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Make use of top-tier P2P crypto exchange development services from Maticz to launch an advanced P2P crypto exchange platform that enables a highly secure and seamless crypto trading experience for your users.


P2P Crypto Exchange Development

P2P crypto exchange development is a step-by-step process to create a P2P crypto exchange from trading platform design to deployment in the server. In other words, P2P cryptocurrency exchange development is a streamlined process to create a P2P crypto exchange platform that supports the trading of bitcoins, altcoins, tokens, and other digital assets in a peer-to-peer mechanism. Opting for P2P crypto exchange development services helps you launch a complete P2P crypto ecosystem that allows traders to trade instantly with one another without the involvement of centralized authority to streamline transactions. P2P crypto trading platforms are completely developed for sellers and buyers to have faster and more secure crypto transactions and also serve as an outstanding and tamper-proof solution.

Maticz is a prominent P2P crypto exchange development company that offers turnkey P2P cryptocurrency exchange development services to create a hassle-free P2P crypto exchange platform. Our P2P crypto exchange developers have developed a readymade P2P crypto exchange software that is highly secured, reliable, and instantly deployed in servers. Our P2P cryptocurrency exchange software is powered by a smart contract-based escrow system that enables high-speed and reliable transactions. We provide complete P2P crypto exchange development services based on the latest industry standards and innovative technology. Launch the finest P2P exchange platform in the crypto market by collaborating with us.

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P2P crypto exchange is a decentralized form of exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies or tokens independently. It provides seamless transactions without any third-party involvement. This P2P exchange platform is based on distributed ledger technology, which means one cannot modify the data, personal history, or transaction details once stored on the platform.

When a P2P crypto exchange is executed on such unique working methods, no business can abstain from using this platform. Many B2C and B2B businesses are switching to Blockchain-powered crypto wallets to perform transactions, So it becomes essential to have a P2P setup for business. P2P cryptocurrency exchanges are recently creating great hype in the crypto space. So it is the right time to create a superior P2P crypto exchange platform.

Instant Buy & Sell Cryptos
Dispute Management
Escrow Service
Ad-based Crypto Trading
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What is P2P Crypto Exchange?

White Label

P2P Crypto Exchange Software

P2P crypto exchange software is a white-label P2P crypto exchange platform for trading digital assets such as bitcoin, altcoin, stablecoins, etc. Maticz offers multi-tested, ready-to-launch, and white-label P2P crypto exchange software that enables business owners to launch the P2P crypto exchange platform with ease. Our P2P crypto exchange software connects people with similar interests, process the orders on their own, and strikes a balance over the transaction. So in this process, there is no need for the involvement of a third party. We are backed up by an enthusiastic and proficient team of blockchain architects who can create a trustworthy and highly customizable p2p crypto exchange platform majorly focused on the earnings of your business.

P2P bitcoin exchange software is an ideal white-label solution for kick-starting an exclusive P2P exchange platform for trading bitcoins. Even with plenteous options available in the market, our white-label p2p bitcoin exchange software indicates an effective solution with its secure, trusty, and instantaneous deployment solutions. The p2p exchange software solution we furnish supports a multitude of platforms with multichain capacity. This ensures continuous connectivity across diverse blockchain networks for seamless trade or exchange of cryptocurrencies.

White Label Crypto Exchange
Powerful Escrow System
100% Smart Contract Audited
Multi-Optional Admin & User Dashboard
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Escrow System

With an integration of a robust escrow system, the P2P crypto exchange platform assists the users to manage the trade without any pitfalls.


Dispute Resolution

We induct our P2P exchange solution with a powerful dispute resolution system that allows seamless dispute redressal and gets resolved in a short period.


Proximity Match Engine

Our automated P2P exchange software is reinforced with a high-speed match engine that matches buyer and seller orders in a shorter period.


Multi-Currency Support

The multi-currency support feature in our P2P crypto exchange software is mainly to attract crypto traders using various cryptocurrencies.


Atomic Swapsy

Our P2P swap option allows users to execute a reliable trading process and eliminates the need for a centralized authority.


