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Maticz is a leading software development company that specializes in providing a full range of enterprise solutions to satisfy the particular needs of your company. We are more than just a team of skilled developers and designers; we are visionary creators who believe in transforming possibilities into realities.

Our goal is to deliver innovative, tailor-made software solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, paving the way for our client's success. We embrace the latest trends and best practices, always staying one step ahead to ensure our clients gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

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We offer steadfast and future-ready software development solutions for businesses and startups. Leverage our technical expertise to create bespoke software solutions for your business.

Uplift your digital business to new levels of triumph with our high-tech software solutions to achieve desired outcomes.

Discover the untapped potential of our software outsourcing services, delivered by our skilled global talents, to expedite your projects and disentangle critical challenges.

Optimize the key facets of your organization with our high-octane enterprise software solutions encompassing API integration and legacy software modernization to propel your success in the global arena.

Build a game-changing software product with our end-to-end solutions and agile methodology to gain a competitive edge.

Embark on a journey to the digital era with our customized software integration services, spanning from cutting-edge architectural design to flawless execution, guaranteeing a seamless transition that propels your business forward.

Your business website is an important opportunity to set your business apart from the competition. We Maticzian, frame you with appealing and impressive web design that ignites your online identity.

Enhance vital aspects of your business with custom-built, responsive websites that ignite creativity and elevate your digital presence.

Energize your business with conversion-oriented websites that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Propel your business to new heights with an engaging and remarkable web application that captivates a global Audience, drives revenue, and ensures exceptional user retention.

Establish a flourishing online presence with our CMS-driven Web content management, putting you in full command of your websites.

Entice a vast audience with tailor-made storefronts and digital solutions designed exclusively for your e-commerce business operations.

Technological expertise coupled with visionary skills helps us deliver world-class mobile applications. Maticz can help you with a results-driven mobile app that meets current and future demands.

Boost your business's success by establishing a digital presence through Android applications, leveraging cutting-edge technologies for maximum impact.

Thrill your users with successful iOS apps, crafted with creativity and tailored to meet your business requirements.

Ignite exponential growth for your business with tailor-made native applications, catalyzing your digital transformation to expand your audience base and reach global markets with ease.

Maximize business value with versatile hybrid mobile apps, and seamlessly adapt to various domains that cater to your specific requirements.

Transform untapped business ideas into forward-thinking mobile applications, guaranteeing enhanced conversions and user engagement.

As the leader of the blockchain space, we help businesses across the globe build a solid financial infrastructure and thriving blockchain products nurtured by innovation.

Seize the opportunity to venture into the crypto space with your crypto exchange, facilitating real-time trading of digital assets.

Revamp your financial operations into a highly secure system, enabling borderless transactions through decentralized finance.

Boost your business productivity and simplify work processes by integrating blockchain solutions into your business to experience enhanced trust, transparency, and security, leading to remarkable business growth.

Achieve fulfilling business milestones by opting for authentic token creation for your crypto investments.

Accelerate your digital business by harnessing cutting-edge technologies to create NFT marketplaces, enabling an exceptional user experience.

Metaverse is a 3D environment that drives the physical world activities and business to the digital world and in a few years most companies will have their own metaverse platforms for business.

Embrace the hottest trend in the digital space with metaverse games and be a pioneer in the gaming industry by introducing innovative metaverse game solutions.

Introduce numerous startups and small businesses to the digital realm through a metaverse real estate platform, facilitating seamless business setups in the digital space.

Broaden the horizons of your e-commerce business by providing customers with a realistic shopping experience in the digital world, utilizing VR and metaverse solutions.

Commence your special occasions, award ceremonies, and more in the metaverse, inviting fans and colleagues from across the globe to join in the celebration.

Searching for an exceptional metaverse experience? Acquire tailor-made metaverse applications for your business and attract a worldwide audience to your digital realm.

Web3 is something interesting that the world has been looking for years because it makes all the internet processes decentralized and even this helps in improving many business platforms and services in the digital space.

Exhausted from extensive supply chain management? Opt for an innovative web3 solution that streamlines work and monitors every data point in your supply chain.

