Raise the bar for yourself in the gaming sector with our next-gen poker game. We are a reputable game developer that creates enthralling poker games from the ground up.

Poker Game Development 

Maticz is a renowned Poker Game Development Company that makes poker games and has a lot of experience making custom poker games. Our skilled poker game developers provide ground-breaking designs and innovative gaming solutions to clients. We provide entrepreneurs and startups with premium poker games to draw in many players to play poker variants of their choice while keeping an advanced level of user connection.

Maticz ensures that our poker app development services are futuristic, dependable, appealing, and realistic, meeting the needs of every client. Our broad history in the poker game industry empowers us to offer an unmatched comprehension of online poker applications. Our skilled developers make use of the appropriate tools to construct custom poker game apps effectively and efficiently.

Poker Game Development Services 

As a top developer of poker games, our professionals offer end-to-end poker game development services for developing online poker games. With the aid of our great craftsmanship, we build exciting poker games with unique features.

Online Poker Game Development 

We offer online poker game development services in addition to design, UI/UX, and maintenance support. We provide both ready-made products and fully themed, custom games.

Poker Game Apps

We make games that can be played on phones and tablets. These games work on many different types of devices. Some games can be played with six people on a phone or tablet, while others can be played with eight people on a computer.

2D/3D Poker Games

We make really fun games using programming languages like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Oculus Rift. We can even make a poker game that looks both flat and like it's popping out of the screen! We use special computer languages like JQuery, HTML5, SQL Server, and Flash to make it happen.

Game Integration 

By seamlessly integrating poker games into currently operational poker systems, we guarantee that they function flawlessly and adhere to all regulatory requirements. 

Support and Maintenance 

We provide technical support and maintenance services for a predetermined amount of time, even after the game has been successfully launched. At a low cost, our poker game developers continue to offer service around the clock. 

Gaming Solutions 

Our system is completely configurable with our selection of in-house games and the ability to incorporate third-party content like poker, bingo, casino, and betting solutions from top suppliers utilizing our open API

Poker Game Development Solutions

White Label Solution 

We produce perfect, feature-rich Whitelabel Poker gaming solutions that are user-friendly. We put a lot of effort into providing clients with solutions that are ready to go. 

Turnkey Solution

We provide complete turnkey solutions that meet all of your criteria and are simple to integrate into your existing business process. This gaming solution makes your business stand out from the competition by allowing the brand to develop.

Bitcoin Solution

Our Bitcoin solution uses a dedicated platform, multi-level security, customized, rapid, and dependable solutions, as well as interactive payment stream integration. 

Omnichannel Solution

With the help of our omnichannel solutions, gamers can play games on any device, thereby boosting exposure and engagement. Additionally, we provide high-quality customization at scale, which boosts retention rates. 

List of Poker Game Variants 

With years of expertise in Poker Game Development, Maticz offers various types of poker variants. Join us as we go on a thrilling exploration into the world of poker variations. 

Texas Holdem

We create Texas Holdem Poker games with several variations based on the betting limit function. They are integrated with various table selections, stakes, and real money features to kindle pokers’ excitement. 

Omaha Poker 

Omaha Poker comes with three poker variants such as Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Low, and 5-Card Omaha. We create high-quality Omaha Poker with a variety of options like odd/even, high/low for the people to choose from.

Draw Poker 

Our Draw Poker games give players the chance to have Poker-style enjoyment at any time or place. By making the appropriate moves strategically, players can take advantage of their opponents. 

Stud Poker

We build Stud Poker games with vibrant, fun, and distinctive gameplay. Stud Poker comes in two variants including a seven-card stud and a five-card stud. Cards are shuffled in a predetermined order of face-down and face-up cards in this game. 

Chinese Poker 

Our Chinese Poker games draw a lot of players thanks to their distinctive and varied features. The game has a set of regulations, and players don't place bets during the rounds and play on a points basis instead. Some of its variants include Double-check, front-hand, backhand, Turbo, Pineapple Poker, etc.


Our team uses extraordinary features and tools to make it more appealing Razz poker games. No community cards are used in this game and it can be played by two to eight people. 

Features of Poker Game Development 

Our experts present you the top poker game characteristics that draw players and are advantageous to both the admin and the player.

Private Table 

Any variant and point value can be created in a private table. Users can invite their loved ones to a private table where they can play with them.

Tournament Option

Many players are attracted to the tournament aspect, which also adds intrigue to the game. It produced a table with greater rewards and boot value. 

Refer and Earn Functionality

We provide unique features to the poker games, such as refer and earn, that give each player a special invite code and easy-to-get referral money. 

RNG+ Technology Certification

To ensure that the players receive random cards, we use Random Number Generator technology in our poker games. It promotes fair gameplay.

