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Metaverse Dating App

The technology-driven world has opened doors for multifarious innovations. In this way, dating takes a virtual turn through the power of the metaverse. The increasing engagements in the metaverse have unlocked a new avenue for dating through metaverse dating apps. The metaverse dating app is currently the virtual trend that is blurring the boundaries between online and offline. Metaverse dating apps intend to help individuals create connections based on geographic location without any materialistic judgments. 

The metaverse dating app unfolds opportunities for people to find out their perfect match in metaverse based on the individual's unique online behavior. These apps depend on the idea of an avatar and they provide the feeling of truly connected with a significant mix of body language. The metaverse dating platform lets the users enjoy the virtual experience helping them spend time together by going on a virtual date that is beyond the classic video call. 

Why Build Dating App in Metaverse? 

The online dating market has shown noteworthy signs of growth during and after the pandemic. The market has been valued at $12.37 billion in 2021 and is foreseen to be worth $28.36 billion by 2027. With the influx of technologies creating a dating app in the metaverse become a profitable business solution. Hence, it makes perfect sense for entrepreneurs to build their metaverse dating application as their revenue-generating business model. As per the predictions and technical forecast, the metaverse market will be having a promising future and will open doors for manifold business opportunities. Hence investing in the metaverse dating app will be the right option and will keep you on track to improving business revenue. 

Metaverse Dating App Development  

Metaverse dating app development facilitates the development of metaverse dating applications that enables users to interact with other individuals within the metaverse and find their perfect future partner through swipes. The platform will be developed by incorporating potential parameters such as locations, age, gender, personality traits, etc. Creating an ideal matching algorithm plays a key role in the success of the metaverse dating app improving the active users. 

Maticz is a renowned metaverse dating app development company that offers astounding services to develop a mesmerizing metaverse dating platform. We have technically proficient metaverse developers who strive to build future-powered dating applications. Our experts have developed the app with distinctive features, and customization capabilities within the platform. Ready to become the forerunner in the world of the Metaverse? Then build your metaverse dating app with the pioneers in Metaverse application development and let the user get hit by cupid’s arrow. 

Features of Metaverse Dating App Development

Our experts have developed the metaverse dating app with captivating features that speak for the success of the app. 

Unlimited Swipe

The swipe feature allows you to like and dislike profiles by swiping right for the profile you want or left if you don’t. Through premium subscriptions, users can gain access to unlimited swipes. 

Social Media Login

The users can link their social media accounts and log in through social channels. The users can also connect with their mates by linking their social media credentials. 

Instant Chats

The dating app enables an instant chat feature where the users can start a conversation instantly by sharing images, videos, emojis, etc. 

Distance-based Match 

The distance-based match is a vital feature that allows the users to find their perfect match within their nearest geographical location by restricting the search filter. 

Age-based Match

The age-based match features allow the users to restrict the age limit based on their age. This helps them find out the ideal profile under their age category. 

Instant Notifications

The dating app notifies the users with any alerts, feature updates, and chat messages thereby helping the users stay updated. 


This feature helps in attracting numerous active users by making the dating app more like a game which additionally promotes involvement. 

Live Streaming 

The live streaming feature keeps the users up to day with their activities helping the matched individual get to know more about them. 

Top Metaverse Dating App Clones

Nevermet Clone

Nevermet is the popular metaverse dating platform that is built exclusively for virtual reality consumers to help them connect with others over personality and interests. Here the users can interact with others using avatar-based profiles when both the users like each other they can go on a VR date. The users can set up their profile based on age and gender filters. 

Aiming to develop your metaverse dating app like Nevermet? Our proficients will help you launch your metaverse dating app like nevermet by building a nevermet clone solution. The nevermet clone solution replicates the features and functionalities similar to nevermet and can be tailored to your requirements. Our skillful metaverse developers have strong technical expertise in developing a white-label solution based on your business requirements. 

Planet Theta Clone 

Planet Theta is the first virtual reality dating app built by FireFlare Games that offers a high-quality VR dating experience. The users can go on a date through enchanted forests, watch movies together, and go on a coffee date. It utilizes a bot-free alternative that uses reliable identity verification to avoid catfishing. Planet Theta isn't fully available, the beta version can be accessed by everyone having a steam account. 

Wish to build a virtual reality dating platform like Planet Theta? Get in touch with our experts at maticz who will help you launch a VR dating platform like Planet Theta through Planet Theta Clone. Our skilled metaverse developers at maticz will develop an impeccable Planet Theta Clone, which is a ready-to-go solution that replicates the functions of the VR dating platform Planet Theta. 

Revenue Streams in the Metaverse Dating Platform

Our metaverse dating app is designed and developed with lucrative monetization models to generate passive income both for the user and admin. 


Subscription models are an efficient monetization strategy in dating platforms where users can purchase subscription modules on a monthly or yearly basis to gain premium membership. 


Integrating pop ads to show effective ad campaigns and brand promotions increases the number of active users thereby improving the revenue stream.  

In-App Purchases

Charging for in-app purchases like scheduling dating events, and meetings or integrating booking systems and adding paid features in the apps helps in generating constant revenue. 

Rewarded Surveys

The rewarded survey is an effective revenue stream that can be placed as an additional entry to unlock certain features and sections for users to gain rewards. 

What makes us the best Metaverse Dating App Development Agency?

Maticz is the industry-leading Metaverse Dating App Development Agency that offers state-of-the-art solutions to build an impressive and feature-rich metaverse dating app. We have a pool of metaverse developers who have vast knowledge in crafting metaverse applications blending contemporary technologies about the metaverse market and establishing a strong brand presence in the market. 

Being the pioneers in Metaverse development, we develop metaverse dating apps with essential features and tech stacks to achieve a cent percent success rate with high customer satisfaction. Our developers are mastered in developing metaverse applications that ensure to cater to your business requirements. Enter the metaverse dating industry by building your beneficiary metaverse dating platform with futuristic possibilities 

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