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Web3 is an innovative technology that enables users to connect to the decentralized environment & access new-age digital solutions. It empowers people and helps them to create & own content within the ecosystem while facilitating easy migration of user data and content from one platform to another. It is the iteration of new-age internet technology and helps tech firms develop decentralized applications (DApps) using blockchain and its applications.

Web3 development involves the creation of pitch-perfect applications that offer more promising business possibilities and a multitude of benefits. It helps organizations devise new revenue generation strategies and enables users to create mind-blowing digital assets and store or transfer them to the supported platforms. Implementing appropriate Web3 solutions in your business platform simplifies your business operations and amplifies your status in the transforming digital economy.

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Maticz is recognized as the best Web3 development company among global technological firms and a companion in developing Web-based applications. Maticz's core team consists of certified Web3 developers who work for your vision and develop ground-breaking Web3-based applications based on the project requirements. Our passionate developers help you realize your Web3 business goals within the specified time and your investments.

Our expertise in web 3.0 development services helps us to present you with the best and most appropriate web3 application that aligns well with your business model and revenue stream. We deliver industry-specific Web3-based solutions, from Web3 game development to modern banking solutions. Get on the mark with the premium Web3 applications crafted by the best-in-class Web3 platform development company.

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Web3 Platform Development Company


Web3 established itself as one of the dominating niches in the thriving digital space, and stats & facts justify the statement, thus encouraging firms to make big investments.

  • According to Globe News Wire, the global market value of the Web3 industry will reach $81.5 bn by 2030 at a CAGR of 43.7%.
  • The banking & finance sectors are the main contributors to the transforming Web3 technology, making 33% of total Web3 adoption.
  • According to Future Market Insights, the revenue in the global decentralized social networks will reach over $12 bn within this year.
  • Media & Entertainment, Retail, IT, etc., are the major industries that harness the innovative Web3 technology to create a revolution.
  • The market cap of the global Web3 gaming niche is around $23.9 bn and will reach the $100 bn mark within a few years.
  • Web3 integrations optimize the retail industry and boost the industry value to over $80 bn within this decade.
  • The global Web3 blockchain market will reach an astonishing $121 bn value at a CAGR of 43.6% in 2030.
  • Web3 is an amalgamation of new-age technologies like blockchain, metaverse, and other technologies like Crypto, AI, etc.
  • Global firms like Coinbase, Apple, Meta, Netflix, etc., made investments in the Web3 industry, and the niche is attracting potential investors.
  • The integration of Web3 & AI technology creates revolutionary content and helps creators get ownership & validate asset authenticity.


Maticz provides ground-breaking Web3 development services to help businesses across diverse industries, optimize their operations and dominate the digital space.

  • DApp Development
  • DeFi Development
  • Metaverse Development
  • Multi-Chain App Development
  • Web3 Game Development


Maticz witnessed the technological capabilities of thriving Web3 technology and demonstrated its expertise in delivering end-to-end Web3 solutions for various industries.

Web3 in Healthcare

Web3 In healthcare helps medical institutions revolutionize their niche & streamline operations with data management and medical record organization. In addition, it offers effective tracking of the patient’s health record, metaverse surgical collaboration, virtual consultation, better store management, etc.

  • Effective Consultation
  • Organized Data
  • Streamlined Operations

Web3 in Banking

The banking and other financial industries are implementing web3 solutions where every transaction takes place within a decentralized network. All banking services come with customized or personalized recommendations, speed up processing time, help consumers save costs, and make secure transactions.

  • Personalized Offers
  • Decentralized Banking
  • Quick Processing

Web3 in Supply chain

Supply chain businesses benefit in numerous ways by integrating Web3 technology into operations. It enables easy storage &access of data to an authorized person while establishing trust & transparency among various stakeholders. It provides real-time updates & accurate monitoring and automates crucial processes.

