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Being an all-in-one game development studio, We have rich expertise in multiple game engines and cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, etc. We develop custom games for online, mobile, PC, and web platforms with highly skilled game developers.

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Game Development

The game industry is one of the fastest-growing industries which has attracted many newcomers. The last decade has seen a major rise in the popularity of games which has greatly helped to validate the innovation of businesses.

Maticz is the best Game Development Company that offers custom game development services with the industry’s top game developers. With a strong expertise in various game engines and development platforms, we develop next-gen games that are future-proof and multi-platform compatible.

Maticz produces a variety of seamless and interactive desktop and mobile games in various game genres like action, adventures, simulation, racing, RPG, Move-to-earn, etc. We have extensive experience in game development including Blockchain, 2D, 3D, AR, VR, and AI Integrated Games.

Maticz is one of the leading game development agencies providing end-to-end game development services with our highly skilled team of game developers. We are highly recognized for offering exceptional game development solutions that emphasize distinctive gameplay, logical characters, magnificent levels, genre-specific design, and outstanding development.

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Mobile Game Development

For mobile platforms iOS and Android games, We provide art and design, user experience design, cross-platform mobile game development services, and mobile game developers for hire.

PC Game Development

Desktop games are known for the enjoyable gaming experience it provides. Especially for genres like simulation-based games, we develop PC games for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

HTML Game Development

We create web games from scratch using HTML5 and WebGL. Our professionals of HTML5 game developers create native games in a variety of genres that work on all platforms and browsers.

Video Game Development

Having delivered numerous successful video gaming projects across various consoles, we effortlessly convert your gaming ideas into a scalable video game with new-age features.

Unity Game Development

We create and deploy 2D, 3D, & AR/VR games with visually stunning & stimulating environments across genres like strategy, action, open-world, etc., using Unity 3D engine.

Unreal Game Development

As the industry-best unreal engine game development company, Maticz offers ground-breaking solutions built using advanced frameworks like unreal engine and C++.

Our End-to-End

Our cross-functional and talented team members create a logical development schedule for game development. With the following special services, you can draw players to your gaming platform.

  • Mobile Game Development
  • PC Game Development
  • HTML Game Development
  • Video Game Development
  • Unity Game Development
  • Unreal Game Development


We have produced outstanding games over the years that fit into a variety of distinct platforms and gaming genres. Our games have enough playability and allure to generate millions of downloads each week. Let's examine the various game development solutions.


Board Games

We make Board games that are entertaining to play while also promoting interpersonal communication and community development. Traditional Board games like Chess, Ludo, etc as well as contemporary ones are developed with both 2D and 3D visuals.


Action Games

Action games are those that feature combat, weapons, explosions, and world-saving. We produce compelling and exciting games that give players a realistic gaming experience. At Maticz, We have the knowledge and skills required to transform your concepts into fantastic action games.


Roleplay Games

We build role-playing games using the expertise of blockchain developers in a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, audio effects, 3D graphics, animations, and several other components that give online games a sophisticated appearance. We excel in matching various leveling up, combat systems, and in-depth character customization to a specific narrative, theme, or storyline.


Single and Multiple player Games

We develop dependable, flexible single and multiplayer games that guarantee players an exhilarating experience. Based on customer preferences and industry norms, We create compelling gaming storylines using a variety of comprehensive and unique gaming art solutions.


Adventure Games

You can develop Adventure games with a simple layout and user-friendly user interface. We employ eye-catching effects like shaders, masks, and parallax scrolling to create a fun game.


Simulation Games

Creating levels that are both fun and challenging is essential for a successful simulation game. We have a team of experienced UI designers who can create an intuitive and attractive user interface with stunning visuals for the game.


Puzzle Games

We create puzzle games that help both children and adults build their language, research, and spelling skills while also fostering their critical thinking and creative thinking. Crossword puzzles, action puzzles, tile matching, and other puzzle games are examples.


Play to Earn Games

In Play to Earn games, users receive awards that have virtual as well as real-world value. Users can use those awards to trade in-game items like outfits and weaponry or to resell them in a market for real money.


Move to Earn Games

With this Move to Earn game, you'll be able to earn rewards for interacting with the virtual world by doing things like jogging, walking, or running. They will be rewarded with NFTs, tokens, and cryptos every time they engage in any physical activities

NFT Game Development

With the help of our expertise in NFT game creation, you may take advantage of fresh revenue streams and expand your target market. In addition, users can monetize their in-game rewards with utter smoothness on your platform.

Blockchain Game Development

Our developers are professionals in producing decentralized and interoperable games across various blockchain ecosystems. We create blockchain games that are tailored to the specifications of certain projects.

Metaverse Game Development

We offer highly scalable metaverse games to enable a realistic setting where players may interact with 3D virtual worlds. We also aid in the tokenization & trading of gaming assets within the gaming metaverse and assist gamers in making money.

