As a top-rated NFT Development Company, Maticz has helped large businesses to individual digital content creators with our wide range of NFT development services. We are highly recognized for our premium NFT development solutions that find use in numerous NFT use cases with the prospect of leveraging benefits to the NFT-creator community. Avail our premium NFT development services to create your advanced NFT marketplace platform capable of operating on multiple blockchain networks and supporting various NFT niches like art, photography, music, videos, domain, metaverse, in-game components, etc.

Maticz is the distributed team of Blockchain and NFT experts who can turn your vision into a Billion dollar business. We offer custom NFT development services to startups, growth-stage companies, and enterprises across industries based on their specific needs, whether it be start-to-end NFT marketplace development, NFT smart contract audits, NFT development, or NFT marketplace maintenance and support. Our NFT developers are specialized in various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, Flow, etc., and will work with you to deliver the best NFT solution that fits your business goals.

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Pioneering the art of NFT Marketplace Development, our NFT developers develop NFT Marketplaces that enable hassle-free buying, selling, and bidding of digital collectibles.

We have highly qualified blockchain developers to develop the NFT Miniting platform with all essential features and functionality to fulfill the client requirements.

We develop NFT Smart Contracts on various Blockchain networks with the best security features to satisfy the users fraudulence free secured user experience.

We are paramount in NFT Token Development for building the featured packed end-to-end unique business solutions with ERC-721, ERC-1155, BSC-721 token standards.

We have an experienced techi to develop a NFT Marketplace App with high-rated ideas and transform them into real time business solutions for seamless performance.

We offer splendid NFT staking platform development services with our certified NFT developers on several blockchain networks like Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, etc.

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Maticz provides custom NFT development services with the industry’s best NFT developers who have in-depth knowledge of developing several NFT niches.


NFT Development On Various Blockchain Networks

The NFT Developers of Maticz offer versatile NFT development services on various blockchain networks like etheruem, binance smart chain, solana, polygon etc..

Ethereum NFT Development

Maticz develops NFT on Ethereum blockchain to the patron who requires it with the standards that satisfies the requirements. Ethereum is the forerunner in availing quality service in the domain of NFT. The NFT developed from Maticz is a ready-to-market product that can be listed straight away on the NFT platform once after it is delivered.NFT trading on Ethereum can be peer-to-peer without need of any platforms which eliminates the service fees.

BSC NFT Development

We at Maticz develop your NFT on Binance Smart Chain with our experienced developers and your NFT is created meeting the market standards. Binance network is always known for its quality with optimized pricing. The NFTs developed in the Binance Smart Chain are highly interoperable and exchangeable. The Binance NFT platform offers benefits like EVM compatibility, cross-chain transfer, and proof of stake authority. The BSC based NFTs we develop are primarily designed to meet the upcoming NFT market requirements.

Solana NFT Development

The Solana blockchain is growing rapidly with its benefits NFT platforms are also being developed, because of its less gas fees and quick transaction. Our developers will develop your NFT on Solana Blockchain with fulfilling the market requirements. As the investors are investing in Solana due to its benefits, developing your Solana NFT now would be a great asset in the future.

Polygon NFT Development

Polygon primarily functions through commit chains, that is here the Polygon was developed and connected with the Ethereum blockchain and the polygon network takes the advantage of the ethereum ecosystem. Polygon seems to have a good future because its NFT minting becomes gas less as well as minting of NFT on polygon is faster than ever before. Polygon NFT can be listed on Opensea, which added cross-chain transactions recently.

Cardano NFT Development

Cardano is the most popular decentralized blockchain network which has higher output efficiency compared to Ethereum blockchain. Cardano is mentioned as the next generation blockchain network and will achieve milestones in the blockchain networks. Cardano has developed a smart contract platform to outperform more advanced features than any protocol previously developed.

TRON NFT Development

The NFTs on TRON are able to overcome the transaction's failure even if any hacks or counterfeit approach the network. TRON is a decentralized blockchain network that has the automated smart contract feature, which eliminates conflicts and chargebacks that occur in the blockchain network. The transaction occurring on the tron network is feeless and also is as fast as 2000 transactions per second.


Being one of the top NFT development companies Maticz offers custom NFT development services on multiple blockchain networks suitable for several NFT use cases.

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NFT Development on Artwork has a huge fan base and acts as a trend-setter in the blockchain space, helping artists transform their digital art into NFTs and reap the benefits.


Music NFTs let musicians, particularly up-coming artists, build an NFT marketplace on Music where enthusiasts can purchase NFTs which produces more royalty revenue for artists.


Metaverse depicts the virtual investments in lands and properties have become an excellent fad among the adherent fans of NFTs due to their inherent value.


NFT Development on videos turns the special flashes into an NFT and provides skyrocketing value for it. This is one of the best revenue opportunities that expose plentiful benefits.


NFT development on Gaming is the new trend in the crypto market due to its remarkable qualities and well-defined features which provide passive income or revenues for the creators.


NFT Development on Domain is the newest entrant in the blockchain world. Due to consumer & investor interest, this domain NFT development has risen dramatically in recent days.


Comics NFTs give the business a new identity and propel it forward at a breakneck pace. It allows amateurs and connoisseurs to monetize their comic book collections.


