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Maticz is a leading Move to Earn app development company offering end-to-end M2E software services and solutions to launch a blockchain-based app for a move to earn cryptos, move to earn NFTs, move to earn tokens

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Move To Earn App Development

The move-to-earn apps are incorporated with web3 where it is developed over any of the trending blockchain networks to improve their platform ecosystem that attracts crypto users. Each move to earn platform development is processed with various visions of clients with respect to their project requirements. Maticz brings in well-experienced blockchain developers to develop a move-to-earn app with advanced functionalities.

Maticz is a pioneer in move to earn app development and it has been using multiple advanced tech stacks to develop and launch move-to-earn applications. Our developers are pioneers in developing Web3-based move-to-earn apps that enable platform users to earn cryptos, tokens, NFT, etc. Move-to-earn app development is carried out with a series of workflows from designing and developing core functionalities to testing the platform on the testnet. Maticz also provides white label move-to-earn app solutions in case of the client's project proposal.

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Move-to-earn apps of recent days are developed over a blockchain network, which brings the users to experience the virtual environment. The platform tokens are circulated and it gets popularity. These move-to-earn apps reward their users for their in-app activity and other outdoor activities like running, walking, and jogging. These activities are tracked with the GPS using mobiles.

The move-to-earn apps are developed with various app activities and different reward systems with respect to the project and the business requirement. The present move-to-earn apps are designed to provide rewards with tokens and cryptos which can be used for further levels in the app or else can be used for trading NFTs. The activity depends upon the structure of the business model which varies from each other move-to-earn apps but the main theme lies in rewarding the users for their running or walking.

Move to Earn app is one of the web3 lifestyle apps where it connects the activity of the user with the web3 platform and the users are rewarded for completing the activities. These recent apps are attracting many young users and these are the first kind of apps that are going to drive traffic to the virtual world. But many have the point of how these apps are developed and work with the web3 concept, so here is what you need. Get your ideas with the move to earn a web3 app and make your entry into the web3 world by launching your platform.

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Move To Earn App

The M2E app development undergoes the following process to present it as a complete product. Here are the basic steps on which the professionals of maticz work to move to earn app development.

Analyzing The Requirement

Each project has its own vision and goal and our developers analyze the requirement and redefine the development process with respect to the project.

Determine The Network

Every project has certain requirements and the best network is determined by the developers or we go with the client's proposal in choosing the network.

Programming Of Smart Contracts

The entire application is decentralized and so to perform the app without any vulnerabilities smart contracts are developed by our certified blockchain experts.

Backend Development

The development of the Backend process goes on with the development of smart contracts where the various features and functionalities are defined.

Setting Up Compatibility

The app is developed to perform its best even in the smartwatches so that the developers work in giving the best application that is able to run on any device.

Storage Setup

The application is designed to have NFTs and many other digital assets to store these assets safely IPFS storage is set up that improves the app trust.


The app undergoes a certain sequence of testing where all the bugs and vulnerabilities are removed and fixed before the deployment on the client's server.

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M2E App Development Process


The move-to-earn app has its own unique set of features that benefits the users in various ways. Here are some rich features that benefit the users.

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Move-to-Earn Rewards

The overall feature of the app is the reward system which rewards the users for their in-app activities and other moving activities with cryptos, NFTs, or tokens which is the greatest benefit for the users using the app.


Most of the platform's vision is to maintain the fitness of the people, work on carbon neutrality, and also target to bring the users to the web3 world along with the vision of promoting the move-to-earn ecosystem.


Game-Fi is the new concept from web 3 which offers incentives to the users of a platform developed over a blockchain network as the app has in-app activities which may also bring up the concept of Game-Fi with it.


Social-Fi will be connecting the users with the decentralized system and this is where the users will be able to manage all their activity and creations in the web3 apps which results in attracting a large amount of young generation audience.

Smart Watch Integration

The app is designed in a way that connects it with the smartwatch and lets the users access the activity and performance in the smartwatch with the use of the mobile application making the platform access easier during the activity.

High Security

The app is developed over a blockchain network making it more secure and the app is developed with the programs of smart contracts removing the third person in the app which makes the platform decentralized and more secure.

Top Move To Earn App Development Company

Top Move To Earn App Development Company

Maticz is the leading web3 development company that offers various blockchain-based platform development to clients all over the globe. The certified blockchain experts of Maticz have successfully developed over 100+ platforms for clients all over the globe. The professionals of Maticz will present you with the most peculiar move-to-earn app with a unique set of features and functions.

Maticz works with the web3 tech in bringing out the best outcomes of the blockchain field by developing and launching various platforms and apps that attracts users to the web3 world. The continuous process of the professionals of Maticz will get your platform at its best in the field, just get your idea to the team and get relaxed our experts will develop the best product and launch it to the global market.

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Move to earn NFT development is the development of NFTs that will be showcased in the move-to-earn app NFT marketplace and will be rewarded to app active users. These NFTs are required for the users in the move-to-earn app for their activities

As the title suggests it's a move-to-earn app where the users will be rewarded for their activities like running, walking, and jogging. Each app is designed with various concepts in rewarding users with various in-app activities.

Maticz with its certified blockchain experts works in the development of move to earn app from scratch with unique features and functionalities. Maticz works it from the release of the white paper till the launch of apps in the global market.

Maticz provides the best white label move-to-earn solution with 100% customization of the platform and is launched in the global market with all the needed modifications. Using of white-label solution lets you launch the app within a minimum time period and cost.

Maticz is the top move to earn crypto development company, the professionals have developed a number of web3 application which includes multiple move to earn app. Our professionals have worked on various blockchain networks for the move to earn crypto development.

The professionals of Maticz offer a set of premium Move to Earn Platform development services to clients all over the globe which includes the move to earn NFT development, move to earn crypto development, and move to earn token development.

Move to Earn NFTs are trending because of their web3 lifestyle application which connects real-world activities with the digital world. Many youngsters like the concept of the web3 lifestyle application and move to earn concept and this results in the trending list.

  • Sweat Economy
  • DotMooves
  • PUML Better Health
  • Wirtual

are a few of the trending moves to earn crypto projects in the digital space.

Fitness, Social Fi, and Game Fi are some of the features that benefit the players during the gameplay and multiple features can be added to the move-to-earn platform as per the client’s requirement.

Move to earn makes the players earn crypto tokens for their running, jogging, and walking whereas play to earn comes up with the concept of rewarding players for their gameplay activity in the gaming application specially designed for it

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