AR/VR Game Development

AR/VR Games make users feel and witness the breathtaking visuals of augmented and virtual realities. We contribute to the diversification of gaming options & design unique games that can be specially adapted to entice today's tech-savvy players.

Web3 Game Development

Web3 games are our game development solution and the pitch-perfect example of next-gen games that enable gamers to own and trade gaming assets, thus creating numerous monetization opportunities for the investors, gamers, and community.


Maticz is an all-in-one game development studio to develop your fine-tuned games across various technologies like Metaverse, Web3, AR/AR, etc. We helped many firms to conquer the gaming niche with versatile gaming solutions from blockchain to NFT.

Game Development Studio

Agile techniques

We use an Agile methodology by breaking up the development process into several small steps. By giving full focus to a particular step, We make sure you get the best possible end product.


Diverse Portfolios

We provide spectacular games in a variety of genres that includes casual, hyper-casual, arcade, sports, and action. These games can be accessed on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


Multiple Engagement Model

You can choose the engagement model that best suits your gaming platform. We offer various game-creation techniques based on the requirements and the scope of the project.


Flexible Communication

Depending on your convenience and preferences, you can get in touch with us by phone, email, or instant message. Also, you can adjust the communication strategy to fit your particular demands.


Quick & Effective Development

With proven development strategies and cutting-edge frameworks, we develop & launch next-gen games across various consoles or platforms in a much shorter time. All the games are developed after effective prototypes and brainstorming sessions between each phase that yields better outcome.


Increased Efficiency and Accessibility

Automating certain tasks can significantly reduce the workload of development teams, freeing up resources to be used on other aspects of the project which results in increased efficiency and accessibility.


We can produce games using cutting-edge game creation technologies for a range of platforms. For users, startups, and the market, We create games that are aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and professional. The following are some highlights of our distinctive advantages.

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The Process That Makes Us

Top Game Development Agency

Being an outstanding Game Development Agency Our team collaborates to create games for various genres by utilizing the sequential process outlined below.


At this stage, game developers brainstorm ideas and come up with a concept for a game. This includes choosing the game’s target audience, genre, style, and overall theme.


The Pre-Production stage entails developing a game prototype and refining the concept. This is where the story, characters, levels, and other game features are created.


It is regarded as an important stage in game development. At this point, the game begins to take shape. The game's code, graphics, audio, and other elements are created during the Production stage.


The Testing phase is when the game is tested for bugs and other issues. The game's balance and difficulty settings are also modified at this time.


After finishing, the game is made available to the general audience. Marketing entails marketing the game to prospective customers and releasing it across various platforms.

Post-Release Support

Following the game's initial release, the game development company offers post-release support, which entails tracking the game's performance, reacting to user comments, and adding new concepts to the game.


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Being one of the leading game production studios, we always use the most up-to-date game engines and frameworks to deliver the greatest results.

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Best Game Development Company

Best Game Development Company

Maticz is one of the leading Game Development Companies that provide affordable end-to-end game creation services. More than 60 members of our workforce have previous experience working for large corporations on the most popular video games. We offer a wide range of game design services for the most popular platforms using the most modern technologies.

We have developed outstanding games for a wide range of distinctive platforms and gaming genres. Our game developers will produce stunning user interfaces, awesome 3D objects, and sporadic realistic experiences for gamers. To ensure that they also draw gamers to your gaming platform, our gaming development team works closely together. Build yours today and contact us to talk about it in more detail.

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Game development or Gamdev refers to the process of developing & deploying a game in the market. Game development involves concept creation, design, development, testing, and launch. It involves collaboration from project managers, designers, developers, animators, etc.

Maticz, the best game development company in the market, helped several gaming projects to thrive in the niche and is well-known for their 100% project success ratio. Maticz is well known for its advanced gaming studio that enable firms to capture the gaming market with its versatile game development solutions.

There are various types of games like PC games, mobile games, NFT games, unity engine-based games, metaverse games, etc. Games are the buzzword followed by their development, while random gaming modules overtake the market based on their innovation and gamers' demand.

Some benefits of developing & launching a cutting-edge game are increased ROI, in-built revenue models (like in-game stores, advertising, etc.), effortless marketing, gamer-attracting features & functionalities, etc. The gaming development modules are customizable and help investors launch a game within the capital.

Next-gen games with market-attracting features become a commercial success and help investors & stakeholders maximize their ROI. In addition, the gaming industry is thriving right now with the integration of user-oriented business models, so it is possible to generate a profit in a short time.

Gaming niches are so scalable that new or innovative technologies like AI, Crypto, NFT, Web3, Metaverse, etc., can be easily integrated for further progress. As technology evolves, the gaming industry witnesses a revolution and reaches a multi-billion market value in the coming years.

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