The web3 concept is driving the growth of the internet to greater heights with the immense change it brought to the digital world concept. With blockchain as the backbone of web3 various web3-based lifestyle apps are developed in the digital space and one of the decisive platforms is the Move-to-earn game. The evolution of web3 from web1 has brought an immense change in the world by taking all the business and services from anywhere in the world to every nook and corner of the world and this web3.0 solution will be making this step improve further with the visual experience and more. 

This would make the internet an interactive one from the user's point of you by connecting physical activities with the virtual world. This would change every industry in the world from the manufacturing industry to the gaming industry. The gaming industry and fashion industry have started their work on adopting and implementing web3 and blockchain solutions into their business.

Move to Earn Game

The move-to-earn game is one of the trending concepts in the web3 world, it is a web3-based lifestyle app where it connects the virtual world with the physical activities of the users like walking, jogging, and running. It analyzes these activities and ends up rewarding the users with NFTs, tokens, or cryptos. These awards are being distributed to the users as per they participate and complete the activities under certain conditions and guidelines as the users perform. Move to earn is a fast-growing concept in the virtual world with the implementing GameFi and SocialFi concepts and makes the users perform fitness activities. As the platform awards to users, many users are on a go with this kind of app and as a result, many move-to-earn apps are developed and launched in the digital space.

Move to Earn Game Development

With a huge traffic flow for the move-to-earn apps, many move-to-earn related games are being developed and launched in the digital space. Blockchain experts are bringing in more advanced features to move to earn games to attract many users to their platform. Launching these platforms will let the users make a presence more in the web3 world. 

Maticz is a prominent Move to Earn Game Development Company that offers various move-to-earn (M2E) platform developments to its clients all over the globe. Develop your move-to-earn game from the best hands of the blockchain industry and with advanced solutions to make your platform stand better in the virtual world. 

Move to Earn Game Development From Scratch

The move-to-earn games can be developed from scratch with the hands of professionals of Maticz. Our experts plan your M2E platform development with your missions and visions in our mind so that to provide the best platform is developed without any bugs or vulnerabilities.

White Label Solution for Move to Earn Game

We provide you with a platform that is a 100% customizable white label solution or even with respect to any clone scripts. The software can be customized with any updated features and functionalities as per your business requirements, availing of a white label solution will be affordable for new players and will end up with a quick launch.

How does Move to Earn Work?

Once the user signs up for the platform by providing all the information the user needs to avail of an NFT shoe for his activity which will generate rewards further. 

With respect to the levels of the shoes, the user will be able to participate in more activities and complete higher levels. 

The app will be using advanced technologies including GameFi, SocialFi, and GPS for monitoring the activities of the users. 

Once the user enables his activity the app tracks the movement and classifies the user activity with respect to walking, jogging, or running. 

The user will be wearing the NFT store in the virtual platform which connects the physical activity with the virtual world. 

The NFT needs time to be energized before the start of every activity and once the energy level is dropped the user can get ready for the next activity only after the energy is gained.

Features of Move to Earn Game

Our professionals bring you the best Move to Earn game with the features that attract the users and benefit the admin and the user


With blockchain technology as the backbone, the platform will perform the best under any type of invasive attacks and vulnerabilities. Also, the platform adds up additional security features to prevent any sort of attacks.

Real-Time Tracking

The platform tracks in real-time which connects with the virtual platform to bring up the right activities and rewards for the users. This also helps the users in analyzing the activity records in case of any information in the future.

Marketplace Integration

The platform holds an NFT marketplace where the user account will be connected with this NFT marketplace to perform the trade of NFTs. Also, the user will be buying their NFT shoe here to begin their challenge in the digital space.

Smart Watch Connect

The platform is designed to connect with the smartwatches to make an easy to access the platform and track the user activity at ease. The feature enables the users to access the platform even while they are walking, jogging, or running.

Interactive Design

Our designers give you an interactive design for your platform to feel the platform more comfortable for the users and attract many new users. Also, these interactive design makes the users engage while in their in-app activities.

Why go for Move to Earn Game than P2E, or S2E?

The reason to go with a move-to-earn app is more users opt for it from teenagers to old age people because most of them would be walking or running or any kind of fitness activity. But Play to Earn or Sleep to Earn are used by only a specific amount of users so going with a move-to-earn game will end up giving you a better result in business development. As the web3 lifestyle is improving, launching this kind of platform will act as a money-generating machine and will bring in traffic to your future web3 solutions or service. So, if you are planning your business for the future you are at the right place and choose your product features wisely to build a business empire in the virtual world. 

Why choose Maticz for your Move to Earn Game Development?

The certified blockchain experts of Maticz give you the best web3 solutions with advanced functionalities and futuristic features. Avail the best move to earn game development in the industry from the hands of certified blockchain professionals. Maticz delivers your move to earn a game over any of the trending blockchain networks in the digital space. Whether you may be a startup or a fintech company, Maticz provides the best platform in the industry for solutions to trending technologies.

The virtual world is driving the attention of users around the world and this is where entrepreneurs come in to widen the virtual space. Maticz acts as the doorway to welcoming entrepreneurs and businessmen to the virtual world by developing their idea into a web3 platform for the users in the virtual world. With a team of 50+ experts, Maticz has successfully developed and launched more than 100+ projects in the digital space.

What We Can Do For You?

Maticz is a one-stop place for making your business ideas into reality. Top companies and start-ups hire developers from Maticz for their top projects.

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