Opensea Clone Script

Maticz helps you develop your own NFT marketplace platform with our white label opensea clone script. A ready-to-market software solution helps you launch your own NFT marketplace in just 15 days.

Opensea Clone

Create NFT Marketplace Like Opensea

Opensea clone script is a readymade, multi-tested, and white-label NFT marketplace operating similar to Opensea. Maticz’s Opensea clone script is a 100% customizable NFT marketplace developed over a blockchain network that facilitates users to list, mint, and trade-off NFTs. Our opensea clone script is built with market-pulling features that enable secure and faster trading of digital collectibles like art, photography, video, music, metaverse, memes, domain, etc. The marketplace is built with powerful architecture, APIs, and advanced security implementation to safeguard NFT assets from hacks and attacks.

Maticz is the pioneer in NFT marketplace development that has developed more than 50+ NFT marketplaces that are now top performers in the market. Our NFT marketplace developers have developed a robust opensea clone script capable of operating on a number of blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Flow, Avalanche, etc. The platform is completely feature-packed to meet any of the market requirements and new features and functionalities can be added if required. Our Opensea website clone performs the same as the opensea marketplace and the platform is highly scalable and so it gives top performance in any case at any instant.

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The NFT marketplace is developed with the best storefront that provides all the needed information about an NFT and also shows the details of the NFT marketplace.


Multi-Chain Interoperability

Recent NFT marketplaces are brought up with Multi-chain interoperability where various crypto users are attracted to the platform and the NFT trading numbers will be improved.


Payment Gateway

The Opensea clone script will be associated with various payment gateway which also includes the option of debit/credit card for the purchase of NFT like the Opensea.


Multiple Wallets

To assist the users with their own wallets the platform is developed with multiple wallet options where it lets many crypto users of different wallet holders to buy NFTs.


Effective Listing

The Opensea Clone is provided with various options of listing where it shows off the complete details of the NFT so that the traders get all the information they need.



Auction has been a trending feature of all time that attracts the users since the early days and this would give completeness to your NFT marketplace.


API Integration

Multiple APIs are integrated with the Opensea Clone that benefits your business growth and various API can be integrated in accordance with your business requirements.



The Opensea website script is developed with the advanced filter option that helps the users to find out the right NFT of their choice by just spending lesser time.



The Marketplace is designed with the feature of presenting stats that show the statistics of every NFT's performance individually since the time the NFT is minted on the blockchain.


Our Developers put their hands into work keeping all these following features in mind to present a standard platform to the users of the crypto sphere.

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Turn Key

Opensea Clone Development

Maticz is a pro-player in opensea clone development that has developed more than 25+ NFT marketplaces similar to Opensea. The success of Opensea has made business enthusiasts launch an NFT marketplace like opensea and that is where the leading player in the blockchain industry, Maticz comes into action. We have developed a number of world-class NFT marketplace platforms from scratch as well as using our white label opensea clone for entrepreneurs from all over the world. After thoroughly analyzing the current market trend, we have developed this ready-to-launch opensea clone software suitable for any of the NFT business requirements.

Opensea clone is a ready-to-launch, multi-tested, and white-label NFT marketplace software to create an NFT marketplace similar to Opensea. Our opensea clone is a smart contract audited platform with 100% bug-free source code enabling hassle-free trading, listing, minting, and staking of NFTs. Maticz's Opensea clone remains homogeneous in function and performance of the world's largest NFT marketplace - Opensea. As our opensea clone is a white-label solution, we can able to customize our opensea clone and new features and functionalities based on your business requirements. Opt for our opensea clone and launch your NFT marketplace in just 15 days!

Certified Developers
100% Client Satisfaction
On-time Delivery
Best Code Practices
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The first-ever blockchain network in the crypto sphere to have an NFT Marketplace. Blast off your clone on Ethereum to gain a wide range of audiences instantly.

Binance Smart Chain

BSC has brought many solutions to crypto world that made Binance get on top of the table. The low gas fees and other unique features have attracted millions of users.


Cardano, a third-generation blockchain with two-layers CSL and CCL where smart contract and transaction works are done separately reducing the latency.


Solana works with the method of proof-of-history and this has made it the fastest network and Solana comes up with 8 innovative ideas to improve the crypto world.


First network to support EVM with its four distinct levels of frameworks has attracted global investors because of its high-performance scaling platforms.


Avalanche one of the futuristic networks in the blockchain world that can be customized as per the business model and can be used either as a private or public network.


With a well-experienced team of blockchain developers, Maticz provides Opensea like NFT marketplace on various blockchain networks where each blockchain has its benefits.

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Opensea Clone App

To Create NFT Marketplace App Like Opensea App

Opensea Clone App is a white label NFT marketplace app operating similar to Opensea App, developed with blockchain networks and with various tech stacks. Maticz will bring your marketplace idea into the hands of NFT seekers by launching the NFT Marketplace app like Opensea. Launching an NFT marketplace app will bring the number of various digital world creations to the hand of crypto users. Maticz develops a versatile opensea clone app with a number of technology stacks and can be built over any of the trending blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, and more.

The opensea clone app is developed with high-security features to prevent any cause of invasive hack attacks and other interruptions and is also developed with more advanced rich features like filters, wallets, stats, storefront, etc. The admin gets the most advanced dashboard that helps the admin to view all the transactions and other tradings within the marketplace app. The NFT marketplace app holds the NFTs of various domains and has brought creators and their followers under this single roof.

User Friendly UI Designs
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Supports Multiple Chains
Push and Pop Notifications
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Art-based NFT Marketplace will benefit the artist in reaching their fans in the digital world directly and will help them showcase their talents to the world and build their own fan base.


