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Web3 is a decentralized digital space where the users hold all the rights for their content and digital assets in the digital space. Web3 development is in its full swing and laying the right paths in the digital space with many numbers of web3 platforms on the way for launch. Web3.0 development puts in a lot of strong technical expertise and creativity to use the platform benefit to the fullest. Web3 will permit you to enjoy more promising business possibilities and it gives endless benefits to your business and creates new revenue generation strategies.

Maticz is a top Web3 development company with a team of experienced Web3.0 developers where our team works for your vision and develops applications based on the project requirements. Our passionate developers present you with the best web3 application that suits your business model and revenue stream. As an industry-leading Web3.0 development company, our professionals understand the project needs and deliver the best possible industry-focused solutions that guarantee the application's success.

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Web3.0 is the next version of the internet/web and this will be an interactive web where every person's physical world activities may result in the digital space if connected with a web3 platform. With blockchain technology as the backbone web3 goes decentralized which removes the third person in the line and protects privacy.

The web3 concept makes the internet more privacy protected and personalized also with the help of artificial intelligence and big data the web3 will be more advanced.

The world has started experiencing web3 platforms in various industries from gaming to finance and its the time to travel from web2 platforms to web3 platforms.

Looking on for the best web3 development solution, take a call with our experts you may find them for the development of your web3 application.

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Web3 Development Agency

Maticz is a leading Web 3.0 development agency with a team of experts in developing web 3.0 applications on various blockchain networks. We offer best-in-class web3.0 development solutions that take your business goals to the next level. Our Web 3.0 application development is backed by bug-free quality smart contracts that prevent the platform from hacks.

Our ambitious and passionate blockchain-skilled web3 developers are ready to take the call and support our clients at every step of the web3 development process. The developers of Maticz put their hands together to develop the best engaging web3 application with all the features that attract a wide audience base and also with all the functionalities that are required for your project. Get your high-quality web3 product in the blink of an eye!

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Web3 Messaging Platform

The unsafe transmission of messages on centralized solutions makes the platforms open to hacks. Web 3.0 applications overcome these issues with the secured blockchain network.

Web3.0 Browsers

The next-generation web browsers hold users' data without leaking and help to take their business to the next level. Here the identity of the person is not revealed to anyone.

Web3 Data Storage

The next-generation web browsers hold users' data without leaking and help to take their business to the next level. Here the identity of the person is not revealed and every persons data is protected under the decentralized network.

Web3.0 Streaming Services

Web 3.0 streaming services allow creators to work transparently and this helps them to get paid with a fair share for their content and removes the copyright issues with smart contracts.

Web3 Lifestyle Apps

Web3.0 lifestyle apps connect your physical world with the virtual world which helps in attracting the users to the web3 world and to know on how the web3 system works.


From designing to deploying, Fintech to Media we take care of the complete development process and provide full-stack Web 3.0 development services to diverse industries. Here we listed a few,

Tech Stack We Use In

Key tech stacks our developers use for your web3 project

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It is a transparent digital ledger that helps to store details that are immutable with its decentralized access.


It enables smooth machine-to-machine communications for the most efficient execution of several tasks that remain in sync.

Smart Contracts

It runs the platform and this allows the users to communicate online depending on condition fulfillments.


This lets the platform store the digital assets in a secure way where the content is separated and stored in various blocks.

Machine Learning

Implementation of ML applications transforms traditional services giving intelligent and data-oriented web solutions.

Virtual Reality

The future internet will utilize this to get interactive and engaging platforms with the help of VR technologies and frameworks.

The certified blockchain experts of Maticz plan out the web3 platform development in a structured workflow to bring out the best web3 application to the digital space.

Setup Blockchain Network

Determine the right blockchain network that suits the best for your web3 project with all the required functionalities.

Frontend and Backend Development

Our Developers put their work together in the development and integration process of the Frontend and Backend of the web3 platform.

Programming of Smart Contract

Programming and deployment of Smart Contracts in carried out in the row where the smart contracts play the major role in the web3 space.

Setting Wallets and Payment Gateway

Setting up various crypto wallets and other payment gates where users will be able to perform trades and digital payments.

