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Enlist yourselves as the top performer of the Decentralized Financial domains by building your own DEX on the Binance Smart Chain. Be an active representative of the BSC DEX by building your Automated Market Making Protocol like the PancakeSwap with the desirable functionalities such as the Farming, Staking, and Digital Collectibles provisions.

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Pancakeswap Clone Script to create a DEX platform for automated market making (AMM), swapping, and yield farming on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

PankcakeSwap Clone Script is a Binance smart contract chain-based Defi exchange script that operates similarly to PancakeSwap. Our Pancake Swap Clone Script supports AMM, yield farming, exchange, staking, NFT, and liquidity pools on Binance Smart Chain.

We, #Maticz develop a 100% smart contract audited, white label Pancakeswap clone script that allows customization based on user requirements that operate cent percent similar to PancakeSwap running over the Binance smart chain network.

Maticz's Pancakeswap Clone Script is a ready-to-deploy solution that facilitates the launch of a Defi exchange like Pancakeswap to trade crypto tokens. The solution is developed in such a way that it is cost-efficient, and time-saving, and has flexible smart contract functionality and other benefits along with the customizations preferred by the clients.

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Pancakeswap Clone Script using AMM for pricing strategy. Automated Market Maker is a DEX protocol using a mathematical algorithm for pricing cryptos, tokens instead of order books which is used in traditional exchanges.



Pancakeswap Clone Script purveying the support for Yield Farming. Holding Cryptos in Yield Farming leads participants to receive a reward which is the site owner’s native token and there are no locking periods in the farming protocol.



Staking is as similar as Yield Farming as it provides liquidity to the DeFi protocol. Staking accepts the holding of native tokens and generates the reward as other crypto tokens based on the amount of staking.



The lottery is an add-on benefit to earn additional tokens or rewards. Pancakeswap Clone Script has a lottery theme for the users who are willing to participate in their event with a minimum of 10 CAKE tokens or more.



Our Pacakeswap Clone now serves as an effective NFT Marketplace support for your website users to stake and trade their digital collectibles. The NFT Seekers now have a chance to get a huge profit by selling or buying NTFS.



Initial Farm Offering (IFO) is a unique protocol in our Pancakeswap Clone which is decentralized than ICO. It allows the users to participate in IFO using LP tokens and it creates a market for the newly launched tokens.


Be the pro player in the defi world by developing a defi exchange like pancakeswap infused with exquisite features that stands out from the crowd.

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PancakeSwap Clone - To Create DEX Exchange like PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap Clone is a DeFi-based Decentralized Exchange Platform running on a Binance Smart Chain Network delivering features similar to PancakeSwap. Our clone solution is developed with the Automated Market Maker protocol which automates the transaction improving liquidity and reducing the transaction fee. Create Pancakeswap Clone to offer functionalities Farming, Staking, Swapping, Liquidity provision, and Lottery Ticket schemes for entrepreneurs seeking to build DEX like the PancakeSwap.

Our PancakeSwap Clone is 100% customizable and can be upgraded with advanced features and personalize the operations based on the client's requirements. Our defi developers have built the solution with a stunning user interface and multi-layer security protocols which makes the platform robust and scalable. Sought the help of a prominent Decentralized Finance Development Company the Maticz to build the best in the market DEX like the PancakeSwap.

Agile Development Process
Technology Competence
100% Code Security
Pre/Post Deployment Support
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Our adroit developers at Maticz develop pancakeswap clones with certik audited smart contracts for providing fundamental protection to the platform.

Detailed Coding and Review
Rapid Re-Audits for provoking validity
Immune to Vulnerabilities
Contracts Validated by Industrialists
Bug Bounty Schemes
Versatile Validation on BSC Chain, Etc
Certik Smart Contract Audited PancakeSwap Clone

The PancakeSwap Clone Script executes its core functionalities through a set of seven sequential steps that include,

Wallet Integration

The first step is to enlist themselves with any of the recognized wallets to take part in the transaction.

Liquidity Addition

The Platform accepts considerable funds from the users and thereby promotes them as the Liquidity provider to the platform.

Token Use Case Specification

The PancakeSwap Clone Script is keen on improvising the Token usability as well as the Token utility.

Possessed Token Specification

This step includes specifying the type of Token possessed by the participant making use of the platform.

Specify The Token To Be Exchanged

This step allows the users to specify the type of the Token he wishes to Exchange by entering the platform.

Verify The Transaction Progress

After specifying the type of Token the participant will be able to verify the transactions on the Exchange.

Confirm The Progress

On completing the Exchange of assets the user will be made to confirm the validity of the progress.

