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Maticz, known for its best-in-class blockchain development services, delivers enterprise-grade blockchain development solutions for diverse groups. Implement this revolutionary technology into your business to enhance its operations and maximize your ROI.

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In a simple definition, a blockchain can be considered as a distributed ledger that stores data (for example, transactions across a peer-to-peer network) in a secure and immutable manner. Blockchain enables users to transact or trade in a decentralized environment. Harnessing the potential of this innovative tool for its application in day-to-day business activities leads to the development of enterprise blockchain. The invention of enterprise blockchain technology has paved the way for the substantial growth of various industries.

Maticz is a leading enterprise blockchain development company that provides robust blockchain solutions for enterprises to address security threats, intermediary costs, lack of transparency, vague workflows, etc. We help enterprises streamline workflows and optimize business operations with our customized enterprise blockchain solutions. In addition, we assist them in improving the transparency, security, traceability, and efficiency of their business transactions.

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Increased Security

The distributed and immutable nature of enterprise blockchain technology provides unmatched security by dropping the chances of data breaches and frauds. It uses cryptographic techniques and consensus algorithms to ensure security and integrity.


Enhance Traceability

Real-time tracking and auditing of transactions is made possible by blockchain’s transparency, which boosts shareholder’s trust. According to Deloitte, 53% of business organizations have considered enterprise blockchain as their top concern.


Cost Savings

Blockchain implementation leads to significant cost savings by eliminating intermediaries and automating processes can increase operational efficiency. Statista claims global sales of blockchain technology is expected to reach $39 million dollars.


Supply Chain Optimization

Enterprise blockchain can optimize supply chain by improving tracking and visibility, reduces errors, delays and frauds. 81% of organizations, according to capgemini, think blockchain will have a tremendous impact on supply chain management.


Smart Contracts

Blockchain makes it possible to use smart contracts which automates contract execution by eliminating the need for middlemen which also reduces fatal errors. Juniper research predicts that smart contracts will save businesses $21 billion by 2024.


Asset Tokenization

By enabling fractional ownership and releasing liquidity, blockchain technology facilitates tokenization of assets. According to the estimates from the World Economic Forum, by 2027, blockchain platforms will hold 10% of the world’s GDP.


Cross-border Payments

Transparent, cheaper, faster cross border transactions are made possible by blockchain recorded on immutable digital ledger. The world bank reports, remittance platforms that are built on blockchain technology will save costs up to 90%.


Decentralized Finance

Defi platforms with enterprise blockchain technology, provides cutting-edge financial services without the need of a middleman. DeFi has locked up a total value of $200 billion in 2022, pointing out the rapid growth, uptake and adoption.


Data Privacy and Ownership

Individuals empowered by blockchain technology can own and take control of their data, which improves security and privacy. PwC found that 84% of executives are actively involved in blockchain projects to enhance data security and privacy.


Market Potential and Growth

The global enterprise blockchain is expected to reach $250 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of over 50%. Investing early in the enterprise blockchain can hold you a significant share of this expanding market which gives industrial growth.


Enterprise blockchain solutions contribute to the development of logical, safe, and efficient business practices. Gaining a positive return on investment requires understanding the special advantages of enterprise blockchain technology and concentrating only on the problems it can solve.

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Maticz offers comprehensive enterprise blockchain development services, from ideation & proof-of-concept creation to blockchain solution implementation.

  • Private Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contract Development & Audit
  • DApps Development
  • Blockchain Integrated Solutions
  • Enterprise Blockchain Consulting
  • Blockchain Upgrades & Maintenance

Private Blockchain Development

We offer customized private blockchain development services with in-built high-standard protocols that facilitate storage and access to business data to a specific group within an organization.

Smart Contract Development

Our enterprise smart contract development & audit services enable companies to execute operations, thus saving associated costs and time, eliminating redundant efforts, and minimizing risks automatically.

DApp Development

Following the increasing demand for dApps, we are committed to offering dApp development services to build scalable dApps using which an enterprise can allow its customers to enjoy the benefits of a decentralized and risk-free environment.

Blockchain Integrated Solutions

Maticz provides adaptable blockchain solutions that can be integrated easily with an organization's internal systems (HR, Payroll, CRM, etc.) irrespective of the industry.

Enterprise Blockchain Consulting

We offer top-notch blockchain consulting services, assisting enterprises in implementing appropriate blockchain solutions based on their requirements with the help of our expert team.

