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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software or system that enables startups and enterprises to efficiently organize their workflow, manage time, maximize ROI, enhance productivity, and foster cordial relationships with clients. CRM is a pitch-perfect solution that can replace a multitude of databases, applications, and worksheets to track and analyze client data for a better outcome.

Client management software collects all the data from sales leads and customers across different channels and stores them in one place for effective retrieval and analysis. It integrates communications from various channels (emails, calls, text messages, forms, etc.), documents, purchases, price quotes, and tasks from every customer and potential lead. In addition, CRM applications facilitate effective collaboration across different teams working on the same project for better results.

Developing your customer management software will help you improve visibility in sales, identify and prioritize outreach to customers, and leads to better follow-up. In terms of marketing, the tailor-made CRM software gives an insight into the marketing approach, planning and executing effective marketing strategies, and attracting a larger audience with personalized recommendations.

Effective Data Storage
Seamless collaboration
Accurate Analytics
Personalized Dashboard

Maticz offers robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software that focuses on contact management and data management at its core. We helped numerous organizations with the industry-best CRM development services to optimize their business and resolve their hurdles. Transform your business by replacing your existing and cumbersome client management software with the best-in-class CRM solutions enriched with cutting-edge solutions from the industry's best CRM software development company.

Collaborating with leading tech firms like Maticz will help you create your CRM application or platform with customized features. Maticz offers flexible CRM business models to help startups and enterprises meet their requirements. The CRM software development is customizable and integrated with your existing applications like ERP, admin panel, etc. We even offer CRM blockchain services for improved security and enhanced access.

Custom CRM Development
Better Outreach
Improvised lead prospects
Optimized marketing campaigns
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CRM Software Development Company

Valuable Insights into Our

The CRM software development services involve considerable brainstorming sessions during which some of the valuable insights that turned out to be of utmost importance are included in CRM software development and are clearly stated below.

  • Marketing Automation- In lead generation, CRM software with automation marketing tools is of high value that effectively automates repetitive tasks and enhances marketing steps at different stages.
  • Enhanced Permissioned Access Storage of all the essentials in the same server leads to enhanced data access for appropriate authority.
  • Lead Management- With the help of the most efficient CRM software, sales monitoring can be effective, and the team can seamlessly view, analyze and manage data for leads.
  • Insight- The data management component of CRM can provide detailed insights into customer success and retention rate in addition to providing details of implemented marketing solutions.
  • Integration - CRM software or applications integrated with another system of an organization, such as HR, ERP systems, etc.
  • Automated Workflow- CRM software can automate mundane and complex tasks, thus helping organizations to streamline their workflow and focus on other crucial tasks.
  • Contact Center Automation- CRM software with contact centre automation consists of pre-recorded audio messages that enable information dissemination and resolve customer concerns.
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) - HRM enables firms to manage internal resources like employees by tracking their performance and internal workflow more effectively.
  • Project Management - CRM enables effective project management by allowing users to track project details like objectives, processes, risk management, and progress.
  • AI - AI can be effectively incorporated into the CRM, which automates complex work, predict customer buying-trend, identifies market demand, etc.

With the custom-built CRM software, Whatsapp, Hubspot SAP, or other solutions are integrated to enhance productivity. In addition, the inclusion of AI in CRM enables clients to receive smart recommendations and witness a surreal experience with chatbots aided by Diagflow and Lex.

CRM migration enables data transfer from existing to new CRM systems smoothly and securely. In addition, it maintains data integrity and easily allows the migration of data across different CRM platforms like Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc. With this remarkable solution, transfer the data across compatible platforms with ease.

Apart from offering end-to-end CRM development solutions, we also allow startups and organizations to choose platform functionalities based on their process requirements. For instance, ERP or other solutions are implemented into the CRM software based on client requests.

We also offer extensive CRM consultation that helps firms achieve their customer retention target and enhance the sales process. Our CRM consultants analyze the existing CRM software of prospective clients and give suggestions or recommendations for improved business workflow and sales based on their study.

To help industries thrive in their niche, we offer fine-tuned CRM applications developed exclusively to meet their objective. Custom analytical & intuitive charts and tables with specific tools to generate accurate reports and trends are incorporated according to the industrial standard.


CRM development services are versatile and cover all the aspects and needs of startups and organizations. Some crucial CRM software development services offered are given below.


Our Multiple

Our CRM software development services are flexible and offer versatile solutions to organizations to meet their business needs. Some prominent CRM software solutions in great demand are given.

CRM Application Development

CRM applications (both mobile and desktop) can be built and deployed with the required degree of customization to enable streamlined workflow and process enhancement. Mobile-based CRM software is created to resolve concerns in a short time and allow users to manage their tasks more effectively. It is available on native platforms.

