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Maticz is an exceptional Healthcare Software Development Company that helps you speed up and scale your process in the healthcare industry with the premium Healthcare software solution

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Healthcare Software Development

Maticz, the global performer in the healthcare industry works on advanced Healthcare Software Development that adds up next-gen techs in the development process. We bring in new technologies to the real world that make it easy for doctors, patients, and other workers to update their progress realty to health issues and other diagnostic processes from anywhere around the globe.

Healthcare software solutions have become a necessary part of this modern world due to the increase in population and the outbreak of new diseases. As a result of Healthcare Software Development, it improves communication between patients and doctors around the world. We also work on various healthcare software development which take part in the diagnostic process.

The healthcare industry is one of the top industries actively incorporating advanced technology in its day-to-day activities to simplify the complex process and speed up the process of treatment and other management activities. Many hospitals have brought in software and applications for their in-house activities and to manage their patient database.

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Apart from acquiring an existing model, going out for a custom Healthcare Software Development let you add up a specified feature and functionality that is required for the project. Going out for a custom solution helps in a lot of ways where the cost of the unnecessary feature is neglected. Instead of it, you may go with the most wanted feature for improving your project goals that help your patients.

With 5+ years of experience in the software field we excel in the development of multiple software projects and we have been working on advanced solutions like blockchain, metaverse, and more. We have incorporated web3 into a healthcare solution that helps our client to scale up the progress and completely move the setup from web2 to web3. So, choosing custom healthcare software benefits you by acquiring the right solution for your project. Here are the advantages of acquiring custom healthcare software

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Points We Consider In

Our professionals consider the following points when they start their work during software development for healthcare. Here are a few most important points considered in the development process which help every personnel using it.

  • Data-driven analytics feature lets to analyze the health of the users and helps the doctors to track the patient's activity.
  • Automation helps the organization in getting out the right solution for the patient in terms of appointments and more.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring is added to various applications for monitoring the patient by doctors from anywhere in the globe.
  • E-Prescription helps patients in many ways and lets them buy medicine in nearby pharmacies with doctor's prescriptions.
  • Value For Money - Several healthcare solutions are found in the digital space, and our goal has been to give out the best solution
  • Security is a significant concern of the modern era so we have come up with next-gen technologies to improve privacy and security.
  • Framework determines the flow of software, opting out of the right one makes it easy to access every feature and functionality.
  • Easy Access - Software contains hundreds of options, so we are keen on the backend/frontend work to make it easy for users.

We offer you the ultimate custom-built healthcare solution with next-gen technologies that make the software flexible and scalable with even more than thousands of active personnel over the software at the same time.

We would set up a separate team for support and maintenance at any time to improve the experience of the active personnel and the team is involved to eliminate and fix the errors caused at any time during the usage.

Have an idea but got stuck at a point? No problem, get in touch with the team of experts, and our experts will discuss with you developing your ideas and figure out the best possibility of bringing them to reality.

Have an existing model and want to add up new features or any other update? The professionals of Maticz bring you the most advanced setup to integrate the required features and functionalities.

Moving on to a new setup? Worried about the data? No worries, we let our employees do the work in the migration of your data from the existing setup to a new set up whether it's a web or app, or server.

Our Specific

Maticz provides multiple Healthcare Software Development Services to its clients and here are a few services we offer.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Our Multiple

Maticz with a team of well-experienced healthcare software developers offers multiple healthcare software solutions to its clients around the globe. Here are a few solutions we offer.


The professionals of Maticz offer you the best EMR/EHR software that improves the communication between doctors and patients, the efficiency of the organization, and also improves the collection of patient health history for a long period.

  • Effective Health Data Collection
  • Improves Organization Efficiency
  • Better Communication

Pharmacy Management

We provide a suitable and customizable pharmacy management solution that involves various works and features from inventory to prescription management. The system is automated and alerts the user with minimal storage or with a regular time interval.

  • Effective Inventory Management
  • Prescription Management
  • Financial Management


As a healthcare software development agency, we excel in the development of healthcare applications as well and we come up with the most advanced telemedicine application that facilitates contactless treatment and helps the patient connect with the doctors over a video call.

  • Mobile application
  • Data Management
  • Virtual Consultation

Hospital Management

The hospital is filled with thousands of activities and many multi-specialty hospitals are struggling to save their data and follow them up. This is the point where our hospital management software helps the organization simplify this process with its features.

