NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace Development Company

The Rise of NFTs has been massive. As the popularity and adoption of NFTs continue to grow, NFT sales volume and the market for NFT Marketplaces have surged to new heights. There can't be second thought that NFTs are the Future that cannot be ignored. Even though the growth of Blockchain technology leads to new trends such as Decentralized Finance, NFTs come out as an out of box idea for Entrepreneurs to make more money in the Crypto markets. As the transaction volume in NFT Marketplaces is touching new highs every single day, many people are paying attention to it. NFTs have become the major Industry for investing and gaining huge revenues. With NFT sales nearing around $17 Billion Dollar, it is clear that blockchain-based idea has been the key opportunity to look for. If you are looking for a great opportunity to get started in the crypto space, With Metaverse coming, the World of NFTs can be the best place to explore. It's the right time to develop and launch your own NFT marketplace, customize your commission fees, and invite your communities to trade NFTs with you.

Many Entrepreneurs and startups are busy developing Unique Marketplaces for trading Unique Digital Files for various niches such as Digital Artwork, Music, Videos, Photos, Games, Domains, Licenses, etc. Every Marketplace is attracting millions of users base. Tap this big opportunity by launching your own NFT Marketplace. Maticz is the leading NFT Marketplace Development Company that can help you build next-generation NFT Marketplace that will become the rocket fuel for your business transformation. Starting from scratch, developing the user-intuitive design to back end functionalities like databases, APIs, Payment Gateway Integration we will help you through the entire process of NFT marketplace development. As a Top-notch NFT Marketplace Development Company, we work to deliver robust, reliable NFT Marketplace development solutions that will help you stay ahead of the NFT and Metaverse race.

NFT Marketplace Development Services

NFT Marketplace Development Company

NFT Marketplace Website Development

As a Leading NFT Marketplace Development Company, We create NFT Marketplaces that ensure a delightful trading experience of NFTs to users around the world. With depth knowledge of all blockchain platforms, smart contracts, and IPFS protocols, We provide interactive NFT marketplace solutions in diverse industries.

NFT Marketplace App Development

Our Custom NFT Marketplace Development solutions provide end-to-end development on robust NFT Marketplace Applications by leveraging the iconic blockchain platforms. We build business-centric, secure and interactive apps NFT Marketplace Apps that run seamlessly across all mobile devices.

NFT Smart Contract Audits

Our Smart contract developers provide comprehensive NFT smart contracts audit services that verifies compliance and security of your NFT Marketplaces. We carefully audit your entire smart contract functions and ensure that it will never affect by breaches or bugs.

NFT Marketplace Maintenance & Upgradation

We never let your NFT Marketplace Website or App go out of trend. Our NFT Experts help you keep your existing marketplace updated according to customer demands and keep on monitoring to ensure that your marketplace is running perfectly after the deployment.

Features of NFT Marketplace Development

Non Fungible Token MarketPlace Development
NFT Marketplace Development for Art


NFT Marketplace Platform comes with an Outstanding Storefront that contains all the information needed for NFTs such as owners, bid, Preview, and price history.

NFT Marketplace Development for Games


Every Marketplace should come up with Filters that make navigation and searching easier for users. With the Filter Feature, users can easily assess their items more accurately.

NFT Marketplace Development for Digital Collectibles

Searching for Items

NFT Marketplace Platform will come up with a search bar for the users to support category management. Users can search NFTs using the search bar by adding categories.

NFT Marketplace Development for Photography

Create Listings

With the Create Listing feature users are able to create their own NFTs and Submit it. Users can upload their files by providing suitable token information such as name, description, tags, and Price, etc.

NFT Marketplace Development for Digital Collectibles

Buy and Bid

The buy and Bid feature on the marketplace allows users to Bid for their favorite NFTs they wish to Buy that are listed on the platform. This feature also contains the bid expiration date and the bid's current status.

NFT Marketplace Development for Photography


The main feature of the NFT Marketplace Platform enables users to store, send and receive NFTs. With this feature, users can connect their wallets to the Platform.

NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

Maticz is the best NFT Marketplace Development Company that offers top-class NFT Marketplace Development Services to build your own NFT Marketplace to promote effective buy, sell and bid of digital collectibles.

NFT Marketplace Development Services


NFT MarketPlace Development for Games

NFT finds use in multiple domains of which gaming is the primary source. NFTs, find use as in-game accessories that include rare case inventories, Characters, gaming costumes, and gaming weapons and levels to create improved in-premise audiences. This Marketplace contributes to the specific users of the gaming world.