Preferred Trading

This feature allows users to select their preferable sellers and vice versa. This ensures a highly reliable and smooth trading process.


Admin Panel

Our software has a convenient admin panel where the admin can manage trading functionalities, commission fees, and other features of the exchange.


Admin Profit Management

Our P2P crypto Exchange software comes with an effective profit management system for the admin where the commission fees would be calculated and displayed.


Multi-Lingual Support

We assist you to create a world-class P2P cryptocurrency exchange supporting multiple languages that attract global traders easily.


Being a proficient P2P crypto exchange software development company, we assure to cover all the features in our P2P crypto exchange software that meet our client's business requirements.

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One of the most crucial aspects when creating a P2P cryptocurrency exchange software is security. Here are the following alluring features to boost the security of the exchange platform.

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Automated KYC & AML verification
Withdrawal OTP validation
Two-factor authentication
Encrypted Database
Highly secure API connection
Powerful escrow system
SSRF Protection
Device-Enabled Security

Both buyer and seller must register their details on the platform.

Users undergo the process of KYC verification.

The buyer of the platform needs to place a buy order.

A wallet address was created for the buyer.

The matching engine matches the right seller to the buyer.

Both buyer and seller must agree with the terms of the trade.

The smart contract-based escrow system holds the crypto assets of both participants, that are to be traded.

The buyer makes a payment for the crypto assets to be purchased.

The seller of the platform needs to confirm regarding payment.

The escrow system releases the held crypto assets and transfers them to the buyer’s wallet

Buyer can store their crypto asset in the crypto wallet.

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Our P2P crypto exchange platform is highly recognized for its usability. The platform is easy-to-use and suitable for any level of crypto trader.

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P2P Crypto Exchange Development Process

Our P2P crypto exchange developers follow these series of steps in the P2P crypto exchange development process to develop an advanced P2P exchange platform.

Requirement Analysis

Analyze requirement gathering and preparation of P2P exchange development that suits your business goals.

Functionalities Development

Developing a P2P crypto exchange with essential elements such as UI, trading functionalities, smart contracts, security practices, etc.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integration of the payment gateway to the crypto exchange platform suggested by the exchange platform owner.

Coin Installation

Install the necessary cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and tokens on the P2P exchange platform’s server

Platform Testing

Once the platform is developed, it undergoes several testing to ensure there are no bugs and is released in testnet.

Product Deployment

After the testing phase, the developed P2P crypto exchange platform is ready for deployment on the client’s server.

Rapid Speed Transactions
Highly Secured Payments
Low Trading Costs
24*7 Assistance support
Innovative Blockchain Solutions
High Transparency
Robust Trading Engine


Maticz provides a P2P crypto exchange platform that benefits both the user and admin so that it lets an endurable atmosphere that drives long.

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Create P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Localbitcoins, Remitano, Paxful, Wazirx, and LocalCryptos with our readily-available P2P crypto exchange clone script solutions.

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Localbitcoins Clone Script

Enlightened by the trading services of LocalBitcoins, We Maticz started to favor our potential clients to create their crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins with our readily-made LocalBitcoins clone script.


Remitano Clone Script

Inspired by the Remitano crypto trading services, We Maticz offers a market-ready Remitano clone script to kick-start an ad-based P2P crypto exchange platform similar to Remitano.


Paxful Clone Script

Encouraged by the top-level trading services of Paxful, we began offering our clients a way to start a P2P exchange like Paxful via our error-free escrow-based Paxful clone script.


LocalCryptos Clone Script

With the immense popularity of LocalCryptos, We at Maticz, get inspired and developed a readymade LocalCryptos clone script that enables you to start a P2P exchange similar to LocalCryptos.


Binance P2P Clone Script

Being a frontier in P2P crypto exchange development, we offer a highly effective Binance P2P clone to our clients to start their own exchange platform like Binance P2P with a robust trading engine.


Wazirx Clone Script

Traverse your peer-to-peer crypto exchange business with our highly reliable Wazirx clone script platform that renders a hassle-free and seamless trading experience for the users or traders.

