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Web 3.0 - The next evolution of the internet is in full swing and this is the time to catch the opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen where web3 applications will rule the world for the next few decades. In that way, the web3 trends experience the entry of web3 social media platforms in recent days and many blockchain developers are working on web3 social media development. Let’s get on with a detailed note in web3 social media development.

Social Media Platform in Web3

The present social media platforms are getting more concerned with privacy and safety among the users and that's the point where the global users are moving on to the web3 social media. Many corporate tech giants are dominating the internet world for years and now the change of the web3 concept will showcase many new ideas even from an entrepreneur which will attract many global users as web3 has gained the trust of users because of its security.

Web3 social media will be backed with blockchain technology where these platforms have their crypto tokens and every user of the platform will be benefited from token rewards concerning their contribution to the community. Social media doesn’t own a centralized authority and every user owns the freedom of speech and discussion over any topic in these web3 social media.

Web3 Social Media Development

Maticz the pioneer in the web3 space is now making its step deeper into the web3 with its process in advanced web3 social media development. The team has been serving the web3 world for years in the development of various web3-based platform development and now it started its work in transforming the web2 application into web3 where web3 social media development is part of it. Crypto users are already switching their social media usage from web2 applications to web3 social applications and the whole world will be switching to web3 soon where launching a web3 social media will fix the gap in web3.

Maticz a web3 social media development company works over many of the trending blockchain networks that suit the best for proposed project. Most of them choose EVM-based networks to make their process quick and launch their platform as soon as possible to attract many users around the globe. It is a decentralized application that removes the central authority which has been a major positive point in web3 social media. 

Web3 Social Media Development Services

Maticz, with a team of well-experienced professionals, is offering various web3 platforms to users, and here are some premium services from Maticz.

Web3 Based Social Media App Development

Web3 social media app developed by our experts improves the privacy and safety of every single user using this app in this internet world. Maticz provides you with a premium web3 social media application backed with any of the trending blockchain networks.

Web3 Social Media Platform Design

The designers of Maticz put their hands together in designing the best UI for the web3 social media platform for both app and website with attractive visuals and many attractive elements to bring up more users to your platform.

Web3-Based Browser Development

Give a new view of the internet to the users by launching the web3 browsers in the global market which is one of the most used dApp in the decentralized world. Going out with the launch of the web3 browser makes your work unique.

Web3 Social Network Messaging App

The web3 social network messaging app is one of the finest platforms in this digital era as there are many chatting applications people even move on to a new one with unique features where you may go on with the web3 messaging app.

Web3 Social Media Platform Maintenance

Every application has to undergo maintenance and release the next updates to remove bugs and attract users and our experts will take care of that work at specified intervals. Also, get in touch to provide the next version of your web3 application.

Video-Based Web3 Platform Development

Web3 has many blogging, and chatting applications that are also focusing on a web3 video platform get your web3 video platform from our experts which makes your platform more engaging to the users. Connect with experts and get your web3 video platform.

Transform Social Media from Web2 to Web3

Have you launched a web2 social media and want to update your presence in the web3 space with your social media application our developers will assist you in transforming your web2 social media platform into a web3 social media platform.

Web3 Social Media Platform Development

Web3 Social Media Platform development holds two parts concerning the user's point of use. The development of the web3 social media app and the development of the web3 social media website where the platform should support without any lag both in the mobile app and web.

Web3 Social Media App Development

The web3 social media app development comprises the usage of the platform from the mobile user's point of view every single development process takes place from scratch. From the development of the app UI to the app, testing has to undergo a separate development phase. Most users move on with the mobile application these days even though the web is accessible. This is because of the easy approach in mobile applications and every application records more than 50% usage from mobiles.

Web3 Social Media Website Development

Web3 social media website development is the first step to kickstart your business in the internet world over app development. Because websites hold more information about your work than the application, websites will be more engaging with UI and most mobile users get their presence on the web as well at a point, to experience the most advanced features of the platform. Connect with the experts of Maticz the develop your web3 social media website or transform your web3 social application into a web3 social media.

Web3 Social Media Platform Development Process

Here is our basic outflow that helps you know our work process in the web3 social media platform development.

Determine Blockchain

Note down the usage of the web3 social media platform and determine the best blockchain network that suits the best for your web3 platform.

Development of UI

Our professionals develop the most impressive and engaging UI that improves the user's experience in using the web3 social media platform.

Programming Smart Contracts

The whole platform performs concerning the programmed smart contracts as its completely decentralized the platform process all the function with the help of smart contracts.

Setting Up Storage

IPFS is mostly used in the web3 space to store digital assets and using it in social networks helps in storing the content and also helps in protecting the user information.

Finalizing Features

Note down the features required for your social media and our developer's work on setting up these features in the web3 social media that benefits the platform users.


After the development process is completed the web3 social media platform is taken over sequential testing where the bugs are removed and all the vulnerabilities are fixed.

Benefits of Web3 Social Media Development

Maticz works its best in the improvement of web3 space by providing the most futuristic web3 platforms that benefit the users as well the patron. Here are a few top benefits behind our web3 social media platform development

Better security

The web3 social media platform is developed over a blockchain network which makes the platform more secure for data users' privacy and free of spammers and bots.

Control over content

The content in the platform updated by the user is completely owned by the user and the content remains on the platform forever till the network or the platform exists.

Fair Compensation

The web3 social media platform pays fair compensation to the users concerning the user's contribution to the platform with its crypto token used in the platform.

In-app payments

To improve the web3 social media platform is built with an in-app payment where crypto can be transferred to anyone in the globe from the user's wallet similar to WhatsApp pay. 


The platform is completely decentralized where it removes the third person in authority of the platform and the platform is open and the data is completely accessible by anyone.


The platform is censorship-resistant means everyone can do any activity on the platform, simply it's stated as free to speech platform, and no one cares about the user's activity.

What Makes us a Top Web3 Social Media Platform Development Company?

Maticz is the top Web3 Social Media Platform Development Company that gives its best in the web3 space for years with various platform development. With a team of 75+ blockchain experts, we have successfully developed and launched 250+ projects in a short period with clients all over the globe. As a team, Maticz focuses on providing the best platform to the clients that benefit our clients and the platform users.

Web3 will take over the next revolution in the internet world soon and it's the right time to seize the opportunity and make profits millions shortly. Just a step more in building your business in the web3 space, connect with our experts and we work on the advanced tech stack to bring up your idea to the world of digital reality.

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