White Label Crypto Payment Gateway is an online payment processor software that helps merchants set up an exclusive payment platform for accepting crypto payments.

What is White Label Crypto Payment Gateway? 

A white-label crypto payment gateway is a pre-made software solution that enables businesses to take crypto payments with their payment infrastructure made from scratch. It is completely customizable which allows businesses to personalize it according to their growing needs and to brand the gateway as their own. This solution supports various cryptocurrencies and provides an easy way for businesses to integrate crypto payments into their existing systems. By using this, businesses can save time and resources, avoiding the technical obstacles and development costs associated with developing a payment gateway from scratch. 

These payment gateways are developed with features like multi-currency support, security protocols, fraud detection and prevention algorithms, and user-friendly interfaces. They also often include APIs and plugins to facilitate seamless integration with different e-commerce websites, platforms, and applications. Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, white-label crypto payment gateways provide a competitive edge, allowing businesses to cater to a wider audience and enhance their payment options, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and potential revenue growth.

Why Business Needs A White Label Crypto Payment Gateway?

Integrating a white-label crypto payment gateway provides you with many advantages in this fast-paced digital economy. Let’s look at them now.

Quick Deployment

White-label crypto payment gateways are tried and tested in advance which makes it easy for deployment and businesses can make crypto payments almost immediately.

Cost Efficiency

Developing a payment gateway from scratch is time-consuming and expensive whereas white-label solutions are readily available and a cost-effective alternative.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

These payment gateways improve the general customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty with an easy-to-use interface and seamless transaction process.

Unique Identity

Crypto payment gateways offer thorough customization options, allowing businesses to maintain their brand identity while providing a seamless user experience.

Focus on Core Strength

By outsourcing the crypto payment gateway, businesses can focus on their core skills which drives growth and innovation in their core areas of expertise. 

Technical Support 

White-label solution providers offer extensive technical support which helps businesses to resolve issues quickly and maintain smooth workflow.

Diverse User Base

These gateways facilitate international transactions which facilitates businesses to reach global audiences and expand their market presence.

Distinguish Yourself

Offering crypto payment options can distinguish you from other businesses also attract tech-savvy customers and satisfy their needs for alternative payment modes. 

White Label Crypto Payment Gateway Development

White label crypto payment gateway is an end-to-end solution that allows businesses to accept crypto payments under their brand. This means the framework, including the transaction processing, security features, and customer support, is managed by the white-label solutions provider but the clients can label the payment gateway as their own. These payment gateways can facilitate transactions in multiple cryptocurrencies while offering advantages like low transaction fees, quicker transactions, and access to the international market. They are built in compliance with relevant legal regulations and offer robust security measures to act against fraud, money laundering, and cyber threats.  

At Maticz, we specialize in delivering customized white-label crypto payment gateway solutions built to meet the unique demands of our clients. Our client-centric approach focuses on seamless integration, ensuring that the payment gateway can be integrated effortlessly into your existing systems. Being the leading blockchain development company, we prioritize employing the current advanced technologies, security features, and fraud detection systems to protect our clients and their customers. Additionally, our solutions are highly customizable, allowing businesses to personalize the look, feel, and functionality to align perfectly with their brand identity. By partnering with us, clients can provide their customers with safe, effective, and branded cryptocurrency payment services because of our vast industry knowledge, 24/7 assistance, and dedication to innovation.

How Does Our White Label Crypto Payment Gateway Work?

Here’s a simple explanation of how a white-label crypto payment gateway works;

Payment Gateway Integration

The client integrates the white-label crypto payment gateway into their existing system using the API or plugin provided and personalizes it to match their identity.

User Initiates Payment

The user selects the crypto payment method at the time of checkout and the payment gateway generates a unique QR code or wallet address to aid the transaction.

Payment Processing

The user transfers the specified crypto amount to the provided wallet address or QR code and the blockchain confirms and records the transaction. 

Payment Confirmation

After processing the payment and confirming it on the blockchain, the gateway updates the payment status and sends confirmation notifications.  

Fiat Conversion

If the merchant prefers fiat currency, the payment gateway converts the received cryptocurrency into fiat and transfers it to the merchant account. 

Features of White Label Crypto Payment Processor

White-label crypto payment gateway offers several features tailored to your business looking to integrate crypto payments into their platforms. Here are some common features;

Admin Features 

Inclusive Dashboard

A central dashboard to track the overall platform’s performance, user activity, and transactions. 

