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The popularity of NFTs is growing day by day. So, NFT marketplaces have evolved their distinct trend in the crypto sphere. We’re trying to help you benefit from this trend. According to statistics, the general capitalization of NFTs surged by almost 2100% in the first quarter of 2021 (the total transaction of the year 2020 is 299 percent). It drastically increases the craze for NFT among the people.

Let us begin with the basic knowledge about NFTs and Smart Contracts, NFTs are real-time objects like music, art, videos, etc and smart contracts are the codes that execute when the right conditions are met. 

The current stats in 2022 says that nearly millions of people are active in buying and selling NFTs. NFT has brought a change in the business trend which attracted many business investors to invest in NFT and NFT Marketplace and double their revenue in a short span of time.

What is an NFT Smart Contract?

NFT Smart contract is a trading agreement between the NFT buyer and the NFT seller that is written in coded language. Usually, these NFT smart contracts are developed on the blockchain, they are the set of programs that manage the data of the NFT owners and the transaction history of NFTs between the traders. Basically smart contracts access the entire action of transfers only when predominant conditions are met. 

NFT Smart Contracts are the most vibrant part of the NFT marketplace as the entire functioning of the platform relies on self-executing smart contracts. The NFT Smart contracts contain the codes that manage the creation and minting of NFTs. Once a user creates or mints NFTs these NFT smart contracts get triggered and automatically executed. Usually, NFT standards like ERC-721, ERC-1155, BEP-721, BEP-1155, etc are preferred for creating NFT smart contracts.

Let's get into detail about NFT Smart Contract Development!

NFT Smart Contract Development 

NFT Smart Contract Development has become a massive opportunity for the NFT investors to build up their own NFT marketplace and provide a chance to higher their revenue. As the complete functioning of the NFT marketplace depends on the NFT smart contracts, NFT smart contract development becomes more vital among entrepreneurs who are actively looking to build an NFT Marketplace. If you are one among them, you are in the right place!

Maticz is the leading NFT Smart Contract Development Company expert in developing NFT Smart Contracts on various blockchain networks. Our NFT Smart Contract Developers provide best-in-class NFT Smart Contract development on various blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, etc. We are recognized as a trustworthy agency in the creation of Custom NFT Smart Contracts according to the client's business needs.

NFT Smart Contract Development Services

Being the pioneer in NFT Smart Contract development services, Maticz offers top-rated NFT Smart Contract development to create NFT smart contracts that support the trade of various NFT digital collectibles. 

1. NFT Smart Contract for Marketplace

2. NFT Smart Contract for Minting

3. NFT Smart Contract for Staking

4. NFT Smart Contract for Lending

5. NFT Smart Contract for Loan 

6. NFT Smart Contract for P2P Exchange

7. NFT Smart Contract for Digital collectibles

NFT Smart Contract Development for Various Use Cases

We provide top-notch NFT Smart Contract Development for various use cases such as sports, art, videos, games, sports, metaverse, music, fashion industry, etc.


The development of the NFT Smart Contracts for Art Marketplace is the process of converting artworks into NFTs that can be traded on the NFT Marketplace. It is beneficial for the artist to get more popularity and profitability. 


NFT games make it possible to earn NFTs instead of actual money. The NFT gaming marketplace has a huge following. The NFT marketplace will make the cost of game assets transparent. The game's revenue will be transparent to the games industry. So, contribution rewards for gamers in NFTs are made easier.


NFT Smart Contract development for the Music creates a marketplace platform to sell their music and audios. NFT marketplace for music provides huge profits in the music business through its amazing capabilities. Artists hold the rights to their music with the help of private keys. 


NFT Marketplace for Sports gives a huge sporting future. Audiences have begun to appreciate sporting events in NFT, and sports enthusiasts will undoubtedly smile. Here, people can tokenize their sports assets with the aid of NFT smart contracts for Sports.

Digital Collectibles

Development of the NFT Marketplace for Digital Collectibles delivered exclusively for a platform that allows users to trade digital collectibles and goods. We can get rare digital items and crypto-collectibles from the peer-to-peer platform. Cryptopunk NFT platform is one of the most popular digital collectibles platforms. Digital collectibles include such as videos, audio, pictures, and GIFs.

NFT Smart Contract Development Process 

NFTs are created using smart contracts. Smart contracts operate on the blockchain and store the unique information of the token. It keeps track of the current owner and the previous owner.

