White Label NFT Marketplace Development

Get on the mark with the best White label NFT marketplace solutions customized according to industry requirements. White label NFT marketplace is a ground-breaking software enabling firms to launch their NFT marketplace under their brand name & logo in a few days based on the platform requirements.


White Label NFT Marketplace

White label NFT marketplace is a ground-breaking solution that enables new-age traders to create digital artwork, convert it into an asset (NFT), and monetize it by trading across the platform. Generally, it is a pre-coded, evaluated, and ready-to-customize NFT marketplace platform that helps digital asset traders create, buy or sell NFTs. White-label NFT marketplace is the first-to-go option for investors who want to maximize their ROI in a short time.

White label NFT marketplace software comes with various business & revenue models that make them unique and more beneficial than other NFT marketplace development solutions. In addition, it is easy to customize the White label NFT marketplace and integrate third-party applications (for instance, Metamask wallet) into the solution.

Pre-built Software
Easy Integration
Quick Deployment
Innovative Design
Customizable Solution
NFT Minting & Staking

50 +


300 +

Projects Delivered

350 +

Total Projects

Maticz is the innovative White label NFT marketplace development company that created pitch-perfect White label NFT marketplace solutions with cutting-edge capabilities and more advanced security protocols that make them stand out among the others. Multi-chain compatibility, diverse industry support, constant integrations, etc., are a few specialties of our product. We are proud to inform you that we’ve been successfully delivering 300+ White-label projects and saved 3600 hours of development time.

Our advanced White label NFT marketplace solutions enable the easy integration of new technologies like AI, Metaverse, etc. All the White label NFT marketplace modules are start-up friendly, while scalability, authenticity, reliability, and innovation are the core of the product. In addition, our scalable White label NFT Marketplace solution enables the launch of improved versions of popular NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible, etc.

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White Label NFT Marketplace Development Company

Mind Blowing Stats & Facts

Investor-friendly White label NFT marketplace is the go-to or viable option for early-stage or big-time investors, and the following statistics & facts define it.

  • According to Coin Market Cap, the global NFT marketplace values around an astonishing $6.5 bn, and it will grow at a CAGR of 33.7%
  • White label NFT marketplace enables a simple signup or registration process and delivers a seamless NFT buying experience.
  • The revenue of the global NFT marketplace will cross over $1 bn in 2023, as per a report from Globe News Wire.
  • White label NFT marketplace contains more advanced security protocols like two-factor authentication, data encryption, etc., thus improving user trust.
  • The white label NFT platform comes with in-built wallet option to facilitate the integration of various digital wallets with multiple payment options like wallet, credit, debit card, etc.
  • According to S&P Global, the in-game NFT collectibles will reach a whooping market value of $15 bn by 2027.
  • Major global brands like Starbucks, Pepsi, etc., integrated NFTs into their business resulting in the accelerated digital growth of these brands.
  • In addition to saving time & cost, white label NFT marketplace adds flexibility to the platform and makes it futuristic.

Maticz offers a diverse range of white label NFT marketplace development services from Smart contract audit to ticketing system integration & chatbot development.


Custom NFT Marketplace Solution

Custom NFT Marketplace Solution

Smart contract development involves the development of Smart contracts with the latest protocols & its integration into the White label NFT marketplace. Smart contract audit services enable the validation or maintenance of existing Smart contract protocols in the NFT marketplace.


White label NFT marketplace consultation enables investors to consult with our NFT market experts and business analysts. It helps them develop a cutting-edge business plan & optimize their NFT business scope according to the market demand, thus giving businesses a competitive edge.

Branding & Support System

Our White label NFT marketplace solution helps the brands redefine their existing NFT platform as per the NFT niche evolution to improve their brand status and amplify the user base. In addition, various integrations like ticketing systems, chatbot integration, in-built wallet maintenance, etc., are available.


Post-launch Support

To enable NFT marketplace projects to sustain and progress with technological advancement, we provide ground-breaking White-label NFT marketplace maintenance support. In addition, the post-launch support helps the NFT platform to stay scalable with continuous NFT marketplace updates.


The applications of NFTs are manifold, and their use cases are applicable in many industries like real estate, arts, music, etc. So, White Label NFT marketplace development with industry-focused scalability, functionality, and customization is crucial.

NFT Marketplace for Music

White label NFT marketplace for singers or music lovers helps them take their talent all over the globe and increase their audience. White label NFT marketplace built for the music niche enables tokenization of music albums, concert tickets, merchandise signed by celebrities, etc.

  • Tokenized Tickets
  • Ownership
  • Minted Merchandise

NFT Marketplace for Art

Digital content creators can gain from a dedicated marketplace with their artwork with their fans anywhere in the world without any third person. The NFT marketplace enables creators or artists to earn based on their talent and gives them complete ownership in a decentralized environment.

