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Blockchain & its Development

Blockchain is an immutable ledger that enables the storage of assets & financial information, tracking & monitoring of stored contents, etc., among a distributed & P2P network via cryptography. All data or information storage takes place in a decentralized system in the blockchain system, and an update in one system will reflect in all the connected nodes.

Blockchain development involves the creation of a shared & immutable distributed ledger that enables secure storage & transactions of digital assets or other relevant information. Blockchain technology functions like a more advanced database system that facilitates transparent information sharing, monitoring & secure storage. So, businesses started leveraging this ground-breaking technology to streamline the information flow & integrate data within the business network.

Blockchain development is valuable for diverse industries and enables quick, accurate, and secure information sharing. Its transparency and immutability simplify tasks like order tracking, accounts management, payment, data migration, manufacturing, etc., thus helping firms focus on other operations and optimize their performance. From Healthcare to Manufacturing, Blockchain is the game-changing tool to redefine or revolutionize the niche.

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Maticz is recognized as the best blockchain development company among various corporate firms, thanks to its innovative development approaches & cutting-edge integrations. We deliver versatile blockchain development solutions to help businesses meet their diverse needs. In addition, we develop customized blockchain with industry-specific functionalities that resonates well with the client's requirements. Our portfolio represents the expertise in delivering numerous blockchain-based applications across various networks like Hyperledger, Cosmos, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

We build pitch-perfect decentralized platforms for NFTs, DEX, Metaverse, Web3, etc., with our expertise in building business logic & developing multi-functional blockchain nodes. We ensure the product meets the industry standards and exceeds expectations from public blockchain development to Smart contract development.

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Blockchain Software Development Company


The global blockchain market will reach over $2 tn at a CAGR of 85.7% within the decade, as per a report from Precedence Research.

  • According to Markets and Markets, the revenue in the blockchain industry will reach an astonishing $94 bn in 2027.
  • Global firms like IBM, Oracle, Intel, etc., are early-stage supporters who helped the technology achieve mainstream adoption.
  • According to Globe News wire, the market size of the manufacturing industry will reach over $85 bn this year.
  • Blockchain will grow at a rate of 85.9% and will boost the global GDP by over $1.76 tn in a few years, according to Grand View Research.
  • As per a report from Gartner, this innovative technology will generate over $3 bn in business value within this decade.
  • According to Finances Online, there are more than 68 million blockchain wallet users, and the figure increases sharply with the introduction of new cryptocurrencies.
  • Among many businesses, Financial & accounting firms account for more than 30% of the blockchain implementation.
  • According to global experts, data security, integrity & privacy are the key areas that require reformation to boost blockchain adoption.
  • In terms of the healthcare industry, the market value of blockchain will cross over $1 bn market within the next few years.

Maticz provides top-notch public blockchain development services that enable seamless collaboration and easy access, storage, or retrieval of information or data within the ecosystem. A Public blockchain, also known as permissionless blockchain, runs on a peer-to-peer network managed by all the participants.

We provide private blockchain development services for startups and enterprises. Our team can assist you in creating and deploying a secure private blockchain ecosystem with a closed database system that only authorized individuals can access.

We provide enterprise blockchain development services that accelerate innovation, improve efficiency, and amplify the security of your internal business operations. This innovative technology functions as a shared & trusted database, helping businesses achieve effective, coherent & secure business operations.

Customized blockchain development includes numerous benefits like cost saving, more security, easy data storage or migration, speed amplification, etc. It enables businesses to make real-time updates within the ecosystem and deliver accessible information from a trustworthy and accurate source.

Maticz offers reliable blockchain consultation services to help firms deploy high-performing blockchain applications with appropriate tech stacks. Blockchain consulting services enable firms to analyze the potentials of blockchain and craft a pitch-perfect application with real-world use cases.


Maticz offers premium blockchain development services to help businesses across various niches sustain & cope with the evolving technological landscape.

Blockchain Development Services

We offer business-specific blockchain development solutions that effectively cater to the financial & operational goals of client's businesses.


DApp Development

We build & deploy pitch-perfect DApps (Decentralized Applications) by integrating blockchain technologies with high-end programming frameworks to build performance-oriented DApps. DApp development services are flexible to include next-gen technologies like AI, etc., to give you a technological boost.