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PancakeSwap Clone Working Mechanism


Maticz develops a remarkable PancakeSwap Clone Script that benefits the platform to run efficiently for the long term.

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PancakeSwap Analytics

Pancakeswap Clone Script uses analytics to provide accurate information about current market prices of the BNB. Analytics will provide hourly, weekly performance of the Binance Native Token (BNB).

Rapid Speed Audits

Our Pancakeswap Clone Script has one of the great features which is rapid speed audits to improve the number of audits per second. Rapid Speed Audits has ensured the best order completion on the transaction.

Integrated Security Protocols

Pancakeswap Clone Script has lay on with the integrated security protocol. Integrated Security Policy improves the security of the platform and gives a secured maintenance for the management firm with scalability.

Locked Staking

Locked Staking in Pancakeswap Clone is the same as Yield Farming where the user gets a reward as cryptos equal to their staking value. Staking Pools remain active for a specific period of time and offer a definite APR.

Transaction Tracking

Pancakeswap Clone Script has a great feature which is transaction tracking. Transaction tracking has the ability to track the transaction history (i.e) users can track and trace every transaction on the platform easily.

Sequential Stats

Sequential Stats define the performance of the daily routines of the assets associated with the PancakeSwap Clone Script. Stats denote the number of cryptos defining the liquidity, volume applicable and availability.

PancakeSwap Clone Software is a Decentralized Exchange Software built on the Binance Smart Chain network that operates similarly to Pancakeswap. The Pancakeswap Clone is available in an open-source mode allowing the Lottery schemes, NFT marketplace, Standard workflow, Rapid Speed modes of enaction, and improved Scalability.

The Pancakeswap Clone Software is an interoperable platform working over varieties of frameworks like Android, iOs, and Windows and provoking numerous benefits to its users. Maticz develops impeccable software solutions which comprise advanced features and security protocols. The software is 100% customizable and can be personalized based on the client's requirements.

Smart Contract Audited
100% Customizable
Prompt Project Delivery
Certified Developers
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PancakeSwap Clone Software
For PancakeSwap Clone Script

For PancakeSwap Clone Script

We Maticz the Delicate DeFi Development Company avail the optimal users of the Binance Smart Chain with the functional replica of the PancakeSwap to promote efficient Swapping, Staking, and Farming. Our pancakeswap clone solution is developed with pre-tested smart contracts, exclusive APIs, and numerous reward systems at a moderate cost based on the client's requirements.

We also develop DeFi products that perform proficiently in the market such as Uniswap and Yearn Finance for their enhanced use. We have a pool of seasoned developers who follow a strategic approach to create a well-featured defi exchange like pancakeswap that performs and functions exactly like pancakeswap. Hire our expert team of DeFi Developers and take part in the Open Financial Revolution.

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PancakeSwap Clone Script is a DeFi Exchange Script that enables you to launch DeFi Exchange on Binance Smart Chain similar to PancakeSwap. Our Pancake Swap Clone Script is a 100% replica of PancakeSwap that supports Farming, Exchange, Staking, IFO, NFT, Lottery Schemes, etc…

We Maticz, the pro-players in defi exchange development design and develop the PancakeSwap Clone with optimal features of PancakeSwap such as Automated Market Making (AMM), Farming, Staking, Initial Farm Offering, Swapping, NFT, etc… with effective smart contract auditing services that makes you competitive in the market.

Our Pancake Swap Clone Script offers highlighting features that include Farming, Staking, AMM Provisions, Lottery Schemes, Initial Farm Offering (IFO), Market Analytics, Token-pairs performance charts, updated transaction history option and increased number of audits per second.

PancakeSwap Clone Platform offers the bridging attribute, allowing the Crypto tokens to be converted into the tokens operable on other frameworks like Ethereum, Tron, etc... which is fairly present only with limited DEX in current trends.

Yes, the PancakeSwap Clone Script supports Crypto Staking, Yield Farming and DeFi Swapping through a number of available modes that include Syrup Pools for Staking capable of yielding upto 500%.

Yes it is Possible, By Default the PancakeSwap is operable on the Binance Smart Chain, based on the user’s suggestions the PancakeSwap Clone Script can be made to be interoperated over other chains such as Ethereum and Tron.

Maticz is the best for PancakeSwap Clone Development who can develop pancakeswap clone with all efficient features, plugins and add-on features. We will deploy your PancakeSwap clone platform as per your business requirements.

Creating a website like pancakeswap from scratch involves the development of exchange from the ground up owing to huge requirements and desirable functionalities. This helps in creating the platform in a unique way based on the customized structure. Partner with Maticz the leading defi exchange development company that develops best-performing defi exchanges like pancakeswap

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