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Capture the online food ordering market with the customized on-demand Food Delivery Application with market-demand features and personalized revenue models by collaborating with the startup-friendly Food delivery app development agency.


Food Delivery Applications

Food Delivery Applications are third-party mobile applications or cloud-based platforms that help restaurants, grocery shops, medicals, etc., to showcase their menus and enable customers to order & deliver preferred items to their doorstep. These applications allow customers to conveniently order food or groceries from their homes with attractive cashback & discounts.

Food Delivery Apps are delivery/takeout applications or software that connect restaurants, supermarkets, etc., with the target customers. Online Food Delivery Apps transformed the traditional dine-in system and enabled users to order food or other items with suitable devices like smartphones, laptops, etc., and an internet connection. In addition, these applications help the retailer and restaurants amplify their sales and create flexible job opportunities while enabling users to avail the associated benefits.

Tech firms like Maticz specialize in developing & deploying next-gen Food Delivery Applications with cutting-edge features and reliable architecture. Maticz offers versatile Food Delivery App Development Services that help investors to effectively control the workflow, streamline the processes, develop personalized applications within the investment, promote smooth internal communication among the stakeholders, etc.

Instant Delivery
Effective Communication
Streamlines Workflow
Ground-breaking Features
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Food Delivery App Development focuses on customer engagement & order management at its core and enables investors, stakeholders, and users to navigate, communicate and validate the orders. Our food delivery application helps investors reach more customers, improve visibility, outsource delivery, increase ROI, etc. In addition, it includes user-attracting features that help customers seamlessly use the interface, resolve their queries, receive referral bonuses, etc.

Maticz, a top-notch Food delivery app development company offers personalized business & revenue models that help startups or organizations develop customized food delivery applications. Capture the thriving online Food Delivery market with the industry-best Food Delivery Application or revolutionize the existing application with scalable Food Delivery App Development Solutions by collaborating with Maticz.

Scalable Solutions
Versatile Models
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Food Delivery App Development

Key Stats & Facts

The online food delivery industry became the buzzword and encouraged many early-stage investors to start their Food Delivery business. Some astonishing statistics of this thriving niche will keep you amazed.

  • According to a report from Business of Apps, the online Food Delivery App market will reach $165 bn value within this decade.
  • The most popular Food Delivery Application is UberEats, while Delivery Hero is the largest app in terms of users.
  • DoorDash, the most famous Food Delivery Application in the United States, dominates the market with a 50% share.
  • China is the global leader in the online Food Delivery industry and is ahead in total revenue compared to other nations
  • Chinese Meitan, the largest Food Delivery App in the world (based on revenue and usage), generated $30 bn in revenue.
  • Online Food ordering evolved and grew 300% compared to dine-in & accounted for 40% of the total sales.
  • Food Delivery App development costs around $45,000 to $55,000 in the United States.
  • According to, more than 2.8 bn people order foods, groceries, etc., from Food Delivery Apps.
  • There are various types of Food Delivery App models like restaurant-to-consumer, platform-to-consumer, cloud kitchen, logistics, etc.
  • White-label Food Delivery Application development enables quick development of applications and saves cost.

We help food-based startups to integrate suitable Food delivery application modules into their existing application or platform to optimize their sales. Food delivery app integrations help them expand their service locations within the city and attract users by incorporating market-demand features.

In addition to providing online food delivery applications, we help restaurants to develop a personalized platform or mobile application for better performance. Custom-built food delivery applications help restaurants increase sales by 40% and provide special discounts via applications to attract more users.

We also provide food delivery app consultation services that help early-stage investors or startups to monetize their food delivery app ideas into a high-performing application or platform. In addition, we help existing platforms to accelerate their sales with data-driven consulting & market-based solutions.

Maintenance & Support helps existing clients to scale their applications according to the online food ordering industry. In addition, we help new clients identify trends or challenges and enable them to overcome or optimize their business seamlessly. The maintenance and support model is cost-effective and suitable for startups & corporations.

Application or platform improvements will help aggregators or restaurant owners expand their sales and retain customers irrespective of the online food market. We help you redefine your existing Food delivery application or platform according to the market and customer demands.


We help you speed up the execution of your online Food Delivery business by providing robust, customizable, and dynamic Food delivery applications for aggregators, restaurant owners, etc. Some new-age food delivery application development services are:

Food Delivery App Development Services


Best Food delivery application development solutions help aggregators optimize the workflow and restaurants or cloud-based kitchens to opt for the required models. Maticz offers versatile food delivery application solutions like POS, White-label apps, etc.

Point of Sale

Point-of-sale systems enable cloud-based kitchens and restaurants to receive food, grocery orders, etc., directly from users. In addition, this system accelerates order processing which helps the aggregators avoid human error & handle bulk orders during peak season.

  • Better Order Processing
  • Automated Operations
  • Time-saving

Customized Restaurant Apps

Food delivery applications customized for restaurants help them maintain their kitchen items and update online menus based on availability. In addition, the applications enable the restaurants to effectively manage the food, supplies, recipes, etc., and high order volumes during demands.