Here are some basic Steps of NFT Smart Contract Development,

1. Setting up the project tools and environment

2. Coding the smart contract

3. Deploying and interacting on testnet

4. Testing smart contract 

5. Deploying on mainnet

Setting up the Project

We should have a detailed analysis with the expert professionals about the project, that the first step in setting a project is to select the desired blockchain to develop the smart contract and NFTs.

Coding NFT Smart Contracts

To develop the project the main key is a smart contract, these codes are written using solidity language basically but the language changes depending on the selection of the blockchain. As the project grows wider we can add additional smart contracts as per your plan.

Deploying and Interacting on Testnet

Once the developer code the smart contract now it is deployed locally on the test net to run various tests and audit the smart contract to ensure that there are no bugs.

Testing Smart Contracts

This testing part is very important because a tiny mistake may lead to a loss of funds on the investor’s side to overcome the issues the experts test the smart contract with various automated tests to bring out the product without errors.

Deploying on Mainnet

After analyzing the complete smart contract which is bug-free, we deploy publically the smart contract on the main net which is ready to access.

How do NFT Smart Contracts Work?

NFT platforms are working based on smart contracts (that is self-executing contracts). Features and functionalities of the NFT platforms are stored in the form of programs that run when it meets a predetermined condition. New smart contracts are deployed for individual tokens and store the metadata of NFT tokens. 

Most NFTs was built on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC721 protocol and Ethereum was preferred to develop NFT smart contract likewise smart contracts can be built on any blockchain like BSC, Solana, Tron, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. 

 --> Step 1: While minting an NFT they execute programs stored in a smart contract that confirms different standards.

 --> Step 2: The information about NFT and NFT owner is put on in blockchain where NFT is managed. This verifies the ownership of the NFT to the creator.

 --> Step 3: You can set the minting and bidding value as your wish in the smart contract code further will execute when the conditions are held.

 --> Step 4: Smart contracts will handle the transferability when NFT is transferred from one to another.

Benefits of Our NFT Smart Contract Development

We all are very well known for the hype for NFT and how it has taken NFT investors to the next financial level. Lets us know about the benefits of the NFT Smart Contract,

1. Functions are immutable.

2. Reduces the gas fee.

3. Fast transactions.

4. Fully Automated.

5. Resist hackers.

On the whole, smart contracts are the main blocks of the NFT. Eliminating the lack of trust which might be capable while executing with others, is by and large the thing that smart contracts do.

Why choose Maticz for NFT Smart Contract Development? 

On the whole, in the event that you are anticipating developing NFT Smart Contracts, then Maticz will be a perfect choice for you. Maticz is the leading NFT Marketplace Development Company superior in providing NFT smart contracts on various blockchain networks with high security. With our well-experienced professionals, We provide high-quality solutions that add value to your business.

Our NFT Smart Contract Developers provide NFT Smart Contracts thoroughly tested and smart contracts audited to ensure that they are free of vulnerabilities and faults. We have blockchain developers on board who will work with you throughout the project and offer the best solutions to any issues that arise and act as a flexible supporting team to manage your platform.  

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Yes, NFT uses smart contracts. Without Smart Contracts, it is impossible to create or mint NFTs. Smart Contracts account for the NFT's ownership and transferability. When you create or mint an NFT, the code stored in the smart contracts gets executed, and thereby an NFT is created and minted based on some NFT standards like ERC-721, ERC-1155, or BEP-721, BEP-1155.

You can avail the industry's best NFT Smart contract development from Maticz. We have more than 5+ years of experience in blockchain and have successfully developed more than 150+ blockchain products that are now top-performing in the market. Our certified Smart contract developers have expertise in developing NFT Smart contracts on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, etc.

NFT smart contract development costs around 10,000 USD to 70,000 USD. Usually, the NFT Smart contract development cost is based on the clients' business requirements. The more features and functionalities you need account for more development time, and automatically the cost of NFT smart contract development get increases.

Through strong technical dominance in the market and a 100% client satisfaction rate, Maticz is recognized as the best NFT Smart Contract development company by NFT entrepreneurs and investors all over the world. We are trusted by more than 100+ top brands globally. We have happy customers from various countries, like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.

Yes, We provide NFT Smart contract development services on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, etc. We also provide NFT Smart contract development on any other custom blockchain network for your business requirements.

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