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Sports Betting Software Development

Maticz is a leading Sports betting software development company that offers custom sports betting software solutions for businesses around the world. With a well-experienced team of professionals, we provide the best sports betting software to users where the software is developed for various sports like football, basketball, baseball, cricket, hockey, and more. Also, our developers work to add up alternative sports as per the client's requirement.

The Sports Betting Software is developed under a pre-defined scheduled process to bring out the best outcome of the product. The development process includes advanced cutting-edge technologies to present a unique sports betting platform to the users. With our agile development approach, we provide regular updates at regular intervals to scale up the business growth and increase user engagement with the application.

Sports Betting App Development Services

Maticz offers end-to-end sports betting app development services to clients and here are a few premium services we offer.

Blockchain-Based Betting App

The certified blockchain developers of Maticz plan your sports betting app with the right solutions by implementing blockchain solutions and bringing in cryptos for payment making the app more interesting.

Adding up a Sport

Already have a sports betting app and want to add features or an extra sport to the platform? Then you may discuss with the experts of Maticz and plan out the right solution to add up the sports to the existing list of your platform.

Custom Sports Betting App Development

Looking for a custom sports betting app development to boost up your business journey in the digital era with advanced tech solutions? Get yourself engaged with the experts of Maticz and make the pathway to build a custom sports betting app solution with all your requirements and we develop the app on your business vision.

Sports Betting App Porting

Already have your sports betting app and want to change the whole setup of your app or want to take your app to various operating systems from the existing model? We are here to change the setup of your app and make it run over various OS.

Maintenance & Support

Even after the development and launch of the platform, we are available for support and maintenance at any time and will be working with you for future updates and adding up new functionalities at regular intervals.

Why Invest in Sports Betting App Development?

Sports betting app development is one of the hot trends in the area of gambling/betting section because of the huge audience base growth in recent years. The growth of the internet era and the usage of smartphones resulted in the growth of betting apps and improved their profits by millions. The growth of sports is enormous and the money circulating in each sport is increasing year-on-year which led to the launch of various Sports betting apps.

Maticz is the leading sports betting app development company that has worked on multiple gambling sites but the reach of sports betting apps is huge. Most people are interested in any sport which makes them move towards a sports betting app. This is the reason why most entrepreneurs and businessmen are making their approach towards sports betting apps more than any other gambling app. 

Features of our Sports Betting Software

The features of our sports gambling application attract a huge audience base and let you build your business empire in the digital space on a huge scale.

Multiple Payment Options

The application is provided with multiple payment options which lets the users top up their in-app balance at ease and take part in the contests.

Live Updates

The app provides live updates for any sports which lets the users know the live situation of the game without accessing other platforms to know about the scores.

Multiple Betting Options

The app has quite multiple betting options and contests under various payscale where the user will be able to select the best one of their choice.

Effective Data History

The user will be able to access the data history from the time of sign-up and will be able to go through all the data of their gameplay and also the payment details.

Admin Panel

The admin panel holds all the information of the users including their engagement with contests from the time of their signup and helps with your business analysis.

Payment Management

Payment management lets the admin check out the whole money circulated within the app and even shows the information of the amount transaction.

Benefits of Sports Betting App Development

The professionals of Maticz plan the app with the right sports betting app solutions that benefit the users as well as the admin of the application.

Easy Access

The application is designed with a simple and attractive UI where the user will be able to access every function and feature of the app with ease.

Diverse Sports Option

The sports betting app is developed with the engagement of multiple sports to attract a wide range of audiences so users can access their favorite sports.

Secured Platform

The platform is highly secured and holds multiple security features like DDoS, CSRF, SSRF, 2FA, and more to secure the privacy of the user's data.


We develop your app that is highly scalable where the app performs well even with 100k+ active users on the application.

Device Compatibility

The application is compatible with various operating systems and even users will be able to access the platform from the web.

Smart Contract Usage

Blockchain usage is growing enormously and we bring in smart contract deployment for required clients making the platform more secure and transparent.

Hire Sports Betting App Developers

Hire sports betting app developers from Maticz and plan your development process as per your scheduled progress for the app development process. Our professionals are well-experienced in sports betting platform development and we develop platforms with multiple sports for betting contests. Here is the list of a few sports we work on while application development









Types of Sports Betting Software

As a renowned betting software development company, Maticz intends to develop various betting applications with multiple features and functions which include multiple types of sports betting.


One of the popular ways of betting is where two players take part directly and the winner takes the whole betting amount excluding the service fee of the platform.


One of the oldest ways to make money in the betting space, each user will be able to make their predictions, and the user wins the amount if the prediction goes right.


The popular way of making profits huge at the same time lets you lose a huge amount. The top player wins the price amount in multiples as per the contest.

Each way

One of the old ways is where the users will be able to make two predictions and get a chance to win the contest if either of the two points goes right.

What Makes Us the Best Sports Betting Software Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best sports betting software development companies that offer end-to-end sports betting software solutions at an affordable cost. With a team of well-experienced developers, we have successfully developed and delivered 200+ platforms in the digital space from startups to enterprises under various fields using different tech stacks which include blockchain, AI, metaverse, software, and more.

Sports betting apps have grown exponentially in the past few years because of the youngster's interest in sports and the easy access to sports betting through various online forms. These apps have made profits of millions in recent years which makes many young businessmen launch their sports betting app. Have a plan or are you still confused with sports betting website development, get in touch with the experts of Maticz and plan your sports betting app.

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