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Travel Apps - Key Effortless Travel 

The travel industry has witnessed a prodigious surge which has led to the proliferation of travel apps. The travel apps serve as invaluable tools crafted for modern explorers and travelers to cater to their diverse needs like trip planning, curating itineraries, hotel and ticket booking, expense tracking, etc. With the aid of technology, travel apps tend to offer an unparalleled experience to travelers shaping their journey seamlessly.  

Travel apps are the saviors for unplanned trips and imprompt road trips offering convenience, real-time information, language assistance, and personalization. They picture the world on your smartphone and help you plan accordingly to resonate with your needs, making the travel experience smoother and unforgettable. The global travel app market revenue is forecasted to increase roughly by $730 million between 2023 and 2027. 

10 Best Travel Apps of 2024 

The travel app landscape has created a new era of travel experience with the perfect blend of innovation and utility. This blog will take you through the top handpicked travel apps for iPhone and Android that offer unique services for your travel and make it a more memorable one. 


Tripadvisor is a globally famous travel guidance app that aims to make the travel experience better by aiding in travel planning, hotel booking, table reservation, and ticket booking. The app has around one billion reviews and opinions from 8 billion businesses about other hotels, restaurants, and attractions which helps the users to plan their travel experience aligning to their preferences. The application operates in 40 countries and 20 languages which makes trip planning easier and more flexible. The total revenue generated by TripAdvisor in 2023 June was around $494 million with year-over-year growth of 18%. 

Core Highlights

AI created summaries

One billion reviews and 8 million establishments  

463 million travelers each month 

Accessible In: Android, iOS


Airbnb is one of the best apps for finding hotels and rental homes for long and short homestays which ensures personalized travel experience. Being known for short-term housing rentals airbnb has a vast cataloged collection of homes aligning to the user's style, location, and nearby activities. The app comes with 100+ search filters, super host access through Airbnb setup, 60 Airbnb categories, and helps in managing trip details. Guest favorites, redesigned reviews and ratings, listing tab for hosts are some of the newly introduced features of the Airbnb app. 

Core Highlights

60 airbnb categories

100+ search filters 

Unique homestays

Accessible In: Android, iOS


Triplt is the world’s highest-rated trip, travel itinerary planning and tracking application for various sorts of travel like business travel, group travel, etc. TripIt is known for creating a comprehensive itinerary as soon as the user books a hotel or flight or rents a car. TripIt's basic version and its pro version help users navigate the app for $49 per year. The app comes with map tools that enable the users to plot their entire trip on Google or Apple maps, quickly access transport, and locate restaurants and ATMs. TripIt is packed with myriad features such as flight ratings, traveler profiles, air help partnerships, international travel tools, carbon footprint tracker, point tracker, inner circle, etc. 

Core Highlights

Automated itinerary planner

Annual fee of $49 for TripIt pro 

Real-time trip update

Accessible In: Android, iOS


Uber is a popular and widely used mobile application for ride-hailing, food delivery, and freight transport that operates in approximately 70 countries and 10,500 cities worldwide. The application offers cheap transporting services with plenty of features designed based on the user's needs. The users can request rides from 600+ airports and 10,000 cities worldwide which offers a safe and secure ride. The app is designed to our needs with two categories such as Uber black for elegance premium feature, and UberXL to ride with extra room. Uber has now introduced the door-to-door safety standard to offer customers a very safe ride experience. 

Core Highlights

Door-to-door safety standard

Vision to become a fully electric, zero-emission platform  by 2040

ETA upfront 

Accessible In: Android, iOS 


Skyscanner is the ideal travel app that specializes in flight, hotel, and car booking enabling users to find and book cheap flights by comparing top travel brands such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, etc from anywhere in the world. The app is incorporated with smart filters, a save feature, and flight price alerts, and does not charge any booking fees. Skyscanner is available in over 30 languages and has a user base of 100 million people per month. Skyscanner is the best app to book cheap flights and find amazing car deals at your fingertips. 

Core Highlights

Exemplary smart search filters

Low emission options - at least 6% less CO2 

Price check with 1200 travel companies 

Accessible In: Android, iOS

Google Maps 

Google Maps is one of the extensively used mobile apps that offer users location-based services such as detailed maps, real-time GPS navigation, traffic and transit insights, and local neighborhoods. Google Maps comprises of multitude of features that aid users in reaching their destinations with real-time ETAs, saving time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic. Through Google Maps, users can explore local restaurants, execute group plans, create favorite place lists, discover must-try places, and review the places they visited. 

