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Develop your healthcare app with the leading healthcare app development services to strengthen the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals. Our healthcare app developers create innovative digital solutions for your healthcare business.


Healthcare App Development

The prominence of Healthcare Application Development is constantly increasing with ever-growing technology advancements. It is necessary to be in line with the innovations in the healthcare industry. It helps connect patients with doctors and improves the way they work, collaborates, and communicate. Patients can convey to doctors their medical concerns in a way that is easier as well as more productive. They can use a wide variety of services with just a swipe of their fingers. In addition to assisting people in analyzing their health issues, healthcare applications also assist in providing virtual patient treatment by qualified doctors.

Maticz is a leading Healthcare App Development Company with which you can reap immense benefits by embracing new methodologies to enhance the interaction with patients. We have experienced healthcare app developers who are pro-players in developing custom healthcare apps suiting all of your healthcare business needs. Our professionals are well-informed and up-to-date on the concerns of patients as well as practitioners. We deliver interesting health and fitness apps with lots of advantages like time, effort, and money savings as well as business growth. If you're looking for futuristic healthcare mobile app development services, your best bet is to go with Maticz. We offer next-gen healthcare app development solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Custom Healthcare App Development aids healthcare providers in improving specialized healthcare delivery requirements. Many healthcare businesses need custom healthcare apps for various medical treatments like homeopathy, Naturopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, etc. Custom apps are designed to meet the specific requirements of a particular healthcare facility. You can use our custom healthcare apps that can help you oversee and manage healthcare workers, assistants, doctors, and other personnel. This way, you can keep track of everything that has happened with the patient throughout their care.

Maticz is a leading custom healthcare app development company offering end-to-end custom healthcare app development services at an affordable cost. Our healthcare app developers develops custom healthcare applications from scratch, making sure they are accessible and user-friendly for everyone. We use the most up-to-date tools and technologies to create custom solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your healthcare company. We can provide solutions for a variety of healthcare industries, including the medical sector, clinic software, patient monitoring, and telemedicine. Our customized solutions make the workflow easier and help to optimize the tasks.

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Custom Healthcare App Development Company

Our team of talented medical app developers has first-hand knowledge of creating sophisticated healthcare software solutions. We develop specialized software for the healthcare industry to enable an engaging patient experience.

Healthcare software integration is when we combine different pieces of software to make new applications or improve old ones. We add new features that can make your software and applications more useful and unique.

Our team of experts helps healthcare businesses use the best possible digital technologies to improve their operations. We help select the most appropriate solutions, help plan and implement them, and make sure everything goes smoothly.

We have the latest operating system versions and updates, so your software and nodes will stay up and running. You won't have to worry about third-party updates.

Our mHealth application solutions are designed to meet the health privacy requirements of HIPAA, FDA, and HITECH. By streamlining the way patient records are managed, our mHealth apps help healthcare organizations deliver better care to their patients.


Our healthcare application development services help improve the administrative process and make healthcare more affordable. The following services aid in making your product an important part of the overall healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare App Development Services


Maticz offers custom healthcare mobile app development services and solutions to create incredibly scalable apps for the healthcare industry. Our healthcare application developers use the latest technologies and trends while developing healthcare applications and offer exclusive services to meet the expectations of our customers.

Telemedicine App

We provide Telemedicine apps that allow doctors and patients to talk to each other through audio and video conferencing without any communication barriers. You can update your prescriptions online and keep track of patients who are chronically ill.

  • Chronic illness management
  • Prompt therapy
  • Superior diagnostic capabilities

Online Pharmacy App

You can get your medicines packed and delivered as soon as you place the order on our online pharmacy app. Additionally, it lets you schedule a lab test and provides you with an automatic reminder when it's time to get your regular prescriptions refilled.

  • Wider choice
  • Better price
  • 24/7 assistance

Fitness App

Fitness apps let you keep track of your physical activity and healthy diet. We create apps with built-in user-centered programs that help users maintain their fitness routines. Users can plan workouts, manage diets, track steps, and get professional fitness advice.

  • Calorie calculator
  • Personal Health coaches and advice
  • Monitors mental health disorders

Appointment booking App

Our Appointment booking app will let you contact the doctors from anywhere you are. It automatically organizes and schedules patient visits with doctors. Doctors can also monitor the patients by being afar with the help of IoT devices.

  • Online consultations
  • Smart Access
  • Wait time checker

Diagnostic Test App

We offer Diagnostic Test Apps that help diagnose patients who live in rural areas. By looking at their symptoms, these apps can tell you right away what might be wrong and what kind of tests might need to be done to confirm the diagnosis. This can help the patient start treatment sooner, which can be very helpful.

  • Near-patient testing
  • Instant test results
  • Accurate diagnosis

Billing App

Medical billing apps help you keep track of your medical claims and make sure they're processed correctly. They'll alert you if any of your patients are not covered by their insurance and if the claims are taking longer than expected. You'll also save time by not having to fill out any paperwork yourself.

  • Documentation
  • Streamlined transactions
  • Insurance claim management

Medical Inventory Management App

Our efficient medical inventory management tools make it easy for you to know what medical supplies and equipment you have on hand. When essential medical supplies run out, you get immediately warned. You can keep an eye on its maintenance and know where and in which condition your equipment is.