Music is the dominating player in the NFT market which eliminates various factors in reaching out to fans and music NFTs have got more recognition in the NFT world.


Videos have their own dominance in the digital world and this is the part where most people spend their time. So, coming up with a video-based NFT platform will gain you more audience.


The digital world cannot be fulfilled without the presence of photos. Bringing the best photos into the NFT world will gain the attention of users all over the globe.


Games which has been ruling the virtual world because of the young generation, so bringing in your NFT collections with respect to the game content will bring you millions.


Metaverse-based NFT Marketplace is a revenue-generating machine that is determined to be the future of the digital world and that gains you huge traffic in the future.


Maticz’s Opensea NFT Clone is highly scalable software solutions supporting multiple NFT collectibles such as art, music, videos, photography, metaverse, domain, memes, etc.

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How it Works?

Opensea Clone Script Work Flow

Opensea clone platform gives a user friendly interface for both creators and buyers enabling a hassle free listing, buying and selling of NFT collectibles.


A vendor gets his access to the marketplace once the person signup.


Make the presence of the person by signing up with the required fields.


Mint the asset as NFT on the preferred blockchain network to list.


Connect the account with the wallet to take part in NFT trading.


The NFT is listed in the auction or else it will be listed for open bid.


Now the trader gets the access to trade the NFTs listed on the platform.


Once the offer is accepted the NFTs amount is transferred to the wallet.


Once the NFT is traded the NFT is transferred to the buyer's wallet.

Benefits Revenue Modules

High ROI

Launching an NFT marketplace like Opensea will yield you revenue in millions as the future will be more dependent on the virtual world platforms so it will result in a high return on investment.


Smart Contract Audited

The platform is completely smart contract audited where the vulnerabilities and bugs are eliminated after undergoing various sequences of work by the testing team and developers.


Effective Data History

The platform showcases the effective data to the admin in his dashboard which shows the complete details of transactions and trading that happen within the marketplace.


High Security

The Opensea clone is developed with the high additional security features of DDOS, CSRF, SSRF, 2FA, and more to prevent the invasive hack and other attacks from an outsider.


Instant Ownership

The Opensea NFT clone platform is developed with the option of instant ownership once the NFT is transferred to the buyer's wallet after transferring the amount by signing the contract.


Wide Range of NFT Collection

The NFT marketplace with a wide range of NFT collections is where most of the active users are held so bringing in a variety of NFT domains will obtain your top standard in the market.


Listing Fees

Get a partial percentage of the NFTs cost for listing it on your NFT marketplace once it has been traded by a user.


Transaction Fees

You will get a percentage of commission or transaction fee for all the NFTs that have its transaction within the marketplace.


Minting Fees

To mint a digital asset as an NFT the creator has to pay fees or the buyer would pay the minting fee to have it as NFT.


Initial Setup Fees

Get some additional fees for setting up the creator's account for the first time to list his creations as NFTs on your platform.


Revenue from Private Sale

Bring a special feature to your NFT marketplace that lets a creator sell his creations to a buyer personally through your platform instead of public sale.


Maticz develops the top-notch Opensea clone script for the global market that benefits both the admin and the users of the platform.

Your business model involves various revenue-generating acts along with the below-mentioned streams and it is brought to the global market with the best blockchain team.

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For Opensea Clone Platform Development

For Opensea Clone Platform Development

Maticz, the promising NFT marketplace development company has delivered 150+ projects to clients all over the globe with a well-experienced team of blockchain experts. Our team works on various blockchain ecosystems and technology stacks to introduce a user-friendly and futuristic platform to the global market. We present you with a platform that is enabled with end-to-end security features and bring you a revenue-generating model to be deployed in the crypto sphere.

One more step to bring your idea to the digital world connect with our experts and Maticz will transform your ideas into the digital world taking note of all your business ideas. The NFT market value has crossed $11 billion in just the last quarter of 2021 so launching an NFT marketplace like Opensea will take you to a profitable side.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


OpenSea Clone Script is a readymade NFT Marketplace Script functioning similar to OpenSea. Opensea Clone Script allows trading off Crypto Collectibles in a variety of domains and executes the functionalities that include the buy, bid, and sell of Crypto Collectibles based on user requirements along with multiple modes of selling.

Opensea is the leading player in the current NFT Market and it holds the record of $3.4 Billion in Transactions. This implies that the majority of NFT aspirants are preferring Opensea for trading their digital collectibles and so creating an NFT Marketplace similar to Opensea will definitely meet the expectations of the NFT aspirants.

Our Opensea Clone Script comes with rich features like versatile traceability, unlimited listing, multichain capability, user-friendly UI, effective bidding & auctioning, multi-functional user and admin dashboard features, etc which makes the NFT seekers more vibrant.

Opensea Clone Software is a 100% Customizable NFT Marketplace that allows customization of the UI, features, and functionalities. So opting for a White Label Opensea Clone Software enables you to launch an NFT Marketplace based on your requirements.

Maticz offers a multi-tested and ready-for-deployment Opensea Clone Script which allows the instant launch of NFT Marketplace. Also, our Opensea Clone Script is cent percent Smart Contract Audited Solutions that enable the hassle-free functioning of NFT Marketplace.

Some remarkable benefits of the Opensea clone script are 100% audited & customizable smart contract, minimal development period, instant deployment (based on client requirements), enterprise-grade security, cross-chain compatibility, high ROI, start-up friendly, etc.

Some new-age features included (or to be expected in 2023) in the Opensea clone script are UX customization using in-built tools, metaverse integration, credit/debit card payment option, user-owned store within the platform with Web3 integrations, etc.

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