Metaverse is the next-gen technology being in development for years but has speeded up its presence in the tech world in recent days because of the corporate's presence and multiple factors like covid, remote location access, and more. Metaverse is in the process of emerging out of its limits in various industries and gaming will be one of the main resource platforms where Metaverse will take the gaming experience to the ultimate height without a doubt. Metaverse will let the gamers feel as if they are present in the game. Many companies started working out with their teams in bringing Metaverse to their gaming platform and many gaming industries have already started implementing this in their games and gamers have started experiencing it.  

Metaverse Game

Metaverse games will be a visual treat to the gamers and this will bring many new active members into the gaming world. Metaverse games will let the users play the game with their own avatars in the developed real world or an imaginary one. Metaverse is the concept of the digital world that allows people to live their life in the virtual world with all their physical activities from work to travel, with this implementation a Metaverse game will be an ultimate advantage to the gaming industry. 

As the years pass on new technologies emerge and many industries make their possibilities to adapt with them and only a few will work. And this is of that kind as it will be an ultimate factor to attract all set of peoples under the roof. It is expected that Metaverse gaming will be a Trillion-dollar business within years, and it is not too late to build your gaming empire, plan your gaming empire with the experts of Maticz. 

Metaverse Game Development

The gaming industry is a revenue-generating machine with a $300 billion market and more than 3 billion active players all over the world. Developing a Metaverse game will drive the industry to a trillion-dollar market and bring many millions and millions of players into the industry. Metaverse game development is the process of developing a virtual world with keeping all the aspects of the player's role in the game with respect to the storyline. 

Metaverse game development starts with the right plan from the game design to deployment. The major role of the metaverse game is the storyboard, describing an interactive script with the environment that would attract the users, and developing a futuristic environment is the next one to rule out. Finally, setting up the environment with the storyline and player's avatars will be an end. Overall, determining the right blockchain for your game will result in your gaming performance and all other factors like digital assets for your game in NFTs also depend on it.

Metaverse Game Development Company

Maticz, the pioneer in Metaverse game development will bring you the innovative Metaverse game with cutting-edge technology. With a team of professionals and well-expertise in blockchain technology, We bring you an incredible gaming platform to the global users with the experts. 

Being the leading Metaverse game development company, Maticz works on various tech stacks like Unreal Engine, Blender, and more to present a 100% hassle-free gaming experience to the users. The metaverse game is well-developed to attract many new users as well as existing users to start their game on the platform.

Metaverse Game Development Services

Maticz offers a top-rated Metaverse Game Development Services with its certified metaverse game developers on various blockchain networks. Our metaverse game developers are pro-players in developing metaverse games in various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Cardano, etc.

Maticz works on the various Game development processes with the main focus on metaverse. We offer you the following Metaverse game Development services with professionals on board:

 1. Developing a 3D environment, avatars, and digital assets

 2. Social Media API, Payment API integrations

 3. Online Game Development

 4. Mobile Game Development

 5. PC Game Development

 6. NFT Game Development

With a well-experienced team, Maticz continuously works on the development of the various platforms in the blockchain field and metaverse related platforms with advanced technology stacks. 

Benefits of Metaverse Game Development

 --> Maticz prefers a platform development that benefits the user as well as the admin so that it lets a sustainable environment that runs long.

 --> Metaverse games benefit the users to play, socialize within the gaming environment, and trade digital assets within the platform blockchain ecosystem.

 --> Developing and launching a play-to-earn gaming platform will attract users and on the other hand, it would result in the growth of NFTs.

 --> The platform is developed to provide enhanced graphics to the users to represent the real-world feel to the players of the platform.

 --> The advanced governance attribute will let the users of the platform build a community-driven platform and let the users take some of the important decisions.

 --> The developed Metaverse game will provide a gaming economy to the gaming environment backed with the determined blockchain technology.

Metaverse Game Development Process

Here listed below are some basic steps to develop your own metaverse game.

Pick Your Blockchain Network

Metaverse game development requires a blockchain ecosystem to bring up the player performance and experience under a decentralized network. Also, it gives a unique experience to the player. Depending on the blockchain network the gameplay differs at certain points. Determining the blockchain network lets you in the further game development process.

