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LocalBitcoins Clone Script to Start P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange like LocalBitcoins

Maticz Technologies is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that provides LocalBitcoins Clone Script to Start your own P2P Cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalBitcoins. In this article, we are going to see what is LocalBitcoins clone script, the Business benefits of local bitcoins clone script, Features of Local bitcoin clone script, and how Maticz can help you to start a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins. 

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a multi-tested & white-label cryptocurrency exchange script that helps to build a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange platform like the LocalBitcoins. Maticz's Local Bitcoin Clone script is a 100% replica of LocalBitcoins that holds all the features & functionalities of the LocalBitcoins Exchange Platform. Our LocalBitcoins Website Clone allows you to buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency wallets both online and offline.

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Key Features of Our Localbitcoins Clone Script

1. Online/Offline bitcoin trading

2. Multi-Currency Support

3. Advertisement 

4. Multi-Lingual Support

5. Matching Engine

6. Current Live Pricing

7. Highly Secure Escrow Wallet

8. Advanced UI/UX Design

9. Resolving Dispute

10. Over The Counter Trading

11. Identifying Traders

Security Features Of Our Local Bitcoin Clone Script

1. Escrow Shields

2. Two Factor Authentication

3. Email Verifications

4. HTTP Authentication

5. Asymmetric Encryption Method

6. Jail Login

How Our Local Bitcoin Clone Script Works?

1. Registration: Users who like to trade their cryptocurrencies should signup and login on the website with email and follow the steps to upload documents such as a passport or national ID. Once the account is created, the user has to complete their profile. If users not doing that, then many users will not speak to you for safety and money laundering reasons. 

2Advertisement: The seller has to create an online sell bitcoin advertisement with bitcoin quantity, trade limits, preferred currency, and payment method.

3. Proceed with the Transaction: If the buyer or seller satisfied with the condition, then they have to proceed with the transaction.

4. Escrow Service: For safety purposes, traders should always use the platform’s escrow service which holds the cryptocurrency until the funds reach the seller. 

5. Leave Feedback: Traders can and should leave feedback whenever they trade on the LocalBitcoins clone website. User's feedback helps keep the platform more secure and alerts other users to possible scams or other malicious activity.

Our LocalBitcoins Clone Development Process

Our process starts with understanding your requirements, consulting, finalizing scope, initiating work, software development, testing & deployment in client-server.

>> Requirement Analysis

Get to know our client’s requirement--> proposing solutions for their requirement

>> Software Requirement analysis

Collecting the requirement of the software--> Analyzing that collected software needs-->Requirement of System Specification

>> Software design

Blueprint Structure-->Wireframing each screen-->Design the software

>> Software Development Plan

Coding the software-->Layout the main section-->Client’s feedback

>> Unit testing, Integration, Acceptance testing

Testing the developed software-->testing the functionality-->100% bug-free-->systems integration-->Interoperability-->Getting final approval from the client

>> Implement and Deployment

Deploy to client-server-->Script available for user

>> Operations and maintenance

Softwarepolished--> Upgraded-->Fine-tuned-->Enhanced--> Real-world feedbacks on its performance. 

Technologies We use: 

Java Platform: Spring, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Spring MVC

Nodejs Platform: Expressjs , nodejs 

FrontEnd Framework: Angular , Reactjs , Vuejs

Database: Mysql, Postgresql, and Mongodb


Architecture: Microservice 

Key Benefits of Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Our LocalBitcoin Clone Script is known for its immense benefits and revenue-generating models which makes our customers stay unique & become billionaires in the crypto market.

1. Rank-Based System: Localbitcoins clone P2P platform works on a rank-driven approach. Here this platform has given the rank based on parameters such as successful trades and past activities, and more. Depending on the rank they possess, other users can choose them if required.

2. Escrow Wallets: Through the escrow system, Bitcoins & altcoins will be released only after the buyer makes the payment, and the seller confirms the trade.

3. 2-Factor Authentication: The users have to sign in to their account using the account credentials, and then they have to proceed to enter the PIN that they have received on their mobile phones. 

4. Email Verification: A verification email will be sent to the user’s email IDs when the user tries to log in from a different browser. If they log in using the same browser, then email verification is not needed. 

5. Dispute Management: The dispute management system will find all the user’s queries and concerns. If the buyer/seller raises any disputes, it will be solved instantly.

Why Choose Maticz's Localbitcoins Clone Script?

Maticz Technologies is a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that provides White Label Crypto Exchange Development and offers the clone scripts of top exchanges like LocalBitcoins, Poloniex, Coinbase, Binance, and lot more to start your crypto exchange.

We develop and deploy the secured Whitelabel LocalBitcoins clone script with additional trading features to stand best in the crypto market. 

Maticz is not only a Crypto Exchange Development Company, but we also pioneer ourselves as fintech solution providers, we function with the experienced development teams and realtime traders who are more aware of the fundamental and technical aspects of the global financial market.

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