  • Empowers Creator
  • New-age Artworks
  • Vast Collections

NFT Marketplace for Games

Gain your favourite characters, accessories, and more for your game profile as an NFT from all other users with a specialized white-label NFT marketplace. An NFT platform exclusive for trading in-game collectibles like cars, characters, etc., facilitates the progress of gaming and NFT niches.

  • Monetize Collectibles
  • Re-defines Gaming
  • Easy Purchase

NFT Marketplace for Metaverse

Metaverse marketplace is an extensive NFT marketplace that lists all the virtual world products and even virtual lands. Metaverse or virtual lands contain rare or native NFT tokens that can be more beneficial in this NFT marketplace with multiple use cases like buying NFT or devices like goggles, etc.

  • Modern Devices
  • Collect Meta-property
  • NFT Rewards

NFT Marketplace for Photographs

An effective NFT platform that facilitates the showcasing of a variety of photos from the best photographers across the world to their audience. The NFT platform built for photographs can be integrated within the Web3 ecosystem, leading to the launch of cutting-edge platforms like Instagram with a secondary marketplace.

  • Web3 Marketplace
  • NFT-based Pics
  • New-age Photo Fest

NFT Marketplace for Videos

Every person will be able to showcase their editing talents and video-making strength to the world with the specially designed NFT marketplace. It enables the creation of a trust-worthy platform where movie lovers can buy their favourite clips, albums, etc., as NFTs and creators can maintain content originality.

  • Authentic Clips
  • Content Monetization
  • Easy Film Distribution

NFT Marketplace for Sports

An ultimate white-label NFT marketplace for sports that lists the specific moment or trump cards of the sports player that can be traded. Like the Music-based NFT marketplace, this platform serves as a place where sports lovers can buy sporting event tickets, tokenize them, or sell them.

  • Build Fans Community
  • East Ticket Booking
  • Buy signed t-shirts, etc.

NFT Marketplace for Digital Collectibles

A dedicated NFT marketplace to bring rare and unique collections in the world to the users of the crypto world that can be traded. In this marketplace, digital collectibles like unique or special edition copies of popular cards, music recordings, virtual versions of dresses, bags, shoes, etc., from a celebrity.

  • Liquidize NFTs
  • Buy Rare Virtual Cards
  • Collect Unique Objects

Storefront & Advanced Filter

Next-gen storefront that features various easy-to-use integrations will gain users and navigate with the more advanced filter to find the preferred NFT.


Hassle-free Auction

Creators place their NFTs for auction in the available methods within the NFT platform and sell them for a high amount in a hassle-free manner.


Revenue & Royalty Management

Effortlessly include or customize revenue models and manage royalties for various stakeholders to ensure fair reward and monetization within the NFT marketplace.



Multi-functional admin dashboard contains more advanced tools to manage all the transactions across the platform, NFT creators & buyer's profiles, etc.


Modern Security System

The NFT Marketplace comes with high-security features like DDOS, data encryption, 2FA, CSRF, and SSRF with an audited Smart contract.


Cross-chain Compatible

Multichain interoperability makes the NFT marketplace more advanced in the NFT space, thus making multi-chain transfer quick & hassle-free.


Our White Label NFT Marketplace is designed with new-age features that align well with the needs of individuals & investors to facilitate a seamless NFT buying experience.

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The benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace are manifold and vary according to the integrations & tech stack implemented across industries.

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Instant Customization

The White label NFT Marketplace is a pre-built software with instant customization and deployment capabilities.


NFT marketplace built with personalized features enables the platform users to witness a breath-taking experience.


Easily promote and amplify your brand status with the new-age White-label NFT Marketplace solutions and maximize your user base.

Easy Integration

As stated earlier, the White label NFT Marketplace is scalable enough to include technologies or integrations as per the tech market.

Quick development-to-deployment

White label NFT Marketplace includes all the features & functionalities of the NFT platform, so little time takes for further customization & deployment.

Start-up Friendly

The startup-friendly business model of the White-label NFT Marketplace enables small businesses to realize their NFT marketplace project goals within their investment.



White label NFT marketplace features a high liquidity option that enables NFT creators or buyers to instantly convert their digital assets (NFTs) into fiat currency. Liquidity encourages digital transactions, thus collectively contributing to the flourishing of digital assets & digital economy.



The NFT platform adheres to tokenization standards (ERC) & created NFTs ensure compatibility and interoperability across various supported platforms. In addition, the standardization of minted NFTs increases the marketplace credibility and illustrates the authenticity of the NFT.



White label NFT marketplace enables instant customization and deployment of next-gen NFT trading platform that facilitates seamless buying, selling, and trading of NFTs. In addition, the cross-chain compatibility of the NFT marketplace enables digital asset transactions across the secondary marketplace.



