Maticz is a prominent chat app development company that offers best-in-class messaging app development services at an affordable cost.

Chat App Development

Maticz is the forerunner in chat app development that works on advanced technology like Web3 and AI to present the best chat application to the digital world. The team comes up with the best chat app design and moves on with every process in development after the client’s approval. The chat app development includes multiple processes from planning its usage to determining the tech stack for development. The future use of the chat application and its features finalizes the development process and the tech stack involved in its development process.

The chat app development process varies with its future usage, depending on its usage the development process may be simple or complex. The chat app is brought into the global market after several tests and the development includes numerous tools depending on whether it's a voice, video, or only a message application. The well-experienced team of Maticz brings you a completely packed chat app design in its development process which includes voice and video chat features.

Why Invest in Messaging App Development?

Messaging apps are the easiest way to communicate with each other around the world in the modern world. Chat apps have made communication easier with the unlimited benefits and features it is serving users around the world. Messaging apps can connect every person beyond borders at ease and this has added a huge benefit to the process of globalization. The digital space now holds different chat applications that are used for different purposes.

Maticz a global player in messaging app development takes its place in the front line with advanced messaging app features by bringing in web3 and metaverse tech. The world is looking for something cool and Maticz with its certified mobile app developers plans its messaging app design by incorporating Web3 and Metaverse for the required projects and as per clients' requirements. 

As a leading Messaging app development company, Maticz offers custom messaging app development services with the industry's best mobile app developers. The professionals of Maticz worked on several messaging application projects for various clients around the globe. With the growing usage of digital platform users, it's a great way to plan and launch your messaging application.

Messaging App Development Services

Maticz offers premium messaging app development services to its clients based on their needs and their vision. Here are the top premium services Maticz is working on.

Web3 Messaging App Development

Our blockchain experts work on bringing in blockchain networks on the backend to make the platform more secure and decentralized to improve the data threats that today's youngsters are looking out for.

Metaverse Chat App Development

Metaverse chat app development incorporates the usage of a virtual environment and the users will be able to connect with global users in a virtual reality space which makes the application more realistic.

Video Chat App Development

The most used chat application at present and multiple features are continuously being added concerning its needs. The video chat apps are customized concerning the industries whether it's an online tutor or for corporate usage.

White Label Chat App Solution

We offer 100% customizable white-label chat app solutions to clients based on their required needs. The white-label solution can be customized where additional features and functionalities can be added.

Customized Chat App for Corporates

Maticz, the pioneer in Mobile app development provides a customizable chat app for corporates based on their needs and usage. The professionals plan the development from scratch, particularly for the client’s requirements and usage.

Android/iOS Chat App Development

We also provide you with a dedicated Android or iOS-based chat application at the request of the client. These dedicated apps come up with all the required features and functionalities that the project proposes.

Features in Chat Application Development

The professionals plan futuristic features in chat application development that benefit the users and attract many new users to the chat app. Here let us go through some top-notch features of the chat application.


The recent chat application is going for web3 technologies which makes the platform more secure for users and the application is decentralized.

Video Call

Video calls are available in most apps nowadays which becomes a most needed one that makes the persons connect more visually.

Group Chat

The app allows the users to chat in groups whether it's a voice chat or a video chat, the tech used behind the development of the app makes the group video chat work seamlessly


The users will be able to make a backup of the chats whenever needed and the app lets the option of automatic backup on a daily or weekly basis.


Multiple security features are added to the application to avoid any kind of user data threats and prevent the app from any kind of invasive hack attacks.

Push Notification

The application is provided with default push notification features to alert the user for each msg which can be turned on/off by the user at any time.

Messenger App Development Process

The messenger app development process is planned on a sequential flow from analysis to the deployment of the platform on the client's server.

Analysis of Project Scope

The team analyzes the vision of the client and the future usage of the application and finalizes the features and functionality for its development.

Determine Tech Stack

After the analysis, the team moves on in the search for the right tech stack that boosts the project with the client's suggestion in choosing the tech stack.

Designing of User Interface

The designers start the work in designing the app interface which attracts users to hold on to the application and then move on to the next step once the client approves.

Backend Development

On the other hand, the developers work on the backend process to set up every functionality and feature required on the application.

Integration of Frontend & Backend

After the backend process completes the backend is integrated with the frontend panel to present a completely built chat application.

Chat App Testing

After the development process, the app goes through a series of software testing processes where all the vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed and removed.

Chat App Deployment

After testing the application is deployed on the client's server and is made available for global users in the digital space.

What Makes Us the Best Chat App Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best chat app development companies that works with advanced technologies like Web3, Blockchain, and AI to bring out a nice art of work in the chat application. The team has successfully developed and launched over 200+ projects in the digital space for startups to enterprises. The team has also worked on web3 social media platforms and web3 messaging apps. If you are looking to bring out a revolutionary product in the digital space get in touch with our experts.

The chat app development cost varies concerning the features and functionalities it requires, at a minimal range the development cost starts from $20,000 and it increases with the addition of functionalities and features complexity. Just a step to dive into the digital space business set up a discussion with the leading Mobile app development company and build your chat application.

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