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AI Token Development

AI token development is a process of creating crypto tokens that use artificial intelligence to carry out various tasks on a blockchain network.

We all know that Artificial Intelligence has been for years working its charm in various niches. It has changed the way we interact with technology. Now it has set its foot in token development. AI Crypto tokens which have been the talk of the town, have created a great buzz in the crypto world. Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies have combined to bring out versatile AI crypto tokens.

AI crypto tokens also considered as digital assets, are used as digital currency or utility tokens on various blockchains to access AI-based decentralized applications, projects, and services. The main reason behind developing these tokens is to automate everything thereby enhancing the security and scalability. These tokens are created using blockchain technology, like other crypto tokens, but they additionally incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cryptography to carry out various functions on decentralized networks.

AI Crypto Token Development Company

Maticz is the top AI Crypto token development company that offers full-cycle AI token development services on various blockchain networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Tron, Solana, Polygon, etc. Our distinctive techniques and strategies help startups and entrepreneurs navigate to the success edge and grow their revenue within a short period. 

With years of experience in AI token development, our token developers are capable of using next-gen technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptography, and big data perfectly and completing your token projects on time. 

We are skilled at providing exclusive AI crypto token development solutions that cater to the needs of your crypto business. We build AI crypto tokens from scratch which is considered a challenging task. Even after the successful launch of your token, we monitor you at every stage to make sure everything works well. 

AI Token Development Services 

As a leading AI token development company, Maticz offers end-to-end AI token development services with the industry’s best AI and token developers.

AI Token Creation

We work as a team to develop scalable AI crypto tokens incorporated with state-of-the-art features using advanced technologies, that are in line with your project requirements. 

AI Token Integration 

Our experts integrate innovative features and functionalities like wallets, exchanges, and platforms into your already-developed AI token to enhance the user experience and security. 

AI Token Audit 

Our AI Token Audit services include round-the-clock support and audit after the deployment to ensure that your token is free of any compliance issues and gets all the required updates, from time to time. 

AI Token Listing 

We help you list your AI crypto token on various exchange platforms to get it noticed by many users. Our team follows effective techniques to increase the demand for your token which will eventually result in increased revenue. 

AI Token Generator Platform

We develop a cost-efficient AI token generator platform where you can let other crypto enthusiasts generate and launch new AI crypto tokens instantly in the crypto market. 

Consulting Services

We help companies whether they are startups or well-established with their crypto businesses through our consulting services, such as support, maintenance, white paper writing, etc., based on your project needs. 

Features of AI Token Development 


AI crypto tokens can be deleted from token circulation by sending them to a frozen private address. 


One of the main features of AI token development is that users can create new tokens with the same features at any time they want. Minted AI tokens can be circulated and put on the market. 


With this pausable feature, AI tokens can be put on hold if users think it is not the appropriate time to proceed with transactions. 


This capped feature is helpful to prevent people from developing more AI tokens than the declared limit. 


AI crypto tokens can be developed for multiple use cases such as decentralized AI marketplaces, AI-based portfolio management, AI-powered pathfinder, etc to make automated decisions. 


AI crypto tokens are less susceptible to cyber and phishing attacks since they are backed by robust smart contracts and Artificial Intelligence. 

Use Cases of AI Crypto Tokens 

Decentralized AI Marketplaces 

Our team develops AI tokens that users can utilize to buy, sell, create, and share AI-related products and services such as NLP and predictive analysis in decentralized marketplaces. Anyone can access this marketplace and monetize using these tokens. 

AI-based Digital Economy 

We create AI tokens in a way that serves as a great medium to access the AI-based digital economy. Because they are the main means to all kinds of exchange. Users can connect with others by sharing data and products. 

AI-based Portfolio Management 

In AI-based Portfolio Management, our AI tokens help data scientists predict accurately and serve as a medium to access services of platforms like Numerai. 

AI-powered Image Generator 

Our AI crypto tokens are used to make pictures and create intuitive AI characters for NFTs. This encourages its participants which will make an impact on its increased popularity. 

AI-powered Pathfinder

We create AI tokens that help in airdrops and reduce swap fees thereby increasing the active participation of many users in pathfinders. 

Various Blockchain Protocols Used in AI Token Development 








Why choose Maticz for AI Token Development?

Maticz is a top-rated AI Token Development Company that assists you turn your dream crypto project into reality with our state-of-the-art AI crypto token development services. Our skilled AI token developers help you throughout the whole process to deliver robust and effective AI crypto tokens. We carry out deep market research and get to know your demands before starting your project. 

Our passion to assist our clients is what drives us at Maticz to provide the best caliber of services. We have immense knowledge and experience in delivering numerous token launches across a range of industries to make your project a resounding success. Then why wait? Reach out to us right away. 

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