Centralized Crypto Exchange Development

Join over 75+ crypto exchanges and brokerage operators who have chosen our centralized crypto exchange development services to create a centralized exchange platform. Our centralized crypto exchange platforms come with instant liquidity, powerful APIs, and 10x better security practices.


Centralized Crypto Exchange Development Company

Centralized crypto exchange development is a step-by-step to create a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform from exchange platform design to deployment in the server. In other words, centralized exchange development is a process of creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates with a central authority. Here the central authority is a company or an intermediary that acts as a governing body between a buyer and a seller and earns money through transactions and commissions fees.

Maticz is the top-rated centralized crypto exchange development company that offers best-in-class centralized crypto exchange development services with top crypto exchange developers. We have a team of blockchain architects having adequate knowledge to develop a highly effective centralized crypto exchange platform suiting clients and market needs. Our crypto exchange software solution delivers an outstanding trading experience with improved usability and 10x better security measures to a wide range of crypto traders.

We are the leading players in centralized exchange development who have successfully launched 50+ crypto exchange platforms which are now the top performers in the market. If you wish to become one among them, connect with us and launch your centralized exchange platform now!

Launched 50+ Crypto Exchanges
Supports Unlimited Cryptocurrencies
Multiple Payment Gateway
White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Centralized Exchange (CEX) is a digitalized asset trading platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The main purpose of the centralized exchange is the concept of a third party or middle-man to execute transactions, creating higher reliability of crypto trading.

A centralized cryptocurrency exchange system implicates the participation of third-party, APIs, and services that is mainly responsible for the security and reliability of the exchange. The traders of the centralized crypto exchange platform can store their cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in a crypto wallet. And the transaction history of all purchases and sales in an order book is recorded in a centralized exchange.

Advanced Order Book System
Central Governing Body
Integrated Crypto Wallet
Highly Secured Platform
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What is Centralized Exchange?

White Label

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Centralized cryptocurrency exchange software is a white label centralized crypto exchange platform that offers hassle-free trading of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, etc. Our white label centralized crypto exchange software has a highly customizable front-end and power-packed backend that aids business owners to launch centralized crypto exchange instantly. Fast-track your centralized exchange development with Maticz’s scalable, secure, and fully-fledged white-label CEX exchange software solutions built on a strong foundation for first-class performance. We provide a White label centralized crypto trading platform that allows businesses to start a CEX exchange with function-rich features, security and a completely customized user interface as per branding essentials

Maticz is a prominent centralized crypto exchange software development company that offers white label centralized crypto exchange software to launch centralized exchange platform. Centralized cryptocurrency exchange development can assist businesses owners to gain an edge over the business competition. Our Blockchain specialists have expertise in providing white label centralized crypto exchange development solutions with enriched features and secured payment gateway integrations. Hire our dedicated team of experts to build the exchange platform easily by handling all the complex processes in a short period. Are you a business enthusiast looking to create a centralized crypto exchange platform, our centralized cryptocurrency exchange development services assist you to set up your CEX platform right away!

100% Customizable
Clean & Secure Codebase
Liquidity at Launch
Supports Multiple Trading Options
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We have created a feature-packed centralized cryptocurrency exchange with admirable admin features that suits the client's business requirements.

Secured Signup & Login
Multi-Currency Support
Peer-to-Peer Trading
OTC Trading
Spot Trading
Derivatives Trading (Perpetual & Future)
Copy Trading
Multi-lingual Support
Cold Wallet Integration
Referral Links

Our centralized crypto exchange is covered with the most reliable user features for a better customer experience that entrusts your business.

Eye-Opening Admin Panel
Manage Liquidity API
Dispute Management
KYC Authorization
CMS Management
Trading Pair Management
Auto Withdraw limit
Analytical Trade Report
Transactions & Trade History
Launchpad Management

Our splendid Centralized crypto exchange development has been fortified with high-security features to protect the exchange from scams and other fraudulent activities.

