Trust Wallet Clone App

Create a Crypto Wallet App like Trust Wallet

Maticz is the leading Crypto Wallet Development Company that offers a highly refined blockchain-powered Trust Wallet Clone App to launch a highly secured Crypto Wallet like Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet Clone App is a readymade Crypto Wallet App developed with cutting-edge blockchain technology that performs similarly to Trust Wallet. Connect with our highly experienced Crypto Wallet Developers to develop your trust wallet clone app at an affordable price.

We offers a White Label Trust Wallet Clone App which is highly customizable and comes with cross platform compatibility to support both Android and iOS. Our Trustwallet Clone App is equipped with power-packed features which makes it more vital among crypto traders and enables seamless digital asset transfer.

Features of Trust Wallet Clone App

Features play a major role in launching a successful Trust Wallet Clone App. Here are the key features for the Trust Wallet Clone App.

Private & Secure

Trust Wallet Clone offers high security to the digital assets by enabling pin numbers and biometrics authentication.

Unlimited Cryptos & Tokens

Our Trust Wallet Clone app supports and allows easy access to 1000+ Cryptos, Tokens, NFTs, Stablecoins

Instant Exchange

Trust Wallet Clone App facilitates the instant exchange of your cryptos which in turn results in a faster transaction rate.

Track Charts & Prices

The end-users will be able to track the current price details of the cryptocurrencies which are listed within the Trust wallet Clone App.

View Transaction History

The transaction done in a Trust Wallet Clone can be viewed whenever required and there are no restrictions.

Access to Cold Wallet

Trust wallet Clone App comes with access to the cold wallet where the private keys are securely stored without exposure.

Support For NFT & DeFi

Trust Wallet Clone App supports Defi Staking, collects and stores many NFT digital collectibles in the same place.

Multi-language Support

Trust wallet Clone supports multiple languages as it is available worldwide which makes users trade without any difficulty.

Security Features of Trust Wallet Clone App

The most important aspect of storing your cryptocurrency is to provide the utmost security. Ensure that your wallet is designed with the following security features.

Biometric Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

QR-Code Feasibility

CSRF Protection

SSRF Protection

Encrypted Database

DDoS Mitigation

Multi-Sig Wallet Setup


White Label Trust Wallet Clone Script

Launch a Secured Crypto Wallet like Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet Clone Script is a feature-rich Cryptocurrency Wallet Script that helps Crypto businesses of Entrepreneurs to build a secure Crypto Wallet like Trust Wallet. It Supports users to buy, swap, store, collect Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Maticz offers a White Label Trust Wallet Crypto Wallet Script that allows customization and assures us to provide user-friendly features helping easy access to 1000+ Cryptocurrencies anytime with ease.

Trust Wallet Clone Script is integrated with top security features such as DDoS Mitigation, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Database Encryption, End-to-End Encrypted Transactions, and Multisignature Vaults that help to secure your crypto wallet from fraudulent access and cyber-attacks. Capitalize on the benefits of launching Crypto Wallet with our White Label Trust Wallet Clone. Our Trust Wallet Clone Script Solution, one can be assured that they can launch Crypto Wallet like Trust Wallet faster to market.

Features of Trust Wallet Clone Script

User Features

Easy track and trace Cryptos

Bank-level Security Systems

Stake cryptocurrencies

Store Unlimited Cryptos

NFT & DeFi Support

View Transaction History

Track Charts and Prices


Admin Features


User Management Panel

Data Retention

Affiliate Programs

Feedback System

Dispute Management

Connecting DApps

Our All Encompassing Trust Wallet Clone Package

Maticz Trust Wallet Clone Package comes with a set of industry winning elements to bring huge success to your crypto business. Here what will you get with our trust wallet clone package,

Android App

iOS App

Official Website

Admin Web Panel

100% Source Code

Technical Support

Smart Contract Audited

User Web Panel

Business Benefits of Trust Wallet Clone

Safe and Secure

Trust wallet Clone cannot be accessed by any other person except the desired user. It does not ask for the user's personal information.

User-friendly Interface

The app is very easy to understand and also easy to use. It is designed with many new features and helps the user to transact without any complexity.

Easy Tracking

Our Trust wallet clone allows easy tracking of Cryptocurrency currency prices and to monitor price changes within the Crypto wallet itself.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Our Trust wallet Clone App comes with a cross-platform compatibility that can be used by both Android and iOS users at ease.

Stake Coins

Our Trust Wallet Clone helps users to stake and earn returns on the cryptos they hold in the wallet which in turn increases user base.

Faster Transaction

Our Trust wallet Clone enables exchange and trade of cryptocurrencies instantly anytime without any hassles.

Play Store & App Store Listing

Listing on App Stores can be a daunting task, In addition to building your Crypto Wallet We help you to list on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Future-Proofed Business

Cryptos are the Future. As long as the cryptos are here, the need for Crypto Wallets stays high. So building a Crypto Wallet can be a Future-Proofed Business.

Why Choose Maticz for Trust Wallet Clone Development?


Maticz is the leading Cryptocurrency Wallet development Company that provides you with top-notch blockchain wallet development services to build your own crypto wallet like trust wallet. Our Trust Wallet Clone Script can be customized based on your business requirements with additional benefits of add-ons. We help you build your wallet with greater security and store the transaction records with two keys, public and private keys.

An extra level of security is added to your trust wallet clone by creating passwords like Touch ID & Face ID which helps to protect your wallet from scammers.Build your own Trust Wallet Clone app and let users store their digital assets in the safest Crypto app across the world. Looking to launch your own trust wallet clone app now, look no further than Maticz, Connect with Our Experts and launch your Crypto Wallet right away.

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