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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a hiring model that is leveraged by organizations to employ tech talents to work on short-term projects with their in-house team. It is a strategic approach for organizations to alleviate tight deadlines by attaining access to a pool of top IT specialists without requiring a comprehensive recruitment process.  It is the best contracting strategy utilized to hire global talents for a specific time or permanently to address the changing needs and demands. 

Organizations proceed with staff augmentation when they require professionals with out-of-house expertise through an IT staffing agency. Businesses can harness the power of staff augmentation to enhance flexibility in work, fill expertise gaps, and extend in-house resources by adding value to their projects. This technique helps businesses minimize their hiring cost by onboarding employees based on their project requirements and competence. 

Companies can use this approach as a trial run to hire employees for full-time outperforming the conventional hiring process. Driving success in this approach is paramount and is possible by choosing the right IT staffing service providers. 

How does IT Staff Augmentation Work?

IT staff augmentation is a cross-functional strategy where the organization partners with the staff augmentation service providers to hire talents with high technical competency. The IT staffing companies encompass a pool of IT specialists who are well-trained to drive success for the projects. 

The companies go ahead by hiring additional resources when they face technical inefficiency within their project. They associate with them to hire IT professionals for specific roles and projects depending on short and long-term needs. The staff augmentation service provider begins with the recruitment process by clearly analyzing the objectives and scopes defined by the company. The candidates with relevant skills are interviewed and selected by the organization. 

The legal and contract issues are handled by the service provider. Further, the augmented IT experts become part of the internal team for a certain period and coordinate with them throughout the completion of the project.

Types Of IT Staff Augmentation Models 

The IT staff augmentation services are categorized based on various models and companies can opt for the suitable model that benefits them in speeding the development process and achieving efficiency. 

Project-Based Staff Augmentation

The project-based staff augmentation model is leveraged by companies that focus on hiring developers or professionals for specific projects right from the commencement to the completion. 

Skill-Based Staff Augmentation

Organizations can opt for a skill-based augmentation model to employ talents such as programmers who possess the exact set of skills that align with their project initiatives and have the right niche skills. 

Dedicated Team Augmentation

Companies that strive to fill talent gaps on the full scale opt for a dedicated team augmentation model. This involves hiring a dedicated software development team that encompasses project managers, developers, designers,  testing

engineers, etc. 

Time-Based Staff Augmentation

The time-based staff augmentation model involves hiring professionals to benefit the team for a specific period that ranges from hours to months, and years. It is considered to be a flexible model for organizations as they can leverage this model depending on the workload. 

Nearshore Staff Augmentation

The nearshore staff augmentation model involves hiring professional resources from nearby geographical locations and regions with a similar time zone for the internal team nearshore software development team. 

Offshore Staff Augmentation

Offshore staff augmentation refers to hiring IT talents from a different country with a different time zone that has low labor costs for the in-house offshore software development team. This model is opted to meet the project deadlines with different tech peculiarities quickly. 

Our IT Resource Augmentation Process 

As a leading IT staffing firm, we follow systematic steps in the staff augmentation process that help in satisfying the requests of the organizations for their IT objectives. 

Identify Requirements

The staff augmentation service providers start with analyzing and identifying the project requirements and scope of the organization. This includes team expertise and skills, roles and responsibilities, staffing period, budget, etc. 

Select Right Candidates

The service provider now selects the right tech professionals from their IT team. The candidates are selected by aligning with the requirements and needs of the project. 

Schedule Interview

The staff augmentation firm initiates the interview process by collaborating with the organization. The candidates are interviewed and selected based on the staff augmentation models.  

Staff Onboarding and Integration

The selected professionals are onboarded and integrated with the existing in-house team and the roles and responsibilities are assigned. The select experts are integrated into the team by signing the SLA. 

Manage Extended Team 

The service providers make sure to manage the external IT specialists by regularly monitoring their work collecting feedback and ensuring they match the project requirements. 

Benefits Of Our IT Staff Augmentation Services 

Our IT staff augmentation services offer compelling benefits that help businesses navigate the complexity of their software projects. 

Quick Onboarding

Implementing IT staff augmentation services helps organizations to facilitate quick onboarding, unlike any extensive recruitment approaches for a full-time employee.

Improved Productivity

Companies can improve their productivity by utilizing staff augmentation services which aids in extending the in-house team size for project completion. 

Cost Savings

By availing of staff augmentation services businesses can minimize the operational cost of employing a full-time IT staff by hiring staff based on their needs and preferences. 


Utilizing IT staff augmentation offers the companies improved flexibility by scaling their team by hiring a workforce based on their project demands.

Access To Top IT Talents

Staff augmentation services help businesses gain access to a large pool of IT talents who are highly experienced in working on their projects. 

Risk Mitigation

Businesses can mitigate the risk associated with hiring a full-time IT professional by hiring external employees through staff augmentation services as they have less commitment. 

Our Technical Expertise For IT Team Augmentation

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Why Choose Maticz As Your IT Staff Augmentation Company? 

Maticz is the leading IT staff augmentation company that stands out in offering exemplary IT staff augmentation services that help businesses hire external IT professionals for their internal teams based on certain specifications. Our staff augmentation team strives to deliver flexible staff augmentation services for startups and enterprises catering to various industries for their short-term and long-term projects. 

Our experts at Maticz offer efficient IT staffing solutions by implementing suitable IT staff augmentation models. We ensure to follow an agile approach in delivering IT staffing solutions that help in scaling your workforce. Take your business forward by scaling up the development process by hiring global technical experts based on your required skill set. 

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