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Sophisticate the whole process of the grocery delivery business with Maticz grocery delivery app development services. With our white-label grocery delivery app, you can enhance your business, increase your customer base & improve online visibility.

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Grocery Delivery App Development

The raising demand for grocery delivery app development has doubled in recent days. This is because of the technical advancements in the online grocery delivery business models that have altered the ways how they provide their services. Maticz is a prominent grocery delivery app development company that has helped many grocery shops of all sizes across the globe to get their business to level up with our grocery delivery app.

Our grocery delivery app is developed after a detailed market analysis so that it can outperform all the currently available ready-made scripts in the market. Maticz has a dedicated team of developers working on various grocery delivery projects, who are always aware of the ongoing trend and latest features that are introduced by mainstream grocery apps like InstaCart. Walmart, and BigBasket.

If you are owning a grocery business and looking to enhance your customer services with a mobile app, then Maticz can help you with the grocery delivery app development process. We can also help entrepreneurs to start a grocery delivery business with a white-label solution that can be tailored to their business requirements. Hire us and dominate your competitors by launching your grocery delivery app.

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Push Notifications

Push instant notifications for users and delivery executives about changes in delivery, payment status, live locations, offers, returns, and refunds. This lets users keep posted with the grocery delivery 24/7.

Dedicated Apps

The grocery delivery app comes with dedicated mobile applications for users, delivery executives, and store admins. Each app is developed with interactive UI and engaging features that assure a seamless shopping experience.

Profile Management

Both users and delivery drivers can customize and build their profiles over time as they use the app. Loyalty badges like super fast delivery, trusted buyer, monthly purchaser, and so on can be earned and showcased.

No Contact Delivery

After the pandemic people love no-contact deliveries. With the interoperability of the grocery delivery app platform, deliveries can be completed without calling or reaching out in person provided with the correct address details.

Order Management

Order management is a vital feature for users and delivery partners from which they can manage the order, cancel it, or schedule an order. They can have an overview of all the information on ongoing, dispatched, and scheduled orders.

Reviews and Ratings

Users can rate their experience on the delivery, and groceries purchased whereas delivery partners can share their experience with the admin or store regarding the grocery items, user suggestions, and so on.

Business Centric

Grocery delivery apps have become an essential part of modern life, providing convenience and easy access to various products. Maticz offers a range of features that make grocery shopping more accessible and more efficient than ever before, from personalized recommendations to one-click checkout, our platform provides users with the ultimate shopping experience.

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Overview Of The

Modules Involved In The Grocery Delivery App

Digital grocery sales hit $128B in March 2023. These figures show how the online grocery industry is taking over the market. As a grocery business owner, one should take advantage of this emerging technological evolution and upgrade the business for better returns. There are a plethora of mobile app development companies that provide ready-made grocery applications which can be replicas of some apps. This can heavily impact your online brand credibility. To overcome this developing a white label grocery delivery app can help you in the long run.

Maticz is a leading grocery app development company that has successfully launched more than 70 grocery apps across the world and gained a reputation in central Asia and the United States because of the finest solution we offer for our clients.

Our grocery app module has dedicated mobile applications for users, delivery executives, an admin panel, and a store owner app. These individual applications can connect through the cloud server for seamless deliveries. Each app is developed with jam-packed feature sets with interactive designs. We use cutting-edge technologies to develop a grocery delivery app that can sustain the competitive and frequently changing market.

Customer App
Driver/Delivery Executive App
Admin Panel
Store App
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Social Signup/Login

With social media sign-up, customers can use their existing social media accounts to save time and eliminate the need to fill out lengthy forms. This makes it easier for customers to get their groceries delivered without having to go through a long registration process.

Order Management

Customers can easily make changes to their orders or cancel them altogether if they no longer need the items. This makes the ordering process much more convenient and efficient for both the customer and the store.

Multiple Payment Modes

The users can make their payment for the ordered groceries with the availability of a wide range of payment methods in the app. Customers can pay through e-wallets, credit cards, and debit cards. and cash on delivery.

