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What is Initial exchange Offering? How to launch IEO successfully?

Welcome to Maticz guide. A collection of guides, tips and tricks, and advice to keep you up to date in the digital era. People can be heard about Security Token Offering as the next upgrade of Initial Coin Offering, But there is a momentum growing for another new type of blockchain-based crowdfunding. Yes! Say hello to the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

In this article we’ll take a look at what is an IEO is, How to Get complete IEO development services.

So What is an IEO?

IEO stands for Initial Exchange offering the next step in ICOs evolution. An IEO is a unique cryptocurrency crowd funding method. An Initial Exchange Offering is carried out through cryptocurrency exchange platform. In ICO Cryptocurrency projects can directly approach investors. Unlike ICOs, IEOs always involve a third-party crypto exchange.

In fact, in Initial Exchange Offering it’s the crypto exchanges that raise funds on behalf of startups. They need to meet the necessary commitments and perform due diligence. Crypto projects that decide to conduct a token sale on the exchange platform will have to pay the platform a listing fee. Only the users of the cryptocurrency exchange platform can participate in an IEO event.

How Does an IEO Work?

Before conducting the token sale on cryptocurrency exchange platform, they first reach an agreement with the project team. The exchange will then do a thorough review of the said project using certain conditions to authenticate the worthiness of the project.   

Once the crypto exchange is satisfied and has accepted the project, they announce the date for the token sale as well as a fixed price per token. If anyone wants to participate in the IEO token sale, then they have to create an account on the cryptocurrency exchange platform and deposit the fund in their wallet sp they can buy the token. 

Benefits of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Screening: The cryptocurrency exchange platform conducts the Initial Exchange Offering screens the projects brought by the token developers. 

Trust: As the project goes live after thorough screening by crypto exchange platform, it brings more trust for investors in the IEO project tokens. So a lot of investors invest in the project, thereby making the companies raise more funds

KYC/AML Checks: It is the responsibility of crytpocurrecy exchange platforms to conduct strict KYC/AML checks and collect every detail about the participants. 

Smart contract regulations:  When it comes to running an IEO, the exchange platform takes full responsibility in managing the smart contract regulations. 

Marketing/Outreaching: The cryptocurrency exchange platform takes an initiative of handling the token sales and conducting AML/KYC checks. So the companies can save a considerable amount and time and put their money into marketing activities for outreaching more investors to raise funds.

Fundraising: The company who looking to fundraise they don’t need admin and investors dashboards to launch IEO and to perform the fundraising process. However, it is the crypto exchange takes care of running the fundraising campaign for the companies looking to raise funds.

How to launch IEO Platform successfully?

By getting an Initial Exchange Offering launch services from IEO Development company, you can start your own IEO business platform. 

Maticz is the best IEO Development Company provides complete IEO launch services with high-end features. It is your One-Stop Destination for IEO Development & Marketing solution. We’re partnering with top exchanges launchpad.

Our IEO Development Services:

Initial Exchange Offering can get the investor's trust and confidence in liquidity by first listing in the top trading platform and then asking people to buy tokens directly from the exchange. At Maticz we have experienced team to provide complete IEO Development services including IEO Consulting Services, to raise expected funds for your business.

Token creation : We can develop the token development team can create tokens on different blockchain platforms including Ethereum, EOS, or Stellar, understanding the client’s requirements.

Exchange listing: Since we have a partnership with the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, we help our clients to proceed with their IEO project at ease and ensure the listing of tokens on exchange platforms.

Light paper drafting: We have a team of techies who can create a summary of the IEO project and we build trust for the investors that influences them to invest in the project.

White paper : We create a detailed overview of the project to formally present to the investors for raising funds.

Pitch Deck : We create Quick, easy, and legit description about the project to ensure that the investors get a complete idea about the project.

Wallet creation: We have a professional team of blockchain developers who can create a multi-currency, secure and compatible wallet for storing the tokens safely.

Our IEO Marketing Services

Landing Page Development: Our team developing a landing page to direct all the advertisement posts, or link clicks to one page from where the investors can be driven to the required page. 

Website Creation: We build a secure website that have of several pages and performs various functions related to the project  

Market Research: We research the market deeply that will help us to conclude the crypto-centric market demands and the best way to pitch the tokens.

Social Media Marketing: We help to create brand awareness among the audience by creating social media profiles and keeping the community updated with your project.

Community Building: To create an interaction between project and user, we help our client to creating a community and posting frequent updates about the tokens, launch, values, event date, etc

Reputation Management: We manage and maintain a high reputation among the investors about the tokens on different social media platforms and communities.

Content Marketing: Create strong and unique content and publishing it on various platforms to create an establishment of the brand.

Press Releases: Our team can create engaging press releases about the token sales and launch in advance to get the attention of targeted users to the event and project.

Email Marketing: Our team of digital marketing experts can run email marketing campaigns to promote newsletters discussing the project’s idea to target specific users and to convert them into potential leads.

Influencer Marketing: Our team helps you to promote your project by reaching your tokens among the influential people in the crypto space

Paid Ads: Paid ads are one of the best ways to get popularity and make it reach among the token buyer.

Video Marketing: We telecast effective videos about your project on popular social media platforms and make users invest in your tokens for remarkable success.

Initial Exchange Offering launching process:

White paper creation: We have brainstorming sessions with our team to analyze your project and prepare the best content of your project, to present in the whitepaper

Token Development: Based on your business requirements we create a custom token in different blockchain with our experts.

Pre-IEO Marketing Services : Before listing the tokens on the exchange platforms, we take care of creating a hype among the investors to have traction during the Initial Exchange Offerings.

Listing services: We have expert techies who work with the technical team of top Cryptocurrency Exchanges for listing tokens.

IEO Post Launch Marketing: Once your IEO platform is launched, your brand is well established and marketing is done to sell the tokens in the consecutive rounds.

FOMO Creation: Create hype among the users before and after launching the IEO by regular press releases, projects update, thereby, increasing the demand for the tokens.

Why Maticz for IEO Development Services?

At Maticz, we have the right kind of experienced team and expertise in developing and marketing the tokens for your IEO projects. we provide advanced services for Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) and we possess the stunning features that could bring high-end benefits to your IEO business.

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