Frustrated with searching for patient records every time? Digitize your patient's records with web3 technologies, ensuring security and accessibility at any moment.

Our web3 games redefine the gaming world, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms, creating an immersive experience for gamers, and attracting a larger user base.

Educational institutions are expanding their reach to students across multiple locations, leveraging web3 technology to amplify their efforts and extend their impact.

Prominent financial institutions worldwide are adopting Web3 approaches. Now, it's your turn to establish your presence in the Web3 space and elevate your business for the future.

Unveil your IT potential and master the digital game with our strategic consulting solutions delivered through our experienced tech advisors.

Map your digital success by redefining your IT strategy with our effective IT assessment that drives innovation and performance for your business.

Fuel your IT growth by empowering your IT initiatives with our effective IT project and program management services to drive high-quality outcomes at a rapid pace.

Unleash IT excellence with our proven IT infrastructure management services by accelerating your operational efficiency and achieving peak performance.

Tap into the boundless potential of our top-tier IT Outsourcing services to gain a competitive advantage, foster innovation, and achieve unmatched efficiency.

Enter a new era of efficiency and productivity with our insightful automation and gain valuable data-driven insights that will drive smarter decision-making and business growth.

Incorporate the power of our successive methodology that seamlessly migrates your existing application portfolios to the cloud while creating innovative new apps that meet your evolving needs.

Join the ranks of successful businesses by embracing digital transformation to revolutionize your operations and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Supercharge your customer experience to harness customer insights and develop a user-friendly digital solution that sets you apart from the competition and thrives even in challenging times.

Empower your digital transformation journey with our expert team that seamlessly transitions from strategy to implementation, catering to all your demands.

Boost your brand’s success and business outcomes with our up-to-the-minute marketing strategies. We light up your business's online visibility and boost your customer acquisition.

Transform into the market's most rapidly expanding brand by harnessing SEO strategies that drive lead generation and foster business growth.

Establish your supremacy in the fiercely competitive digital realm by initiating your SEM campaigns, and positioning your brand at the top of relevant SERPs.

Elevate your business and boost profits by transforming your digital landscape through the power of PPC advertising. Attract targeted audiences, enhance brand awareness, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Captivate your target audience by enhancing the visibility of your mobile applications and resolving complexities in the app store listing.

Boost your brand recognition by effectively managing your online reputation, leading to valuable business insights.



As a full-stack software development agency, We make some extraordinary things that engage your users.



HR Software

Enterprise Applications

Data Analytics

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Supply Chain

Web Portals

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Leverage our in-depth technical expertise to bring your stunning ideas to Life.


  • Angular Js
  • React Js
  • Vue Js


  • .NET
  • Java
  • Python
  • Node.Js


  • C/C++
  • Django
  • PHP
  • Golang


  • Android/Kotlin
  • iOS/Swift
  • React Native
  • Flutter


  • Solidity
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Smart Contract

DevOps & ML

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • TensorFlow
  • Dialogflow

E-commerce & CMS

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Shopify

Full Stack

  • MEAN
  • MERN
  • JavaScript
  • Python


At Maticz, We Tackle Some of the World's Biggest Challenges by Building Great Digital Products.

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Have plans to kick-start your own NFT marketplace? You are in the right place! Maticz has developed and successfully launched more than 50+ NFT marketplaces which are now top-performing in the market. We are the pro-players in developing NFT marketplaces on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Chain, Solana, Polygon, Avalance, etc

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Our White label cryptocurrency exchange software is multi-tested and feature-packed that comes with a powerful trading engine and supports multiple trade options like spot, margin, derivatives, and p2p trading. We are also specialized in developing custom crypto trading platforms similar to Binance, Coinbase, etc, or from scratch based on your business requirements.

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Explore Our Award-winning Products Used by Millions Around the World.




After a thorough analysis of the crypto market, our blockchain developers have developed a feature-packed tokenomics platform. We have also developed custom token presale platforms similar to Safemoon, Safeearth, etc, for some of our clients. Our advanced tokenomics software comes with swap and staking features for targeting a wide range of crypto audiences.

