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Do you want to expand an existing card game business or establish your own? Maticz is a go-to option to meet all of your demands and specifications for your gaming business.

Card Game Development

With the increased popularity of online card games in recent days, card game development has become one of the most profitable gaming businesses. 

Card game development makes your gaming platform engaging and appealing to drive in players and help you hit the jackpot in no time. It may seem like a simple business model, but there are no limits to the sources of revenue. It is a perfect choice for entrepreneurs and startups to try their luck in a lucrative business venture. Before taking the plunge into development, it is important to make sure you rely on a trusted card game development partner. 

Maticz is a leading card game development company that provides diverse card games packed with stunning features. Our creative team comes up with innovative and transformative ways to revamp your fresh gaming ideas into enriched card games. We incorporate next-generation technologies to create brand-new card gaming solutions. Our designers craft your games with striking UI/UX game designs to give players a seamless and gripping gaming experience. 

Card Game App Development

Card game app development helps you create the online equivalent of classic card games in the form of applications that let you play with other card players. The days have gone by when people used to carry cards with them to create a fun atmosphere. One can enjoy a card-like experience with just a few clicks in card game apps. 

Maticz is a prominent card game app development company that offers best-in-class card game app solutions with the industry’s best game developers. We build card game apps that come with in-built analytical and integration features like social media and payment gateways. These features significantly improve the online card game experience and offer a unique gaming experience that attracts game players. 

Card Game Development Services 

Maticz provides end-to-end card game development services with excellent craftsmanship to create exciting card games with distinctive features.

Custom Card Game Development 

We offer custom card game development services to create a diverse range of card games with stunning visuals and features. No matter how many customized features you require, We offer the best card game solutions that take your card gaming business to the next level. 

Poker Game Development 

Our skilled team creates highly scalable and engaging poker games with a high return on investment for your online poker business and helps you establish your presence in the poker market. 

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Rummy Game Development

We build fascinating rummy game software and applications with a complete rummy package, including deals, tournaments, pools, etc., that can be integrated into numerous gaming platforms. 

Blackjack Game Development 

Our highly skilled developers provide all kinds of captivating blackjack games, such as native, hybrid, and live, with cross-browser functionalities and in-app chat features to give a social gaming experience. 

Roulette Game Development 

Our squad of tech minds develops secure roulette games with enjoyable spin animation and multi-player support to provide players with real-life thrills and skyrocket your gaming business. 

Card Game Support and Maintenance 

Our dedicated team provides support and maintenance services for your card games post-launch to improve and update the technical aspects of the game including bug fixing, compliance issues, security review etc. 

Features of Card Game Development

Being the pioneer in Card game development, we develop card games with top card game features to draw players in and grow your user base. 

RNG Certified 

RNG-certified games, adhering to the RNG standards, provide players with a fair chance of winning by generating random numbers and making the game outputs a result of pure randomness. 

Reward and Referral Program 

The reward and referral program of card games provides loyal rewards, campaigns, and bonus points to increase engagement. Each player gets a special invite code with which they can refer others and get referral money. 

Multi-platform Compatibility 

Card games are compatible with a wide range of platforms, letting players compete with each other irrespective of the device and platform they are playing on.

Anti-fraud System

Our card games are incorporated with an anti-fraud system that makes sure peace is maintained between players and eliminates any kind of malicious activity and fraudulent payments. 

In-game Rewards 

In-game rewards like daily bonuses and expansion packs keep your players engaged with your games and raise your retention rate, which boosts your revenue.  

Social Media Integration 

Being integrated with social media in the form of in-app chats, messages, and leaderboards, card games have a plethora of options to build a community around a game. 

Benefits of Card Game Development

The best part about online card games is that they can be played anytime and anywhere. Let’s have a look at the fascinating benefits that come with our card game development. 

Efficient Business Model

What makes card game development unique is that it has a straightforward business model, which simplifies the process of starting and growing the company.

High Margin

Another reason to consider making card games is that they have a gross margin that is significantly higher than that of other games on the market. 

Unlimited Revenue 

There is no upper limit to the amount of money you can make with card game development. The more sophisticated features your app has, the more potential revenue you have. 


In your gaming business, you will always need to add new things to make your games even better. You can connect with different types of customers by developing diverse card games. 


You are free to invest as much time and money as you wish in the company. You can start small and run the entire company on your own from anywhere you want, with some prior expertise.

Card Game Development Process

Our skilled card game developers utilize innovative technologies to create excellent card games and have complete control over every stage of game development, from prototyping to game launch.

Create Prototypes

We present a sample of the final game's visual appearance in this step. We finalize and outline the chosen structures and features. 

Design Card Game UI/UX 

Your card game begins to take shape at this stage. We start with refining prototypes to produce user interface designs. We improve the game with graphics, animation, motion, and game art. 

Execute APIs

We set up APIs that help integrate third-party services into your card game apps to execute seamless operations. 

Setup Functionalities 

Once we are done with setting up APIs, we proceed with finalizing and incorporating functionalities and features such as payment gateways, social media, and RNG algorithms into your card game app. 

Write Programming Languages 

Our talented game developers write code in a variety of programming languages, including C++, C#, Node.js, Reach.js, MongoDB, Javascript, and others. We also implement payment channels and third-party interfaces based on the requirements of your business.

Integrate Payment Gateways 

As a next step in card game development, we integrate payment gateways into your card games for players to make easy transactions. 

Testing & Debugging Card Game 

We carefully check the code with effective software testing services to make sure it works well and loads fast. If we find any mistakes, we fix them before the launch. 

Card Game App Deployment

The launch of the card game marks the pinnacle of our development process. We continue to provide post-launch services such as upkeep, updates, technical support, etc., even after the game has been made available.

Hire Card Game Developers 

Hire card game developers from our team, and you can rest easy knowing that the card game software will be created exactly how you want it to be. Our specialists can also assist you if you are new to the gaming business and want advice on what kind of solution is appropriate for you. 

Our hired card game software developers can provide you with cutting-edge gaming solutions in addition to the speedy development of an online card game app.

Why Invest in Card Game Software Development? 

According to statistics, the total market revenue for card game applications reached 15.71 billion USD in 2022 and is predicted to rise to 26.87 billion USD by 2026. 

Card game software development has helped the gaming industry reach new heights of success, along with technological progress and the rising popularity of online gaming platforms. 

Everyone can benefit from card game software development, whether they are seasoned investors or business owners. It is one of the most lucrative chances to connect with a huge global audience and deliver a significant return on investment.

What Makes Us the Best Card Game Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best card game development companies in India that can assist you in turning your game concept ideas into realistic online card games. We have years of experience developing top-notch card game applications and software. We build card game apps with fantastic UI design and breathtaking animation, that will amaze your gamers and help you secure a place for yourself in the gaming industry. Being a leading Game development company, We provide our clients with the best development services to boost their satisfaction and return on investment.

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