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Raise the bar for yourself in the casino gaming realm with our next-gen poker game. Harness our prolific poker game services that aid in creating enthralling poker games from the ground up.

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Poker Game Development

Poker games are the most prominent and classic card games that have garnered tremendous traction in the casino gaming realm. Poker game development streamlines the development of poker games integrating the pivotal strategies of card games to deliver a thrilling experience. Poker games earned global popularity with the blend of skill-based gameplay and gambling. According to the reports from global news wire, the poker game market size is anticipated to reach $198.8 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 11.5% from 2024 to 2030.

Maticz is a renowned poker game development company that designs and crafts top-quality poker games integrating captivating gaming features. Maticz is packed with a pool of skilled poker game developers who provide ground-breaking designs and innovative gaming solutions to clients. Our expert game developers implement better betting structures that bring real excitement to poker games. We meticulously craft intuitive UI/UX designs with stunning visuals and employ contemporary technologies to make the game set new standards in the market.

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Custom Poker Game Development

We at Maticz offer custom services to develop poker games that align completely with your gaming vision. We customize poker games with unique features and game mechanics that resonate with the client's requirements.

Poker Game App Development

Our expert mobile app developers build poker game apps for iOS and Android platforms. We create poker app exemplary features that include multiplayer options, in-app player chat, and real-time game progress.

2D/3D Poker Game Development

Our dynamic team develops 2D/3D poker games integrating technologies that elevate the gaming experience with a high degree of realism. This improves the interactivity of the players within the gaming environment.

Poker Game Integration

We offer poker game integration services that integrate poker games with the existing poker systems. This entails the integration of API services that aid the games to function flawlessly and adhere to all regulatory requirements.

Poker Game Maintenance and Support

We offer comprehensive game maintenance and technical support services to ensure the performance and scalability of the game after the successful launch. Our skilled team extends their support by fixing bugs and vulnerabilities.


Our professionals offer end-to-end poker game development services for developing online poker games with the aid of our great craftsmanship in game development.

  • Custom Poker Game Development
  • Poker Game App Development
  • 2D/3D Poker Game Development
  • Poker Game Integration
  • Poker Game Maintenance and Support


Poker Games We Develop

With years of expertise in Poker Game Development, Maticz developed various types of poker games. Join us as we go on a thrilling exploration into the world of poker variations.

Texas Holdem

We create Texas Holdem Poker games integrated with various table selections, stakes, and real money features to kindle pokers’ excitement. Texas is the popular poker variant with simple rules and easy-hand rankings.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker comes with three poker variants such as Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Low, and 5-Card Omaha. We create high-quality Omaha Poker with a variety of options like odd/even, and high/low for the people to choose from.

Draw Poker

We build thrilling draw poker games where the player is assigned a hand before the first betting round which is enhanced by replacing cards. By making the appropriate moves strategically, players gain the chance for poker-style enjoyment.

Stud Poker

We build Stud Poker games with vibrant, fun, and distinctive gameplay. Stud Poker comes in two variants including a seven-card stud and a five-card stud. Cards are shuffled in a predetermined order of face-down and face-up cards in this game.


Our dynamic team creates razz poker games that are identical to stud which follow the A-to-5 lowball hand rankings. Razz poker is generally played in a fixed, limited, and no-limit betting structure to level up the game.

Chinese Poker

Our Chinese Poker games draw a lot of players thanks to their distinctive and varied features. The game has a set of regulations, and players don't place bets during the rounds and play on a points basis instead.


Tournament Option

Our online poker games come with tournament options where the players have to play a fixed buy-in to earn massive rewards. Some of the poker tournament types are multi-table, freezeout, rebuy, add-on, etc.


Smart Notifications

The smart notification feature is integrated within the poker game which notifies the players. This reminds the players regarding events, tournaments, messages from the poker team, rewards, etc.