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NFT MarketPlace Development for Music

The Music Platforms are arguably in dominating trends, music lovers enlist themselves with any of the available music platforms to listen to their favorite tracks and playlists. The recent trends allow the users to have proprietorship for fiat currencies, with the evolution of Cryptocurrencies the music users have sought the use of NFTs for having proprietorship.

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NFT MarketPlace Development for Digital Collectibles

Create your own Marketplace to showcase your rarest collections and bring them to trade-off using NFTs. The Collectibles represent rare artifacts that are available as the digital assets and are readily suited for collecting.

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NFT MarketPlace Development for Arts

The Art NFT Marketplace is a place where the digital content creators showcase their Art Works. The Users can go through the listed art assets and buy/trade with them. NFT Arts are skyrocketing and Launching your own NFT Marketplace for Arts can be a best option for high growth.

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Kickstart your NFT Business by building NFT MarketPlace with Maticz

NFT Marketplace Development for Various Markets

The NFT Marketplace Development contributes to the Development of NFT platforms for executing and displaying of the rare Collectibles that include arts, music, in-game components, and attires.

Non Fungible Token MarketPlace Development
NFT Marketplace Development for Art


Create an Exclusive platform to showcase individual uniqueness in the field of art.

NFT Marketplace Development for Music


Create an Extensive Marketplace to get in Rhythm and hold favorite music’s proprietorships.

NFT Marketplace Development for Games


Get into the gaming galaxy by holding fractional ownership of your favorite games and their accessories.

NFT Marketplace Development for Digital Collectibles

Digital Collectibles

Create your own Marketplace to showcase your rarest collections and bring them to trade-off using NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Development for Photography


Showcase and display your Photography skills over a dedicated platform and trade-off for certain NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Development for Metaverses


NFT Marketplace for Metaverses combine AR, VR and physical spaces within a single entity.

NFT Marketplace Development for Domains


NFT Marketplace for Domains maintains a generic ledger to hold a certain set of Domains for future and further use.

NFT Marketplace Development for Sports


NFT Marketplace in sports are mainly used to make use of trump cards that are different and unique in values.

Ready to Deploy NFT Marketplace Development

Our NFT Marketplace Development Solutions will enable you to launch NFT Marketplaces similar to popular existing Marketplaces customized and crafted to your unique business needs. Explore our various clone solutions and unlock new opportunities to ease the creation, buying and selling of NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Clone Development

NFT Marketplace Development like Rarible

NFT Marketplace Development like

Rarible Rate:

Rarible like NFT Marketplace can be developed to carry out the buy, bid, and sell off Digital assets, by building the Rarible Clone NFT Marketplace with Maticz. The Rarible Clone can be developed in two available modes that include building the platform from scratch, the second mode is by availing the Platform with customization on a White Label basis through the Rarible Clone Script.

NFT Marketplace Development like OpenSea

NFT Marketplace Development like

OpenSea Rate:

The functionalities of the OpenSea NFT platform can be effectively obtained through the NFT Clone Market Place, the NFT Clone Marketplace can be obtained in two available modes to avail the users with the quality of service remaining in trends with the Crypto Markets and Collectibles showcasing. The OpenSea Clone Script can be obtained in two modes that include, building up the OpenSea NFT Clone from the scratch and building the OpenSea Marketplace Clone Script as per user specified suggestions.

NFT Marketplace Development like Decentraland

NFT Marketplace Development like

Decentraland Rate:

The Decentraland like NFT Marketplace allows the participants to design develop and sell a Non-fungible Token operating with ERC-721 as its base Functional Token. In Decentraland Clone the ERC-721 powered Tokens allow the users to transact assets primarily making use of LAND as the basic unit of monetization. The Decentraland allows the users to have proprietorship over virtual residence called the Lands, through making use of native tokens associated with the Platforms.

NFT Marketplace Development like Enjin

NFT Marketplace Development like

Enjin Rate:

The Enjin like NFT Marketplace can be developed with the development of Enjin Clone NFT Marketplace. The assets readily undergoing trade-off through the Enjin Clone NFT Marketplace include the Assets, Tokens, Transactions, and Blocks. The NFT platform like the Enjin can be developed in two modes that include the Platform development from the scratch and by building the Platform on a White Label basis as per the requirements of the users through the Enjin Clone Script.

NFT Marketplace Development like Xeno

NFT Marketplace Development like

Xeno Rate:

Xeno NFT Marketplace development allows the participants to buy, bid, and sell of NFTs through a highly structured and streamlined marketplace to exhibit their collections in various forms of design arts and artifacts along with in-game accessories. The Xeno-like NFT Marketplace can be built in both from scratch as well as the Clone Script as per user suggested specifications.

