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DApps are the future of commercial applications that functions in the same manner as traditional applications except that it runs on a blockchain network or p2p network instead of running on a single computer. We help you develop meticulously crafted dApps with enhanced features on preferred blockchain networks like Ethereum, Solana, BSC, etc.

Maticz understands the underlying potential of decentralized applications (dApps) and offers comprehensive dApps development services to resolve all your digital concerns. Our team of 50+ blockchain experts assists you in idealizing your dApps visions and developing them into a robust and scalable decentralized applications. As a leading dApps development company, we develop and deliver more secure and peerless decentralized applications for diverse industries exclusively for NFT, gaming, banking, etc.

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Decentralized Gaming Apps

We, at Maticz, adapt ground-breaking technologies such as VR, AR, spatial computing, 3D model development tools (Unreal Engine), etc., to offer new-age and intriguing play-to-earn and move-to-earn decentralized games.

Dex Development

To replace the stone-age and complicated trading platforms, we offer next-gen decentralized exchange platform development services that facilitate smooth and secure p2p transactions without intermediaries.

Smart Contract Creation

Our experts write, audit, and deploy multi-functional and self-executing Smart contracts for dApps across blockchain networks (Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, etc.). In addition, we help you optimize your existing Smart contract to enhance your dApp functionality.

White Paper Creation

Apart from offering the required technological support for your dApp development, our team of qualified technical writers helps you craft a technical white paper that precisely explains the scope of your decentralized application.

dApp Porting & Consulting

With our dApp porting & consulting support, you can seamlessly shift your decentralized application to desired blockchain platforms and assist you in choosing the best blockchain network based on the evolution of dApp market trends and your business aspects.

dApp Upgrades & Maintenance

We help you retain and enhance your user experience by constantly updating your decentralized applications according to user demands while providing technical and non-technical support post-application launch.


Maticz provides unparalleled dApp development services to diverse groups that will help them earn a fortune. We help startups and enterprises to transform their dApp concepts into revolutionary business outcomes. We offer the following comprehensive dApp development services in addition to others.

Maticz is committed to delivering secure, scalable, and trustless decentralized applications (dApps) to enhance performance and optimize functions across industries. Our experts develop meticulously crafted dApps with tailor-made features that resonate well with your business requirements to create an unerasable impact on the blockchain space.

We have been offering unprecedented dApps development solutions on preferred blockchain networks (Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, etc.) to global startups and enterprises for nearly a decade. Furthermore, Maticz offers correlated dApps development solutions like POC blockchain development, TRON dApps development, DeFi dApps development, EOS dApps development, Ethereum Token development, etc., after witnessing the industrial impacts of decentralized applications.

Our blockchain experts can convert any dApp innovative ideas or concepts into practical applications with ease. All our dApp development solutions are customizable according to industry requirements. We offer pocket-friendly dApp solutions for startups without compromising the quality. Visualize your dream of launching a remunerative decentralized application by leveraging the benefits of our industry-leading development solutions harnessed using cutting-edge technologies.

Web3 Based Applications
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dApp Development Solutions


DApps can be classified into three types as described below.

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Type 1

Type 1 dApps have their blockchain. For example, Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum, etc., belong to this category.


Type 2

This type does not have its blockchain network; instead, they rely on Type 1 dApps network for its operations. These dApps consist of self-executing protocols and possess tokens for their effective functioning. The Omni protocol comes under this category


Type 3

Type 3 dApps leverages Type 1 blockchain and Type 2 protocols for its operations. Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE) falls under the Type3 dApps category.



DApps are vital for the healthcare industry as they facilitate the storage and retrieval of medical data in a hassle-free manner. Clinical trials, safety analysis, and research can be done among health institutions in a consensus manner using dApps.

Supply chain

Supply chain

Dapps can enhance the speed, security, and transparency of supply chain operations. In addition, dApps can be effectively used to track products, maintain data integrity, and store & manage error-free data.



The functionality of dApps to operate among a peer-to-peer network instead of a single server results in zero downtime. DApps games are in high demand since they allow gamers to earn by playing games, buy & trade in-game collectibles on the blockchain, and much more.



DApps enhance the privacy of users and improve transparency in the banking sector. The implementation of dApps in the banking sector can result in the elimination of intermediary & their associated costs, automated loan processing and approval, etc.


Decentralized applications (dApps) run on a distributed ledger technology or blockchain and function independently on connected nodes according to the protocols prescribed in the Smart contract. The self-executing smart contracts make dApps scalable and applicable to diverse industries.

The decentralized nature of dApps eliminates the need for third-party to handle and process users' requests, thus improving freedom, security, and transparency in various industries in addition to saving cost and process time. DApp operates on a decentralized network instead of relying on a central system, thus making them more reliable than traditional applications by greatly reducing risk. Industrial applications of dApps are on the rise, and dApps are widely used in many industries including Insurance, Food, Casino, Agriculture, Oil & gas supply, etc.

DApp for Messaging
DApp for Ecommerce
DApp for Lifestyle
DApp for Restaurants
Decentralized Social Media
Decentralized Crypto Wallet
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Our dynamic team of dApp developers incorporates new-age tech stacks and ground-breaking tools to build a scalable and viable solution for your dApp development.

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Client Specific

We understand the growing demands of decentralized applications so we carefully analyze clients’ requirements and build next-gen dApps with interoperable functionality. We leverage the benefits of blockchain technology and help you deploy peerless and customized dApps on popular blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Hyperledger, Tezoz, Stellar, Tron, Cardano, etc.

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dApp Development Process

Our dApp development process converts viable dApps solutions into a practical platform. We follow industry best practices and adapt high-security standards to build your dApps.


We analyze technical and non-technical components of dApps, and on and off-chain blockchain factors to craft a coherent road map and solid ideation for your dApps development.

Creating Proof-of-Concept

Proof-of-Concept creation involves the identification of suitable blockchain platforms and the creation of best use cases of the proposed solution based on your dApps requirements.

Technical Design

The technical design step involves the creation of enthralling UI/UX designs to deliver a user-friendly and engaging interface for your dApps.


DApps development is a crucial process that involves the building of dApps on the selected blockchain using cutting-edge solutions.

Testing and Deployment

The dApp created undergoes rigorous testing to remove technical glitches and ensure it is bug-free before deployment.

Top DApp Development Company

Top DApp Development Company

Top DApp Development Company

Maticz - A top-rated DApp Development Company that offers feature-rich and customized decentralized applications (dApps) development for startups and enterprises. Our dynamic team of experts implements proven dApps development methodology and cutting-edge tools for accelerated dApps development and deployment.

Maticz assists you in transforming complex business requirements to develop a user-friendly dApp. In addition, we implement more advanced cloud computing like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc., and API libraries to ensure that the developed dApp executes desired functions. Apart from providing diverse decentralized application development solutions, we offer dApp development for identity management, product exchange, authenticity verification, etc. Tell us your requirements, we help you convert your dApps project visions into a realizable and remunerative application.

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Decentralized Application (dApp) development involves creating dApps that function based on the Smart contract and run comfortably on any blockchain, distributed ledger, or more advanced cloud space. The dApp development process varies according to industry and dApp requirements.

DApps creation involve Smart contract creation, front & back-end design followed by testing and deployment. Dapps creation can be either easy or complex that depends on the features you want to include. You can approach the best dApps development company like Maticz to build robust and scalable decentralized applications.

In general, the cost of dApp creation completely depends on two main factors which are blockchain selection and the complexity or requirements of the dApp. Many factors, such as industry, UI/ UX, proof-of-concept, development methodology, tech stack, etc., impact decentralized application development costs.

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