  • Better Management
  • High-order Processing
  • Easy Menu Updates

White-label Food Delivery App

White-label Food delivery app is a ready-to-customize business model that enables the developers to instantly modify the application based on the online Food industry and business requirements. It helps investors to deploy the app and save cost & time while enabling them to thrive in the niche

  • Startup Friendly Models
  • Engaging UI/UX
  • Secure Infrastructure

Contactless Processes

To promote contactless food business operations, food delivery applications with unique features & functionalities are available. It helps the stakeholders and customers seamlessly process & order foods in a contactless mode while authenticity and reliability are maintained.

  • New-age APIs
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Authenticity Guaranteed

Mobile Applications

Maticz offers on-demand Food delivery mobile application solutions that help restaurants, executives, and users to process food orders or deliver and receive orders using smartphones. The mobile applications are available across Android & iOS platforms and receive regular updates.

  • Easy Download
  • User-friendly Applications
  • Scalable Updates

SaaS Platforms

SaaS-based food ordering platforms or web-based platforms enable users to order food, groceries, etc., directly from restaurants, retail shops, etc., using the web browser. These business models are economical compared to mobile applications and require less time and investments.

  • Multi-device Compatible
  • Less Development Time
  • Easy Customization

UberEats like App

We also provide UberEats-like food delivery app solutions to help startups develop & deploy a ground-breaking application like Uber within their capital. In addition, the business & revenue model is integrated according to the client's requirements.

  • Cost Saving
  • Flexible Models
  • Pre-coded solutions

Delivery Hero like App

In addition to providing versatile Food delivery app solutions, Maticz helps businesses develop the most popular online Food ordering applications like Delivery Hero under their logo and branding. It is a pre-built solution and customizable according to the brand requirements.

  • Market-demand Features
  • Easy To Navigate
  • Instant Deployment

Social Media Integration

Social media integration helps businesses increase their brand awareness and let their customers know about discounts and other offers. It is also used to connect with existing and new potential customers.


The geofencing feature helps you predict when your food will arrive and ensures it's fresh. Customers can be informed of any delivery problems as well as the time when their order will be ready for delivery. This way, you'll keep them happy and minimize the chances of making them upset.

Order Scheduling

The order scheduling and pickup feature is helpful for times when you need to order something and pick it up later. This way, you can save time by doing things differently.

Search Filter

People like it when they have many chances to select what they want from an on-demand food delivery service. This can include things like delivery time, food type, preferences, location, distance, and ratings. You can also research users' food preferences to help them find the food they want more easily.

Voice Integration

Integrating voice ordering into online food delivery apps would make ordering food online easy and enjoyable for your customers. You could offer food coupons and upsell meals with this feature, which would make your customers happy.

Easy Order Replacement

The faster the user can see what they need and find what they are looking for, the better their experience will be. Users can easily replace their orders and navigate around the app with the user interface designed by our team.


To be successful in this food delivery industry, you need to have the latest technology. That's why we deliver the following features that make your Food delivery mobile app stand out from the rest. Let's take a look!

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UberEats like Food Delivery App Development

Many business owners are interested in entering the food industry which gives it high demand. It can be challenging to build an app from scratch for food delivery like Ubereats or Zomato since this needs a great deal of experience and understanding in app development. We Maticz, a leader in food delivery app development know that area. Our team of skilled app developers can work with you to build a feature-rich online food delivery app similar to Swiggy, Eatfit, Food Panda, etc. that satisfies client demands and offers a seamless user experience.

We carefully consider how our app works and looks, so that it is easy to use and meets your needs. Our food delivery app developers use the latest software and technologies, so your food delivery app will run smoothly at all times. We work closely with clients to understand their needs, and to deliver an app that meets their budget and timeline. So if you're looking to develop a food delivery app, then you are in the right place.

Customizable UberEats Clone
Cross Platform Compatible
App Maintenance & Upgradation Support
Pre/Post Product Launch Support
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Real-time GPS Tracking

With real-time GPS tracking, users will know the food or order status, the details of the executive, and the time to get it delivered. In addition, delivery-related chat options are available, and a customer support system is available to resolve queries.


Streamlined Payments

Integrate payment options like debit cards, Google Pay, wallet, etc., in a Food delivery application. Users can pay with the preferred payment options for their food, and cashback options are available for particular modes of payment.


Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best way to gain visibility and stand out from the crowd. They notify prospective customers about discounts, special deals, and loyalty programs. It also assists businesses to be in touch with their customers.


Ratings and Reviews

Reviews and ratings help investors learn how people feel about their apps, restaurants, executives, etc. Positive reviews on a restaurant or item help other users order with confidence.


Admin Dashboard

The food delivery application contains an all-inclusive admin dashboard that helps them manage all the processes effectively. In addition, they can offer dynamic pricing based on the order volume and provide discounts during seasons.


Order Process & Management

Food delivery applications help restaurants effectively manage and process orders seamlessly. In addition, it helps the admin to assign delivery executives and update order status to the user.


Social Media Integration

Social media integration helps businesses increase brand awareness and enable customers to know about discounts and offers. It connects aggregators with existing and targets new customers.