Core Highlights

Real-time ETAs and traffic state

Offline Maps 

Indoor Maps and Street view 

Accessible In: Android, iOS


Wise is one of the best payment apps for travelers which enables the users to transfer money in 50+ currencies to 170+ countries. The wise app comes with amazing deals and offers users where the users can save up to 2x while they send, and spend all in one account and they can earn up to 3x by sending money abroad. Wise facilitates instant international money transfers and it is also best for converting currencies. It is a universal money app offering free accounts and charges minimal fees for currency transfers which are fixed based on the amount transferred. 

Core Highlights

50+ currencies, 170+ countries 

Instant International Money Transfer

Mid-market exchange rate  

Accessible In: Android, iOS 

XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter is a foreign exchange that excels as the best currency converter app facilitating international money transfer and money exchange. The XE app incorporates an array of currency tools such as Xe international money transfer, Xe currency charts, Xe rate alerts, historical currency rates, currency email updates, etc. The app facilitates international money transfers to 200+ countries and sends currency across 100+ currencies. Also, the application enables quick international transfers with flexible payment systems like direct debit/ACH, debit card, or credit card. 

Core Highlights

International money transfer in 200+ countries, across 100+ currencies

Flexible Payment Methods

Comprehensive currency charts

Accessible In: Android, iOS

Pack Point

Pack Point is a premium travel app designed for travelers to organize and pack what they need based on the specific information about the trip like travel duration, destination, and any activities planned based on the trip. The app connects with the TripIt app and auto-creates the packing list. This app simplifies your luggage packing and reduces the stress of forgetting the essentials. The users can share the packing list with their friends, family, or co-travelers facilitating coordination with their companions. 

Core Highlights

Connect to TripIt

Auto-creates packing list

Pack point customization 

Accessible In: Android, iOS 

Google Translate

Google Translate is an online language translation service tool that facilitates users to connect and communicate with people without any language barriers. The tool allows users to translate texts, websites, documents, cameras, photos, conversations, handwriting, etc. The text translation facilitates translation between 108 languages and the tools are available as a website interface, mobile application, and API for a browser extension. The app requests certain permission from the users such as microphone, camera, external storage, and contacts and the user can grant permission based on their requirements and preferences. 

Core Highlights

Multi-lingual neural machine translation

Statistical machine translation

Cross-device syncing

Accessible In: Android, iOS 

Travel App FAQs

What is a travel app? 

A travel app is a mobile application designed and developed for travelers to offer travel-related services right from trip planning to accommodation making their travel seamless and facilitating an exceptional travel experience. 

Why travel apps are important? 

Travel apps have become an important aspect for travelers as they ease their travel booking offering compelling benefits like convenience, real-time updates, travel assistance from local guides, communication and translations, etc.  

Which app to use for travel?

There are countless travel apps found in the market offering explorers and travelers prolific travel-related services based on their needs. Some of the widely used travel apps are Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Google Translate, TripIt, and, etc. 

What do you need to look for in a travel app? 

There are certain factors and attributes to look for when choosing a travel app to make your travel smooth and memorable. Booking options, accommodations, local guides, rental services, itinerary management, language, and currency conversion, ratings, and reviews are the key factors to look for in a travel app. 

Which is the most downloaded travel app? 

Google Maps is the most downloaded mobile app globally and has around 113 million downloads on Android and iOS followed by Uber and Also, there are numerous high-rated and widely-used travel apps offering personalized travel services. 

Closing Notes 

Travel apps have become the game-changing gateway to the travel realm redefining travel journeys and exploration into seamless masterpieces. The travel apps let you bid farewell to unorganized travel plans by creating a comprehensive travel plan in the palm of your hands embark on globetrotting with awe-inspiring travel apps that offer unique services perfect for your travel making it a more memorable one.

Making travel apps as a business model is a wise decision in the thriving travel industry. Planning to offer hassle-free adventure to travelers? Consider partnering with Maticz, the top-rated mobile app development company that crafts intuitive travel apps packed with cutting-edge features to deliver extraordinary travel experiences. 

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