LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Take part in the P2P crypto exchange revolution by launching an escrow-powered P2P exchange like LocalBitcoins with our white label Localbitcoins clone script offering diligent trade-off of bitcoins, altcoins, and tokens.

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To Start a P2P Crypto Exchange like LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins Clone

Localbitcoins Clone Script is a customizable P2P Crypto Exchange Script designed and developed with the core P2P trading features like OTC trading, Escrow services, Online/Offline trading to meet the requirements of the Crypto audiences. Maticz offers the best in the market Local Bitcoin Clone Script built with an advanced Microservice Architecture that enables a military-grade security to the P2P Crypto Exchange Platform. In default, Our LocalBitcoins Clone comes with cross platform compatibility mode executing functionalities over a number of frameworks like Windows, iOS, etc.

The White Label LocalBitcoins Clone Software is made available in the market only after undergoing a number of security checks which enlists itself as the most enduring P2P Crypto Exchange Platform in the current cryptosphere. Our LocalBitcoins Website Clone allows traders to buy, sell and manage bitcoins, altcoins on crypto wallet both online and offline trade. Get exposed to the brilliance of the Person-to-Person Bitcoin Exchange business through Maticz’s turn-key P2P Crypto Exchange Software - LocalBitcoins Clone Software.

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Ads Based Trading

The Ad based trading accounts for a different mode of trade allowing the buy and sell ads matching the corresponding buyers with that of sellers. This eases up the modes to take part in transactions directly through the ad provisions.

Escrow Services

Escrow is an extra security protocol which acts as the central body mediating the transactions at both ends. The Escrow accounts for the dispute resolvance especially in cases involving traders from a variety of zones and versatile trade modes.

Real Time Data Stats

The LocalBitcoins Clone Script comes up with a real time data stats allowing the Crypto aspirants to keep track of the current Crypto market and to have a most definite Crypto portfolio that accounts for Financial stability and monetisation.

Multi-payment modes

The LocalBitcoins Clone Script supports multiple payment modes and accepts funds from a number of sources. These multiple payments contribute to the cause of beginner as well as amateur level audiences looking to build their Crypto portfolio.

Multi-currency Access

The LocalBitcoins Clone Script comes with multiple currency access making the process of taking part in the Crypto trade far easier. The Cryptos are in abundance and would be traded-off in huge volumes if at all offered compatibility by a single platform.

User pulling UI

User Interface will always be the scalability improving attribute that counts for improving the number of participants making their way through the platform. Maticz’s LocalBitcoins Clone Script has an usability improving UI which has tons of benefits.


Maticz’s LocalBitcoins Clone Script beats all its counterparts through its best in-build functionalities and powerful features without compromising in quality of services.

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Instant Buy/Sell Bitcoins
Dynamic Token Adding Tool
Multi Language Support
Full Source Code Access
Dispute Management
Over-the-Counter Trading
Online/Offline Trading
Cold/Offline Wallet Support
Core Multi-sig Wallet Setup
3rd Party Wallet Connectivity

Maticz LocalBitcoins Clone is built based on Micro Service Architecture that safe guard crypto exchange platform to withstand ransomware and malware attacks.

CSRF Protection
AES Encryption
Anti-DDos Provision
Escrow Powered Security
Two Factor Authentication
Dispute Management
Soft & Hard Wallet Provisions


We configure and implement various security features in our LocalBitcoins Clone Script that offers an intuitive and secured Crypto trading platform for your buyers and sellers.

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To Launch P2P Crypto Exchange App like LocalBitcoins App

LocalBitcoins Clone App

LocalBitcoins Clone App is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchange App designed to serve the cause of the audience looking to make the most out of Cryptocurrency and its applications through mobile. Maticz offers the best in class LocalBitcoin Clone App that remains inline in the functions and features with the existing LocalBitcoins mobile application . Our LocalBitcoins Clone App is compatible with both the Android as well as iOS platforms and enables effective listing on Play Store and App Store.

Several Entrepreneurs are launching their own Cryptocurrency Exchange App like LocalBitcoins to capitalize the opportunities in this growing Cryptocurrency sector. Our Localbitcoins clone app is a ready made P2P Crypto Exchange App integrated with best in class trading features that enable you to launch your own Crypto Exchange app similar to Localbitcoins. It's the perfect time to attract the crypto traders and investors by kick-starting an advanced Crypto Exchange App with the help of pioneers in Crypto Exchange Development - Maticz.

Cross Platform Compatibility
Push & Pop Notifications
Buyer/Seller Chat Option
Light/Dark Theme Support
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Features Security Features
Multiple Trade modes
Fiat Currency feasibility
Hard Wallet compatibility
Push notification & alerts
Multiple Payment Gateway
Sequential upgrades
User & Mobile friendly
Market analysis at the palmtop
Biometric enabled security
OTP validated Transactions
Mail based verification
QR accessibility
2FA Validation
Seed phrased access
Time limited access
Encrypted Withdrawal


Our LocalBitcoin Clone App provides the best features to the crypto exchange app users with trading and other in-app properties.