  • Automated Operations
  • Trust & Transparent
  • Secure Data Storage

Web3 in Real Estate

Web3 In Real Estate transforms the way people buy properties or assets with the help of advanced Smart contracts and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). It automates the buying and selling of properties and tokenizes assets to improve its applicability while helping businesses simplify tedious processes & save time

  • Asset Tokenization
  • Simplified Processes
  • Advanced Smart contracts

Web3 in Entertainment

Web3 helps the entertainment & arts industry deliver mind-blowing experiences to audiences while helping brands monetize goods or signed merchandise from artists. It helps creators manage digital rights, create new revenue models, allow metaverse events, etc., within the ecosystem.

  • Mind-blowing Experiences
  • New Revenue Models
  • Metaverse Events

Web3 in Tourism

Incorporation of Web3 technology into the tour & travel industry improves customer experiences and loyalty by helping them own their data, offer personalized solutions, implement reward programs, etc. It reforms the niche by tokenizing tourism assets, establishing decentralized booking platforms, etc.

  • Reward Programs
  • AR/VR Integration
  • Decentralized Booking

Web3 in Manufacturing

Web3 and blockchain technology optimize the manufacturing industry by providing transparent processes, effective logistics management, store tracking, improving product quality, etc. In addition, the Smart Contract automates numerous manufacturing processes, thus saving development costs & accelerating production.

  • Quick Development
  • Improved quality
  • Logistics Management

Web3 in Sports

Web3, along with metaverse and advanced technologies like AR, VR, etc., transforms the sports industry. Digital collectibles enable an array of opportunities for businesses and brands, while metaverse platforms allow the broadcast of important sporting events or festivals, delivering an immersive experience.

  • Virtual Sports Fest
  • Immersive Experience
  • Digital Tokens


Web3 Solutions For Industries

Maticz provides best-in-class web3 platform development services with industry's top web3 developers to build multi-chain compatible web3 platforms.

Web3 Social Media

Web3 social media platforms use blockchain technology that prioritizes privacy, control, and security. It enables users to create & control their contents or data. In addition, it helps them sell their content in a decentralized system, unlock monetization sources, or transfer it to another platform.

Web 3.0 Streaming Services

Web 3.0 streaming services allow creators to create content & work transparently, which helps them get paid a fair share for their content. It is built using blockchain technology and advanced Smart contracts that enable people to stream music, events, games, etc., in a decentralized way.

Web 3.0 Browsers

We help technological firms develop & deploy next-gen Web3-based browsers that enable them to transform their business operations and deliver personalized solutions to users. Web3 platforms allow users to seamlessly access various services and transact anonymously within the system.

Web3 Smart Contract Development

We provide high-performing Web3 Smart contract development solutions that help businesses automate various operations within the platform. In addition, we audit their existing Smart contract or enable maintenance support to optimize their Smart contracts according to market demand & trends.


The decentralized and distributed nature of the Web 3.0-based platform enables the users to leverage the benefits of ownership, freedom & authorization.


Interoperable Web3-based applications allow users to access data across different applications or migrate data from one platform to another.

Trust & Transparent

Web 3 technology dominates the global market due to its complete transparency, establishing Trust among platform users.

Cross-border Transactions

It helps users make cost-efficient cross-border transactions seamlessly and securely with the help of blockchain technology.


The most crucial benefit of Web3 technology is data or asset ownership, which gives control to users over their generated content & data within the ecosystem.

More Secure

Web 3.0 technology incorporates blockchain security protocols like data encryption that enable users to safeguard their data & assets.


Web3 platform offers a multitude of benefits like decentralization, highly secure transactions, etc., that enable businesses to deliver pitch-perfect applications across niches.

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Web3 software development adapts high-end programming languages & cutting-edge frameworks to enable new-age Web3 app development.

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Maticz innovates & adapts the Web3 development process by thoroughly studying & analyzing the market evolution and trends for each business project.

Strategic Design

Web3 project development starts with strategy formation, market analysis, tech stack selection, establishing goals & visions, etc.

Infrastructure Development

Next, the core components of the Web3 application or software creation follow along with security protocols integration.

