Crypto Copy Trading

Individuals can imitate deals managed by an expert trader with better expertise and success rates in the crypto market through copy trading. It helps newbies to earn some money who don't have enough knowledge about the crypto world. It encourages people towards the platform and uplifts them to research the trading.

Want to Start a Copy Trading Platform?

Copy-trading platforms have become more popular over the years. This platform can trade assets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities. Among these, crypto markets are present at a booming rate. It attracts people to the crypto world and encourages them to invest in the crypto market. But newcomers are in a dilemma due to insufficient knowledge about crypto trading. So they expect a platform with copy trading features that helps them to get profit without any loss. This trading platform will benefit both traders and site owners, enabling them to boost their revenue.

How to Build a Copy Trading Platform?

1. Market analysis is the most effective strategy to know about the crypto market. From this, we can get more information about the existing platforms in the market. It helps to know who will be the competitor of yours locally as well as globally.  

2. Finding the targeting audience will take the business to the next level. Also, set the target location and assess the jurisdiction rules of the country.  

3. Tie-up with a reputed, experienced service provider.

4. Handshake with the bank or payment solution provider to get smooth transactions. That may be in an automatic or manual.

5. Implement the platform with the features such as robust copy trading tools, KYC/AML verification, hot/cold wallet, cross-platform compatibility, and security features.

6. Involve in the intensive testing process and eliminate errors.

7. Involved in beta testing and rectifying the glitches at last launches it officially into the market.

8. Use marketing strategies to get more users through the various communication channels.

9. Set up a customer support team to respond to complaints of the customers.

Copy Trading Software

Copy Trading Software (bot trading software) enables individuals to copy the trades managed by the trade expert. These can be provided by proprietary software or by third-party platforms.

How Does Copy Trading Software Work?

The working mechanism of the copy trading platform is simple. It connects the trader's portfolio with the subscriber's portfolio that you want to follow. The master account's trades will be reflected in the associated accounts. Here, subscribers can track, modify and cancel their trades which are replicated from the main trader. People can post trades directly when they get enough knowledge about the market. Here, the software account of the user alone connects with the master account. So, account holders have control over those features such as deposits and withdrawals.

Benefits of Crypto Copy Trading Software

1. The main advantage of this platform is that people can choose seasoned traders with a good track record.

2.Trades are created and managed by professionals in the crypto market. So, it is automated hand-free trading.

3. It enables people to get profit from the crypto market with limited knowledge.

4. It is fully opaque, allowing beginners to keep track of their account activity and trade updates at any moment.

5. Subscribers have authority over the trades that are open for them as well as they can able to modify them.

6. Gives more trade volume as well as liquidity.

Copy Trading Software Development

Maticz is a market-leading Copy Trading Software Development Company, offering world-class copy trading platforms with the most requisite features and security protocols. There are two effective techniques to construct this specialized software.

Build Copy Trading Platform from Scratch 

Here, copy trading platform features and specific functionalities are developed from the ground level. It is completely personalized and designed in accordance with the client's preferences. This will take longer to deliver when compared to white-label solutions.

White-Label Copy Trading Software

The White Label Copy Trading Software is ready to deploy crypto trading software built with high-tier security implementations. This software has already been designed, developed, and tested. Only the platform's UI and few slight modifications are allowed. The platform's developmental expense will be less.

Features of Copy Trading Software

1. Advanced copy trading tools to improve the quality of the trading.

2. Even if they have no prior trading knowledge, newcomers can trade like seasoned traders.

3. Choosing a trading strategy that is suitable for our style.

4. Cold wallet that supports all cross-wallets.

5. Regular audits that improve market security and reduction of harmful activity.

6. Demo Account, which is a virtual platform that facilitates learning trading tactics.

7. Customer service options including live chat, email, and smartphone support.

Security Features of Copy Trade Software

1. Cold storage supports multi-coins

Offline storage isn't connected to the internet and can hold a larger number of cryptocurrencies.

2. Two-factor authentication (2FA) 

Here, passwords are present in the form of fingerprints, retina patterns, OTP, Email verification. It assists in preventing illegal access to the account.

3. Multisignature Wallets

It secures the wallets by providing multi security keys to conduct secured transactions.

4. DoS, DDoS, CSRF & SSRF are essential security features for the crypto copy trading platform.

Top 5 Best Copy Trading Platforms

The trading sites mentioned here are the most popular crypto copy trading platforms.

  • eToro
  • Coinmatics
  • Tradelize
  • PrimeXBT
  • Naga

Why Maticz for Copy Trading Software Development?

Maticz is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that offers world-class crypto exchange platform solutions. We provide services such as White Label Crypto Exchange, Token creation on the specific standards, DEX platforms, Defi and NFT marketplace platforms on the crypto field at an affordable price. All of these services can be built and tailored according to the client's requirements. 

Our blockchain professionals will collaborate with you to build your dreaming platform, ensuring the highest level of security that generates consistent revenue and significant profits. If you’re a crypto enthusiast and want to start a copy trading platform, you can directly approach us. We'll always be available to support you to launch your crypto business on the right track.

What We Can Do For You?

Maticz is a one stop place for making your business ideas into reality. Top companies and start-ups hire developers from Maticz for their top projects.

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