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Create a Web3 streaming platform with the help of our qualified web3 developers to make the playing field for content creators all around the world.

Web3 Streaming Platform Development

Web3, which remained a buzzword, has set its foot on media. Web3 Streaming services have created a rage for broadcasting movies, podcasts, videos, and other live events. Content creators have got a perfect platform to reach their target audience by making amazing content. Web3 offers a secure platform for streaming services where users need not be under anybody’s control. There is no room for any fraudulent activities in this live stream which is backed by blockchain security. 

If you are looking to step into a modern streaming platform where your privacy is also secured side by side, then you have arrived at the right place. 

Maticz is a leading Web3 Streaming Platform Development Company that provides a wide range of streaming services to both well-established and startup companies. From streaming app development to marketing services, we are a one-stop solution. We provide a web3 streaming platform for all kinds of content like live concerts, events, videos, and podcasts.

Exclusive Web3 Streaming Platform Development Services

The Web3 streaming market is growing quickly, many entrepreneurs are partnering with web3 development companies to create these platforms. If you're thinking of entering the streaming market, we have some exclusive Web3 Streaming Platform Development Services.

Web3 Music Streaming Platform

Web3 Music Streaming Platform allows music producers to reach a large audience to stream music and get a profit. It enables users to create and share playlists as well as follow and interact with their favorite artists. They can purchase exclusive content and stream music using cryptocurrency. 

Web3 Video Streaming Platform

With a Web3 Video Streaming Platform, users can easily find and watch videos from different sources and platforms, all while keeping their data safe and secure. It enhances the viewing experience for viewers and gives better financial prospects to content producers.

Web3 OTT Streaming Platform

You can stream content like movies, TV shows, music, and more using the Web3 OTT Streaming platform. Content creators can monetize their work, allowing them to receive payments in cryptocurrency in exchange for their content. 

Web3 Podcast Streaming Platform

Web3 Podcast Streaming platforms enable users to access podcasts without the need for a central server. What makes this unique from other conventional podcasts is that it is an open-source platform that allows anybody to contribute to its development. Discussions on various subjects, anecdotes, and personal stories will make people aware of even complex concepts

Web3 Live Streaming Platform

Web3 Live Streaming platform features a peer-to-peer streaming protocol, enabling users to broadcast and watch live streams from any device, anywhere in the world. It allows users to stream and watch live content as well as purchase digital assets such as music, videos, and digital art. 

Step-by-Step Process of Web3 Streaming Platform Development

A Web3 streaming software or platform goes through several stages throughout development. Our professionals help you from comprehending your business demand to building a system and evaluating its efficacy. Let's take a closer look at each step.

Requirements Gathering

The first step in developing a business plan is getting to know your business requirements. We'll arrange a meeting to discuss your business needs, target audience, business offering, and expectations. This will help us create a plan that is tailored to your business.

UI/UX Design 

Your website needs a good look and feels to make it look professional. A professional interface is created by our UI designers and front-end developers to give your platform a structure.

Web3 Streaming Software Development 

Once you've finalized your design, our development team will work on creating a working solution based on your prototype. This requires skilled blockchain developers to create a functioning system with the features and functions you specified.

Streaming Application Testing

After project development, there will be many people in our team testing the Blockchain-based Web3 streaming platform. They will not stop until there are no problems or glitches.

Web3 Streaming Platform Deployment

To use your URL, you'll need to install, configure, update, and enable applications that work with URL servers. If something is missing, we'll help you get it working until you're able to use it on your own.


Keeping your website up to date is important so it functions properly and meets the needs of current and future users. We offer 3 months of maintenance services to young entrepreneurs so they can focus on their businesses instead of worrying about technology or website maintenance.

Features of Web3 Streaming Platform

The integration of web3 technologies has given streaming applications new ways to present their content and make money. Check out some of the unique features of the Web3 streaming apps and platforms we offer.

Unique Content

Web3 streaming platforms work a little differently than traditional streaming apps. Instead of charging users fees, these platforms generate revenue by charging creators a streaming fee. Creators who are sure about the quality of their content will usually be willing to pay fees, which helps the platforms keep providing quality content without having to rely on ads or other partnerships.

Revenue Stream

Web3 streaming apps let you watch live events, like music concerts and comedy shows, on the web. You have to pay a ticketing fee to watch these events. This way, you can generate revenue from your web3 streaming apps.

Video on demand

On Web3 streaming, you can buy or rent videos with the security of blockchain technology. This will make the platform earn a lot of money from popular videos or content.

Pay per view

Web3 streaming platform allows viewers to pay a fee for watching content. This way, only people who watch the content will have to pay, and those who don't won't have to pay anything. It is beneficial for both the users as well as platform owners.

Content Promotions

Web3 streaming platform content creators can use promotion features to get their content seen by a wide audience. They can pay a fixed promotion fee to the platform, and this will help their content be seen by many people.

Fascinating Benefits of Web3 Streaming Platform

Most of the streaming platforms, like web3 streaming platforms, offer better streaming quality than centralized streaming platforms, because they use a peer-to-peer network to send videos and music to users. Some of the notable benefits that make us stand out are as follows.

Extensive reach

Web3 streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch attract a wider audience of fans than other platforms, which makes them an effective way for celebrities and content creators to connect with their followers and generate a lot of money.

Enhanced Awareness

With web3 streaming apps, you can watch new and old videos and music from your favorite creators. This is because NFTs and cryptocurrency are growing in popularity, which means more people will be interested in buying exclusive content.

Decentralized network

Traditional video streaming platforms rely on a single server to stream content, which could lead to a single-point failure. However, the peer-to-peer network in the web3 streaming platform means that there is no single point of failure.

Wider Opportunity

There are a lot of talented people out there, and web3 streaming apps let you show your talent and make some money. There are no fees involved, so you can do this without worrying about costs.


The integrated blockchain technology and web3 streaming platforms will make the platform more transparent, allowing creators to be rewarded fairly for their content. These tokens can be traded on a secondary NFT marketplace to earn real-world currencies.


Digital content like movies and songs can be converted into tokens that give the creator complete control over it. This is done through a Web3 streaming platform, which gives users the ability to enjoy content based on their interests without any restrictions.

Technologies used for Web3 Streaming Platform Development

Web3 Streaming Platform Development needs a variety of different technology stacks. Our experts are very skilled in using these different types of technology to offer enthralling services.

(i) Blockchain 

(ii) Augmented Reality (AR)

(iii) Virtual reality (VR)

(iv) NFT

(v) Smart Contract

What Makes Us Top Web3 Streaming App Development Company?

Maticz is a well-known Web3 Streaming App Development Company that helps businesses create web3-based streaming apps. We use our expertise and experience to create apps that are easy to use and secure. Our Web3 application developers follow a special development methodology that helps us create Web3 Streaming platforms and apps that are user-friendly and future-proof. 

Our team takes into account the challenges posed by web3 technology and development tools and comes up with a custom development process that's efficient and cost-effective for our clients. Being the pioneer in Web3 development services, We have worked with hundreds of international clients and have delivered scalable and secure web3 solutions. If you want to discuss a project with us or create your own streaming platform, Contact Us.

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