  • Patient Data
  • Managing Appointments
  • Electronic Prescription

Software for Medical Devices

The healthcare industry is filled up with advanced technologies both hardware and software. In that way, many medical devices need the right software to operate and obtain results for it. And Maticz put forth its hand in the development and launch of such software.

  • App for Wearable Devices
  • Laboratory Device Software
  • Smart Access

Patient Portal

In this modern era, the globe is connected virtually and the same suits the healthcare industry with the growing disease and growing advancement, people are moving over countries for treatment. To make it easier, our patient portal may help the patient to check over the record from their place.

  • Online Doctor Consultation
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Availability of Appointments

Remote Patient Monitoring

We also develop a remote patient monitoring application that helps doctors to monitor the patient's health from another country or another location. This also includes the usage of fitness applications and fitness wearable applications to monitor the patient with the help of IoT sensors.

  • Fitness Applications
  • Fitness Softwares
  • Patient Health Records

Virtual Connect

As the world is moving on with the AR/VR and Metaverse, developing a virtual platform will be the next phase and we are into the development of metaverse platforms that lets the patients connect with the doctors virtually over these platforms resulting in better communication.

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Team Collaboration

Being the leading medical software development company, Maticz uses advanced technology stacks to develop next-gen medical software solutions.

Technology We Use



Blockchain is the next-generation technology that is widely adopted by various industries and the healthcare industry is one of them. Blockchain technology transforms the web2 setup to web3 and we are actively migrating many web2 healthcare solutions to web3.


When it comes to advanced software development AI/ML plays a major role and we involve the work of AI and ML in every needed functionality to give out a better experience to the users.


When it comes to automation RPA plays a major role which helps in engaging with the patient during peak times and manages the data and these data are sent to persons at the right time.



The development of VR/AR is immense and this has brought the Metaverse into action in recent days. We involve in the development of the Metaverse platform for the required projects by the clients which involve the work of advanced tech stacks in the development process

Development Process In

Health Care Software Development

The professionals of Maticz plan the health care software development process based on the workflow sequence prescribed below.

Analyze And Plan

The first step of our developers is to analyze and plan the development process based on the requirement of the client's project proposal.

UI/UX Designing

We start our work with the designing of the front end which is designing the UI/UX interface for the complete platform from start to end.


Simultaneously at the time of designing another set of back-end developers starts their work in the development of features and functionalities.


Once the Front end work is approved by the client we integrate the front-end work and back-end work to produce a complete platform.


Once the Front end work is approved by the client we integrate the front-end work and back-end work to produce a complete platform.


After the testing process, the project will be completely deployed over the client’s server and will be made available for the users.


Even after the launch we provide support and maintenance at any required time and will provide frequent updates for the platform's betterment.


Architectural Framework We Work For

The well-experienced professionals of Maticz work on the mentioned frameworks to bring out the best medical software solutions as per your requirements.

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Our advanced healthcare software development solutions bring up multiple benefits to the users which improve the efficiency of the healthcare industry overall.

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The platform is developed with multiple automatic features and this simplifies the work of the doctors and other personnel in saving time.


More Engaged

This lets the patient be more engaged with the health records and the patient will be able to follow the prescribed activities by the doctor.


Better Communication

This brings up better communication between the doctor and patient as they can connect privately and from anywhere around the globe.


Minimal cost of care

With this platform, the travel of the patient, as well as the doctor, is reduced and the usage of the hospital is also reduced as they are connected virtually.



The platform is completely developed with patient-centric features that enable the usage of the application at ease and access health records quickly.


Effective Data

The platform collects and manages the patient health data enabling the doctors to check all the previous health records at any time.

One Of The Best Healthcare Software Development Companies

One Of The Best Healthcare Software Development Companies

Maticz is one of the best Healthcare Software Development Companies in the digital space that has been working on the development of various software applications for the past 5+ years. The professionals of Maticz are well-experienced with next-gen technologies and are working on the development and launch of the existing models with the new advanced technologies.

Maticz has successfully developed and launched more than 300+ projects in digital space over various requirements. The healthcare industry is filled up with multiple software solutions and if you are looking on for a specific healthcare solution you may connect with our experts and discuss your ideas with them to give shape and structure to the idea and bring it to reality.

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