  • Robust Mobile application
  • Quick solution
  • Streamlined workflow

CRM Software Solution

All CRM software solutions consist of analytical tools that are analyzed together to accelerate product development, enhance marketing campaigns and improve sales. CRM software development solutions include installation and migration of cloud-based CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, etc.

  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Easy data transfer
  • Improved sale

CRM Implementation

In addition to CRM consultation, CRM implementation services for various niches ranging from on-premise to cloud-based deployment are provided. CRM implementation can be done even for generating customer reports with complete data for various customer groups according to the selection.

  • Effective Report Generation
  • Cloud-based solution
  • A diverse range of applications

CRM Module Development

Module or Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) based CRM software can be developed and deployed for better workflow management. CRM modules like Productivity, KPI tracking, performance analysis, log management, lead generation, real-time data analysis, and reporting, can be developed.

  • KPI based software
  • Better lead generation
  • Effective data analysis

Cloud-based CRM

Apart from developing and deploying top-notch on-premise CRM software, we also offer cloud-based CRM solutions. We offer captivating SaaS CRM architecture for Cloud CRM development on Windows or Mac platforms and ensure that CRM integration systems are installed with a proven methodology.

  • Eye-catching display
  • Secure architecture
  • Accurate integration

CRM Database Management Solution

CRM database management solutions like contact management, record or document management, and search management can be developed and deployed into the software so that an organization can get an insight into customer behavior to make a well-informed decision.

  • Enhanced contact management
  • Effective prediction
  • well-informed choice

CRM Maintenance

CRM maintenance involves helping clients with the required support even after deploying CRM software on-premise or cloud. A dedicated technical and non-technical supporting team will assist clients 24/7 (even on holidays) and resolve their concerns or queries within a short time.

  • 24/7 support
  • Dedicated post-launch maintenance
  • Help with on-premise & cloud-based platform

CRM Upgrades

To help startups and enterprises survive and move ahead of their competitors, we strive hard to cope with cool updates on CRM software (both on-premise and cloud) that can be readily integrated into the existing CRM application. This ensures that CRM software is in an optimal state and up to date.

  • Timely updates
  • Effective inclusion
  • Optimized CRM

The solution and module concerning CRM software development are versatile and maticz offers custom CRM development services for various industries like retail, fintech, etc., that are provided to meet the industry-specific requirement and address challenges.




To help E-commerce platforms effectively implement their marketing strategies and predict trends in consumer shopping behavior, efficient tools for tracking sales, analyzing demand, and developing efficient marketing solutions are included in the CRM software.

Health care

The CRM software or application developed for the healthcare niche helps medical institutions to effectively manage patient medical records, improve billing and simplify other complex processes using an automated function.


Improve sales, effectively track and manage inventory with improved analytics and optimized strategies with retail-based CRM solutions. It also helps predict future sales based on market and customer shopping trends.



To simplify complex tasks involved with the financial industry and facilitate structured relationships between private investors, and financial service providers, Maticz provides a configurable CRM solution to boost performance


CRM is the core component of the fashion niche as it improves conversion, customer retention, inventory handling, and profit in addition to increasing trust and loyalty. Custom-developed CRM for the fashion industry reduces cost and time by automating the complex steps and helps the firm to create efficient and powerful marketing.


In the supply chain and logistic niche, the CRM can be optimized to effectively collect, store and track data from warehouse, ERP, and transportation in a single medium to improve supply chain workflow and reduce associated costs and time.



The applications of CRM are manifold, and it benefits startups and corporations from a different perspective. The following are the few benefits of our CRM software common for various niches.

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Competitive Advantage

We have developed fine-tuned CRM software solutions that not only boost the productivity of an organization but also help them cope with market fluctuations and gain a competitive advantage.

Scalable performance

Customer Relationship Management software is both scalable and reliable, which helps both startup and organization meet their requirements efficiently. Automated processes and detailed reports help them scale their business.

Enhanced Security

On-premise and cloud-based CRM solutions are developed on the most secure internal architecture. This enables firms to securely and effectively transfer or migrate the CRM system with ease.

Flexible Integration

The CRM is flexible enough to adopt new inclusion or update. For instance, the CRM software (both cloud and on-premise), can be effectively integrated into the existing HR, admin panel system, etc.

Futuristic Tech stack

State-of-the-art technologies and software are the building components of the CRM software or application, which gives competitive advantages with their accurate analysis and trend prediction.

Optimized workflow

Achieve the business target and meet goals with the help of futuristic CRM applications, which streamline the process and simplify project management or other complex tasks for better and enhanced productivity.


Third-party Integration

Integrating CRM into other innovative solutions saves a considerable amount of time and cost associated with the enterprise and contact management. But it is important to choose the software that is in demand and required for the enterprise.