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Our Launchpad Software is being trusted and used by some of the big shots in the market. Our blockchain engineers have developed an advanced launchpad protocol capable of functioning on any blockchain network. We also offer white-label launchpad software for clients who want to launch launchpads similar to DXSale, PinkSale, BSCPad, Trustpad, etc.

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With great expertise in blockchain technology, we have developed many crowdfunding and smart contract MLM platforms for various clients. We also offer white-label smart contract MLM software for clients who wish to start MLM platforms similar to Million Money, Forsage, etc. We also provide smart contract audit services with our certified smart contract audit experts.

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Explore Our Award-winning Products Used by Millions Around the World.

Mobile App

Crypto Wallet

Mobile App

Our white-label crypto wallets support the staking, exchange, and swapping of unlimited tokens, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc. Our wallet app is being trusted and used by some of the big giants in the market. We also developed many crypto wallet apps similar to Trust Wallet and from scratch based on client's business needs that are now top-performing in the market

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Our Clients are a Testament to Our Excellence and Expertise


200+ Clients Served

Tree bank
Smart BBN
Gaming Doge
Rio Swap
NFT Connected
BSC Memepad
Ouchi Finance
Ouchi Finance
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Discover the journey of our valued clients from vision to victory and join the success parade.

The services you offer are a broad range of services. All of your services compliment each other really well and the team has been brilliant. You know they get back to us very quickly with our issues, and have a lot of knowledge and expertise around react and usability. It's nice to come to an organization like Maticz. Good opportunity for the businesses to start your project with Maticz.


Michael Blythe

 Impressed with their quality service, reached out to them for web app development. Their works were professional, they could meet deadlines. I was able to effectively bring about awareness to my Nigerian community residing at USA through the team's effective quality of service


Gaius Chibueze

The final output was positively received by external stakeholders, much to the delight of the client. The team was highly communicative and responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with their development expertise.


Tomislav Jakupec

Thank you for your efforts with the AudioSwim project.


Albert carter

We appreciate your entire team for the developmental support, we will definitely work with your team in the future for more specific projects.


Louis - Xavier Savard

Thanks Maticz team. You are honest and talented. In near future, together we will do great things. We will earn money together. You now have a friend in California, my name is Umudi



Thanks to the Maticz team for completing MetaSwap and MASP. It's been delivered according to our specification. Thanks to the Team always available to respond. Now I look forward to the support services. We appreciated the help, we will definitely work with your team in the future for specific project.



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Maximizing Opportunities for Businesses with Our Values

Maticz is your one-stop solution for all your software development demands and requirements. From concept ideation to post-launch support, our comprehensive services cover every stage of the software lifecycle. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional solutions, we have garnered a reputation as a leading force in the industry. We value your feedback and work collaboratively with you to address any concerns, ensuring that the final product is precisely what you envision.

Our tailored approach ensures that we understand your specific requirements and deliver results that exceed expectations. Our team consists of seasoned professionals and creative minds who thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology, and bring fresh perspectives and ingenious solutions to every project. We keep you involved at every stage, providing transparent communication and delivering on time and within budget.

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We are a Software Consulting company trusted by leading brands and startups worldwide. Our team of passionate developers has the right technical expertise to deliver digital solutions that perfectly fit your business requirements. Startups to Fortune 500 companies rely on us in their digital transformation journey. We can help you too in creating a better future for your business.

We have a community of passionate and dedicated developers ready to help with a wide array of services such as

Software Development

Web Development

Ecommerce Web Development

Mobile App Development

Digital Marketing Services

Blockchain Development

Digital Transformation

and Much more. Tell about your needs and get a free consultation.

We have a team of experienced developers, designers, testers, and digital marketers who are experts in handling all types of complex projects. We guarantee the quality of the product by using several proven practices throughout the product development. We create a complete prototype based on client requirements and at every stage of the development process, we get approval from the client before we carry forward with the next phase. Before launching into the market we test our products continuously to ensure that it is bug-free and fully functional as per the client's needs. We always provide our clients with more than what they expected.

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