Each NFT available across marketplaces contains an identifier that identifies & represents the ownership. White label NFT marketplace leverages blockchain technology to verify the ownership of digital assets and record the validated transaction that makes the platform trustable.


Digital Innovation

NFT marketplaces are new business opportunities that enable artists or creators to unlock numerous monetization opportunities. It helps them express innovation, create unique content & monetize it by converting it into a digital asset. In addition, the marketplace can be integrated within the Web3 ecosystem, thus giving power to the user.


White label NFT marketplace software consists of essential elements to build a dynamic ecosystem that paves the way for digital creativity and empowers creators by helping them unlock new opportunities

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Tech-Stack that forms that

More advanced technological frameworks and high-end programming languages with various security protocols are the core elements of the white-label NFT platform.

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White label NFT marketplace development involves the adoption of cutting-edge frameworks and industry-best building strategies.

Ideation & Network Selection

Experts start with selecting the appropriate network, tech stack, resources, etc., based on the strategy developed from successful brainstorming sessions.

Initiate UI/UX

Next, create an eye-catching storefront & other marketplace sections with easy-to-navigate interfaces.

Smart Contract Development

A robust Smart contract development takes place that promotes the seamless trading of NFTs in a decentralized system.

Platform Development

Then, initiate the front & back-end development processes along with necessary integrations like IPFS, DB Storage, Metamask, etc.

QA Testing

The platform is tested on Testnet to find vulnerabilities and fix the bugs to improve the marketplace performance & make it glitch-free.

Post-launch support

Release beta version for selected users and launching of marketplace takes place with post-launch support & upgrade.


Process of White Label NFT Marketplace Development
Best White Label NFT Marketplace Solutions

Best White Label NFT Marketplace Solutions Provider

Maticz is the innovative White-label NFT Marketplace Solutions Provider that strives for uniqueness & high standards in every aspect of product development. For instance, we develop an NFT platform with an all-inclusive admin panel that enables easy management of assets, storefront, creator profile, payment & storage options, Whitelist management, sub-admin authorization, special program integrations, etc. In addition, we offer flexible business & revenue models with an option to hire a trusted NFT marketplace developer at a standard rate.

Maticz delivered 50+ successful NFT marketplace projects across various blockchain networks with the pitch-perfect White-label NFT Marketplace solution, which makes us a better technological partner. Reach us, give in NFT platform requirements, and we will make sure that you effortlessly reach your business goals.

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Customer Focussed Approach
Quality & Security Adherence
100% Client Satisfaction
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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


White label NFT Marketplace is a ready-to-deploy NFT Marketplace Software that helps you to start your own NFT Marketplace Platform on your desired blockchain network. In other words, White Label NFT Marketplace is a Custom NFT Marketplace Platform operating on a blockchain network that enables hassle-free trading of NFTs such as art, music, video, memes, in-game components, etc.

Maticz’s white-label NFT marketplace has been picked as the best white label NFT solution by various clients around the world. Our NFT marketplace is built with ground-breaking features and stellar functionalities making it a user-friendly platform for users. Check out our portfolio.

White label NFT Marketplace Development is preferred by the majority of entrepreneurs as it enables you to launch a custom NFT marketplace platform on your preferred blockchain network in no time at ease. Also, this White Label NFT marketplace Solution is multi-tested, bug-free, feature-packed, and readily available for deployment.

White label NFT Marketplace software comes up with the features of storefront, listing, filters, minting, auction, multi-wallet integration and more which would get more users to the platform and increase the marketplace performance.

Maticz will get your White label NFT Marketplace idea live in just 15 days that runs on the popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Polygon, Solana and Cardano.

Maticz has developed lots of projects on NFT marketplace for the customers around the globe and made them happy with our service in developing the NFT Marketplace. Our experienced developers will develop the best NFT platforms in the market for you.

Plan your business requirements and Buy a White Label NFT Marketplace from a top NFT development company based on your needs. Since the white Label NFT marketplace is a customizable one, customize the platform with the help of your partner company or on your own as it needs no coding knowledge. Once you have customized it, Launch it to the market.

White label NFT marketplace development can be a better solution instead of building an NFT marketplace from scratch. As the white label NFT marketplace has already been developed and tested, you just need to customize it and deploy it live to worldwide users. But building from scratch you need a lot of developer resources and invest a huge amount to build it.

Maticz is the best NFT marketplace development company in India that provides NFT development services worldwide in countries such as the United States, Japan, Turkey, Europe, UK, etc.

Maticz provides the best white label NFT marketplace products built by expert developers to clients across the globe at a cost-effective solution. Our professional development approach ensures 100% quality of the product.

The Cost of a white label NFT marketplace varies from $8,000 to $25,000 upwards based on the requirements and features. However to know the exact price of the white label solution connect with our experts.

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