Transaction Fees

A Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange Software normally charges a fee for each transaction. Typically, this fee is used to cover the cost of operating the exchange as well as to yield profits.

Listing Fees

P2P Crypto Exchange may charge a listing fee to list tokens or coins on the platform. These fees can vary relying on the type of coin being listed and the level of service being offered.

Service Fees

Peer to Peer crypto exchange software may also charge a commission for additional services such as customer services and API access. These fees are typically based on usage.


Advertising can be the greatest way to earn additional revenue in this P2P crypto exchange software, by permitting companies to promote their product and services on the platform.


Real-world highly valuable crypto assets can be tokenized and traded on our P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Social Commerce

Social Commerce in P2P crypto exchange software refers to the use of social media to simplify trading in cryptocurrencies that enables users to connect and trade directly with each other.


Here are the following revenue streams that include in our P2P cryptocurrency exchange script.

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Top P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Top P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Maticz is an expert P2P cryptocurrency exchange software development company with a proven track record of success in the crypto market. We have developed and successfully launched 50+ crypto exchange platforms that are now the top performers in the market. With expertise in blockchain technology, our experts develop your crypto project in a user-centric technique to provide a simplistic and captivating experience for hassle-free exchange and trading of crypto assets. We have vast experience in delivering first-rate crypto exchange platforms for globalized clients all over the world.

We help you launch an advanced P2P crypto exchange platform with a more suitable interface, improved security practices, and unique features based on your business necessities and market demands. Our business development techniques and product development professionals will support you launch a futuristic P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform with our feature-rich white-label crypto exchange software.

Microservice Architecture
Robust User & Admin Panel
Supports Custom Add-ons
White Label Solution
Post/Pre-Project Launch Support
Tamper-proof Security Practices
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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


P2P crypto exchange development is a process of creating a P2P crypto exchange platform that offers person-to-person trading of bitcoins, altcoins, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs and other digital assets. Here the P2P crypto exchange platform is built from scratch, starting from the exchange platform design to the final P2P exchange deployment in the server.

Maticz is a prominent P2P cryptocurrency exchange development company with a proven track record of success in the crypto market. We have developed and successfully launched more than 50+ crypto exchanges in the market. We are highly recognized for developing feature-packed P2P crypto exchange platforms that offer crypto traders hassle-free trading and managing of cryptocurrencies. We develop centralized, decentralized, and P2P crypto exchange platforms for our clients based on their business requirements. Connect with us and launch a reliable P2P crypto exchange platform now!

Peer to Peer (P2P) Cryptocurrency Exchange is a decentralized platform that enables person-to-person trading. It allows participants of the crypto market users to buy and sell crypto tokens or coins with one another without any centralized authority

The owner of the P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform makes money when the participants of the crypto market users buy & sell cryptos and tokens. A small amount in the form of commission fees is added to the owner of the exchange wallet or account for every transaction.

The P2P crypto exchange platform is completely decentralized. It simplifies Peer-to-peer trading without any involvement of the third party or middleman. Also, there is more splendid accountability, confidentiality, and clarity in every transaction.

The cost expense to build a P2P crypto exchange platform depends on the expansion of features that the client wants to incorporate into their business. With more features they want to integrate, the cost of the P2P exchange platform differs and vice versa. However, you can start your P2P exchange platform on a small budget also.

  • > Transaction Fees
  • > Listing Fees
  • > Service Fees
  • > Tokenization
  • > Advertising

  • > Better Security
  • > No Censorship
  • > Cost-efficient
  • > Cutting-edge Security
  • > Zero-bank Dependency

P2P Crypto Exchange works on the basic conceptualization of blockchain that indicates Decentralization. This permits the participants of the platform, buyers and sellers to trade instantly, without any third-party intermediates.

Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange platforms are more reliable because they didn't rely on third parties or middlemen. P2P Crypto Exchanges take up a lot of the system's slack and pave the way for the next wave of adoption in this crypto space, in contrast to centralized exchanges that must comply with strict rules and have high operational costs and transaction fees.

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