User Control

We include interfaces to control user activities such as registration, verification, and account settings.

Wallet Management

We facilitate crypto wallet development and management for users with features like deposits, withdrawals, and balance tracking. 

Transaction Monitoring

We provide tools to track and manage transactions including transaction fees, history, and status updates.

API Integrations

We provide options for integrating with external services, exchanges, or other platforms via APIs to expand functionality.

KYC Compliance

We incorporate administrative tools such as document verification and risk assessment to manage KYC and AML compliance.


We provide you with the ability to personalize the UI/UX design, cryptocurrency support, and platform branding.

Security Features 

We incorporate and implement security measures such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and API access controls. 

User Analytics 

Our white-label crypto payment gateway can generate reports and reviews on transaction volumes, revenue, user activity, and other key metrics.

Customer Support Panel

We have integrated support systems in the payment gateway to handle inquiries, issues, and solutions.

User Features

Customization Setup

You can add your domain name, colors, and logo to the white-label crypto payment gateway. 

Multi-Currency Support

Our crypto payment gateways support multiple cryptocurrencies more than just Bitcoin like Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

Advanced Security Features

We incorporate security mechanisms like encryption to protect your private keys and act against fraudulent activities.

API Integration

We provide APIs that allow for easy integration into websites, apps, and platforms allowing seamless payment processing. 

Multi-Signature Wallet

We enhance security through multi-signature wallets that require multiple approvals for transactions.

Transaction History 

We provide tools for managing transactions, refunds, and disputes efficiently.

Fiat Conversion

White label crypto payment gateway can convert crypto payments into fiat currency for merchants who prefer traditional currencies.

Reporting and Analytics 

We provide detailed reports and analytics on transactions, volumes, and customer behavior.

KYC Compliance

We adhere to compliance with relevant regulations and KYC procedures where necessary.

Chat Support

We provide access to customer support services for merchants and users.

Which Business Can Use White Label Crypto Payment Gateway?

Due to the distinct advantages of white-label crypto payment gateways which include low transaction fees, quicker transactions, and increased security, it is widely adopted by many business categories. Here are a few categories;


Online retailers use white-label crypto payment gateways in their e-commerce apps to provide extensive payment options to their users and attract a larger user base. 

Online Games

Online casino gaming platforms can integrate these gateways to facilitate quick, secure transactions and attract users interested in low transaction fees. 

Real Estate

Real estate companies accept cryptocurrency for property transactions, attracting overseas buyers looking for investment opportunities.

Subscription Services

SaaS and streaming providers facilitate customers with crypto transactions to provide flexibility and attract a diverse user base. 

Financial Services

Financial institutions like investment platforms, and white-label crypto banks use crypto payment gateways to facilitate crypto trading and investments. 

Benefits of White Label Crypto Payment Gateway

A white-label crypto payment gateway offers numerous benefits to businesses looking to integrate crypto payments for a modern twist. Here are a few vital benefits; 

Quicker Transactions

Businesses can convert cryptos into fiat currency whenever necessary since no middlemen are involved. Crypto payment processors shorten the transaction time.

Secure Transactions

Transactions made via a crypto payment gateway are extremely safe since robust security protocols and blockchains protect the user’s data from third-party access. 

Multi-Currency Support

These payment gateways support various cryptocurrencies enabling businesses to cater to a larger user base. This flexibility attracts a diverse user base. 


White-label crypto payment gateways allow businesses to handle increasing transaction volumes as they grow without the need for additional investments.

Easy Integration

White-label crypto payment gateways are easy to integrate with your existing platforms which ensures an organized and effective payment processing system. 

Why Choose Us For The Best White Label Crypto Payment Gateway?

Maticz is the most prominent crypto payment gateway development company that offers comprehensive and customizable payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. We incorporate robust security measures to protect transactions and user data, adhere to relevant regulations, and support various cryptocurrencies. We primarily focus on providing an intuitive user interface, scalability to handle increasing transaction volumes, and dependable customer support to assist clients. 

Furthermore, Our team has a deep understanding of the crypto landscape and stays updated with the latest technological advancements and market trends. We offer innovative features such as advanced analytics, fraud detection, and multi-currency support to ensure our clients remain competitive in the rapidly evolving crypto space. Maticz deliberately focuses on continuous improvement and the ability to adapt to our clients’ needs contributes to our reputation and success. 

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