Trust Wallet Clone Script

Build a safe and secure Crypto Wallet Like Trust Wallet with our Well-Featured Trust Wallet Clone Script. Let your Users Buy, Store and Exchange Cryptos at ease with Trust Wallet Clone App.

Market Ready

White Label Trust Wallet Clone Script

Trust Wallet Clone Script is a feature-rich Cryptocurrency Wallet Script that helps Crypto businesses of Entrepreneurs to build a secure Crypto Wallet like Trust Wallet. It Supports users to buy, swap, store, collect Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Maticz offers a White Label Trust Wallet Crypto Wallet Script that allows customization and assures us to provide user-friendly features helping easy access to 1000+ Cryptocurrencies anytime with ease.

Trust Wallet Clone Script is integrated with top security features such as DDoS Mitigation, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Database Encryption, End-to-End Encrypted Transactions, and Multisignature Vaults that help to secure your crypto wallet from fraudulent access and cyber-attacks. Capitalize on the benefits of launching Crypto Wallet with our White Label Trust Wallet Clone. Our Trust Wallet Clone Script Solution, one can be assured that they can launch Crypto Wallet like Trust Wallet faster to market.

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450 +

Projects Delivered

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Total Projects


Easy track and trace Cryptos
Bank-level Security Systems
Stake cryptocurrencies
Store Unlimited Cryptos
NFT & DeFi Support
View Transaction History
Track Charts and Prices
Simple Signup/Login
User Management Panel
Data Retention
Affiliate Programs
Feedback System
Dispute Management
Connecting DApps
Powerful Admin Dashboard
Features of Trust Wallet Clone Script


Creating a Crypto Wallet with a Trustwallet clone script is a high-revenue streaming business. Here are some of the crucial ways that our Trust wallet clone script can generate money.

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Transaction Fees

This Trust wallet clone app generates money for every successful transaction and charges fixed transaction fees.

Trading Fees

The admin of the Trust wallet clone can charge a particular fee for trading executed by the trader after the order enactment.

Swapping Fees

When the owner of the trust wallet clone is permitted to charge these Swapping fees on transactions made through the wallet.

DeFi Integration

The admin of the trustwallet clone can incorporate their crypto wallet with numerous DeFi apps and make a fee.

Referral Programs

This trust wallet clone app executes a referral program that helps users to earn rewards for referring new users to the wallet app.

In-App Advertisement

This trust wallet clone app assists users to display sponsored content or ads within the app to make a lucrative profit.


Create an account in the trustwallet clone by rendering the mandated details. Once the process is completed, sign in to your wallet clone app.


After signing in, a list of crypto coins and crypto tokens will appear, click on the preferred cryptocurrency that you are going to add to the wallet.


Once the user selects a crypto coin or token, the receive button will indicate at the bottom, click on the button and move on to the next step.


This trust wallet clone app wants to scan the QR code from the user to receive digital assets like cryptocurrency coins or crypto token.


Using the wallet address or QR code, user can easily transfer their number of digital assets like cryptocurrencies into the wallet app.


Once the user receives the crypto in their wallet, then the user confirms the transaction history by clicking the transaction history button.


Let's explore the streamlined process that runs similarly to the trust wallet and provides users with the same features and functionalities that the trust wallet does

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Trust Wallet Clone App

Trust wallet clone app is a readymade crypto wallet app developed with cutting-edge blockchain technology that performs similarly to Trust Wallet. Trust wallet clone app is an exclusive blockchain application to manage cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, tokens, NFTs and other digital assets. By installing trust wallet clone app on mobile, users can easily send, receive, stake, store cryptocurrencies like ethereum, bitcoins, binance coin, etc. The white-label trust wallet clone app includes a market-ready backend and a customizable UI part which is simple to adapt, enabling speedy deployment and launch.

