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What is a DeFi Aggregator? 

A Defi aggregator is a trading platform that brings all trades across a range of decentralized platforms into a unified platform. The goal of the Defi aggregator is to aid users by saving time and enhancing efficiency while trading cryptos. Defi aggregators eliminate the need for users to manually visit every other platform to compare prices that will lay out the best deal for the traders. With that note let us take a look at why defi aggregators are necessary in the defi market. 

How Defi Aggregators are Necessary?

Defi Aggregators are very useful and powerful tools that make them attractive for traders. Users of Defi can save enormous time by listing the most probable route to make exchanges. Defi aggregators provide successful strategies for users and permit them to generate extra. A vital thing about Defi aggregators is ‘Gas fees’, these fees are usually bigger than on individual protocols, and this is sorted by Defi aggregators by introducing “gas cubes” and “gas tokens” allowing traders to save on funds.

Popular Defi aggregators like Beefy Finance, Harvest Finance, and Zapper provide a single point entry to multiple defi services like staking, swapping, borrowing, etc. Let us list the top 10 defi yield aggregators in terms of userbase.

Best DeFi Aggregators in 2024

List of Top DeFi Aggregators
Supported Blockchains
Highlighted Traits
Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync Era, and Base
Burn CHI gas tokens instead of Ethereum
Harvest Finance
Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum
APY Breakdown
Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum and Optimism
Gas savings with the help of GST2 tokens
Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon
Zapper Learn provides a range of strategies for consideration
Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum, Solana, Polygon, Base, Optimism, Avalanche
Multi wallet Integrations
Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, xDai, Fantom, OKEX Chain, Huobi Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Celo, Moonriver, Chain
One-step liquidity migration, multi-wallet connections, one-gas setting
Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum, Solana, Polygon, Fantom, Optimism, Avalanche
Exclusive airdrops for Cardano-based tokens
Open OceanEthereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum
Integrate 13 different wallets with a free aggregation service
Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Celo Optimism, Arbitrum, Base
Free Crosschain Swap with no additional incurring fee
Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Base
Multichain support for the new EVM chains


1inch is a decentralized defi aggregator that uses the Pathfinder algorithm protocol to determine the best exchange rates for swapping tokens and direct trade to users effectively. The specialization this holds is that it tests many possible swaps by multiple DEXs to find the competitive price. It is to be noted that 1inch also offers other vital features like dynamic pricing, Request for Quote support, and an improved level of storage and transaction security. 

Harvest Finance 

Harvest Finance is a good option for yield aggregators that make use of well-strategized auditing. Vaults (smart contacts) are designed to store deposited assets and carry out yield-generating schemes for its customers. The “oracles” protocol tracks the prices of different assets and makes transactions. This makes it possible for the vaults to purchase cheap and sell high on their own, making money for users without requiring further manual work.


Zapper is a defi aggregator with significant power. It offers several excellent tools and features, such as prospective return on investment calculations.

Zapper has set itself apart by offering the general public as many options as it can. It tracks locations from both Curve and protocols like Uniswap and Synthetix. Zapper can be the ideal aggregator for users valuing deep and broad options.


Zerion is one of the popular noncustodial defi aggregators. Zerion also aims to simplify trading by enabling users to switch to any token or Vault, in a single transaction. Recently, a favorites page was added to the Zerion dashboard, enabling users to monitor their top choices for DeFi tokens. Zerion is one of the most well-known dashboards available and keeps proving why so many users select it as their go-to aggregator.

Plasma Finance 

Plasma Finance is a Defi Aggregator that combines the most popular decentralized exchanges. Access to the most lucrative DeFi yields across all protocols, together with the most comprehensive analytics and user-friendly tools in the business, are all provided by the Plasma Finance platform. A variety of DeFi products are integrated into Plasma Finance, including its own cross-chain PlasmaSwap AMM with limit orders, sophisticated trading and gas optimization tools, fiat on/off ramp for DeFi, and an IDO launchpad spaceport. 


Adaswap is one of the best defi yield aggregators designed specifically for the Cardano blockchain and the decentralized exchanges and defi services affiliated with the Cardano ecosystem. Adaswap’s primary objectives are to provide high-yield staking pools and NFT content through launchpads and marketplaces, as well as to provide tools for creators and users. Adaswap permits users to liquidity to pools and earn rewards in the native tokens and other tokens. 


Openocean is a dex aggregator that enables cross-chain swaps and sources liquidity from various DeFi markets. The aggregator seeks the best prices from many exchanges and offers traders quick settlement and limited slippage because of its routing technology. Users only pay the gas and exchange fees on the individual blockchains, but not OpenOcean as the aggregator is free.


Paraswap is a DeFi middleware and aggregator, by offers an optimal path to swap any asset for another while combining the liquidity of decentralized exchanges and lending protocols into a single, all-inclusive, secure interface and set of APIs. Users can utilize an interface to exchange for the best rates or use APIs to include the best rates and liquidity into any project by combining all of these pools into a single source. The key to the most liquidity is provided by ParaSwap, whether you're trading spot, limit orders, or NFTs!


Matcha is an Ethereum-based Defi aggregator that provides user-friendly trading tools and competitive prices. Matcha offers users the best trading chances by combining liquidity from many sources. Users can trade more than 4 million tokens with limit orders and swaps. Crypto traders can benefit from gasless swaps and MEV protection when you use Matcha Auto! With the lowest trade reversion rates of any DEX, Matcha is trusted by both consumers and institutions to execute trades at the best value using intelligent order routing, connecting over 100 liquidity sources!


Portals is a protocol aggregator that offers real-time statistics for DeFi assets, any-to-any swaps, and transaction bundling. Regardless of the complexity of the underlying assets, tackles the complexities of composability and guarantees that exchanging transferable assets in web3 is as easy as signing an order. Traders do not have to worry about gas fees and initiate multistep transactions consistently having a check over them.

Features of Defi Aggregators


Defi aggregators help consumers maximize their trades, by gathering the best deals and rates from lending providers, liquidity pools, and DEXs into one location. In the absence of an aggregator, traders would have to visit each platform separately to compare costs and avail of the best offer. After that, each smart contract transaction must be manually carried out by the user. Aggregators do more than just gather the best prices; certain DeFi aggregators also include an easy-to-use drag-and-drop method for analyzing and combining other users' trading strategies.


Although DEXs provide a high level of decentralization, compared to CEXs, their liquidity pools are smaller because they are a relatively new addition to the blockchain industry. Therefore, a large trade size may result in significant price movement or the inability to execute the transaction. As a result, combining many DEXs into a single aggregator improves liquidity and ensures that activities can proceed with fewer liquidity constraints.

Trading Circumstance

Traders operating on a single platform are typically constrained by the terms that are posted there. Therefore, rather than going through the hassle of registering on alternative sites, they primarily need to accept the present costs. Users can choose where to trade at any given time and receive the best pricing by using an aggregator, which gives them constant access to the best price offers across several DEXs.


DeFi aggregators put into practice various security measures to protect traders’ funds and confidential data, such as multi-signature wallets, encryption, smart contract auditing, and similar security protocols. This aids in assuaging the risks inculcated with DeFi, like hacks.

Future of DeFi Aggregator 

It is no surprise that DeFi aggregators are the driving forces behind the wide implementation of decentralized finance services. They make DeFi more accessible to people all over the world by streamlining access, increasing efficiency, upholstering convenience, and consistently lowering user expenses. Aggregators will continue to be crucial instruments in the ever-expanding decentralized finance toolset as the DeFi ecosystem develops, enabling users to confidently and easily traverse this fascinating financial world.

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