Two-Factor Authentication
Automated KYC and AML
CSRF Protection
SSRF Protection
Anti-Phishing Integration
Data Encryption
Jail Login
Biometric Authentication
DDos and Dos Integration
Time-Limited Transactions

Our Blockchain architects integrate the following add-ons along with our function-rich centralized crypto exchange development.

NFT Provisions
Liquidity API
Crypto Price Sticker API
Crypto Trading Bot
Basic, Advanced, and Pro trading
Sub-Admin integration
Merchant API
Staking & Swapping

Result Driven

Being an Enthralling Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, We assure to cover every aspect of our CEX Exchange so that our clients can attain the unique features of our business-centric solutions.

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Insights On

A centralized exchange software is built in a way to renders adequate trading facilities to the users which can lead to an enhanced user base eventually. Here we going to see how the centralized exchange works. Let’s dive in.

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User Login

To enter into the centralized exchange, users start login into the exchange platform by signing up for all the required data.


Fund Deposit

With our centralized crypto exchange platform, empowering the users to deposit their fiat currencies into the crypto wallets, the trading just initiates.


Fiat into Cryptocurrency

The Buyer of the centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform starts buying their cryptocurrencies and utilizing the deposited fiat currencies from their crypto wallets.


Purchase Desired Cryptocurrency and trade

After that, the buyer of the centralized crypto exchange can purchase their desired cryptocurrencies either by using fiat currencies or their purchased cryptocurrencies.


Secure transaction

The transaction between the buyer and the seller occurs through the centralized crypto exchange’s individual user balance allotment.

Our End to End

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Process

Here is the consecutive work process on how our crypto peeps create themself involved in your centralized cryptocurrency exchange development.

Requirement Gathering

Our team of experts gathers the requirements and forms the layout of all deliverables with structured solution patterns.

Design Process

Based on our client’s suggestion, Our blockchain architects build up an outstanding UI and UX Design for the platform.

Attribute Integration

Based on our client’s business requirements and algorithms, the attributes are included.

Security Controls

In our Centralized crypto Exchange, the inclusion of security controls like UAT and peril testing is done.

Payment Gateways

To improve usability in our Centralized cryptocurrency Exchange development, we integrate the multiple Payment gateways.

Testing And Product Deployment

After the development process, the platform undergoes testing and confirms there is no bug. After that, it is released on testnet. Once it’s verified, it is deployed into the mainnet.

Highlights Of Our

We have an extensive list of enriched features that will be done like your expectations in our Centralized Crypto Exchange Development Services.

  • Huge App Functionality
  • Custom DDI
  • Order Matching Engine
  • Escrow Management
  • Crypto Wallet Configuration
  • Excellent Customer Services

Huge App Functionality

Our Centralized crypto exchange has huge application functionalities such as margin trading, trading pairs, lending/borrowing, futures trading, and more.

Custom DDI

Customizing a Data-Driven Interface for your dreamier CEX Exchange envisions your remarkable exchange to the audience as per your explicit business idea.

Order Matching Engine

The inclusion of the Order matching engine system assists to matches the perfect buy and sell orders to perform traders concurrently.

Escrow Management

The escrow system holds the crypto assets until the buyer and seller end their deal and start trading more securely in the process of exchange.

Crypto Wallet Configuration

Our Centralized crypto exchange includes a secure crypto wallet for the users that helps to secure their cryptocurrencies.

Excellent Customer Services

These features are quite helpful for newbie investors who want further advice and troubleshooting service.



Our Centralized crypto exchange provides a user-friendly interface that permits easy signup & login. CEX ensures the user cryptos on the individual crypto wallets allotted to the user. Users can log in, make trades with order books and view their account balance.


Speed & Liquidity

Our exclusive centralized cryptocurrency exchanges often have impeccable liquidity. Because many users can purchase a specific asset simultaneously when the demand for the asset is high.


