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Medical Software Development

Medical device software development is one of the fastest-growing categories in the healthcare sector. At Maticz, we provide innovative software solutions that improve your medical equipment’s functionality. We strongly believe that multifaceted and organized medical device software is vital for patient care success. Our proficient developers use cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, Big Data, Data Science, and Blockchain to develop your medical device software with refined features.

We mainly provide two types of medical device software development services. One is Embedded software for medical devices such as patient monitoring systems, diagnostic equipment, and infusion pumps to operate securely and accurately. Another one is SaMD, known as Software as a Medical Device which is not part of a medical device and serves various purposes and assists medical staff. Employing our medical device software solutions that are developed according to your preferences and medical requirements will make you a leading healthcare provider. 

Medical Software Development Company

Healthcare sectors actively implement modern technology into their daily operations to streamline complex procedures and expedite treatment and other administrative tasks. A lot of hospitals have purchased software and applications to handle their patient databases and internal operations. 

We have 5+ years of experience in providing end-to-end medical device software development services with FDA standards that drive innovation for quality patient care and exceptional outcomes. We deliver custom medical device software solutions to deliver the best healthcare. 

Maticz is a prominent medical device software provider, that introduces new technologies into the real world that facilitate access to real-time updates on health issues and other diagnostic processes for healthcare professionals, patients, and other workers from anywhere in the world.

Medical Software Development Services

Maticz offers premium medical device software development services to meet the unique needs of medical organizations and enable them to implement advanced technology to stay ahead in the digital space. Let’s see the all-inclusive services provided by us.


We evaluate the types of equipment and requirements of your organization to select the most appropriate software and develop the software implementation strategy.

Custom Software

Our development team will integrate custom medical device software into your healthcare IT ecosystem while adhering to regulatory and organizational requirements.


Our team can refactor software code without changing UIs or features, sparing you from the trouble of maintaining data security. Restoration can be done when needed.


Medical device software integration is transforming healthcare. We also incorporate AI in healthcare software and integrate third-party tools, basically combining different medical devices.  

Maintenance & Support

Our team will continuously monitor the performance of your medical device software, resolve the software’s reported issues, and apply updates as necessary.

Medical Device Software Solutions

Maticz provides its clients globally with many healthcare software solutions thanks to its staff of skilled healthcare software developers. We present the following solutions.

Incorporating into EHR/EMR Systems

We offer the chance to link smart vital signs monitors and other medical devices to the present system by integrating medical devices with EMR/EHR systems. This enables physicians to provide patients with timely, high-quality care by accessing real-time data from a single location. 

Integration with Telemedicine Software

Smooth communication between medical staff and patients is possible by integrating our medical device software with telemedicine solutions, irrespective of the patient’s location. This enhances patient outcomes by giving doctors real-time access to patient’s health indicators.  

Merging with Hospital Management Systems

The seamless patient logistics and enhanced patient care are made possible by integrating our medical device software with the hospital management system ensuring that the entire hospital operates as a single system. This results in fewer risks related to human error.

Patient Personal Care

Patients can monitor their diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle, and mental well-being with our SaMD. Using mobile apps to manage their medical devices and remotely update their health records gives them greater autonomy over their health.

Facilities Monitoring & Management

Our solutions facilitate easy resource tracking, inventory management, and optimization at healthcare facilities. In addition, Our SaMDs assist in maintaining the necessary temperature balance, informing those in charge in the event of an in-hospital infection outbreak, and carrying out other environment and equipment inspections that are critical for the safety of patients and staff.

Medication Management

We provide various software solutions, such as automated reminders, medication pumps, adverse reaction monitors, drug interaction monitors, and storage conditions monitoring systems, to facilitate safe, timely, and accurate administration of medications to patients.

Target Niches We Serve

Maticz provides medical software solutions that seamlessly integrate with your organization’s existing systems ensuring user safety, and data protection and performing as a dependable platform that makes it easier for different organizations to collaborate.

Blood banks


Research centers



Medical education providers

In-home usage

Hospice care 

Medical Device Software Development Process

Our medical device software development process includes modern technologies and innovative protocols and involves the industry's development strategies.

Requirements Gathering 

Together with your representatives, our team closely analyses your requirements and current needs to develop a concept and a detailed specification of the upcoming medical device software development.


Our developers create a project roadmap to determine the workflow and prepare technical documentation while the UX team develops a thorough user interface that guarantees a positive user experience. 


Following the main standards of the medical sector, our developers create cross-platform medical device software that is simple to integrate with new modules and systems already in existence.


Throughout development, we test your software frequently and follow the multilevel quality assurance procedures. We also ensure to provide comprehensive documentation to facilitate FDA registration or HIPAA and GDPR compliance audits.

Maintenance & Support

We provide maintenance and support services to guarantee the stable functioning of the software. This work may include backup and security audits, performance monitoring, cloud migration, technical support available around the clock, product updates, and more.

Benefits Of Implementing Medical Software

Our cutting-edge medical device software not only benefits patients, and health practitioners but improves the overall effectiveness of healthcare.

Improved Patient’s Results 

Software as Medical Devices (SaMD) reduces errors caused by humans, improves diagnostic accuracy, and helps patients become more aware of their health status and able to manage it. 

Lower Medical Expenses

By automating medical procedures with smart devices and apps, hospitals can free up human resources for other, more urgent tasks by saving time and effort on these routines. SaMD can lower hospitalization. 

Increased Patient Loyalty

Patients are happier when offered great control over their health and superior care. SaMD helps healthcare providers increase patient satisfaction with their medical facility.

Business Opportunities

Healthcare businesses like medicine delivery app development companies can use smart software design to maximize resources which can lead to new business chances. They have access to cutting-edge technologies to expand their patient-based services and offerings.

Data Security

Medical device software that abides by regulations guarantees secure data collection, storage transfer, and removal of sensitive data. It makes the device more resistant to ransomware attacks, and human error and stops data breaches and unintentional leaks. 

Our Advanced Modules For Medical Device Software

Our experienced professionals and project outsourcing services are designed to meet the specific requirements of telemedicine apps, health tech startups, and medical device manufacturers. We provide advanced modules to improve the software’s capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

This module uses data from medical devices to assess treatment effectiveness, identify potentially serious symptoms early, anticipate the course of diseases, and more by using ML and AI-based healthcare monitoring systems

Cloud Platforms 

Vital patient data, diagnostics, and treatment data are sent to the cloud platform by cloud-based medical devices for further analysis and processes. This eases medical procedures and makes medical professionals and patients comfortable with it. 

Mobile Apps

Maticz, as a mobile app development company, provides mobile apps to make it easier for medical professionals to manage their tasks and enhance patient care by giving them instant access to medical device software. 

Real-time monitoring 

This module encourages patients to take better care of their health while enabling real-time automation of medical facility workflows, through processing the patient’s health data collection (blood pressure, glucose, sleep patterns, etc).

IoT based tracking  

The Internet of Things (IoT), is used to track medical devices to identify assets, shorten the time taken to find the device, guarantee that the device is properly cleaned, and sanitized, and offer remote maintenance.

Why Choose Maticz for Medical Device Software Development?

Maticz is the leading healthcare software development company in the digital ecosystem and has brought innovative healthcare solutions that advance the interaction between doctors and patients worldwide. Our experts are proficient in developing and introducing advanced technologies in their current models. Maticz has launched over 200+ projects covering a range of needs with success. There are many medical software solutions available in the healthcare sector. If you’re looking for particular healthcare IT solutions, contact our experts, share your ideas with them, and organize your vision to make it a reality. 

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