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Blockchain is revolutionizing the digital space and transforming the operation of several industries with its decentralized network taking the industry standard to the next level. In that way, blockchain enters the supply chain business which will streamline and ease the whole process in a single workflow process. Blockchain helps in real-time tracking, verifies records, builds trust, and is involved in many more operations. Let’s see more about blockchain usage in supply chain management, its benefits, and more in the follow-ups.

Blockchain in Supply Chain

Blockchain in supply chain management will reform the whole scenario of the supply chain business from handling the information to tracking the products. Blockchain makes its presence in every operation of supply chain management from transaction details, product information, product confidential information, customer details, delivery location, and more. Blockchain is a distributed decentralized ledger in which all the above data is stored safely for the rest of your life. It can be reviewed anytime and with the whole operation process being stored in the network the business owner can analyze the business flow and make effective changes.

With the growing global economy and globalization, these next-gen solutions help businesses achieve better results and take business to set up new standards in the industry. Blockchain is figured out to be the most trustworthy tech than any other at present in the digital world as it offers better security, transparency, and traceability. Not just the supply chain business but also many other industries have benefitted from blockchain adoption. Let's see more about blockchain solutions and the benefits of blockchain in the supply chain sector in the follow-ups.

Blockchain Solutions to Manage Supply Chain Network

Blockchain solutions can be employed over various processes in managing the supply chain network and here are a few solutions where it predominantly works on managing various operations in the supply chain network.

1. Blockchain for Order Management

2. Blockchain for Digital Verification

3. Blockchain for Tracking

4. Blockchain for Analysis

5. Blockchain for Payments

Order Management

Blockchain is employed in order management operations where it automates the whole inventory setup and processes every other work without interruption. The system functions with smart contracts, a pre-programmed protocol that helps the system run without any third person or a central authority after satisfying the conditions.

Digital Verification

On the point of delivery, the customer has to be verified where blockchain can be brought into action here to verify the customer. With blockchain digital identity verification, the user data and their feedback will be made available in the database powered with the blockchain which makes it secure and can be reviewed anytime in the future.


Blockchain will take the supply chain business to the next step by setting up a new way of tracking system. With the blockchain incorporation, each product can be tracked individually from the time of manufacturing to the delivery point of the customer. This changes the whole existing tracking setup in the present supply chain management software with the new setup.


As every data about the whole supply chain network and business is stored in the nodes of the blockchain the data can be brought in for business analysis at any time. This helps the business admin to go through their business and plan their future steps and also it is involved in analyzing the back laws in their business which helps in fixing it down.


Blockchain is also employed in the settlement of bills and processing the customer payments for particular products. The employed blockchain network involves an automated payment option where it settles down the payments to the manufacturers and other dealers on time. On the other hand, it is also involved in monitoring the customer's product payment to their business.

Benefits of Blockchain Adoption in Supply Chain

Blockchain adoption in the supply chain brings a wide range of functionalities and adds many benefits to your business growth. Here we have listed out a few benefits of blockchain adoption.

Trust - Blockchain is the hot trend in the digital space because of its transparency and security features which gain the trust of the global audience and attract a huge audience in blockchain adoption.

Transparency - Blockchain is a distributed decentralized ledger that allows everyone to take a look at every operation that takes place over the decentralized network, this improves the transparency of the total system.

Traceability - Blockchain brings a new set of operations in tracking the products where the whole data from the initial point to the delivery point is monitored and this data stored is stored where it can be reviewed anytime.

Streamlined Process - Blockchain connects the initial process of the supply chain network with the final process which streamlines the whole supply chain network making it a more effective way to connect every person in the network and ease the flow of business and communication.

Enhanced Security - Blockchain brings advanced security to the business from streamlining the process to securing the data and also in payment settlement. The security features improve the business operation in various aspects.

Automation - Employing Blockchain solutions automates most processes in the digital space from handling payments to scheduling the operations in the supply chain network and automatically updates the product status to the person in charge.

Use Cases of Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Apart from blockchain usage in supply chain business, there are many other use cases of blockchain in supply chain management based on the industry requirements. From the manufacturing industry to the food industry, every industry has its own set of supply chain processes where blockchain performs its role within its area of expertise. Here we have listed out a few top industries that must have the best supply chain system to work out their business.


Manufacturing industries get their raw materials from various parts of the world and many micro industries get their product done on time. These manufacturing industries set their system to monitor all these products and a separate team monitors all the products including the availability in their inventor. Implementing blockchain in manufacturing industries replaces the existing system with its advanced operations where it automates and manages the whole inventory and orders.


E-commerce is the most challenging sector to set up a supply chain network as it handles thousands of products every day and millions of orders every day from different countries around the globe. The present system requires huge manpower to set up and run this network whereas blockchain solutions automate most processes at every possible operation and minimize the manpower involved and this streamlines the network from manufacturer to customer.


Blockchain improves the safety of food transportation and connects farmers with distributors and retailers which helps in boosting the movement of products to the required places on time. With blockchain incorporation, food wastage can be reduced as it helps people and distributors take the extra food to the required areas. Also, it helps industries manage the transport and delivery of packed foods to be done at the right time and right place.


The automotive industry has its industry in remote locations and has to deliver it over to other countries to the right dealer and customer. This is a huge process to follow and to manage every product delivery so employing blockchain eases the process where it monitors the whole system and follows every order till it reaches the customer or the delivery and manages the payment concerning the delivery.


The industry which must work all the time has various products to be delivered in any kind of emergency. The industry handles many sensitive products and even organs for transplant surgery in emergency conditions through various modes of transport. So, medicine delivery and other things can be monitored the whole time, and the information is passed through other people in line over the digital solutions powered with blockchain which stores the sensitive information safely.

Maticz - Technology Partner For Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions

Maticz a pioneer in the blockchain industry offers a wide range of blockchain development services to clients around the globe. Maticz with 100+ experienced professionals has successfully developed and launched more than 200+ projects in the digital space in the past three years. We have worked with various industries from startups to enterprises in incorporating blockchain into their existing operations. Also, we set up new businesses in the digital space with the help of blockchain.

Blockchain incorporation into supply chain business changes the way how supply chain networks have been functioning to date. With the present advanced blockchain solutions, every process of the supply chain network is streamlined and makes every process easy and simple compared to the present system. If you have an idea to incorporate blockchain into your business or develop your business model in the digital space with blockchain then connect with our experts any time to bring your idea to reality.

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