Testing & Deployment

After various processes of development, the platform has to pass through various sequences of tests for deployment.

Interoperable Environment

The 3D environment is designed by our developers that lets the users bring in all their digital assets to the metaverse environment with their wallets.

Testing and Deployment

Once the platform is completely developed it undergoes sequential testing to remove and fix the vulnerabilities and bugs and then deployed for global users.

Our End-To-End

Web3 Platform Development Process

The decentralized and distributed nature of Web 3.0 is the safest one than its preceding versions. So that its nature is inconceivable for the hackers and it will not be outlined by the intruders.


It allows users to access data across different applications without the necessity for any specific platform.


Web 3 technology does not require any central authority which means anyone can join the network and participate by creating an address without permission.


It makes a digital transaction cost-efficient, even if crossing a border at a time. 5. It makes it feasible for digital assets to be transmitted across borders conveniently and cost-effectively.


The ownership of the data will be in the hands of users in Web 3.0 unlike Web 2.0. The generated data were managed and used by the tech behemoths.


Web 3.0 won't incentivize centralized platforms. It comes with fewer to zero instances of data privacy hacks.

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Web3 comes up with dozens of advantages to the audience and here are a few key factors.

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Web 3.0 is the next generation of the web and the platform that is developed with the web 3.0 concepts are backed with blockchain networks and this makes them decentralized and removes the central authority from the operation. This is the key point where the future lies in, with the increase in hack attacks and lack of privacy web3 comes as a solution for every person in the world. The future web will be more personalized and secure for every person use.

Web3 will eliminate the gap between the digital world and the physical world. Web3 will shake its hands with the metaverse and the world will be experiencing an immense change in the digital space. Most people will make most of the work in the digital space with this coming into action. Get in touch with our experts and bring your business to the digital space with an iconic business platform for audiences all over the globe. Thinking of the future many business people are adding up web3 solutions to their portfolio.

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Our team of experts will help you to transform your imaginations into a web3 solution for your business. Hire our dedicated web3 developers to build your innovative web 3.0 applications. Having detailed project requirements and looking for the right web3 solution you are at the right place to get your solution for your business.

As a well-established Web3 development agency, Over the years we have developed 200+ Web 3.0 projects that are loved by our clients and help them accomplish their business goals. Schedule a call with our experts and get a clear knowledge of how our developers work on a web 3.0 platform development. Our developers refine your ideas into deployable digital solutions with the emerging web3 technology that brings new amazing opportunities to your business growth.

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Top Mobile Application Development Company in California

Top Web 3.0 Development Company?

Maticz, the pioneer in web3 development is working on various web3-based platforms and has successfully developed and launched 200+ web3 projects for clients all over the globe. With a team of 50+ certified blockchain developers, Maticz has performed its best in the virtual world by showcasing a number of innovative web3 platforms.

Web 3.0 development is revolutionizing the internet to the next level by adopting next-generation technologies. The consequences of the blockchain and businesses are equally immense. It redefines how users will be interacting with the digital world. Get unique and advantageous web3 solutions if you aspire to become a frontrunner in leveraging futuristic technologies. Begin your journey with innovative and trending techniques to achieve great results.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


There are quietly many web3 development agencies in the internet world but only a few like Maticz are working on the improvement of the web3 world by focusing on and developing web3 products and bringing many business platforms to perform under the web3 standards.

The experts of the Web 3.0 development company analyze the project's scope and work on replacing the present centralized system in the project with a decentralized system. Also, these experts work on developing a new platforms for the web3 world like social media apps, chat apps, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Web3 is a decentralized place where all of the whole content, your service, or business will be taken under a decentralized system without any interruption of a central authority. Web3 is the third generation of the internet and the whole digital world will be based on web3 soon.

Everyone has this question in mind and reality shows that it will be the future. As the present generation makes their importance on security and privacy with advanced technologies, this web3 concept will be the solution for the current generation and this shows that web3 will dominate in the future.

As people all over the world are fond of better privacy and security model in the digital space it's better to go with the web3 platforms which will bring you more engaging users to your business. Also, this seems to be the future so going with this trend will take your business to reach higher standards.

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