Sports NFT Marketplace turns exclusive sports collectibles into digital arts and sells them as NFTs. While the NFT has already wowed the world, the sports industry has also developed as well.


Rise of NFTs has now become a boon for Meme Creators who were earlier annoyed for the usage of their creations for free. With memes as NFTs it's more certifying authenticity for their creations.

We work on a sequential workflow to present one of the best NFT projects in the digital space. Here is a basic outflow of our NFT development process.

​​Scope Analysis

Once our experts connect with you we look out for your idea and the scope of your project to plan our development process.

Determine NFT Standard

Before starting out the work on your NFT development we figure out the best NFT standard that suits your NFT project requirement.

NFT Features & Functionalities Development

After finalizing the project scope and NFT standard we move on with the process of setting up the features and functionalities of the NFT project as per the requirement.

NFT Smart Contract Development

Our passionate developers start their work by coding smart contracts which help in bringing out digital assets as NFTs.

Smart Contract Auditing & Platform Testing

NFTs are based on smart contracts, so we completely audit the work of developed smart contracts and figure out and solve the vulnerabilities in the project.


Once every process is developed we move on to the final step, deploying NFTs in the marketplace or the client's server.

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NFT Development Process


NFTs are the technological breakthrough that has proven its indispensability, not only in the crypto verse but almost in all the sectors like Real estate, Music, Gaming, etc. NFTs boost all industries because of their potential benefits.

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Each NFT contains a unique identifier and authentication that makes them applicable in all the industries like Gaming, Music, etc., thus preventing duplication. Further, NFTs might enable the creator to earn a lifetime royalty and help them get deserved remuneration for their work.

Fractional Ownership

One of the important benefits of NFTs is that they can be easily fractionalized for effective utilization. For instance, Real estate property can be tokenized as NFTs and collectively owned by many at the same moment, thus preventing the entry trade barrier.


NFTs are created using token standards (ERC 721, ERC 1155, etc.) and controlled via private key. Irrespective of the network standards, NFTs can be transferred or traded without intervention and the ownership can be verified seamlessly.


By implementing the smart contract, it is possible to modify their original status. The dynamic ability of NFTs allows them to be employed as in-game assets, real estate property, digital art, etc.


Thanks to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, all the NFT data and related transactions are stored on the blockchain network that can be verified for their authenticity, thus improving transparency and trust.


NFTs are interoperable, implying that they are transferrable along with metadata across different blockchain networks. The transferability feature of the NFT is the main driving factor behind their adoption.

Top NFT Website Development Agency

Top NFT Development Agency

Maticz is a leading NFT development agency with a team of experts in developing NFT software applications on various blockchain networks. Our pre-vetted NFT developers offer best-in-class NFT development services that take your NFT business idea to the next level. Our NFT applications are backed by smart contract audited NFT smart contracts that result in hassle-free NFT trading, minting, and staking.

By joining hands with Maticz you get a team of top blockchain developers who are experts in handling diverse blockchain projects and more importantly NFT software applications with an extreme degree of accuracy and precision. We have 5+ years of experience in blockchain technology and have thousands of blissful customers globally. We deliver the projects within the estimated time duration and we are proud to say why we are the best for NFT development.

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NFT Development is the process of creating and developing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It also involves creating a marketplace or platform where users can buy and sell the NFTs. NFTs are digital assets that are stored on a blockchain and have unique characteristics that differentiate them from other digital assets. NFTs are used for many different purposes including gaming, digital artwork, collectibles, and digital identities.

The best NFT development company employs qualified professionals with training in Web3, blockchain, smart contracts, and coding to create an NFT platform or token with the features you require. They will also have extensive experience building NFT platforms and coins. Being an expert in NFT development, Maticz offers end-to-end NFT token development services, allowing you to receive royalties for each token sold. We provide NFT development services for gaming products, investment, and land acquisition in addition to digital material like music, art, and films.

NFT Development services facilitate the production and sale of non-fungible tokens allowing users to create and manage non-fungible tokens. This includes the development of the NFT platform, marketplace, Smart contract, Metaverse, tokens, and NFT minting.

You can plan, design and develop NFT in the NFT marketplace and you need to become familiar with the basics of NFT and smart contract programming. You need to look into tools and frameworks that make it easier to create NFTs. After everything is set up, you can easily create your own NFTs.

To develop an NFT product from scratch, the cost may range from $8,000 to $100,000. The price varies depending on the type and features to be included in the mentioned product. Some factors that can influence cost include the time frame, development tools, number of developers needed, platform, and skill level.

Maticz is regarded as a top NFT Development Company because of the robust designs and development of the Blockchain based NFT products to the fullest satisfaction of the Crypto aspirants. We deliver NFT Products with enhanced use cases provoking the revenues and returns from all possible NFT Streams.

Maticz’s NFT Development Services effectively find use in the domains which include, NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Game Development, NFT Token Development, NFT domain Specific Platform Development comprising the domains of Sports, games, art, artifacts and domains.

Owing to the Enhanced use cases of the NFT, Maticz design and develop the NFT based products to serve the cause of audiences looking for different applications over different chains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Tron, etc..

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