Trust wallet clone app is very easy to use and well-suited for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies from one wallet address to another wallet address. The wallet app gives full control over your crypto assets and enables hassle-free sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies. Maticz is a leading cryptocurrency wallet development solution provider who help fintech, blockchain startups and enterprises to build their own Crypto wallets for diverse projects such as blockchain applications, crypto exchanges, defi platforms, DApps etc. Maticz's trust wallet clone application comes with both private key and public key to safeguard, and transact digital assets. Avail white label trust wallet clone app from Maticz and get into the billion-dollar crypto business.

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Private & Secure

Trust Wallet Clone offers high security to the digital assets by enabling pin numbers and biometrics authentication.


Unlimited Cryptos & Tokens

Our Trust Wallet Clone app supports and allows easy access to 1000+ Cryptos, Tokens, NFTs, Stablecoins.


Instant Exchange

Trust Wallet Clone App facilitates the instant exchange of your cryptos which in turn results in a faster transaction rate.


Track Charts & Prices

The end-users will be able to track the current price details of the cryptocurrencies which are listed within the Trust wallet Clone App.


View Transaction History

The transaction done in a Trust Wallet Clone can be viewed whenever required and there are no restrictions.


Access to Cold Wallet

Trust wallet Clone App comes with access to the cold wallet where the private keys are securely stored without exposure.


Support For NFT & DeFi

Trust Wallet Clone App supports Defi Staking, collects and stores many NFT digital collectibles in the same place.


Multi-language Support

Trust wallet Clone supports multiple languages as it is available worldwide which makes users trade without any difficulty.


Auto denial

Our Trust wallet clone comes with Auto denial feature that automatically detects the duplicate payments and denies it to avoid chargebacks.


Features play a major role in launching a successful Trust Wallet Clone App. Here are the key features for the Trust Wallet Clone App.

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Security Features of Trust Wallet Clone App

When you choose Maticz as your Trust Wallet clone application development partner, you can easily launch your own crypto wallet like trustwallet along with the following top-notch security features. So why Wait? Let's explore the security features included in the Trust wallet clone.

Biometric Authentication
Two-factor Authentication
QR-Code Feasibility
CSRF Protection
SSRF Protection
Encrypted Database
DDoS Mitigation
Time-Limited Transaction
Jail Login
Multi-Sig Wallet Setup
Automated KYC & AML
Microservices Architecture
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Maticz is the leading Crypto Wallet Development Company that offers a highly refined blockchain-powered trust wallet clone to launch a highly secured cryptocurrency wallet like trust wallet. Trust Wallet Clone is a readymade, multi-tested and white label crypto wallet developed with cutting-edge blockchain technology that performs similarly to trust wallet. Connect with our highly experienced crypto wallet developers to develop your trust wallet clone at an affordable price.

Relish the limitless potential for business growth, With our extensive Trust Wallet Clone Development. Our 100% highly secure platform uses blockchain networking to ensure smooth transaction flow and protect every detail. So why wait? Utilize our solutions for crypto wallet development to launch your cryptocurrency wallets, such as trust wallet, with enhanced functionality and cutting-edge security.

Customizable UI
Scalable Solution
Advanced Architecture
Feature Packed
Quick Delivery
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Trust Wallet Clone

Trust Wallet Clone

All in One Solution

Our Package comes with a set of industry winning elements to bring huge success to your crypto business.

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Source Code

100% Audited-Source Code


Multi Currency Crypto Wallet


Admin & User Panel Hosting


Advanced API Integration


Multi-trading Options


Android & iOS Application


Safe and Secure

Trust wallet Clone cannot be accessed by any other person except the desired user. It does not ask for the user's personal information.


User-friendly Interface

The app is very easy to understand and also easy to use. It is designed with many new features and helps the user to transact without any complexity.


Easy Tracking

Our Trust wallet clone allows easy tracking of Cryptocurrency currency prices and to monitor price changes within the Crypto wallet itself.


Cross-platform Compatibility

Our Trust wallet Clone App comes with a cross-platform compatibility that can be used by both Android and iOS users at ease.


Stake Coins

Our Trust Wallet Clone helps users to stake and earn returns on the cryptos they hold in the wallet which in turn increases user base.