Prepare Your Story Board

Discuss with your team to bring up your idea as a storyboard for the further development of your game. Once you are done with your storyboard, determine the role of the characters in the game and the other types of equipment in case needed. After furnishing your story idea developers take charge to develop your Metaverse game.

Build Up The Game Environment

The first and foremost development process of the experts in the development of the game environment and characters. Developers work with each and every part of the visuals to bring the environment in the best class and characters are animated and given their roles to perform well in the gameplay actions.

Work With The Visual Content

The visual content is the core of the metaverse game where the visuals of the gameplay will retain the gamers on the platform. Visualization along with the story is the ultimate point to attract the users to the game. Our developers work on developing the visuals with respect to the story content and game flow.

Adding Up Sounds And Levels

All the games have their own sounds and the cast of characters, it requires their own voice so the sound effects and voices are added. Once the game is developed the game has to be separated into levels to help the player and also to take the story in the right direction or to show the gameplay difficulty to the player.

Test Your Game & Deploy

Once the game is developed the game is tested on a sequence of workflow to fix the bugs and vulnerabilities in the game. The game is played multiple times to find and fix the bugs and other issues. Once the work is done the game is deployed to the global market for the players around the globe.

Metaverse Game Development Cost

The cost of metaverse game development varies with the requirements, technology stack used, and also the development process. Overall the cost also varies with game type whether it is an action game, adventure game, role-playing game, simulation game, strategy game, sports game, puzzle game, or something else. 

Approximately, the metaverse game development cost around 25,000 USD to 150,000 USD. In the case of open-world games, the cost may vary behind the limits depending upon the visual contents, frameworks, and development process. Even though keeping all these in note the final estimation also includes the duration for the metaverse game development and the complexity of the game development.

Metaverse Game Developer

Maticz is a Metaverse game developer continuously working on the improvement of the metaverse environment and its related platforms. As a metaverse game developer, our creative team is working to bring up more creativity to the world of games by implementing metaverse with the games. The metaverse games are designed to make users more interactive with the gameplay. The metaverse game with better visuals and interactions would gain more active users for the game and Maticz works on improving the visuals and metaverse environments.

The team of Maticz plans your game platform development according to your game strategies and as a metaverse game designer we bring up various technology stacks and tools to give the best visuals. We bring more value to your business by developing your platform with its unique functions that attract the users of the digital world.

Why Maticz for Metaverse Game Development?

Maticz, one of the pro players in the field of Metaverse game development from India with a team of 25+ well-experienced game developers will develop your futuristic game with advanced functionalities. The professionals of Maticz are well-experienced in the trending blockchain ecosystem that includes Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, and more. 

With the explicit knowledge of the Metaverse development, Maticz will assist you to launch your metaverse game and let you set up your foot in the virtual environment. The Metaverse gaming community will reach unbelievable heights in the upcoming years, be a part of the future gaming empire by launching your game. Maticz has successfully developed around 100+ platforms in the blockchain field for clients all over the globe. Shake hands with the experts of Maticz and bring up your imaginary game to digital reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an idea for a metaverse game you can approach the metaverse game development company and reveal your idea to them to bring your metaverse gaming idea to the global market.

Maticz is one of the leading Metaverse game development companies with a well-experienced team on various technology stacks, and the experts of Maticz present an advanced futuristic Metaverse gaming platform.

Gaming metaverse is the most advanced gaming platform with advanced technology, where a 3D environment is developed, and the gamers would sense the environment as their reality and can interact in the physical world.

Metaverse is the 3D environment developed in representing the existing real-world or it is developed to represent a place from imagination. Gaming is an entertainment platform where it allows users to play a role of a character that gaming platform.

The cost of the metaverse game development changes concerning the game attributes, complexity in the environment development, and also depends on the time period involved in the development process.

The game development process depends on the game content and its complexity, a normal metaverse game would take about 2 to 5 months from the time of development and in the case of open-world games, it may take 6 months and more.

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