Private Blockchain Development 

A private blockchain is a permissioned blockchain that requires users to have permission to access the network. It guarantees a greater level of anonymity and prevents unreliable parties from accessing or taking control of the network by limiting who is permitted to view and validate transactions. These are simpler to operate, experience less downtime, and offer optimum uptime because they have a smaller network with fewer users.

Maticz is a top-rated private blockchain development company that offers effective private blockchain services to develop and build a wide range of blockchain systems. Our team of talented blockchain developers is perfectly equipped to assess your needs, work with you to harness the potential of blockchain technology, and customize it to satisfy your particular business objectives. 

Being an expert in private blockchain development Maticz makes use of cutting-edge technologies and tools to deliver futuristic private blockchain services for several industries like healthcare, fintech, supply chain, manufacturing, etc. Our private blockchain developers can assist you in navigating the complexities of blockchain and discovering the myriad opportunities it presents to improve your business.

Private Blockchain Development Services

We provide next-gen private blockchain development services tailored specifically for their industry to help them achieve their business objectives. The following are some of the private blockchain solutions and services that we offer.

DApps Development 

We develop scalable and feature-packed decentralized applications for a wide range of industries requiring higher transparency and security in their business processes. 

PoC Development 

We have a passionate team of developers who are efficient in developing Proof-of-Concept to check whether the idea of a client’s project will work or not and to make rational decisions about further development. 

Wallet Development

Our experts develop custom-built and reliable wallets using tried and true techniques to have an end-to-end track of your transactions. We also integrate them into the existing solutions and ensure their hassle-free performance. 

Smart Contract Development 

Our dedicated team of developers creates full-functional and secured smart contracts that are tailored to the needs of your business and its requirements. 

Token Development

We help startups and well-established companies by developing transparent and secure token exchanges that allow users to trade multiple tokens. 

Benefits of Private Blockchain Services

Using next-gen tools and technologies, we deliver private blockchain solutions along with the following diverse benefits that make it hard not to utilize them in your business. 

Robust Security 

Only those who have permission can access it since it is a permissioned blockchain.  It is completely confidential and restricted to the trusted parties. 


Compared to other types of blockchain, a private blockchain is way more scalable. It validates the transaction using fewer nodes and gets quickly adapted with multiple APIs and features. 


Many industries have taken up the private blockchain since it automates business operations and efficiently performs them without involving manual work. 

Less Operating Cost

It does not require all nodes to validate and verify a transaction. All kinds of operations cost less in a private blockchain since it depends on a few trusted ones for validation. 

Transparency and Anonymity 

Users can remain anonymous and keep track of all kinds of transactions and business operations executed on the private blockchain. It makes it simple to have control over your business affairs. 

High Transaction Speed 

It performs plenty of transactions in no time while providing seamless business operations which is the need of the hour for many companies. 

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Private Blockchain Development Process

We at Maticz analyze the project scope of our clients and frame the blueprint of the private blockchain development process accordingly which helps meet your demands and grow your business. Let’s have a look at how we work. 

Select a Proper Use Case 

As the first step in the private blockchain development process, we select a suitable use case from a variety of blockchain use cases like healthcare, finance, real estate, etc based on your project scope. 

Choose a Blockchain Protocol

It is important to choose blockchain protocols that are in line with clients’ project requirements. From a variety of blockchain protocols available such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, etc., our experts select the appropriate protocol which results in the integration of advanced features. 

Pick a Consensus Mechanism

After choosing a blockchain protocol, we pick up a consensus mechanism that best fits your business from a variety of consensus mechanisms like PoW, PoS, and PoET to help achieve trust and security across a decentralized network. 

Set Up Blockchain Nodes 

As the next step in the development process, we analyze and determine the blockchain node on which your private blockchain will run whether on the cloud or on-premises. 

Integrate Blockchain APIs 

Based on the project scope and the use case chosen, we build application programming interfaces for identity, blocks, data, wallet, and smart contracts to serve specific purposes in the private blockchain. 

Create Smart Contracts

Smart contract creation is the most important step in any kind of blockchain development. We create faultless smart contracts that work well with integrated APIs and blockchain nodes. 

Design User Interface

Once we are done with developing and deploying the network, our talented designers start designing the intuitive user interface with stunning interfaces and features while ensuring the APIs built are well integrated with the back-end and front-end. 

Test and Deploy Blockchain 

Before deploying the final product, our quality assurance team performs rigorous testing on the blockchain to check whether the blockchain functions properly and the integrations work seamlessly. Once the software testing process is over, your private blockchain is ready to be deployed.

Private Blockchain Solutions for Various Industries

Private blockchains are highly adopted in many industries due to their enthralling benefits. Maticz offers a wide range of private blockchain solutions & services to various industries some of which are mentioned below. 


Innovate the financial system with blockchain in financial services that enable cross-border payments, instant transactions, and upgraded settlement systems. 


Employ robust private blockchain in the healthcare process to provide quality healthcare and facilitate processes like securing medical records and patient data. 

Supply Chain 

Embrace blockchain in supply chain management to make secure transactions and have end-to-end tracking of goods and products throughout the supply chain. 


Unravel new levels of transparency and security with blockchain gaming solutions that help provide fair gameplay to the players and stay on top of the innovation. 

Real Estate 

Private blockchain in real estate makes the real estate process decentralized and more convenient. Say goodbye to poor liquidity, high costs, and fake deals that have been a barrier to your real estate business. 

Retail and E-commerce 

With private blockchain in retail and e-commerce, it is now easy to offer smooth and fast delivery to customers, make secure transactions, and have real-time tracking of the supply chain. 

What Makes Us the Best Private Blockchain Development Company?

If you want to develop a private blockchain and take your crypto business a step ahead, then Maticz is the best option for all your blockchain-based demands.

Maticz is one of the best private blockchain development companies that offers end-to-end private blockchain services and solutions at an affordable cost. Our passionate blockchain developers are experienced in using cutting-edge tools and technologies and they are capable of turning your innovative ideas into scalable blockchain solutions. 

We offer futuristic blockchain development services to deliver all kinds of blockchain projects whether they are simple or complex on time and with the utmost quality. 

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