  • New-age Integrations
  • Technological Boost
  • High-performing Apps

Smart Contract Development

Our developers offer Top-notch Smart Contract development services for faster, more efficient, and automated business operations. We build scalable and fully functional Smart Contracts by leveraging the dynamic tools that enable businesses to process & streamline business operations.

  • Automate Business
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Streamline Operations

NFT Marketplace Development

Maticz develops ground-breaking NFT Marketplaces for various niches like Art, Music, Video, Games, Virtual Lands, Digital collectibles, etc. Our passionate team and experts ensure the development of a fine-tuned NFT platform with cutting-edge & market-demand features.

  • Fine-tuned Platform
  • Improved Security
  • Ground-breaking Inclusions

Blockchain Game Development

Certified blockchain game developers at Maticz employ new-age technologies like AI, metaverse, etc., to develop futuristic blockchain-based games. Blockchain game development solutions include various business models and integrate captivating designs, 3D elements, in-built stores, etc., to deliver immersive gameplay.

  • In-built Store
  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Next-gen Games

Crypto Exchange Development

Our blockchain experts utilize cutting-edge tools and technology to develop & launch highly secured, robust & next-gen cryptocurrency exchange platforms. A crypto exchange platform with ground-breaking features like trading bots, interoperable assets, multi-wallet systems, etc., is created thanks to diverse blockchain applications.

  • Multi-payment Support
  • Interoperable Assets
  • Easy Integrations

Asset Tokenization

We help technological firms or individuals tokenize digital or real-world assets to improve their tradability. Asset tokenization results in lower transaction costs, transparency, and authenticity. We help you tokenize numerous assets like digital collectibles, plots of land in the real world, etc.

  • Improved Tradability
  • Low Transaction Costs
  • Better Transparency

Blockchain Wallet Development

Blockchain Wallet Development enables new-age or cryptocurrency investors to securely store their digital assets and effortlessly manage all their holdings via a multi-functional digital wallet. Blockchain wallets are more secure, and their interoperable nature makes them functional across diverse platforms.

  • More Secure Storage
  • Easy Asset Management
  • Economical Models

Crypto Token Development

We assist startups and enterprises in integrating cryptos into the financial system by creating Cryptos/Tokens on various blockchains and token standards that enable users to trade as utility or security tokens. In addition, we help enterprises develop an innovative crypto token with multi-utility use cases & interoperability.

  • Multi-utility Token
  • Interoperable Characteristics
  • Enterprise Standards

Metaverse Development

Maticz helps global organizations develop & deploy a multi-functional metaverse environment that facilitates various corporate functions or business meetings. In addition, we provide metaverse game development, metaverse application development, etc., based on clients' niche and business requirements.

  • Virtual Meetings
  • Metaverse-based Apps
  • AR/VR Gaming


Our expertise enables us to develop & deploy pitch-perfect blockchain-based applications across various networks like the following.

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Ethereum is a popular & widely implemented blockchain network, thanks to its decentralization and high-performing Smart contracts. We help you develop a new-age protocol that enables a higher transaction rate, improves processing speed, and creates powerful dApps on the Ethereum network.


The Hyperledger platform provides tools that enable blockchain-based firms to create personalized applications according to their business requirements. It contains ground-breaking frameworks, standards, tools, etc., enough to build high-performing blockchain-based solutions.


Cosmos network is a ground of inter-connected apps & services that enable secure and reliable communication among various Hblockchain. The network within the Cosmos ecosystem communicates with each other via Smart contracts, and the system enables accelerated development time.


Stellar is more suitable for developing & deploying DeFi (Decentralized Finance) based applications. Its protocol allows instant validation of transactions on the public blockchain network while enabling quick business operations. In addition, it helps streamline the development of Web3 and DeFi applications.

Maticz helps technological companies to develop & integrate a niche-based blockchain with new-age functionalities that make them dominant in their niche.


Blockchain For Healthcare

The interoperable nature of blockchain technology powers and redefines healthcare systems, which help save & securely access medical records in a decentralized environment. The integration of blockchain technology unlocks an array of benefits and supports within the healthcare industry.

