Virtual reality meeting platform development company Maticz offers VR meeting platform development services and white label virtual reality meeting software.

Virtual Reality Meeting Platform

Virtual reality meeting platform is a next-gen online meeting platform that conducts virtual meetings with the help of VR technology. With the use of this VR meeting platform, people from anywhere in the world can connect each other. The term VR meeting gains its popularity during the time of covid. Now it's the technology that is going to replace all traditional meetings and bring the office space into Virtual space.

Virtual reality doesn’t stop here, there are a lot of VR platforms for VR business conferences, VR remote collaboration, virtual workspaces, virtual meeting rooms, etc. Virtual meetings have helped organizations to connect people across multiple locations, making day-to-day operations work more efficiently, they also contribute to businesses functioning in a more environmentally friendly way by reducing unnecessary staff travel.

Virtual Reality Meeting Platform Development

Virtual reality meeting platform development is a step-by-step process to create an online meeting platform using (virtual reality) VR technology. In other words, VR meeting platform development is the ultimate way to build a virtual 3D space with your design for conducting business meetings. Users can attend online meetings similar to video conferencing but the difference is, here meeting takes place in a 3-dimensional space with the help of VR tools (hardware) where you can interact with people as if you would in real life which gives a realistic meeting experience.

Maticz is a prominent virtual reality meeting platform development company that offers top-rated VR meeting software and has become a top player in VR technology. And we work for many enterprises by giving shape and structure to their VR business ideas. Maticz keeps adopting new technologies to bring the best to the virtual reality world. That’s why Maticz is the best in VR meeting platform development. 

Benefits of VR Meeting Platform Development

There are several strong reasons to bring VR technology into meetings and conferences. Here are some of the benefits of opting for VR meeting platform development and how the user gets more connected with the VR meeting compared to the traditional meeting. 


A virtual meeting is very comfortable compared to a traditional meeting because it reduces the time they spend traveling and give them the facility to attend meeting wherever they want.

Public Safety

Virtual reality provides the ultimate safety to the users because they can share their plans and ideas from their secure place.

Meeting Productivity

This is one of the main benefits of VR. VR headsets minimize the interruption from the physical world and increase the productivity and effectiveness of the meeting.

No limits to team size 

This is also one of the critical benefits of VR meetings. The VR platform handles a large number of people attending the meeting. There is no limitation in adding people.


It brings more interaction between the people in the meeting. And It leads to having different ideas and different opinions of every individual in the virtual meeting.


Because of its interaction between people, it helps to connect the user more effectively compared to normal video conferences and traditional meetings.

Virtual Reality Meeting Software

Virtual reality meeting software is a white-label software operating with the help of VR technology that conducts online meetings, video conferencing, etc. VR meeting software creates an exclusive 2D or 3D virtual space where platform users can organize and manage online meetings. Virtual reality meeting software makes use of VR technology hosted on specific hardware that plays a major role in bringing a realistic experience among participants by capturing their exact body actions and mannerisms.

Being a prominent virtual reality meeting software development company Maticz offers best-in-class VR meeting software with exceptional features. VR meeting software is a complete white-label solution that enables you to customize the meeting space visuals by selecting the apt theme for the meeting. Maticz offers a feature-packed virtual meeting software that comes with multiple characters, and wide range of theme options, and visual layouts for meetings.

Features of Virtual Reality Meeting Software

The list of features mentioned below would show why our virtual reality meeting software is more successful than any other VR meeting software.

Customizable Solution

It helps the user to choose their avatar from their favorite character, and also choose how the place should look whether it is an office room or a board room.

Multiple Business Events

VR Meeting platform is not only for board meetings, it is bigger than that. this helps multiple business events like gaming, real estate, education, healthcare, etc.  

Impressive Environment

Compared to the boring traditional 2D Video conferences, a VR meeting provides a 3D space to give a more impressive environment to the users.

Diverse Workspace

VR meeting platforms have diverse workspaces to work. So the people who work feel the different workplace every day. Depends upon the place they choose.


Every person In the VR meeting has a unique identity to represent them so it's easy to identify the people who are in the meeting. 

Creating Meeting Space

VR meeting platform gives the facility to create your meeting place. VR helps you to recreate your meeting places like a traditional board room or any other creative place you like. 

Virtual Reality Meeting Platform Development Process 

Here is the chronological process of how our VR developers make a highly proficient virtual reality meeting platform.


After gathering all the resources, we plan to execute your business ideas flawlessly. Then we start with the design deployment for your project. Design is an important aspect.

Design Development 

Our designer brings an eye-catchier design with additional features in UI/UX design. And giving an attractive design to the platform. This would get the audience more engaged with the platform.

2D and 3D Animations

Animation design is the main aspect of the VR meeting platform. Our developers developed cutting-edge technology to make your VR platform more attractive and user-friendly. 

Final Testing

The project should come through a lot of testing processes like alpha, beta, and final tests to get the project without any bugs and give the best project to the world of virtual reality.

Deploy and Support

After testing, we can launch the VR meeting platform. And we can also maintain the platform and gather feedback from the users to add new features.

What Makes Us a Top VR Meeting Platform Development Company?

Maticz is a top-rated VR meeting platform development company that offers best-in-class VR meeting software development services with the industry’s best VR developers. We have a team of 50+ visionary VR developers who have years of expertise in virtual reality technology. We have launched 250+ projects by making use of various cutting-edge technologies in blockchain, metaverse, defi, NFTs, and augmented, & virtual reality. If you are planning for developing a Virtual meeting platform then Maticz will be the sure-shot place to get into the VR world. 

Being the best Virtual reality meeting platform developer Maticz brings user-friendly VR meeting software to make your virtual meeting more interactive and attractive. Get complete VR meeting software development services from the hands of experts to make your VR meeting platform more reliable and user-friendly. By partnering with Maticz you can be confident that your VR project is in safe hands.

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