Maticz provides a wide range of Blockchain solutions and services to numerous industries that assist their business growth in the global market.

Overview of Blockchain 

Blockchain is the future of digital solutions, every industry and every digital platform will be replacing their present solutions with blockchain solutions. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger where every process is recorded and cannot be modified or deleted. Blockchain is named for its transparency, traceability, trust, and security which is attracting many industries and youngsters to move their ideas with the incorporation of enterprise blockchain solutions.

Blockchain solutions with the decentralized network will change the whole process of how industries have been working till now. Blockchain stores every data that is done through the network in every node which makes it more effective than any other present tech. Blockchain is deployed for various processes in different industries and it removes the central authority and third person making most of its process automated.

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Blockchain Solutions for Industries

Maticz offers a wide range of custom blockchain solutions to various industries helping them to transform their digital solutions with revolutionary blockchain integration and application development services. Here are a few industries that are actively working on the adoption of blockchain into your process.

1. Healthcare

2. E-learning

3. Banking

4. Insurance

5. Supply Chain

6. Manufacturing

7. Real Estate

8. Finance

9. Gaming

10. Digital Identity

Blockchain in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has digitalized its process by developing and integrating software solutions for every process from prescription to billing, consultation to surgery wherever required. But it lacks easy access under a secured network and that is where we offer unique healthcare blockchain solutions. Blockchain for medical records ensures all the data processes are under a secured network. This helps the patient to check their data even after many years in the future and also helps the patient to connect with the doctor from anywhere with the reports available over the blockchain healthcare applications.

Blockchain and E-learning

E-learning applications are present more in the digital space with the concept of digitalization everything is brought to online space. In that way, the educational sector has seen a transformation by setting tons of online courses but still, there are more things to achieve in online education. For example, certificates gained are still subject to questions of whether it's real and worth it. This can be sorted out with the help of a blockchain e-learning platform where every course and certificate is enrolled and issued with the presence of e-learning blockchain solutions, improving the trust of blockchain credential verification.

Blockchain Solutions for Banking

Blockchain was first introduced with Bitcoin to improve and remove the present banking system and replace it with a decentralized system. Blockchain removes the central authority and the third person in every transaction and processes every transaction at ease and faster. But due to many regulations, the system is limited and banks are taking blockchain banking solutions in hand to improve their banking system and provide a better banking experience to their customers. Blockchain for banks is improving the whole bank system a lot around the globe by integrating decentralized finance (DeFi) technologies.

Blockchain for Insurance

The insurance sector is the one that sees lots of scams and fraud every day and the industry is still struggling to remove all these scams. Even though it has overcome lots of scams, it still sees lots of frauds and on the other hand users also find it hard in some situations to claim their insurance amount. With the help of blockchain insurance solutions, the whole process can be streamlined and brought under a single line. Every data regarding the insurance will be updated in the blockchain network from the start and every data regarding the data of the user is also updated to it. In case of claims, every verification process will be taken through the data available in the blockchain making it easy which benefits both the company and the users.

Blockchain in Supply Chain

The supply chain industry has a lot of processes to be done and it becomes a tough job to track every package because of globalization. Packages are being taken to various parts of the world from a single manufacturing unit which makes it tough for the business owners to manage their supply chain business. Going out with the blockchain supply chain solutions helps to track every package from the manufacturing unit to the customer's hand. This system benefits both the manufacturer and customers by tracking their items from start to end. On the other hand, this helps to identify the negative points and helps in making further decisions to avoid those negatives. Blockchain for logistics tracking systems ensures real-time visibility and accuracy in supply chain management

Blockchain for Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries must handle tons of raw materials and deliver the completed product to the right person. This needs a lot of work and a team to track all of it down, even though they are facing many problems. Maticz offers a futuristic blockchain solution to track down all your products and automates most of the process including the payments. Blockchain in manufacturing gathers every data and provides effective data which helps the manufacturers to bring a change to their future decisions for the growth of their business.

Blockchain Solutions for Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is still working on the papers for various reasons regarding trust and safety. But blockchain in real estate transforms the real estate industry digitally and brings every document over the blockchain network. Every property can be stored over a blockchain network and every data of the property can be viewed over the network for years. This helps the buyer to verify and know the past data of the property since its data are minted over the blockchain and this makes it easy to transfer the data from one person to the other. Blockchain real estate solutions, property blockchain registry, and real estate tokenization simplify property transactions and increase transparency in the real estate business.

