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Pace up with the changing dynamism of the software market and hire the industry’s best software developers with a proven record of agile software delivery backed by result-driven techniques. 

Nearshore Software Development 

Nearshore software development is a model wherein companies delegate their software development projects to companies in nearby countries with lower labor costs. It enables companies to outsource their software development projects to teams within a few time zones. This allows for increased flexibility, responsiveness, and improved communication, making all the difference in project success. By choosing to nearshore over other outsourcing models, you can have faster turnaround times and more control over your project’s quality without sacrificing price. 

Maticz is a well-known Nearshore software development company that offers a broad spectrum of customized software development services and solutions that effortlessly meet your business goals. We act as a digital partner for organizations that want to build futuristic products and provide a talent pool at a higher quality and lower cost.  Our nearshore team discovers and analyzes each project to achieve measurable outcomes. 

Nearshore Application Development 

Maticz is an eminent Nearshore mobile app development company that creates top-notch mobile applications. Our app development team specializes in agile mobile app development services that can increase the potential and value of your applications. We will work on your applications from the very beginning until the final deployment, so the project quality does not suffer from disruptions or staff changes. If you are struggling with a large backlog of applications to develop then you should consider nearshore outsourcing for application development. 

Nearshore Software Development Services 

Maticz offers industry-specific nearshore software development services with top-rated nearshore software developers to create future-proof software products.

Nearshore Software Outsourcing 

We offer end-to-end nearshore software outsourcing services, including design, development, testing, and post-launch support, that are in line with your project specifications. 

IT Staff Augmentation 

We deliver IT staff augmentation, with which you can hire our tech talents on an as-needed basis to acquire appropriate technical skills and resources and keep control over your IT projects.

Tech Advisory 

We support our clients using multidisciplinary techniques and tools to help them choose the right technology stack, optimize their complex business operations, and improve cost management. 

Cloud Computing 

We provide a wide range of cloud computing services, such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, using computing resources like servers, databases, and analytics to innovate your business and gain a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Application Implementation and Modernization 

We assist companies with the integration and installation of applications to boost their productivity and efficiency. Our application modernization and migration services improve scalability and functionality, which adds new value to your business.  

Microservices Architecture 

We transcend the monolithic method of application development by using a microservice architecture to accelerate the development process. We put forth a perfect approach to help companies that work on diverse platforms, handle discrete tasks, and speed up their business growth. 

Benefits of Nearshore Software Outsourcing

High Scalability 

You can scale up and down your nearshore software outsourcing team to match your project requirements and get your work done on time, which actually cuts down on additional expenses. 

Extended Talents 

When you go for nearshore outsourcing for software development, you can get a broad range of talent pools that can become a capable workforce for your projects. 

High ROI

Nearshore software development reduces the resources and effort needed to collaborate effectively, helping maximize your return on investment. 

Cost Efficient

Nearshore software outsourcing can be the perfect option if you want to keep a balance between price and quality. You can be sure that your project will come out as you expected, with better outcomes. 

Enhanced Access

Since it is nearshore outsourcing, you can access it easily, and lets you monitor closely the processes we carry out and how your project is being worked on. 

Tech-savvy Nearshore Outsourcing Company

Maticz is one of the best Nearshore outsourcing companies that understand the importance of using the latest technologies for software development. We always ensure that our exclusive nearshore software outsourcing services steer you toward the edge of success. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Our tech-savvy team is capable of employing NLP, context-based personalization, and computer vision to develop innovative solutions and renew development processes. We redefine the way business operations are executed using artificial intelligence and its learning algorithm.  


We provide end-to-end blockchain applications and software with tamper-proof security for a wide range of industries, such as supply chain, healthcare, finance, and many others. The implementation of smart contracts and distributed ledgers helps maintain immutable records and minimize paperwork.


Get premium and scalable IoT solutions for large-scale companies and startups to own a real-time operating system, collect loads of data, improve workflows, and connect devices within a shared system. 


We work on a wide array of augmented and virtual realities to implement 2D/3D projections, superimposed graphic elements, and AR-powered events that simulate a virtual world with the perfect combination of realities to uplift our client’s customer base. 

Robotic Process Automation 

With the help of top Robotic Process Automation tools and techniques, we create groundbreaking solutions and bots that can automate boring and repetitive operations to improve productivity, streamline workflows, and get rid of human errors. 

Hire Nearshore Software Developers 

Hiring Nearshore software developers results in low operational costs and improved technical expertise, eliminating additional expenses and responsibilities. Our team has highly skilled developers, designers, and consultants who have years of experience in software development. We are capable of employing diverse programming languages, technologies, and frameworks that are tailored to the goals and expectations of clients. We have experience catering to various software outsourcing requirements with an array of distinct services. 

What Makes Us Top Nearshore Software Development Company?

Maticz is one of the top Nearshore software development companies in India that has hands-on experience with diversified technologies to deliver services from outsourcing to consulting. Our dedicated team of developers has experience handling complex projects and delivering them on time and within budget. 

Being an industry-leading Software development company, We use cutting-edge technologies to transform your software development demands into reality by developing robust solutions with a primary focus on enhancing client satisfaction, increasing revenue opportunities, and creating a brand-new competitive advantage for businesses.

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