Faster Transaction

Our Trust wallet Clone enables exchange and trade of cryptocurrencies instantly anytime without any hassles.


Play Store & App Store Listing

Listing on App Stores can be a daunting task, In addition to building your Crypto Wallet We help you to list on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


Future-Proofed Business

Cryptos are the Future. As long as the cryptos are here, the need for Crypto Wallets stays high. So building a Crypto Wallet can be a Future-Proofed Business.


Fidelity design

Our Clone App comes with a great UI/UX design that provides seamless experience to users to store and sell multiple cryptos.


Our mission is to deliver a scalable solution utilizing cutting-edge technologies that enables users buy, store and exchange Cryptos at ease and helps businesses to grow. Here are the benefits of our Clone Solution.

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For Trust Wallet Clone App Development

For Trust Wallet Clone App Development

Maticz is the leading Cryptocurrency Wallet development Company that provides you with top-notch blockchain wallet development services to build your own crypto wallet like trust wallet. Our Trust Wallet Clone Script can be customized based on your business requirements with additional benefits of add-ons. We help you build your wallet with greater security and store the transaction records with two keys, public and private keys.

An extra level of security is added to your trust wallet clone by creating passwords like Touch ID & Face ID which helps to protect your wallet from scammers.Build your own Trust Wallet Clone app and let users store their digital assets in the safest Crypto app across the world. Looking to launch your own trust wallet clone app now, look no further than Maticz, Connect with Our Experts and launch your Crypto Wallet right away.

Experienced Team
150+ Trusted Clients
Agile Development
Quality Guarantee
Secure Codebase
Better Communication
NDA Signed
Deployment Support
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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


Trust Wallet Clone Script is a readymade and white-label crypto wallet app built with cutting-edge blockchain technology that operates similarly to the trust wallet. As it is a white-label solution, the crypto wallet can be customized based on the client's requirements. Our trust wallet clone script comes with advanced features and functionalities to support instant and hassle-free send, receive and store of various digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, etc.

With our highly effective Trust Wallet Clone App, users can save their development time and cost compared to developing their wallet via scratch. Also with a pre-coded Trust Wallet clone app, users can launch their own crypto wallet without any hesitation.

We, Maticz have vast experience in making reliable crypto wallets. You can completely customize your wallet at a feasible cost. Our client's satisfaction is the primary goal of our company so we can provide the best customer support.

Our Trust Wallet Clone App acts like a bridge that connects to an individual blockchain via its nodes. Each Blockchain has its own public address. These addresses will store the cryptocurrencies. Our Trust Wallet Clone App will provide access to the user to do crypto transactions like trading and staking.

Maticz is the leading Crypto Wallet Development Company that offers a highly effective white-label wallet solution for budding startups and entrepreneurs to launch a crypto wallet app like trust wallet.

Here are some of the most typical ways in which crypto wallet apps generate money.

  • > Transaction fees
  • > Swapping fees
  • > DeFi integration
  • > Trading Fees

Here are the main features of the trust wallet clone,

  • > Private & Secure
  • > Access to Cold Wallet
  • > Unlimited Cryptos & tokens
  • > View Transaction History
  • > Multi-Lingual Support

Benefits of Developing a Trust wallet clone,

  • > To Increase Brand Credibility
  • > Increase Customers
  • > Improve Crypto Exchanges
  • > High ROI
  • > Multi Payment Gateways

Setting up a Crypto wallet is one of the most profitable business tools. Grow your business with us. One of the best solutions is to make a crypto wallet like a Trust wallet. An important feature of a crypto wallet is the security & convenience of accepting cryptocurrencies. Choosing the perfect wallet for your crypto exchange development is very crucial. These wallets are compatible with both Android & iOS platforms.

  • > First, log in to the newly launched trust wallet clone app
  • > After that, select receive
  • > That wallet address is used to transfer assets to the trust wallet clone
  • > Lastly, select the transaction tab, in order to display the transaction history to check whether the transaction is completed or not

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