Direct Fiat Currency Exchanges

Our premium Centralized Crypto Exchange Development supports the trading of both fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto for the traders on the platform. This enables the user to trade fiat and crypto-based on their convenience.


White Labeling

Our complete White Label centralized cryptocurrency exchange entitles you to alter its complete application model as per business essentials.


High Scalability

Our CEX crypto exchange development has all cutting-edge features and options that satisfy the rising demands in the crypto industry. So, it fetches high scalability to your business.


Massive Functionalities

Our avant-garde Centralized cryptocurrency exchange has massive functionalities such as margin trading, spot trading, discounts for high-volume trade, Forex-style currency pair trading, and enormous financial data in the form of graphical charts.


Legality & Regulations

Most of the Centralized crypto Exchange platforms are legalized and regulated by their registered location or country-based governments. Regulated Exchanges have certified their user accounts.



Our high-grade centralized crypto exchange provides a multi-layer of security and reliability in terms of trading and transactions. CEX is a highly robust feature and design for exchanging cryptos in a highly effective manner.



The Confidential-conserving smart contracts could be smartly implemented via the pre-coded centralized crypto exchange platform.


Our well-versed Centralized Crypto Exchange Development Services offer you key benefits in the following points.

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Here mentioned are the following types of orders supported by our centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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Limit Order

Buyers & sellers can set the minimum or maximum limit price to buy/sell their cryptocurrency. If the order of the trader doesn’t suit the existing orders, then the order is listed in the order book. Otherwise, the order comes with a set price limit.

Market Order

In Market order, transactions are implied to execute as fast as feasible at the current market price. This Market order is an order plan to instantly buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the available market price.

Stop-Limit Order

Stop limit order is the combination of both Limit order and stop order. With the help of these Stop-limit orders, users can limit their losses before the market falls. It works based on the triggered terms for buy and sells, then the trade will transform into a limit price.

Binance Clone

Launching a Centralized crypto exchange like Binance is a more choice to kick-start your own CEX exchange platform and get a seamless trading experience.

Coinbase Clone

Developing a Centralized exchange with our Coinbase clone assists you to create your CEX exchange platform effectively.

Huobi Clone

Launching a centralized exchange like Huobi with our Huobi clone gives more benefits since the platform is feature-packed and highly secured.

KuCoin Clone

Starting the CEX platform with our Kucoin clone can be a great option to get numerous benefits such as quicker transactions and passive earnings.

Kraken Clone

Establish your versatile Centralized exchange with Kraken clone to fetch more benefits that assist you to launch a fully-fledged CEX platform efficiently.

Bitfiniex Clone

Build a Centralized crypto exchange like Bitfinex with our Bitfiniex Clone to provide your users with an extreme degree of security in crypto transactions.


Our unique centralized crypto exchange development strategies help us create top-rated centralized crypto exchange clones similar to Binance, Coinbase, Poloniex, and more which fulfill the global crypto exchange business necessities.

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Top Centralized Exchange Development Company

Top Centralized Exchange Development Company

Maticz is a top-rated centralized exchange development company with a team of 50+ innovative blockchain architects who have vast experience in creating next-gen centralized crypto exchange platforms. Our proficient crypto exchange developers offer you the best CEX Exchange that suits your business model and passive income stream. As a pioneer in centralized crypto exchange development, our experts understand the project requirements and deliver the best possible enterprise-focused crypto exchange solutions that ensure the application’s success.

Our centralized exchange development includes all the fundamental features and updated functionalities along with high security to make your own centralized cryptocurrency exchange business more secure and encrypted. Are you a business enthusiast who wants to start your centralized crypto exchange? Then partnering with Maticz can be assured that your centralized crypto exchange projects are in secure hands. Get profitable and unique CEX solutions if you desire to become a foremost in leveraging innovative technologies. Kick-start your crypto journey with trending strategies to perform great outcomes.

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