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What is a Travel App?

Travel apps are simple applications made available on mobile to assist travelers wherever they travel. These travel apps are classified into various types based on the usage for managing the user's travel or booking their hotels, cars, or even information about the places they want to explore. Based on the requirement users are using the travel app they require.

The trend of travel apps is increasing daily because of many travelers traveling around the globe since the end of the past decade. These travel apps are helping many new travelers around the globe to explore new areas on the way they travel. Travel apps are helping new-gen travelers a lot as this helps them to navigate through the way based on their interests.

Best Travel App Development Company

Maticz is a leading Travel App Development Company that works on various app ideas from entrepreneurs to companies to bring out the best solutions based on our client's requirements. We work with cutting-edge technologies to develop new-age travel mobile applications that would help users in various ways. Our specialized mobile app developers work on various tools to bring out an engaging and impressive travel app.

We move on with the Travel app development from scratch and also work on a white-label solution based on the client's requirements. Opt for our next-gen travel app development services that let you build your brand reputation and take your travel business for the long run. Going with the white-label travel app solution helps you develop and launch your travel app in a short time and with minimum investment.

Travel App Development Services

We work on various travel application ideas and here are a few ideas that we mostly work on and what our clients ask for.

Travel Planning App Solution

Travel planning app solution helps the new traveler to plan the destination and the locations to explore in and around that destination and the budget for the whole travel including accommodation, travel, and food.

Travel Management Solution

Travel Management Solution lets the user book tickets for flights, book hotels, manage their trip time and locations, and other itineraries that are required during the travel. Based on the number of travelers the app suggests the best price hotels and travel modes.

Ticket and Hotel Booking App

The most commonly used app of all time by most travelers is used only to choose the right hotel rooms and transportation to the destination. Are you looking for the best ticket and hotel booking app Maticz has the best ticket and hotel booking app solution for you.

Taxi Booking App

Taxi booking apps can be taken in two ways either as a car rental or as a taxi booking. Those who travel to various locations in their preferred location will avail cars to get access to all these locations at ease, which is why the taxi booking app falls under the travel app.

Travel Portal Development

Travel portal apps are mostly used to connect travel agencies with the users, many users connect with travel agencies to book all their needs during the travel time. This dedicated app solution where every package can be listed in detail which helps the user to connect at ease.

Travel App Development Process

Here is our basic flow on the travel app development process, we work on the basic outflow described below.


Our team starts their initial process of analyzing the client's requirement and all the possibilities to attain the solution for the problem clients come with.


In the very next step, we move on with the planning of the development of the travel app with all the required tools and technologies to be used in the app.


Our design team starts their work on UI design with all the most creative ideas and upon the design approval by the client we move on with front-end development.


Simultaneously upon the UI development process, our developers start their work on the back-end development process.

API Integration

Our developers move on with the process of integrating all the required APIs to facilitate the app operation efficiently in any case. 


Once every development process is complete the app is taken through a series of testing sequences where all the bugs and vulnerabilities are removed and solved.


Once the app passes all the testing sequences the app gets for deployment where our team deploys the app on our client's server.

Features of our Travel App Solution

The travel app comes out with lots of features and here we have listed a few features that top the list.

Travel Guide

The app is designed in a way where all the info provided in the app regarding the travel destinations suggests the best travel option for the users based on their interests.

Payment Gateway

We add multiple secured payment gateways to the app to help the users make their payment on any use case over the app at ease.


The users will be able to update their reviews and see the reviews of the destinations and locations they want to travel which helps to know more about the location.


The app comes up with the option of booking transportation tickets over flights, buses, and trains and even booking accommodations like hotels and other itineraries.

Push Notification

We add up the push notification feature to remind the users of their plan and this helps the admin to notify any offers and any new add-ons in the app.

Unlimited API Integration

We can add any API to the application based on the needs of the project and as per the client's needs at any time to make the app simpler and easier.

Travel App Development Cost

The travel app development cost depends on the requirements of the client and the tech stack behind the app development process. Apart from this, the API used in the app and the hierarchy of the developers also define the travel app development cost.

On average, the travel app development costs between $6000 to $100,000 and the price range goes up based on the app requirement of the client. There are various categories of travel apps as mentioned above so going on over the specific app defines the final price of the travel app.

What Makes Us the Best Travel Application Development Company?

Maticz is a prominent mobile app development company that offers custom travel application development services at an affordable cost. The professionals of Maticz come up with the most advanced travel app solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients and the best solution incorporating advanced techniques to solve our client's problems.

With 100+ professionals Maticz works with all the next-gen technologies to develop and launch the travel app in the global forum. If you are looking to develop your idea into a reality in the digital space get connected with our experts and we take you through the process from development to launch. Just a step more to bring your idea to reality!

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