Web 3.0 blockchain takes new revolutions in the industry that unfold many changes in the world wide web and brings the blockchain to the new digital world. Its main goal is to eliminate the gap between the digital and physical world. The actual technology stack of the web 3 blockchain is not yet out. This can be enhanced with the development of semantics technologies. The effect of web 3.0 on businesses will be inclined at making them transparent and highly user-centric. Web3.0 development is revolutionizing the internet to the next level by adopting next-generation technologies.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in web 3.0 development, keep up to date with the growing trends before entering into it. So, transform the world and build your future with the game-changing web3 services of Maticz. We refine your ideas into deployable digital solutions with the emerging web3 technology that brings new amazing opportunities to your business growth. 

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a suitable and translucent network that enables people to interact without loss of privacy. This makes the internet more brilliant with the help of the power of artificial intelligence and big data. Web 3.0 was constructed with the help of blockchain which manages the process of data collection and management across the web. This concentrated data will be safeguarded by AI and IoT technology.

Web3 Development

Kick start your feature-rich, user-centric web3 applications that permit more transactions in microseconds without compromising quality or paying for more transaction pay. Web 3.0 application development needs strong technical expertise. Get started on your web3 development with the scratch-based solution from Maticz. Web3 will permit you to enjoy more promising business possibilities. It gives endless benefits to your business and creates new revenue generation strategies. So, reach customers with the feature-rich web3 services. 

Web3 Development Company

Maticz is a top Web3 development company with a team of experienced Web 3.0 developers who can develop applications based on the customer's requirements. Our team of experts will help you to transform the customer's mission into a vision. Or else you can hire our dedicated web3 developers to build your innovative web3 applications. Our passionate developers give the best outcomes in web3 application development. Our team will fully understand your needs and deliver the best possible industry-focused solutions that guarantee success. Whether you have detailed project requirements or need consultation in analyzing your idea, we are here to help you.

Web3 Development Services

As a well-established Web3 development services provider, Over the years we have developed 250+ projects that are loved by our clients and help them accomplish their business goals. From designing to deploying, Fintech to Media we take care of the complete development process and provide full-stack Web 3.0 development services to diverse industries. Here we listed a few, 

Crypto Exchange

When it comes to the cryptocurrency exchange, DEX Platforms are most expected from the user's end. Web 3.0 provides completely decentralized platforms for the crypto exchange with ultimate privacy features. It is difficult to hack and works perfectly with the hardware wallets. Here the asset ownership is completely present on the user's hand. 

Messaging platforms

Messaging platforms carry a major zone in our lives for professional as well as personal purposes. As of now, Skype, Telegram, and Whatsapp are the front-row applications. The unsafe transmission of messages and the reliance on centralized solutions make the platforms open to hacks. Web 3.0 application development overcomes these issues by sending assets in a fast and secure way. 

Data Storage 

Normally google drive is used for data storage purposes. But for a company, need robust data storage to store data. Whereas the majority of the data storage was handled by a centralized person. Which means the data can be manipulated. The web3 blockchain gives the best solutions to this. It protects data through strong encryption which means it will be stored in a particular space and works seamlessly with the next generation technologies like IoT. 

Web 3.0 browser

Web browsers are the tech behemoths that rule web versions. The next-generation web browsers hold users' data without leaking and help to take their business to the next level. Web 3.0 browsers protect user data, here the digital identity does not need to match the person's real identity. 

Web 3.0 streaming services

Streaming applications are the most flourishing ones as of now. Here the creators are not being paid a fair share since it is a centralized one. Blockchain solves this issue via web 3.0 decentralization along with smart contracts. Web 3.0 streaming services allow content creators to work transparently. Also, give zero copyright issues due to smart contracts. 

Don't see what you are looking for? We are always excited to hear about new projects and bring new ideas to reality. Talk to our experts and share your unique ideas to get started.

Decentralized technologies to develop bespoke web3 platforms

1. Blockchain - It is a transparent digital ledger that helps to store details that are immutable with its decentralized access. 

2. NFTs - With the capabilities of the token standards, NFTs enable the exchange of digital assets in web3 platforms.

3. Crypto wallets -It is used to store digital assets and protect their ownership.

4. AI - Artificial Intelligence enables smooth machine-to-machine communications for the most efficient execution of several tasks that remain in sync.

5. Smart contracts - It runs a platform that allows users to communicate online depending on condition fulfillments.

6. Artificial Intelligence - Web3 utilizes AI solutions to entrust traditional tasks with upgraded internet capabilities and a unique approach to humanize user search input and results. 

7. Machine Learning - Stepping up towards the implementation of ML applications into transforming traditional service. It gives intelligent and data-oriented web solutions.

8. VR - The future internet will utilize this VR to get interactive and visualized platforms with the help of VR technologies and frameworks.

Advantages of Web 3.0

1. The decentralized and distributed nature of Web 3.0 is the safest one than its preceding versions. So that its nature is inconceivable for the hackers and it will not be outlined by the intruders.  

2. It allows users to access data across different applications without the necessity for any specific platform. 

3. Web 3 technology does not require any central authority which means anyone can join the network and participate by creating an address without permission. 

4. It makes a digital transaction cost-efficient, even if crossing a border at a time. 

5. It makes it feasible for digital assets to be transmitted across borders conveniently and cost-effectively.

6. The ownership of the data will be in the hands of users in Web 3.0 unlike Web 2.0. The generated data were managed and used by the tech behemoths. 

7. Web 3.0 won't incentivize centralized platforms. It comes with fewer to zero instances of data privacy hacks. 

Web 3.0: The Future

The consequences of the blockchain and businesses are equally immense. It redefines how to interact with the digital world. The transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0 will not happen overnight. But even though web 3.0 is in the future, the reality of today is that businesses need to start preparing. Get unique and advantageous web3 solutions if you aspire to become a frontrunner in leveraging futuristic technologies. Begin your journey with innovative and trending techniques to achieve great results. 

Web 3.0 Development Company

Maticz is a leading Web 3.0 development company with a team of experts in developing web 3.0 applications on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Cardano, and Stellar. We offer best-in-class web3 development solutions that take your business goals to the next level. Our Web 3.0 application development is backed by bug-free quality smart contracts that prevent hackers. Our ambitious and passionate blockchain-skilled web3 developers are ready to support clients at every step of the development process. We help you to build the best web3 applications for your requirements with a low cost of investment. Get your high-quality web3 product in the blink of an eye!

Why choose Maticz for Web 3.0 development?

  -  50+ Passionate Developers

  - 10x Better Communication

  - Trusted By 150+ Businesses

  - Unique Agile Approach

  - 100% Work Quality Guarantee

  - NDA Signed

  - Secure Codebase

  - Pre/Post Deployment Support

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NFT Marketplace

NFTs are rocking the crypto industry, so are you in? We are in to develop your unique lucrative NFT marketplace that drives your business to the top of the table.

Crypto Exchange

Ready for the crypto business ride? Get back to your seats, Maticz will develop an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange software for you to enjoy your ride.


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