Buddy Live List or Invitation 

Players can view all of their in-game and social media friends on the buddy list thanks to special features like the Buddy Live list. The buddy list also displays any online pals they can invite to their table.  

Play as a Guest

For individuals who don't want to utilize their email addresses or any social profiles, the play-as-a-guest tool is helpful. They can use the play as a guest option to sign up, play the game, and then exit.

Complete Table View 

Our user interface and user experience (UI/UX) interface are made to support a full table view. Players can check to determine if they have folded their cards or placed a bet by looking at how everyone else is playing. 

Quick Deposit and Withdraw Money

We offer rapid cash deposits and withdrawals for all of our poker games. Instead of waiting for the money, players can spend their time enjoying the game. 

Live Support Features  

We provide a round-the-clock support platform that connects you with other users with just a few clicks. 

Poker Admin Control Features

Table Management 

The user can select the table they want to play at. There are numerous tables, including variations of Texas Hold'em and other games, and users can also make their private tables.

Tournament Management

The Tournament management feature enables a user to select the tournament's variant, their buy-in amount, the entry cost, and the prize money.

Agent Management 

The agent alludes to the table's dealer. Users have a selection of dealers from which to pick if they want to switch.

Payment and Wallet Management 

From the wallet option, players can conveniently handle all of their payments. They can utilize it whenever they want to purchase or exchange chips.

Chips Management 

In our poker games, chips can be redeemed for cash by users. Users can choose how many chips to have and how many to redeem because they are required to play the game.

Smart Notification 

Push notifications can be distributed to every user using Smart Notifications. You can send these messages to people to entice them to start playing the game right away.

Benefits of Poker Game Development 

Many gaming enthusiasts like playing this game and it can be played wherever and whenever they want without having to go anywhere. Collaborate with a reputable poker game development business to receive the best advantages. 

Multiple Payment Systems 

We ensure the security of your transactions by supporting a variety of payment methods in our poker games, including cards, wallets, UPI, and net banking.

Anti-fraud System 

Modern security methods and procedures are used by us to protect our poker games from online fraud.

Chat and Voice Function 

Our poker games have a voice and real-time chat features so that players may fully enjoy multiplayer games. During the game, players can converse with one another. 


You can launch your poker game on all the popular platforms since we create cross-platform real-money poker games, and thus market to users of all of them. The ability to play poker on a mobile device and win real money is the game's biggest feature. 

Immersive Gameplay

We create the highest caliber poker games. Our real-money poker games offer the most immersive gaming experience and are fluid and scalable.

Easy Installation

Users can quickly and easily download the game from app stores, install it, and start playing it with a few clicks.

Poker Game Development Process

We use cutting-edge tools to produce high-quality online poker games. From prototyping to coding to quality assurance to release, our knowledgeable and experienced software developers are in complete control of the software development life cycle for the online poker game.

Gathering Requirements 

We start by learning about the poker variation that our clients wish to invest in. They can easily employ a consultant from our organization even if they are unsure of the most profitable option.


We first debate and analyze the game's design before doing extensive research. Based on the project's goals and target audience, we provide a list of potential game designs. 


We choose a game's visual style as well as the kinds of animations, effects, and features that should be there. Before moving further with the prototype design, we make sure that the clients are on board with the project's budget and timetable.


In this step, we show you an example of how the final game will appear. We make rough draughts and sketches of the ultimate structures, including the images, figures, symbols, etc. 

Game Design 

The project starts to take shape at this point. We create user interface designs from polished sketches, draughts, and prototypes. With visuals, animation, motion, and game art, we improve the game. 


Our talented developers create code using several programming languages like Javascript, HTML5, etc. Based on your company's needs, we also implement payment channels and third-party interfaces. 

Quality Analysis

We put the coding through rigorous testing to see how well it's written and how quickly it loads. We eliminate all bugs after they are discovered before the launch. 

Go Live 

The game's launch is the last phase of our development process. Even after the game has been released, we continue to offer post-launch services including maintenance, updates, technical support, etc.

Tech Stack Used In Poker Game Development

Our experts stay current with emerging technologies when working on game development. We understand that developers cannot manage a solution unless they know what is going on in the development industry. They have mastered the use of the relevant technical tools for the creation of numerous Poker game applications. 








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What Makes Us the Top Poker Game Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best reputable poker game development companies in India with years of experience creating top-notch poker game applications. Our poker app development services combined with great UI design and stunning animation astound your gamers and mark yourself a spot in the gaming business. Our goal is to offer the best strategy to our clients to increase their satisfaction and return on investment. 

We provide game development services with skilled game architects to help our clients better comprehend the game suggestions and solutions that best suit their casino business objectives. Our team develops games that look premium and function flawlessly across several platforms by utilizing artificial intelligence, stunning visual effects, and cutting-edge technology. Delegate the task of developing a top-notch poker game app for your target audience to our skilled game development team. 

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