Blockchain Solutions for Finance

Every financial institution is working on the adoption of blockchain solutions as banks and insurance companies are making their own steps in bringing blockchain into their process. Every financial activity in the future will be backed with the blockchain which makes the whole financial system work digitally. This improves the security of their investments and users will be able to get back the instruments and profits automatically after the lock-in period. One of the top sectors that is going to benefit from blockchain is finance. Blockchain financial services, blockchain for investment management, and decentralized finance solutions are altering the financial sector by improving security, transparency, and efficiency.

Blockchain and Gaming

The gaming industry always moves forward to adopt new technologies into game development to provide a new gaming experience to the users. In that way, the gaming industry is now working on the adoption of the blockchain into gaming platforms. This brings a new way of gaming where gamers will be able to own their in-game assets for real monetary value. Bringing in blockchain will open the gate for NFTs as well where these NFTs can be traded between users which benefits the gamers to earn with the games. Also, this improves the data privacy of the gamers providing an extra layer of security. Maticz has worked on various blockchain game development for years, and bringing gaming blockchain solutions and blockchain-based NFTs into your game attracts more youngsters.

Blockchain in Digital Identity

As of today most of the processes are done through digital platforms and there are many ways to verify the identity of a person online. But the thing is many scams are happening with digital verification to overcome this many processes have been implemented but now this is going to the next level with blockchain. Blockchain brings in the digital identity management system where users will be able to use their blockchain identity for every process of verification in the digital platforms. Every process can be carried out online if the world moves on with the blockchain digital identity in the future.

Blockchain Services We Offer

Maticz is working with numerous companies providing multiple blockchain services that help them grow their business in the global market. Here are a few services we offer the most to our clients around the globe.

Public Blockchain Development

Our professional public blockchain developers work on the development of the public on behalf of our client's vision and mission of the project. Public blockchain services let users create their digital ecosystem which lets them make a better profit and create their digital economy within their ecosystem. This also helps you replace the present tech behind the multiple businesses that connect the users with the business owners.

Private Blockchain Development

Private Blockchain is used within a limited person like between employees within the company. The private blockchain helps corporates to connect all their employees around the globe under a single network. Apart from this, it helps to streamline the business process of many industries from start to end. A private blockchain development is preferred only to improve the in-house process of every business and industry securely.

Smart Contract Development

Every industry is looking to automate some specific process and to perform some work safely and securely. To make it possible smart contracts are being developed and deployed which are pre-programmed and work autonomously removing the third person and central authority. Our dedicated smart contract developers develop a standalone smart contract exclusively for a single process. Want to digitize your business under a decentralized network, develop the right smart contract for your business with our comprehensive blockchain services.

DApp Development

We also develop decentralized applications in client’s interests either to improve their business or to develop a new business model. These DApps are developed with smart contracts over any of the top blockchain networks as per the requirements. We also provide white-label solutions and develop a custom model from scratch based on the budget and project scope. However, going with a DApp solution from scratch helps a lot in the growth of your business.

Blockchain API

Are you a person looking to add up features or any of the functionalities with blockchain then we offer you a specially developed Blockchain API as a part of our extensive blockchain services. Instead of setting up a whole system with Blockchain, these APIs can be used to bring in blockchain in the necessary areas. Also, we develop blockchain APIs that help you to add new features and functionalities to the existing blockchain platform.

Why go for Blockchain Services?

At every period the world moves on with advanced technologies and this time it goes with blockchain. Blockchain is the hot topic of the tech world and the future world will be making up most of its way towards the new age solutions to ease and secure their process. Blockchain along with the security makes most of the digital process automated and provides effective data that can be analyzed at any time.

Maticz offers a wide range of Blockchain services for various industries in different areas developed from scratch based on their requirements. Blockchain helps many businesses and industries take their growth to the global market on various factors like taking their business to digital forums, connecting the end user with their business, and many more.

Transform Your Business with Maticz Blockchain Service

Maticz is one of the best blockchain development companies that helps clients around the globe transform their businesses with blockchain solutions. With a team of well-experienced blockchain experts, Maticz has successfully developed and launched more than 200+ projects in the last three years. Maticz is powered by the talents of young minds which let us try out unique features and functionalities that have helped the clients.

Blockchain will power up all the digital platforms in the coming years which would improve the digital space as a whole. So, if you are looking to make more profits with your business considering the future market then it is better to plan to adopt blockchain into your business as the future digital solutions will be working over blockchain. Just a step more to get connected with our experts and plan out the right way to bring blockchain into your business.

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