NFT Marketplace Software

NFT Marketplace Development Company

NFT Marketplace Software is a fully developed readymade NFT Marketplace solution that helps business to launch a feature rich, secured NFT Marketplace Platform where investors, traders can buy and sell NFTs. The NFTs can be either Digital Artworks, collectibles, in-Game items, Music, Sports etc as. NFT Marketplace Software comes with an Easy-to-access admin dashboard with high functionality that helps you to control all the operations of buyers and sellers on the platform.

NFT Marketplace software is infused with an exciting stack of features such as Cross-chain operations, Store front, Digital Wallet, payment Gateways and much more. At Maticz we provide end to end NFT Marketplace Development Solutions to help entrepreneurs, digital content creators tap into the NFT Market and unveil new revenue streams.

NFT Marketplace Development Company

Characteristics of NFT Marketplace Software

Non Fungible Token MarketPlace Development
NFT Marketplace Development for Art


The interoperable nature of NFT allows easy trading of NFTs in multiple virtual environments and Marketplaces. This allows the holders of NFT Tokens to leverage the benefits of various trading capabilities, bundling, bidding, and the ability to trade NFT tokens in the markets.

NFT Marketplace Development for Games


Creators of the NFT determine the scarcity of their NFT. With the help of Smart Contracts, Creators can place a large sum of capital on the supply of NFTs and impose properties which is unchangeable once the tokens are issued. As creators can limit the number of creations of items it improves the uniqueness of that particular asset.

NFT Marketplace Development for Digital Collectibles


NFTs are indivisible, unlike usual cryptocurrencies and tokens. Due to their indivisible nature, NFTs cannot be separated into parts or fragments. If one needs to buy or sell NFT, it can be done only as a whole and not in parts. NFT stays unique throughout the process.

NFT Marketplace Development for Photography


The development of Non-Fungible Tokens on Public Blockchain networks allows developers to reuse the development standards for all other NFTs. It enables the standardization of assets that are represented as NFTs to exhibit in the marketplace.

Benefits of NFT Marketplace Software

NFT Marketplace Software aid the participants with a simplified mode of developing a special zone to carry out trade-off digital collectibles through some desirable features.

Features of NFT Marketplace

100% Audited

Whitelabel Solution

NFT Marketplace Development

Entirely Decentralized

The NFT Marketplace is an entirely Decentralized entity driving out the need to be dependent on an external entity for its processing.

NFT Marketplace Development

Permission free Monetization

The chief advantage of NFT Marketplace is its ability to work and executing monetization without third-party monitoring.

NFT Marketplace Development

Simplified protocol baggage

The NFT Marketplace is developed with very simple protocol baggage driving out unnecessary protocols which contribute to complexity.

NFT Marketplace Development

Cross-Chain Bridging

The NFT Marketplaces are developed with attributes contributing to the platform to be interoperated over different chains.

NFT Marketplace Development

Rapid Launch

Within a Week

NFT Marketplace Development

Governance Attribute

The NFT Marketplace is developed with the Governance attribute allowing the participants to vote on the up[grades to the platform.

NFT Marketplace Development

Innovative Incentives

The Innovative Incentives improve the enhanced performance of any Marketplace developed, our NFT Marketplace is provided with innovative incentives.

NFT Marketplace Development

Local Currency Support

The NFT Marketplace is developed with attributes contributing to accepting multiple currencies along with the local currency support.

NFT Marketplace Development

Improved Token Use-case

The Token use-case is readily improved through effective use of our NFT Marketplace developed, this contributes to the Token’s improved utility.

NFT Token Development Services

The NFT Token Development Services refers to the process of design and development of Non-Fungible Tokens of available standards that include the ERC721 Token development, ERC998 Token Development, and ERC1155 Token Development.

NFT Token Development Services

ERC 721

ERC-721 is a global Token standard exhibiting functionalities of developing the Non-Fungible Tokens over the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC721 contributes to the rarity and uniqueness to the assets designed and developed. The NFTs are developed with unique uint256 token ID attributes that are available globally.

ERC 998

ERC998 is an enhanced version of the available ERC721 Token These tokens are designed to offer compliance with ERC20 Tokens for their improved usability. The ERC998 adds up the composable attributes to the token developed, that is the value of the collectibles can be glorified through the composable attribute.