Blockchain Upgrades & Maintenance

To help our clients cope with the technological advancements and volatile global market, we offer post-launch services like blockchain updates & maintenance services as required while assisting them 24/7.


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Maticz is a top enterprise blockchain solution provider offering unmatched services for developing blockchain applications customized for different industries. Our enterprise blockchain solutions can seamlessly integrate with an organization's existing systems or serve as a reliable platform to facilitate collaboration between different entities.

Blockchain in Logistics

The application of blockchain technology in the logistics and supply chain industry sector automates and simplifies complex operations, reduces errors, improves traceability, and facilitates secure transactions.

  • Streamlined processes
  • Improved traceability
  • Enhanced transparency

Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain technology is a must-have tool in medical institutes that allow doctors seamlessly store, send, update and retrieve patients' medical records from any geographic location. It enables patients to receive effective treatment across global health institutes.

  • Secured data sharing
  • Improved interoperability
  • Streamlined processes

Blockchain in Insurance

The insurance industry benefits enormously from distributed ledger or blockchain technology like paperless approval, intermediary elimination, customer claims verification, instant approval, improved transparency, etc.

  • Enhanced transparency and trust
  • Improved efficiency and cost reduction
  • Increased security and data integrity

Blockchain in Banking

The banking industry will achieve an advanced phase upon implementation of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology improves customer satisfaction and retention rate by enabling faster loan approval.

  • Expanded access
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced security

Blockchain in Gaming

The demand for blockchain-based games is soaring, so Maticz helps enterprises build innovative blockchain games where users can earn by playing games in a decentralized environment. In addition, any in-game assets can be tokenized as NFT and traded.

  • Immutable ownership
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Transparent and fair gaming ecosystem

Blockchain in Retail

The inclusion of blockchain technology into the retail industry improves customer engagement and retention by enhancing inventory management and customer privacy while offering loyalty points to increase their shopping behavior.

  • Verified authenticity
  • Improved customer trust
  • Efficient operations

Blockchain in Real Estate

Blockchain empowers the real estate domain and makes traders effortlessly sell, buy, or leash properties by removing associated paper works, hurdles, and legal obstacles by utilizing Smart contracts and distributed ledger technology.

  • Increased liquidity
  • Simplified transactions
  • Enhanced transparency

Blockchain in Infrastructure

The infrastructure sector can leverage blockchain technology to automate complex operations, execute contractual agreements, track and monitor inventories, reduce project costs, etc., for faster and more efficient project completion.

  • Increased transparency and Accountability
  • Efficient supply chain management
  • Streamlined asset management


The goals and requirements of an enterprise change according to consumer demands and the constantly evolving digital world. To help enterprises realize their vision and achieve milestones, Maticz provide custom-built and feature-rich blockchain solutions on various blockchain network like Ethereum, Binance, Hyperledger, Solana, Cardano, etc.

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Insights On Our

Enterprise Blockchain Development Process

Maticz adapts proven development procedures to build scalable and robust enterprise blockchain applications.

Problem & Solution Identification

The first step involves the identification of problems, requirement gatherings, and coming up with the appropriate solutions.

Platform Selection

The next step involves blockchain network selection to build dApps instead of developing them from scratch. The blockchain selection depends on the consensus mechanism, gas fees, and project goals.

Idea Evaluation

Upon selecting the blockchain platform, you need to focus on blockchain ideation to devise a solid workflow and blockchain model for the application.

Proof Of Concept

This step involves the development of proof of concept like case studies, proposals, etc., to make the users understand the viability and productivity of the proposed solution.

Technical Design

Technical design involves the creation of captivating user interfaces and API integrations for back-end functionalities.

Development And Deployment

Blockchain development is the core process in an enterprise blockchain development process which involves API creation for distinct use cases of the application. Finally, deployment occurs after rigorous testing of the developed blockchain applications.


Increased Business Value

Blockchain technology enables enterprises to efficiently and securely manage all the data while simultaneously facilitating cross-border transactions and strengthening interlinked team processes.


Trusted Ecosystem

The incorporation of blockchain technology enhances trust among technological partners, suppliers, and customers since it allows data storage in an accessible, immutable and reliable manner.


Reduced Risk

Smart contracts simplify complex tasks like Identity verification, KYC, payment processing, etc., based on the specified protocols. All the relevant information is recorded on distributed, immutable, and permissioned ledger.


Enhanced Automation

One of the significant advantages of blockchain technology is its ability to automate sophisticated tasks. Smart contracts execute certain functions automatically once the pre-defined conditions are met, which reduces human errors and saves time.


