. Integrity & Transparency

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