ERC 1155

ERC-1155 is a token standard specifically designed and developed by the Enjin network. ERC1155 can be used to create both fungible (currencies) and non-fungible (digital cards, pets and in-game skins) assets exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain Network Architecture along with Transaction bundling which reduces the cost of token development.

NFT Software Development in Various Blockchain Network

NFT Software

Development in Various

Blockchain Network

The NFT Marketplace can be developed to operate over different chains as per the user suggested requirements and make use of its optimal benefits. Our NFT Marketplace development team implement enterprise grade NFT solutions to create and deploy NFT Marketplaces in various Blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Huobi Eco Chain, Tron, Polkadot, Polygon, etc.

We help you Launch your own NFT Marketplace Platform on above blockchain platforms with multiple strong features, security layers and the power to deliver best user experience for buyers and sellers to trade nfts.

NFT Marketplace Development Company on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain

NFT Marketplace Development Company on Ethereum


NFT Marketplace Development Company on Tron


NFT Marketplace Development Company on Polkadot


NFTs and Metaverse - Key to Unique Revenue Opportunity

NFT Marketplace Development Company

NFTs have been massive in 2021 and it will continue to be the hottest trend happening in 2022. With use cases of NFTs expanding at a quick pace and now it has paved a way for the future digital world - The Metaverse. Metaverse is a virtual world that can be experienced by users by creating their personalized avatars. Both game-changing trends merge into one seamless experience, from social networks to work meetings to workouts to conference calls, and are set to transform the lives of people. Facebook has recently changed its name to Meta marking the arrival of Metaverse on the global stage.

The arrival of Metaverse has been enhancing the usability and worth of NFTs. With Metaverse the trading of NFTs becomes more decentralized and transparent. Cryptobuzz is increasing and Millions of people are into crypto adoption. Seeing these NFTs and Metaverse are going to be the unique $1 trillion revenue-generating business opportunity in 2022. Metaverse is continuously evolving and more development projects are in the pipeline to enter the digital world. Enter into this world of possibilities by connecting with our Experts.

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Technology Stack We Use To Build NFT MarketPlace

NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack
NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack
NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack
NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack
NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack
NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack
NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack
NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack
NFT Marketplace Development Technology Stack

Our Clients

Market efficient Products capable of Adapting to the Fluctuating Requirements

NFT Marketplace Development Company

Why Choose Maticz as your NFT Marketplace Development Company?

NFT Marketplace Development Company

Maticz the prominent NFT Marketplace Development Company keep track of the ongoing NFT Market performance and look forward to contributing to the NFT ecosystem with a glorified set of NFT Software Solutions that exhibit par excellence in more of their working and executing their core functionalities. Avail the NFT Marketplace Development with Maticz to get highlight benefits and long lasting income.

Improved Tradability - Improved Exposure to Collectibles and their trade-off process.

Enhanced Interoperability - The NFT marketplace is compliant with multiple chains in trends.

Efficient Trading Strategies - The NFT Marketplace is developed with efficient strategies and algorithms promoting effective asset trade-off.

Increased Token Utility - The NFT Marketplace is subject to improve the Token Utility associated with the platforms.

Open source exposure to domains - The marketplace subject to be developed Is bound to improve exposure to open source domains.

Market compliant solutions - The Marketplace is designed and developed with a motive to comply with the market’s requirements.

Pre Tested deployment products - The NFT Marketplace is structurally deployed only after undergoing sequential testing on reputed testnets.

NFT Marketplace Development Company

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT Marketplace Development is a set of process that leads to the development of NFT Marketplace which promotes the improved usability of NFT as well as an eased up mode to showcase Digital Collectibles like Art, Photography, Music, Games, Memes, DeFi, MetaVerses, Domain names, etc...

Being the industry-leading NFT MarketPlace Development Company, We build NFT Marketplaces with increased consideration towards security to assets showcased, anti-concealed development process, effective dispute denial and customizable platforms as per user preference.

NFT MarketPlace Software is a White Label NFT Marketplace built over blockchain that enables buy, sell and listing of digital collectibles like music, art, game attributes, photography, metaverse, sports, etc. Maticz offers ready to deploy NFT MarketPlace Software that allows customization of the marketplace and enables you to launch NFT Marketplace in a few days.

NFT Marketplace can be built by identifying three basic requirements which include, Identifying the base operable Token, Identifying the Blockchain network over which Token operates and Identifying the Application of the Token.

Yes, we design and develop the NFT Marketplaces in White Label modes as per the ready use case of the audience and platform seekers. White Label modes improve the scalability of the Platform. We can customize the White Label NFT MarketPlace based on your business requirements

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