  • Easy Data Storage
  • Effective Integration
  • Numerous Benefits

Blockchain For Banking

Revolutionize your traditional banking and finance systems with powerful Blockchain-based solutions & integrate them into systems to stay on top of the innovation. Blockchain applications enable decentralization and improved security, which helps improve processing & service within banking.

  • New-age Banking
  • Improved Security
  • Top-notch Innovation

Blockchain For Retail

Implement cutting-edge blockchain solutions into your Retail sector that help you enhance security and provide real-time access to information. It improves data management, optimizes various operations, enables real-time tracking, establishes trust & transparency among stakeholders.

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Data Integration
  • Transparent Operation

Blockchain For Supply Chain

Blockchain technology helps businesses effectively & accurately track goods or products throughout the supply chain & logistics operations. In addition, it improves real-time visibility & saves operational costs & time, automates various supply chain processes, integrates logistics data, etc.

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Automated Processes
  • Accurate Monitoring

Blockchain For Sports

Implement blockchain technology into your sports business & build next-generation apps that help streamline existing operations & enhance fan interaction. In addition, decentralized applications improve personalized solutions and unlock numerous business & revenue models.

  • Numerous Models
  • Streamlined Applications
  • Personalized Solutions

Blockchain For Entertainment

Build blockchain-based entertainment applications or platforms and deliver unique digital experiences to audiences. It helps creators easily access copyrights to their contents & gives complete authority. In addition, it enables producers to engage in peer-to-peer sales and distribution.

  • Content Ownership
  • Unique Experience
  • More Profits

Blockchain For Travel & Tourism

The applications of blockchain technology in the Tourism & Hospitality industry are manifold, which helps travellers manage their data & create personalized travelling experiences. It helps businesses streamline operations and fast-track the settlements between hotels and agents.

  • Improved Trust
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Optimized Operations

Blockchain For Gaming

Blockchain game development enables game development studios to develop & deploy new-age games with user-oriented monetization opportunities. This ground-breaking business model enables players to collect & monetize in-game collectibles while allowing investors to attract huge audiences & maximize ROI.

  • Better Revenue
  • In-game Collectibles
  • Asset Ownership


Blockchain and its associated applications benefit businesses across diverse industries as they simplify and automate time-consuming & tedious work.

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Decentralization improves data reconciliation, optimizes resource distribution, safeguards assets or data, etc., thus enabling better collaboration while improving security.



Blockchain technology helps businesses save data in a decentralized and transparent environment and users to transact in anonymity.



Blockchain technology is immutable and built with security protocols like data encryption, which protects the user’s data from external sources.



The transparent nature of the blockchain network establishes trust in the network, which helps you attract a huge user base to your business.



In supply chains & other niches, Blockchain improves traceability, enabling secure information transfer, improves quality control, easy goal attainment, etc.


Efficiency & Cost-saving

Blockchain-based applications or solutions improve operational efficiency and help organizations automate various tasks, thus saving costs.



Blockchain brings transparency and traceability that attract users and gain the trust of users, resulting in business growth.


Tech-Stack That Forms The

High-end programming languages and more advanced security protocols form the core component (protocol, platform & application layer) of blockchain applications.

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Step-by-step Insight on

Blockchain Development Process

The blockchain development process involves the adoption of Industry-best development strategies, implementation of cutting-edge technologies & innovative protocols.

Analyze Project Scope

First, our consultants analyze your blockchain project requirements, examine the market, allocate appropriate resources, devise a development model, etc., before initiating the process.

Network & Framework Selection

Next, the appropriate blockchain network (Hyperledger or Ethereum), its type (Public or Private), technological frameworks, etc., are selected

Infrastructure Development

Blockchain key components like UI, admin & dashboard inclusion, Smart contracts, tokens, dApps, storage systems, security protocols, etc., are developed or integrated.

Functionality Inclusion

New-age features & functionalities are included in the network that align well with the blockchain project requirements to make it reliable & hassle-free.

QA & Smart Contract Auditing

Next, the blockchain network is examined & Smart contract audition takes place where the vulnerabilities and bugs are removed to make it error-free.