Increased Transparency

The transparent nature of distributed ledger allows involved enterprises to effortlessly verify and validate any stored information without altering their data, leading to the progressive growth of the associated parties.


Cost saving

Smart-contract-based blockchain technology enables two independent parties to transact safely and securely without the intervention of intermediaries, thus saving considerable costs.


Blockchain is the essential tide that is forecasted to reshape and safeguard all the layers of an enterprise. The inclusion of blockchain technology in industries is inevitable, which is justified by the following key points.

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Top Enterprise Blockchain Development Company

Top Enterprise Blockchain Development Company

Maticz is a leading provider of advanced enterprise blockchain solutions for businesses aiding them to simplify operations and enhance efficiency. Our comprehensive enterprise blockchain development enables companies to automate, decentralize, and authenticate business processes, reducing intermediary costs. We craft top-notch enterprise-exclusive blockchain solutions that enable organizations to handle massive spikes in transaction rates while allowing them to enjoy the diverse benefits of distributed ledger technology.

Our dynamic team of experts has delivered success-driven enterprise blockchain solutions for numerous clients across industries. We help you identify the obstacles in your success path, devise and implement effective solutions, achieve milestones and stay ahead of your competitors. Connect with the leading enterprise blockchain development company without hesitation and seamlessly optimize your business processes and maximize ROI.

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Enterprise blockchain development refers to the process of creating, managing, and designing permissioned blockchain applications and systems. Enterprise blockchain solutions are exclusively developed for carrying out business operations within an organization or enterprise. Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Solana, and Hyprledger are some of the most popular enterprise blockchain development platforms in the market.

Beings years of hand on experience in blockchain technology, we have completed numerous blockchain projects and met the needs of clients from all over the world with a 100% client satisfaction rate and are recognized as one of the best enterprise blockchain development companies.

An enterprise blockchain is private to the general public, in contrast to a public blockchain. Additionally, no one can access the enterprise blockchain; only those authorized by the company in charge of the private blockchain are permitted to view, edit, or add data to the digitally connected nodes.

Everyone has access to read and write data on a public blockchain. But once it appears on the ledger, it cannot be changed. However, in an enterprise blockchain, the ledger can only be read and written by a single company.

A private enterprise blockchain is one that only certain users can access and use, and which is typically only used by the entity to which it belongs. A hybrid of public and private blockchains known as a "permissioned blockchain" allows for the granting of rights and privileges to multiple users.

Enterprise blockchain development services refer to the development of permissioned or permissionless blockchain applications with the help of enterprise blockchain platforms Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ripple, Quorum, XDC, R3 Corda, and Tezos. are examples of the various types of enterprise blockchain platforms.

Maticz has vast experience in building blockchain applications in various blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Cardano, Palkadot, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Cardo, EOS, and Polygon.span>

The advantage of private blockchains over public ones is speed. This is because it takes less time for a smaller group of users to reach a consensus to validate a transaction on private blockchains like Ripple and Hyperledger. The private blockchains can process thousands of transactions within a second and are easily scalable.

A public blockchain, private blockchain, hybrid blockchain, and consortium blockchain. Are four types of blockchains. Based on your business requirements, Maticz can build your business on any type of blockchain.

Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Cardano, Palkadot, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Cardo, EOS, and Polygon are some of the top trending and best blockchain networks that will bring more efficiency to your business.

Businesses may benefit from blockchain technology for several reasons, including trust and transparency, security, efficiency, smart contracts, and innovation opportunities.

Blockchain is utilized in business for various purposes such as secure data storage, supply chain management, smart contracts, and decentralized finance. It provides a tamper-proof system that ensures transparency, immutability, and permanent record-keeping. This technology has the potential to revolutionize many industries by increasing efficiency and reducing fraud.

Insurance, Healthcare, Lending, Digital identity, Supply chain, Media and Entertainment, Real estate, and government operations are some of the industries that can benefit from enterprise blockchain solutions.

The cost of hiring an enterprise blockchain development company can vary widely depending on the complexity of the project and the specific services required. The tech stack you choose to develop your enterprise blockchain can also affect the cost.

Maticz can offer complete 24/7 ongoing technical support, maintenance for your project, updates based on client’s requirements, and consulting services to ensure the smooth operation of your blockchain solution.

Developing the enterprise blockchain for your business will bring countless benefits. Some of them are streamlining your business's processes, enhancing security, reducing costs, improving transparency, and enabling secure data sharing among stakeholders.

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