If you are an entrepreneur in the hotel industry and looking for ways to elevate your customer’s experience, then developing a Hotel Booking App can scale up all aspects of your business. Your users can book rooms, and conference halls, reserve tables for dinner, add reviews and ratings, and much more with a few taps from their smartphones. Crush your competitors with Maticz advanced business solutions for your Hotel Business.

Custom Hotel Booking App Development 

Despite the fact that the pandemic had impacted the hotel industry, Hotel owners have moved their business to an online platform with the help of mobile app developers. In the past two years, people who are looking for a Custom Hotel Booking App Development Company have increased due to the phenomenal performance of these mobile applications across the globe.

We at Maticz, have certified developers who are very skilled and competent in creating a hotel booking app that is custom-built for the needs of our customers.  We make sure Hotels & Restaurants meet their specific demands and help them reach their business objectives. We can help you with hotel app development from scratch, making changes to an existing app, or enhancing it with the latest add-on features. Get started with us and establish your success like big online brands in the industry.

Key Features of Hotel Booking App

Hotel booking app development is not about having the basic functionality in it. Your product must be jam-packed with recent features which will be interesting for your users.

Cancellation Policy

Customers like choices either you have it or you don't. The hotel booking app allows users to cancel the booking on or before the last day. Luckily, most hotels are cancellation friendly these days.

Images & Videos

Offering a 360-degree view of the rooms/places can help you build a solid relationship with users because this is exactly what they want. The Hoteliers can add/modify high-quality pictures and videos in the app.

Easy Payments 

Make payments hassle-free for your users by integrating multiple payment modes within the app. Our hotel booking app accepts various payment options like credit cards, digital wallets, Paypal, and Mastercard. 

24/7 Assistance

The hospitality services never sleep, and software/application issues can arise at any time. Maticz provides exceptional service and support and is always there to give you quick and simple solutions.

Language & Currencies

The hotel booking app is developed in a way that users can use the application in their preferred language and make payments in their currency. The app can also shoot booking confirmation mail in the customer's choice of language.

Reviews & Ratings

The users can express their experience of the application & their stay in text reviews which can also be enriched by the usage of emojis, GIFs, and uploading pictures. This feature can boost user engagement. 

Add-on Features of Hotel Booking Mobile App

Who doesn’t love extra? Maticz offers exclusive add-on features to its Online Hotel Booking App Development process for premium clients.

Profile Management

Customers can use this feature to create a new user profile that includes personal information that is visible to other users. The user profile allows you to interact with guests and other users by sending them a friend request.

Book Anytime

Users can book rooms anytime, anywhere from the app without contacting the hotel. Your customers can also schedule a booking in advance in the Hotel Booking App.

Aggressive Filters

The users are specific these days. With the advanced filter options, users can narrow down the hotels or restaurants according to the location, amenities, wifi, parking, pet-friendly, fine dining, valet parking, and much more. 

Real-Time Pricing

Add a price tag in the map view of your property. This is an excellent feature that draws the attention of the users. With the Image & Video upload option enabled the chances of the booking will be high.

Push Notifications

The hotel booking app can push automated replies & responses to the customers regarding their booking. The messages can also be customized to specific users. This feature is so helpful for users to track their current booking status.

Dispute Management

Disputes related to food, rooms, and services can be escalated through this feature. This raises a concern for the host or the guest and can push notifications to authorized personnel. The hotel or user can be banned if found guilty.

Airbnb like Hotel Booking App Development

These days not only hotel or restaurant owners are looking for a Hotel Booking App Development Company, but entrepreneurs and startups are looking to develop one because of the massive growth of online travel applications like Airbnb, Hopper, Booking.com, Marriott Bonvoy, and so on. The success formula of these apps drives many hotel owners to develop their hotel booking apps and ensure their digital presence for online customers.

Maticz online Hotel Booking App is a sophisticated platform that can perform as an app similar to Airbnb or a standalone application. The application allows hosts to register and list their properties and the users can surf through these properties and rent them. You can offer room-sharing services and apartment rentals like Airbnb which is still in demand in the industry. So you can make use of the app for both hotel booking and also vacation rental businesses. The robust development process ensures the responsiveness and scalability of the application.

Our Hotel Reservation App Development Process

The hotel reservation app development process has two main approaches. One you can go with a pre-built reservation app that is similar to Airbnb or develop a custom one. The custom reservation app development process is somewhat like the steps below.

Drop Us a Hi!

Get started with your hotel booking app development by contacting us through WhatsApp or shoot a mail with all your requirement to sales@maticz.com. 


Our business team will get in touch with you and have discussions about the project details like objectives, features, branding, payment, deadline, maintenance & support, and terms of cooperation. 


With all the information about the project, our business analysts will develop a plan, and the tech stacks required, and formulate the process with precision. In addition to that designers will wireframe the mobile app screens.

UI/UX Design

The designers will start designing mobile/web app screens which are wireframed before, and the prototype is customized to the client's requirement. With the help of advanced UI/UX technologies, we can get a glimpse of the Hotel Booking App.


Here comes the complex process, when the project is pushed to the developers they start to code, test, deploy module by module and make sure that every functionality works as it is intended to. The whole phase is monitored by a project manager.

Quality Check

The project undergoes multiple tests and debugging by the QA engineers. This makes sure the app is bug-free and can be deployed to the app store after approval from the client. If they tend to find any issues in the project, it is pushed back to the development phase.

Deployment & Support

The Hotel Booking App is then deployed to the play store or apple app store and is constantly monitored for initial impressions and feedback. The support team will look into the user experience and try to figure out ways to resolve it.

What Makes Us Top Hotel Reservation App Development Company? 

Maticz has provided numerous unique solutions to a diverse variety of hoteliers from around the world. Our experts are capable of handling any level of complexity in app development projects. Before beginning a project, our team of professionals conducts necessary market research, develops a unique strategy and business plan, executes a well-planned process, tests the solution, and repeats the steps until we are satisfied with the end product. 

So if you are looking for a Hotel Reservation App Development Company, we are one of the reputed and trusted developers in the market. We rely on,

1. Timeline-based development process

2. Frequent client updates

3. Dedicated developers for every project

4. On-time delivery

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