Employee Tracking

CRM is an indispensable tool to track employee activity and evaluate performance. The employee tracking feature also enables them to manage their tasks, track their activities and improve their productivity with the in-built tools.


Inventory Monitoring

CRM can be effectively merged with the ERP or can single-handedly track, maintain and manage the resources for effective enterprise planning. This helps many niches like E-commerce to plan their purchase.


Lead Management

This is the most critical feature of any CRM software that helps the organization achieve its conversion goals. It results in effective lead management and improves client conversion and retention rates.



Traditional methods of email reading or tracking can be troublesome and confusing. Every sale email should be addressed promptly for effective conversion and to generate revenue. The email feature of CRM makes this task simple and easier.


CRM Analytics

Customer Analytics (Commonly called CRM Analytics), provides detail about customer data. CRM analytics enable well-informed decisions regarding the product, marketing, and communication that are sent to customers.



This is the common feature that can be found in all the CRM in the market that collectively brings all the information or data (total lead or sales generated in a specific time) regarding sales and marketing efforts.


Sales Prediction

It is one of the must-have features of any CRM which gives an insight into the future sale based on the current data from the pipeline. It is easier for an organization to prepare or modify an effective marketing plan with this feature.


Some features that are considered the breakthrough in the CRM niche and make the CRM unique and uncompetitive in the industry are:

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To develop a perfect CRM application, we employ the industry-best development practices which are stated below.


Based on your CRM requirement or existing CRM challenge, we develop the scope of the project development, which consists of defining goals, addressing the difficulty, building a team, assessing risk factors, and explaining project flow.

Design and Customization

Once the strategies are conceptualized from numerous brainstorming sessions, the process starts from the designing aspect. The architecture from existing code & customized or developed from scratch is built based on the functionality required.


Once the crucial features and functionalities are designed and incorporated, various integrations, per your business objective, are included to make sure an uninterrupted and secure flow of data and work.

Quality Assurance

After including cutting-edge functionalities and third-party or essential integrations into the CRM software, the application is tested against benchmark industry standards to make sure that it is free of technical glitches.

Data Migration

The data migration process involves the transfer of data or information from a different medium like a spreadsheet, cloud, etc., into the incorporated CRM software without any data loss and inaccuracies.

Post-launch support

The CRM is fine-tuned by optimizing the KPIs (for cloud-based CRM applications) for improved performance. Continuous and round-the-clock support is given to your internal team members who are in charge of governing CRM.

Core Update

To help the client meet future technological requirements and manage the workflow more efficiently based on market fluctuations, much-needed updates or features are included regularly.



We implemented ground-breaking technologies into our CRM software that achieves the highest degree of optimization and precise workload management. Some emerging tech stacks included in the CRM software are stated below.

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Best CRM Software Development Company

Best CRM Software Development Company

Maticz is one of the best CRM Software Development Companies in the market that helped global firms across various niches to effectively implement on-premise or Cloud-based CRM applications for better business results. In addition, Maticz gives you the option to choose or hire resources based on your CRM development needs. Whether for customization or complete CRM development, we’ll support you with the exact resources based on the preferred business model.

We offer optimal and contextualized CRM solutions based on the essence of client business objectives. The CRM development process is completely transparent and involves complete cooperation from a team of experienced CRM developers. Develop high-quality and error-free CRM software by teaming with the best CRM development company based on the requirement and moving ahead with optimized process flow and improved sales.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


CRM software is a business-favourite & technological tool helping corporations or startups effectively manage operations and accelerate sales based on customer data. The CRM development process involves the creation of high-performing CRM-based applications for various niches.

CRM application or software aims to help organizations or individuals seamlessly manage their activities and improve business. In addition, CRM applications enable improved customer engagement, inmprove customer retention ratio, etc., based on customer interaction analysis and data.

CRM applications are of four main types based on certain characteristics and modules. They are Operational CRM, Analytical CRM, Collaborative CRM, and Strategic CRM systems. The CRM models can be integrated or customized based on specific requirements and market-needs.

The benefits of CRM are manifold and characterized based on industry and applications. Some CRM benefits are high-end security, scalability, optimized business processes, better customer engagement & retention, detailed analytics, automated report generation, and increased productivity.

The CRM software comes with secure architecture and scalable security features as it contains the customer data in a centralized database. In general, CRM software must be integrated with security features like data encryption, data backups, password protection, authentication, and RBAC-based access management.

CRM development cost depends on many factors like business size, application model, tech stack, resources available, project time, features required, etc. In India, the CRM development costs( in US dollars) around $45,000 to $55,000 and may change based on the model.

The time to develop Customer Relationship Management or CRM software varies from business to business and depends on data migration, tech stack, APIs, integrations, etc. In general, the CRM development time takes around 2-3 months and may increase based on above factors.

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