Post-Launch Maintenance

The developed blockchain platform is deployed and updated with cutting-edge features based on the maintenance request from the client.

Searching out a team of blockchain developers to initiate the development of your project? Hire the young minds of well-established blockchain developers who have worked on multiple blockchain projects on a global scale. With a wide range of expertise in blockchain technology, our developers work out the best way for the success of every project.

Our Blockchain developers are well-trained with advanced tools that help to develop your project in a more reliable way. Hiring our development team will get you the best result as our developers work on a standard process that makes your project stand out and unique in the global market. With the thoughts of young minds, our development team analyzes the project in a diverse way and gives you the right solutions for all your problems within the stipulated time range.

Apart from all the above points still wondering why should you hire our blockchain experts. Here we go, the developers at Maticz work in a unique way that lets them focus on the vision of the project, and our developers are given a mission to bring the exact vision from your expectations to the real world.

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Best Blockchain Development Company

Best Blockchain Development Company

Maticz tops the chart among the best Blockchain Development Companies and thanks to our diverse solutions & innovative development approaches. Our developers analyze the project scope, work towards it, simplify the complex solutions, and initiate scratch development or develop an existing model. Our mission-driven blockchain programmers helped businesses across various industries to adapt robust blockchain solutions into their systems.

Maticz helps startups & organizations integrate futuristic blockchain-based solutions and enables them to sustain themselves in the evolving technological landscape. In addition, we allow firms to hire a certified blockchain developer to include features, modify internal architecture, implement new-age technologies, etc., at cost-effective packages. Our expertise helps you realize your technological requirements within the given time frame, irrespective of the industry, so approach us for the industry-best blockchain solutions.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


Blockchain Development is the process of developing a separate blockchain network for the industry or for a service that helps the growth of the business by simplifying the complicated process and managing information in a secured node.

Maticz is one of the best blockchain development companies that offer various blockchain solutions for its clients. Maticz has been serving the blockchain industry by giving out digital transformation to various industries from startups to enterprises.

Blockchain development services help to create decentralized applications with an extreme degree of security to data and transactions, easy traceability, and the highest level of scalability. Numerous blockchain development services are being offered by the blockchain developers to the clients and as a team, Maticz offers blockchain services like the development of private blockchain, Dapp development, smart contract development, token development, crypto exchange development, NFT marketplace development, and other related services.

Major industries are keen on blockchain solutions because of their benefits. All the major industries like healthcare, supply chain and logistics, education, banking and finance, sports, and many more are working on incorporating blockchain into their business.

The whole world is in search of experienced blockchain developers but only a few companies in the blockchain industry are available for experienced blockchain developers. Maticz is the one on the list with 5+ experience in the blockchain field.

A blockchain development company works on the development of various blockchain platform development and provides various services in blockchain technology. As a blockchain development company, Maticz with a team of experienced blockchain developers works on various blockchain products.

In the past two years there are many blockchain development companies but only a few are leading the list, here are a few

  • 1. Maticz
  • 2. Accenture
  • 3. TCS
  • 4. Infosys
  • 5. IBM
  • 6. Deloitte
  • 7. Oracle
  • 8. Consensys
  • 9. Wipro
  • 10. Appticz

Maticz is the best blockchain development company in the USA, UK, UAE, and India with 5+ years of experience in developing various blockchain solutions for numerous industries. If you are planning for a blockchain platform development then you may connect with the experts of Maticz and know more.

The cost of blockchain development cannot be precalculated whereas coming up with an idea can be provided with an approximate cost. As there are multiple services under the blockchain development so in the worst case the minimum bid for a simple development process may start from $7000K.

There are several blockchain networks in use in the crypto space but only a few are used widely used among users because of their functionalities and features. Here are the top blockchain networks used by most of the audience Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, and Tezos.

A private blockchain is a decentralized network that is developed for a single organization where the whole process of the organization is kept safe and managed under a single network. A private blockchain network benefits an organization in various works.

Blockchain is a decentralized network that is impossible to hack and when an organization opts for its own blockchain network it would help the business in various ways and even makes the organization process simple, this is the main aspect of why all businesses are approaching blockchain solutions.

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