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Our experts pursue a unique workflow for the development of your LocalBitcoins clone platform.

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Layout the Plan

Once you get in touch with our team, your requirements are noted and our experts set up the process for the development of your exchange platform according to your platform features.

UI Development

The UI will be the first impression that's going to drive users to your platform and our experts develop the best UI. Once the UI is approved by the client our developers start to work further.

Development of Features

The features required by the patron for the exchange platform is developed by our experts and also work on integrating the trading engine and all other functionalities.

Cryptocurrency Integration

Once the exchange platform is developed our professionals work on further steps on installing cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and tokens required by the client on the exchange.

Test your platform

Our developer's next stop is testing. Our experts test your exchange in a sequential process and monitor the real-time activities, workflow on the testnet, and the bug issues are fixed.

Launch your exchange

Once all the above-mentioned process gets ended the developed exchange platform is installed on the client-server and deployed on the market for the users to access it.

User Dashboard Admin Dashboard
Quick Buy and Sell Option
Limits for buying and selling
Amount and denominations
Transaction History
Market offers and availability
Payment Modes
Commercial Support
How to Buy Bitcoins
Contact Support
Frequently asked questions
About Us

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We are offering some competitive features that make our LocalBitcoins Clone unique and more successful.

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Our mission is to deliver a scalable solution utilizing cutting-edge technologies that enables our localbitcoins clone script platform works effectively

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Users need to register their Localbitcoins like P2P Exchange platform account to execute the trading of cryptocurrencies.


Verify & Login

After registration, Users receive a verification mail. Once the email is verified, now the users proceed with the trade mode.


Deposit the funds

The seller can set rules like payment method, and other info. Buyer who agrees on the terms then shows interest in buying crypto.


Escrow Services

Once agreed to the terms, Our P2P exchange locks it in escrow and will release it once the buyer receives a receipt of payment.


Test your platform

Our developer's next stop is testing. Our experts test your exchange in a sequential process and monitor the real-time activities, workflow on the testnet, and the bug issues are fixed.


Dispute Management

This option is used to solve the disputes that arise while trading occurs. This Dispute can be managed by admins.


Offline Trading

With offline execution trading, traders can benefit by using a chat system. Transactions proceed based on locations.

For LocalBitcoins Website Clone Development

For LocalBitcoins Website Clone Development

We Maticz the credible Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers a multi-tested and ready to deploy LocalBitcoins Clone Script for the active investors looking to Start a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform similar to LocalBitcoins. The Maticz's LocalBitcoins Clone Script is available in a market ready mode paving way for the faster deployment and helps instant P2P crypto exchange launch.

If you are an active Crypto investor and looking for a premium Crypto Exchange Solution Provider to maximize your Crypto portfolio, seek the help of the pioneers in Crypto Exchange Development the Maticz and launch your dream crypto exchange easily. Hire our techie team of expertise in tuning up your Crypto exchange business idea with our White Label LocalBitcoins Clone Script and make the best use of the current Cryptosphere’s credits, for the present as well as the future.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a ready-made P2P Crypto Exchange Script which performs more like the LocalBitcoins. The LocalBitcoins Clone Script is based on the phenomenon of Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

We deliver the Local Bitcoin Clone Script with advanced frameworks that relate with the limelight features of the globally recognized Exchange scripts. We Deliver products along with the expert assistance even after the product delivery.

Our feature-packed LocalBitcoins Clone Script comes up with features like the Escrow, Ads based trading, Dispute resolutions, Online/Offline trades, OTC trading, Multi-Sig Wallets, etc.

Our Local Bitcoin Clone script comes out with a very significant trading method called the Over-the-Counter Trading which involves the trading to take place without the supervision of an exchange. Our Clone Script blends P2P with that of OTC attributes.

We Maticz, the pioneer solution provider in the domains of Cryptocurrency Exchange developments have qualified set of developers who have thorough knowledge on the market performance of various Cryptos and deliver the prescribed Clone Script of the Localbitcoins to the fullest satisfaction of the client.

Our Localbitcoins Clone script has highly effective revenue models that assist traders to earn lucrative profits. Some of the revenue factors are, Transaction fees, Withdrawal fees, Listing fees, Coin Listing fees, and much more.,

Without any modifications, the deployment time of the Localbitcoins Clone script took 24 hours, and with customizations, adding plugins, and add-ons, based on our client's requirements it would take around a week to launch.

Our advanced technologies, elite functionalities, latest security enhancement, and rapid working options make us unique compared to other competitive markets. We provide our Localbitcoins Clone script based on the required customization that users prefer.

Based on the additional features, plugins, and add-on integration the cost of the Localbitcoins clone may differ. Want to know the exact price plan contact our business experts and get a price quote.

Currently, Cryptocurrency is getting a buzzword among all people and get inspiring every startup and entrepreneur. Also, they need a crypto exchange platform to perform transactions, So the scope of venturing into a P2P exchange like Localbitcoins is too high.

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