Ecosystem Development

Web3 ecosystem development involves customization of UI/UX, features, tools, dashboards, etc., to make it futuristic.

Functionality Integration

Industry-specific functionalities are integrated into the Web3 platform to help businesses gain a competitive advantage after ecosystem development.

QA & Deployment

Next, the developed Web3-based application or platform is evaluated to ensure its hassle-free and bug-free performances.

Post-launch support

To help our client sustain in this evolving landscape, we deploy market-demand updates into their Web3 ecosystem after product launch.


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Our team of experts will help you in taking your business to the digital space with the web3 solution for your business. Hire our dedicated web3 developers to build your innovative web 3.0 applications. We have been working on web3 projects for the past five years which have made us one of the most reliable web3 development companies in the digital space. Having detailed project requirements and looking for the right web3 solution you are at the right place to get your solution for your business.

As a well-established Web3 development agency, Over the years we have developed 200+ Web 3.0 projects that are loved by our clients and help them accomplish their business goals. Schedule a call with our experts and get a clear knowledge of how our developers work on a web 3.0 platform development. Our developers refine your ideas into deployable digital solutions with the emerging web3 technology that brings new amazing opportunities to your business growth.

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Best Web3 Development Company

Best Web3 Development Company

Maticz helped global firms to develop & deploy 100+ Web3-based projects, thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and futuristic functionalities. We provide ground-breaking Web3 development solutions from native payment to gaming platform development. In addition, we provide flexible development models that help startups or organizations opt for appropriate solutions and save development costs & time. We incorporate market-demand features and profitable revenue models that help investors maximize their ROI.

Maticz became one of the best Web3 development companies by helping clients visualize their Web3 project goals and delivering pitch-perfect solutions. Our experts enable clients to identify their business scope, optimize it, and help them conquer the digital space with mind-blowing Web3 applications. Approach Maticz and give in your Web3 project requirement to develop an innovative product to be successful.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


Web3 development is the process of creating decentralized applications in the digital space with the advanced web3 tech stacks and also includes the process of implementing blockchain solutions in the business.

Maticz is one of the best web3 development companies in the digital space with a well-established team of experts in various fields and experienced in various tech stacks.

Web3 development services are the development of various web3 platforms and implementation of web3 models in industries. Maticz offers various web 3.0 development services from developing a decentralized application to setting up a decentralized network for an enterprise.

Web 3.0 may sound similar to web3 but web 3.0 is treated as a semantic web that is mainly focused on efficiency and intelligence resulting in the linking of data across websites.

Web3 is a decentralized place where all of the whole content, your service, or business will be taken under a decentralized system without any interruption of a central authority. Web3 is the third generation of the internet and the whole digital world will be based on web3 soon.

Web 3.0 is a semantic web focusing on efficiency and intelligence whereas web3 is more concerned with security and empowerment which gives the control of data back to the users.

There are many web3 companies at present but only a few are well-established companies with experienced blockchain developers. Here is a list of the top web3 development companies

  • 1. Maticz
  • 2. Accenture
  • 3. TCS
  • 4. Infosys
  • 5. IBM
  • 6. Deloitte
  • 7. Oracle
  • 8. Consensys
  • 9. Wipro
  • 10. Appticz

There are quietly many web3 development agencies in the internet world but only a few like Maticz are working on the improvement of the web3 world by focusing on and developing web3 products and bringing many business platforms to perform under the web3 standards.

The experts of the Web 3.0 development company analyze the project's scope and work on replacing the present centralized system in the project with a decentralized system. Also, these experts work on developing a new platforms for the web3 world like social media apps, chat apps, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Everyone has this question in mind and reality shows that it will be the future. As the present generation makes their importance on security and privacy with advanced technologies, this web3 concept will be the solution for the current generation and this shows that web3 will dominate in the future.

As people all over the world are fond of better privacy and security model in the digital space it's better to go with the web3 platforms which will bring you more engaging users to your business. Also, this seems to be the future so going with this trend will take your business to reach higher standards.

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