Live Order Tracking

The customers can keep an eye on the real-time location of ongoing orders. The location information is also updated as a push notification for the users. This feature helps in increasing user engagement.

Repeat Order

Groceries can be more or less the same every month. Customers can use the repeat order feature to place the same order that was placed in the previous month. Users can also add/delete the items before placing the order.

Add To Cart

Users can add the items to the cart as they surf the menu. They can add as many products in the cart which can be later modified before placing the order. The items in the cart will be automatically updated when the store makes a change.

Users Can Experience The

With just a few taps on your customer's mobile app, you can deliver all the groceries right to their doorstep with our feature-rich customer app. We provide features from product search to payment options for customers, that ensure an easy and secure way to buy their groceries from your online store.

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Drivers Can Now Interact

Before getting into the development phase, our research team worked closely with many delivery executives and addressed the practical difficulties in grocery delivery. Maticz's sophisticated software solution for grocery delivery is built-in with a functionality-oriented delivery personnel app. Our app doesn’t suffice with a good UI but is also jam-packed with delivery functionalities for drivers.

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Manage Availability

The driver can now set their availability through the driver app. They can either set it as available to deliver the groceries for the day or turn off their availability if they are busy. This feature can reduce driver hassles.


Access Delivery Information

Drivers can have access to the delivery information of the orders that have been delivered by him/her. This can be helpful in historical data of deliveries made. The data can also be saved and shared as a pdf document with the admin's approval.


Night Mode

Drivers can make use of the night mode feature while using their mobile phones during the night time. Grocery delivery can take time and involves looking over the phone for long hours for navigational purposes


Delivery Notifications

With a single click, drivers can push notifications for both users and admin regarding delivery. Instant notifications are helpful for any changes in the order, damaged deliveries, customer disputes, payment issues, and much more.


Star Delivery

The drivers can earn loyalty badges as they receive positive reviews and ratings from the users. The drivers can show off the earned badges in their profile to other drivers and customers. This can improve employee retention rates.


In-app Navigation

The grocery delivery app is developed in a way it supports google maps on android and Apple maps on iOS devices. The drivers can now receive directions for the delivery without leaving the application.

Offers and Discounts

Admins can provide coupons, discounts, and offers that can help customers save money on their purchases. This feature can increase customer retention and new user signup on the app.

Manage Add / Edit / Delete

Admin can use the panel to add, edit and delete items from the app's database, ensuring that customers always have access to up-to-date products. They can also manage user accounts, set up payment methods, track orders, and more


The admin has full control over the user and driver accounts. Admin can suspend, or delete an account from the grocery delivery app if they violate the terms and conditions of the platform. A suspended account can also be retrieved after the admin's approval.

Insights & Analytics

Admin also has access to powerful analytics tools that allow them to make data-driven decisions when managing stores in the grocery delivery app. This helps them optimize operations and maximize profits while providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Store Management

Admin can allow/disallow stores that can use the app. They can also block a store from using the platform if they are found using expired groceries, or over-prized products, ruling out FDA and much more.

Inventory Management

Admin can check out the stocks of groceries and update the inventory so that users can avoid stock-out issues. This feature can also help in avoiding fake bulk orders from vendors and aggregators.

Eagles Eye

Our admin dashboard in the grocery delivery app is an essential tool for managing operations and tracking customer orders. It provides a comprehensive view of all the activities that take place in the app and allows administrators to quickly respond to any customer requests.

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Curious To Know About

Maticz’s online grocery delivery app works by connecting customers with local stores or supermarkets that offer delivery services. We made the working process so simple and hassle-free for efficient interoperability of all the modules in the grocery app.

All the dedicated mobile applications in the grocery delivery app and the built-in features can make grocery shopping an enjoyable experience for consumers. As we know the platform has an app for customers, delivery personnel, and an admin dashboard. The workflow starts from

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Customers can log in/signup to the app and check the categories and subcategories to place an order of groceries they need


They can make payments through the app with any one of the available payment modes.