  • Effective operational process
  • Better security
  • Paperless work

Prescription Price Comparison App

We offer a robust Prescription price comparison app that enables users to quickly and easily choose the closest and the one that provides the medicines at an affordable price. You can compare the prices of different pharmacies to find the best deal using the price comparison tool. It allows patients to get medicines at a low price without sacrificing quality.

  • Real-time comparisons
  • Real-time comparisons
  • Unique drug list

Our experts are always up to date with the latest technology when working on healthcare applications, and they are very good at using the following technologies.


Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

IoMT helps to make health data more available to caregivers so they can make better decisions for patients. It also provides technology tools that are needed for telemedicine and virtual care. This data can be transmitted quickly, which makes it useful for both patients' and providers' decision-making. Regular patient monitoring and data collection are made possible by the incorporation of IoT in healthcare applications.

Telemedicine technology

Telemedicine technology helps doctors treat patients quickly and easily, preventing medical situations from getting worse, especially for people with diabetes and heart diseases. Remote video communication between a patient and doctor is used to diagnose diseases, plan treatments, and keep track of chronic health problems.

Big data

Big data applications in the healthcare sector allow researchers to better understand how patients use various medical treatments, which can spur new developments in the sector. Doctors use medical and operational data to figure out what works best for patients and to help reduce health risks and complications.

Virtual reality/Augmented reality

Virtual reality/Augmented reality

AR and VR technology in medicine has the potential to significantly increase the effectiveness of medical services as a whole. Healthcare professionals can utilize this built-in technology to help medical specialists learn how to perform surgery, treat patients, and work with medical equipment. Especially surgeons can create models of complicated surgeries that help them plan the best way to do the surgery.


One way to make your healthcare app more useful is to add features that are specific to healthcare. We can assist you with the process of adding functionality to the application by including the following features that set your app apart from others.

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Doctor profile lookup

You can find a doctor by researching their credentials, personal experiences, and reviews of others. You can also choose to include other features like geolocation, which can help you connect with doctors nearby based on your location.

Symptom checker

The help of built-in technology like Artificial Intelligence helps patients to understand what is wrong with them based on their symptoms. They can send documents such as reports and clinical images to doctors, which can help make a more accurate diagnosis.


For disease conditions, chatbots with AI can provide treatment recommendations for a patient. They are seen as a non-human tool that is non-judgmental, which allows patients to feel more comfortable sharing certain medical information like STDs, mental health, etc with them.

HIPAA Compliance

Our healthcare applications are designed to comply with HIPAA regulations, which protect patients' personal information. Since fake insurance claims can be made based on information obtained from medical records, patients can be confident that their health information is safe with our HIPAA-compliant applications.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can help you stay on schedule by reminding you about upcoming appointments, and helping you stay on top of missed appointments. You can set reminders for your medications, too using this feature.

EHR/EMR Integration

By integrating electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs) into healthcare apps, it is easy to keep track of your medical history and store images of your medical tests, prescriptions, and information about the doctors who have treated you.


Hassle-free communication

Healthcare apps help you easily communicate with doctors, and hospital staff, or get an inquiry about your health concern without any waiting. This means you can stay at home and avoid waiting for long at the hospital.


Timely patient care

Even people who can't get access to medical treatment elsewhere especially if they belong to rural or remote areas can still use healthcare medical applications. They can make video calls with doctors and get treated on time. From time to time, they get important health tips through push notifications.


Accurate Diagnosis

Doctors can correctly monitor their patients' health and give them the right medication in the right dosage thanks to the sensors used by healthcare applications. Reports and prescription notes can be quickly saved utilizing cloud-based services, making it simple for the medical staff to maintain accurate records.


Streamlined payments

The process of paying bills is no longer time-consuming. By selecting your preferred payment method, you can make timely payments. Even if you neglect to pay the bills, a reminder will be sent to you.



With healthcare apps, you can monitor and improve your health independently. You can measure your heart rate, cholesterol level, and more, and take action based on the results.


Great commercial opportunity

Many people believe that applying technology in the healthcare sector can be a major economic boon. Healthcare apps are a long-term profit generator for firms who invest time, money, and effort in them.


Developing Healthcare applications can help improve the efficiency of healthcare systems by providing easy access to information for healthcare providers and patients. Let's have a look at the incredible benefits of developing custom applications for the healthcare sector.

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Architectural Framework We Work For

The well-experienced professionals of Maticz work on the mentioned frameworks to bring out the best medical software solutions as per your requirements.

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Top Healthcare App Development Agency

Top Healthcare App Development Agency

As a top Healthcare App Development Agency, Maticz creates robust, adaptable, and user-friendly healthcare applications. We have a track record of meeting deadlines while maintaining the highest level of quality. Our team of healthcare app developers helps make sure that your solution will produce the best possible results. We have created and implemented safe, HIPAA-compliant healthcare applications.

At Maticz, we put a priority on data security since healthcare information is precious and confidential. Our healthcare app developers know how to create bug-free products, which is important in the healthcare sector where every little detail counts. We build proficient custom healthcare apps with the highest care and consideration, complying with all applicable international regulations and norms. Get in touch with us to discuss the process further in detail.

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