VR Integration

We create poker games by implementing virtual reality (VR) capabilities to deliver an immersive and engaging gaming experience. This aids in driving player engagement and paves the way for profitability.


Referral Bonus

Players can earn through referral bonus in our poker game software. The players can earn extra rewards for referring their friends through a link or bonus code which is used to play at the cash tables.


Social Media Integration

Our poker game software is integrated with social media where the players can share their achievements, and experiences and connect with the community. This drives engagement and player retention.


Live Scoreboard

Our poker game software supports live-streaming capabilities. The scores, game insights, tournaments, and other information regarding the game. This creates transparency in the gaming community.


Payment Gateway Integration

We implement multiple payment gateways which include credit cards, UPI, and wallets which enable the players to purchase and exchange chips. This facilitates hassle-free transactions for players in the suitable mode.


Multiple Game Modes

Our poker game is incorporated with multiple gaming modes such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Draw, Stud, Razz, and Badugi. The players can opt for their preferred variant and take part in the poker game experience.


Our poker game developers prioritize crafting best-in-class poker games integrated with top-notch features that delight the clients.

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Having mastered in-game development, our poker game developers incorporate the right tools and technologies to drive gaming excellence and unparalleled gaming experience for the players.

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Our seasoned poker game developers have vast experience in card game development and strive to launch high-quality poker games. The following steps create the roadmap for online poker games right from scratch.

Game Conceptualization and Planning

The poker game concept is determined after extensive market research. The developers plan and define the goal, objectives, and functionalities of the game according to the client's requirements and market trends.

Tech Stack Selection

Our developers choose the best gaming engines such as Unity, and Unreal, and programming languages to code and create engaging and highly stunning visuals to boost user experience.

Poker Game UI/UX Design

Our designers diligently design and develop the user interface of the poker game. We ensure the UI/UX is visually appealing and intuitive which enables the users to easily navigate driving interactivity.

Poker Functionalities Integration

The core logic and functionalities of poker such as betting actions and game mechanics are integrated into the game poker game. The additional gaming features are implemented to make the game engaging.

Poker Game Testing

We leverage our extensive software testing services to debug the glitches in the game and ensure the performance of the games. The game is ready for deployment after fixing the bugs and vulnerabilities.

Poker Game Deployment

This is the final stage of the development process. The developed game is launched on the client’s server and the provide post-launch support is provided for further upgrades within the game.


Poker Game Development Process


Our poker games offer unrivaled gaming benefits that propel your game business toward unprecedented success.

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We create poker game software that can come with high accessibility which allows the players to easily download and access the game.

Rapid Payments

Our online poker game enables rapid payments by supporting various types of payment options. This also enables transaction flexibility for the users.

Cross-platform Functionality

We develop poker game software with cross-platform functionality where the players can access the game on platforms like Android, iOS, etc.

Secure Transactions

Our poker games ensure to provide secure transactions by integrating anti-fraud systems which protects the game from online frauds.

Immersive Gameplay

Our poker game developers strive to deliver an immersive and enticing game experience for the players integrating technologies such as AR, VR, AI, etc.

Multilingual Support

We develop poker game software implementing multilingual support that helps players across the globe access the game in different languages.

Top Poker Game Development Company

Top Poker Game Development Company

Maticz is a reputed game development company that excels in crafting high-quality online poker games that enthrall a wide range of audiences and drive longer player retention. Having in-depth expertise in casino game development, our ardent game developers create exceptional poker games blended with poker rules and lucrative opportunities. Our talented game developers have an extensive understanding of poker gameplay and craft games implementing the best betting structure, RNG algorithm, tournament stakes, etc.

Maticz houses a team of game professionals who turn your gaming ideas into top-notch games enabling the players to experience innovation at its peak. We offer custom poker game solutions by tailoring unique features and functionalities that perfectly match the client's requirements. Conquer the online poker world by creating a best-in-class poker game that functions seamlessly maintaining a high level of player satisfaction.

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