White Label Crypto Bank

White-label crypto banking software enables the development of a new-age banking system where non-bank entities provide crypto-related financial products and services under their brand while availing the licensing and infrastructure of the partner. In addition, with the fine-tuned white-label crypto banking solutions, the deployment of digital asset banking systems is easy. 

The white label crypto bank became the buzzword as cryptocurrency is on the verge of becoming mainstream. According to Coingecko, the total market cap of cryptocurrency is $1.2 tn, and the average trading volume of cryptocurrency is around $40 bn per day.

The above stats indicate the soaring necessity of the futuristic crypto banking system, and further this line, how white-label crypto banking software can meet the demand is discussed.

How Does Crypto Banking System Work?

Crypto banking systems consist of blockchain and cryptocurrency and offer various digital banking solutions like deposits, loans, etc., for the community. It works via the following.

Private Key - A password or pin for initiating transactions and can be stored in the digital wallet, while the public key acts as a username or wallet address.

Transaction Fee - A small transaction fee is required to help the DAO support the network by rewarding the miners for validating the transactions.

DeFi Platform - The DeFi platform enables users to avail loans using crypto or other digital assets as collateral in a decentralized environment.

Smart Contract - A smart contract is integrated into the crypto banking application to automate complex banking tasks and streamline operations.

Why Opt for Crypto Banking Software Services?

Crypto banking software is more secure than conventional banking software and the operation of crypto banking is similar to the traditional banking system. The paradigm shift in the financial landscape and inclination towards cryptocurrency enabled technological firms to offer cutting-edge crypto banking software services with the following attributes:

Bank Account

International bank accounts, including SEPA & SWIFT IBAN accounts, can be opened by the user based on their preferences.

Debit & Credit Card

Virtual debit or credit cards that support crypto and fiat transactions are accepted in online and merchant-supported stores.

Digital Wallet

A multi-functional digital wallet that stores and safeguards fiat & digital assets to enable hassle-free cryptocurrency transactions with private keys.

Payment Gateways

The infrastructure supports multiple payment gateways with seamless POS (Point of Sale) payment solutions for crypto & fiat currency.

P2P Trading

The uniqueness of crypto banking software is that it supports peer-to-peer transactions irrespective of location.

Crypto Trading Dashboard

An intuitive and multi-functional dashboard helps traders analyze crypto & fiat-related transactions.

Crypto Banking Software Development Services

To enable banks or businesses to deploy a complete digital banking system, we offer the following versatile white-label crypto banking solution.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs enable the purchase of cryptocurrency using debit or credit cards, and it is designed in a beginner-friendly manner. In addition, the system is completely anonymous and supports Bitcoin selling.

API Banking Solutions

API banking solutions offer a secure, seamless, and effective way for businesses to access financial services and manage crypto-related transactions. Some advantages are real-time updates, integrations, and economical systems.

Crypto Banking as a Service

Crypto Banking as a Service is a next-gen banking model that enables businesses to provide crypto-related financial services without any banking infrastructure. Scalability, asset & risk management, and cost-saving are some advantages.

Features of White Label Crypto Bank 

The white-label crypto banking system should consist of the following features to establish a ground-breaking crypto bank for secure and seamless crypto-based banking transactions.

All-inclusive Dashboard

To enable a flawless digital banking experience, the white-label crypto banking software should consist of intuitive front-end designs to deliver a seamless and immersive banking experience. 

Diverse Modules

In addition to common banking elements like accounts, payments, lending, borrowing, credit & debit cards, etc., the software should consist of crypto-based modules like Defi, P2P transactions, staking, etc.

Powerful Infrastructure

The white-label crypto banking platform should include cutting-edge technologies like smart algorithms, smart contracts, and more secure and advanced architecture to offer conventional and crypto-based banking services.

More Advanced APIs

Advanced APIs or third-party integrations like wallet systems, payment gateway, liquidity providers, stock options, etc., are the essential and core components of digital asset banking.

Benefits of Crypto Banking Software 

Crypto banking software has the potential to revolutionize the existing banking model with numerous benefits like the below.


The white-label crypto banking platform differs from the traditional banking system with its decentralized and automated nature. It enables P2P transactions with less cost in a decentralized environment.


The business model of white-label crypto banking software is economical and enables businesses of various sizes to deploy a feature-rich digital asset application or platform within their capital.


The white-label digital asset banking software is a pre-coded solution that requires less time for complete development and is popular among tech firms for accelerated market deployment.


The main benefit of the white-label crypto banking system is that it is highly scalable and can be customized according to digital banking platform requirements. In addition, the application can be upgraded with market-demand features with ease.


White-label crypto banking applications implement blockchain security protocols like data encryption, so storing and managing crypto assets is easy with reduced risk of data breach and glitches. 


In addition to offering many modern banking benefits, the platform also provides improved liquidity that enables the conversion of fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat currency for stabilizing economy

Banking Empowerment

This futuristic baking model empowers the financial landscape and helps established banks reform their core legacy system while streamlining and expediting traditional banking operations.

Future of White Label Digital Asset Bank

The main motive of the digital asset banking system is to provide a seamless and secure way of managing crypto & fiat assets with conventional banking benefits. In addition, it offers liquidity, increased accessibility & security, and cost-effective banking solutions. 

Though the inclusion of this new banking model depends on technological advancement, and financial institutional acceptance, crypto trading platforms, blockchain, and scalable protocols made these systems more secure and accessible to manage financial transactions.

In case of inquiries on white-label crypto banking services, approach Maticz, a leading blockchain development company to get a quote or personalized solutions.

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