QR Codes

QR codes function as a tool that helps users quickly order food from online Food delivery applications. It enables easy and rapid scanning & ordering of food and is popular among customers.


Some features that make Maticz the best custom food delivery app development company in the industry and unique are stated below.

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Digitalizing the food order and delivery market brings thousands of restaurants and millions of users together. It offers many benefits like sales improvement, better reach, and better customer experience.

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The key benefit of our Food delivery applications is the increased concept-to-product deployment. It enables startups or investors to develop and deploy a cutting-edge platform within a few days at a reasonable price.

Business Promotion

Our Food delivery apps can be personalized and help restaurants keep customers happy by giving special offers, dishes, and menu updates. It helps them order more often, which results in increased sales, better customer engagement & retention, and improved business.

Ready-to-deploy Models

Readily deployable models enable the instant launch of popular on-demand Food delivery applications like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, etc. In addition, these models come with customizable interfaces, functionalities, APIs, etc.

Multi-platform Compatibility

In addition, our applications are cross-platform compatible and enable users to order food from any device or operating system. The online Food delivery apps are available across iOS, Android platforms, etc., and supported by devices like smartphones, desktops, etc.

Modern Solutions

Our online food delivery applications are built with modern solutions like AI, chatbots, voice assistance, and augmented reality that helps them seamlessly process orders in a few steps to attract target customers and improve customer retention rate.

Better Customer experience

Our online food delivery applications come with a 24/7 support system, user-friendly interfaces, coupons, referral bonuses, restaurant offers, convenience, and live tracking status helps customers keep using the application.

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Cutting-edge frameworks and more secure APIs form the core of the Food Delivery Application to make it more scalable. The tech stack varies based on app requirements and clients' preferences.

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Food Delivery App Development Process

The Food delivery app development process involves industry-best practices and brainstorming sessions to develop a pitch-perfect application or platform.

Analyze The Requirements

Before developing a food delivery app, it is important to study your competitors. Doing in-depth research on the market helps our team create better, effective applications that make you stand out from the crowd.

Business Model Selection

Plan the development process and choose the business model to create an app like Swiggy and Ubereats. We choose the business model that aligns well with the requirements of a startup or a well-established company.

Prototyping & UI/UX Design

After deciding on the app's functionality and requirements, the next step is to create a user interface for the application. It includes designing the layout, color scheme, fonts, and other elements to be used in the app.

Backend Development

The next step in creating an app is designing the user interface, then developing the backend. It includes creating databases, working with API integrations, setting up a server, and using a payment gateway.

Testing And Deployment

After development, the application should be tested to ensure it is error-free. The Quality Assurance team checks to see if the app works correctly. This stage is crucial to ensure that everything works seamlessly.

Maticz enables startups or existing platforms to hire a professional developer to help them optimize the platform or mobile application with ground-breaking features according to customer demand or market needs. The cost to hire a food delivery app developer depends on many factors like tech stack, time or resource available, integrations, region, operating systems, devices, etc.

In the USA, hiring a food delivery app developer costs around $45 to $55 / hour and increases based on the above factors. Approach the fine-tuned food delivery mobile app development company to get the best food delivery app developer to optimize the existing food delivery application.

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Maticz became the best food delivery app development company in India in a short period by helping businesses launch pitch-perfect applications with market-demand features. We can help you create an app like Uber Eats or Zomato with customized features within the capital. We provide continuous support to help you sustain yourself in the online food ordering and delivery industry. In addition, flexible hiring models are available that enable clients to hire experts on an hourly basis for application support or upgrade.

As a top-notch on-demand Food Delivery App Development Company, we provide versatile Food delivery app solutions that help people order food & have it delivered to their homes, enabling stakeholders to manage and process orders effectively. We have a team of experienced food delivery app developers who know exactly how the hotel business works. Effortlessly convert the unique Food delivery app ideas into a money-making platform. We implement the expertise to create Food delivery applications based on the current market and help you make your innovation journey a success.

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Food delivery app development involves the development of restaurant delivery or takeout software that enables customers to conveniently order food, groceries, essentials, etc., and have it delivered to the doorstep by connecting customers with local stores, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

To build a pitch-perfect delivery app like Uber or other food delivery applications, analyze the on-demand market requirements, survey the competitors, develop a solid app idea, gather the requirements, find unique features, and reach the best Food delivery app development service provider.

Food delivery app development cost depends on many factors like resources, tech stack, app requirements, integrations, etc. The cost to develop a cutting-edge Food delivery app ranges from $50,000 to $75,000, which varies from location to location. The price to hire a certified app developer is around $40/hr.

The Food delivery application is a profitable business model and contains many revenue-generating sources (can be customized) like subscription, delivery charges, restaurant fees, packing charges, membership, etc., which helps investors earn and maximize their ROI in a short time.

Matizc offers the best Food delivery app development services and provides customized solutions based on the project requirements and capital. In addition, white-label food delivery app development solutions with stunning UI/UX designs, futuristic integrations, etc., enable accelerated product deployment.

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