Admin receives an order request once a user places an order, Admin can approve/disapprove the order.


After the admin’s order approval, the store starts to pack the groceries and get them ready for shipment.


Notifications are pushed to customers & regional delivery executives as soon as the groceries shipment tracking is enabled.


Once the order is delivered to the nearest hub, drivers can pick up the orders, and are ready for dispatch.


Customers get notifications about the delivery until the order is received.


Customers can rate the quality of groceries, and the delivery experience in the app, admin can manage the order details and close the order.

The steps below are a rough representation of how a custom grocery delivery app is developed for online supermarkets and grocery stores.

Reaching Us

You can reach us after looking at the experience Maticz has in the industry, our portfolios, senior resources, ongoing projects, testimonials, and reviews. Our team will reach you and discuss the project details, requirements, budget, and deadlines.

Discovery Phase

The main objective of the discovery phase is to finalize the project idea by the client and approval of UI/UX design. In addition to it, all the functionalities, usage of technologies, devices used, and their guidelines are finalized.

Development Phase

Maticz will follow an MVP, a minimum viable product for clients with budget constraints. In most cases, we start the development of a full-fledged project with all the primary and add-on functionalities. The following professionals from project managers, business analysts, designers, developers, quality support, and DevOps work in rhythm for successful development.

Launch & Promotion

After aggressive testing and debugging, the app is ready for uploading to the app stores. The developers upload the app to the both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If promotion is opted out by the client, we strategize a marketing plan for a great start for the grocery app among online users.

Support, Maintenance, Updation

Maticz advises clients to avail support from our team at least for 6 months after the launch. This will be beneficial for any technical issues, app updates, speed issues, device rendering issues, and support issues.

Our Development Process

Grocery Delivery App Development
Our Online Grocery App Development Services

Why Should You Opt For Our Online Grocery App Development Services?

Days are gone when people step out for their grocery shopping. The fast-paced daily routines and social distancing norms had made online grocery delivery an ideal solution for many supermarkets and grocery shops. Creating a grocery delivery app for your grocery store will increase the number of orders placed and widen your customer base. This can also be beneficial for your brand's online presence and visibility.

Maticz can help you in developing a white label grocery delivery app with an extensive feature set that can also be tailored to your business requirements. Opting out of our grocery app development services can avail of several business-centric benefits like high ROI, quick development time, 24/7 support, competitive pricing, and much more. Our team will get in touch with you in case of any latest trends or any updates/add-ons required for your product. We have helped more than 70+ online supermarkets and grocery stores across the globe and created, many success stories in the online grocery delivery industry. With no doubt, Maticz can be your trusted digital partner for your business venture.

Choosing our online grocery app development services is a good idea because we provide,

Customer Satisfaction
Competitive Pricing
Assured Delivery On-time
Integrity & Support
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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


The cost can depend upon many factors including features, functionalities, support plans, and much more. Maticz provides custom pricing and fixed-rate for grocery delivery app development. Reach us to know about these pricing details.

Having a grocery delivery app will be profitable for the following people who own,

  • > Local grocery store
  • > Supermarkets
  • > Business chain of grocery stores
  • > Multi-vendor grocery stores
  • > Grocery business aggregators

  • > Schedule an order
  • > Reminders about upcoming sales, offers, and discounts
  • > Delivery updates
  • > Store suggestions
  • > New item in the store

Yes, the grocery app can be profitable for grocery stores and supermarkets as it drives a new set of online customers into your business. You can also have an app install a QR code in your stores for existing customers to use your app.

  • > InstaCart
  • > BigBasket
  • > Wallmart
  • > Postmates
  • > Getir

The vital goal of the supermarket is grocery delivery, which is made easy with grocery delivery apps. It is best for supermarkets because it is beneficial in increasing brand awareness and competing with mainstream online players.

Before starting your project, make sure the company has already built successful grocery apps. When it comes to picking up the right company, it depends upon your trust in them.

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